Beyhadh 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saachi cheers up Maya after Vandana’s harsh comment against Maya. They both talk about Arjun and smile. Arjun enters and asks what are they talking about. Saachi taunts him a bit and leaves. Maya hugs Arjun and during their romantic discussion sees him tensed and asks if he wants to tell something. He reminisces Ayan telling that Vandana was missing during marriage rituals.

Jahnvi goes to washroom and panics reminiscing Ashwin. She hears his voice from wash basin.

Maya gets romantic and kisses Arjun’s eyes, nose, etc. with each romantic word. She is about to kiss him she slips from stool and falls with Arjun on bed. Their discussion continues and she falls asleep. Arjun thinks he cannot tell her that Jahnvi murdered Ashwin, else she will be more tensed, already there is so

much tension in her life.

Next morning, Maya prepares breakfast for Arjun. Arjun pulls her on him and holds her. She asks him to leave as Ayan is sitting in front of them. Ayan is busy breaking eggs. Arjun holds her again. Vandana while adding clothes I washing machine notices them and fumes in anger. Ayan turns and comments that they both have their own room, which he used to share before, instead they are displaying free movie to viewers, pointing at Vandana. Arjun and Maya get nervous. Vandana finds Maya’s sari in clothes and throws it on floor. She scolds Ayan that he just blabbers whole day, asks him to dry clothes and leaves. Ayan comments that maa does not want to wash bhabhi’s clothes, she is still angry on bhabhi. Maya says it okay, maa’s right is to get angry and her duty is to console maa. She goes to her room and cries reminiscing Vandana throwing her sari. Arjun scolds Ayan for upsetting Maya. Ayan says he will go and apologize. Arjun stops him and says he will go and console her.

Arjun goes to bathroom and starts washing Maya’s sari. Maya enters and asks what is he doing. Arjun says maa does not have place for Maya’s clothes, but his hands are there to wash them. Maya says she will wash and helps him. They both walk on terrace discussing they took 3 hours for half an hour job. Arjun says it is good. Maya says she has to go and meet maa. Arjun says he knows who murdered Ashwin. She asks who is it. He says Jahnvi aunty. Maya is shocked and say maa cannot murder anyone. Arjun gets a call from police station and informs Maya that Jahnvi aunty is arrested in Ashwin’s murder case.

Arjun with Maya and Saanjh reach police station. Jahnvi hugs Maya and pleads to get her out of here. Saanjh asks inspector why did he arrest Jahhnvi. Inspector says Jahnvi murdered Ashwin with her gun as he found her gun in Ashwin’s house. Maya says he told Ashwin was murdered by syringe, then why is he changing his words. Inspector points gun on Maya. Arjun reacts. Maya does not panic seeing gun and pushes inspector’s hand. Gun falls down. Maya chants a heavy dialogue. Arjun says he reacted to save her life seeing gun, same way Ashwin must have panicked seeing Jahnvi holding gun and reacted. Jahnvi poked syringe in his chest repeatedly and killed him.

Precap: Maya pleads inspector not to arrest Jahnvi. Saanjh asks not to plead inspector, he cannot do anything. She reminds inspector that he cannot arrest any woman after 6 p.m. Inspector says every night will have a morning.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow lovely awesome episode ? ?….&how dare you pagal vandana to thrown my Maya clothes from washing machine???,i hate u.stupid bakwas vandana vajase my Maya cried.?..&..cute Arjun washed my Maya Clothes to make her understanding ArYa pair?,today ArYa? scenes superb ??…love to see Maya protecting her mom,and

    (Upcoming track:- I thought jhanvi will turn pagal in ghost ashwin love but it’s not,actually jhanvi also protecting my maya from ashwin ghost,that’s why she is not sharing with Maya about ashwin ghost things for not spoil ArYa happy life,for avoid ArYa from her jhanvi is going to commit suicide,but on time ArYa will save her.)

  2. Again makers are misleading us..someone is trying to frame jhanvi..if you watch carefully you can see a dress design when the murderer is stabbing Ashwin so it’s not Arjun according to me..vandana must be the culprit somehow I also think saanjh could be the suspect..she is behaving too good now I think she’s trying to throw everyone off track she accepted Maya so very easily it’s a bit suspicious..if saanjh is the murderer then it will be the biggest twist so far. Also I found today’s investigation confusing..he found jhanvi’s gun at Ashwin’s place so how does that make her the murderer?? Besides if jhanvi wanted to kill him she could have shot him but she didn’t there is no bullet hole in Ashwin so how is the inspector so damn sure it’s jhanvi! Makers are wasting too much screen time showing vandana’s incessant bickering instead they should focus more on the murder

    1. Shalinisenthil

      I’m actually confused stefan what ever ur comment is I didn’t get the point …..form few days . Im seeing ur comment u r not happy with this serial before Maya marriage and after her marriage ur comments changes a lot I think u love the previous Maya before that marriage or u don’t like now this story now….

      1. Yes I loved the previous Maya a lot!! She was the only reason I watched this show that strong,independent,broken girl,her dialogues her white clothes I loved it all!! Mainly I loved her grey shades but this new Maya has completely buried her past and I’m happy that she has done that and moved on but quite frankly it’s really hard to forget her traumatic past..I’m disappointed cause this serial promised me junoon wala love which is not seen in Maya these days..anyways new Maya or old I love her just the way she is ❤

      2. Right shalini senthil.. why you guys not liking present Maya,before we are all time said Maya had right to live happily with Maya doing same,our wish turned true,but vandana getting jealous to see ArYa happiness yesterday also .problems is common to turn ArYa bond strong ,we loves Maya ? &we loves ArYa?…romantic thriller story is same but we are missing Maya kadoos attitude and her dialogues.all time they will not show this.let’s wait and see

      3. One of my favorite Maya dialog???

        “Jab kutta insaan ban’ne Ki koshish kare toh use family member banate hain.jab insaan kutta bann jaaye toh use ghar se bahar nikaal dete hain “

  3. Shalinisenthil

    Today arya movement was so romantic love Maya in sareee…..but missing a lot boss Maya who is bold ,clever ,fearless and passionated… Maya avatar as a fashion and city CEO….

    1. Yup exactly my point! That’s what I wanted to say in my previous comment..this Maya is adjusting to her new life,she’s crying and all but the old Maya the fashion and the city CEO one was mesmerising

  4. I was binge watching earlier episodes of beyhadh..there is sooooooo much difference now..every character has changed! Beyhadh should forget this murder mystery and get back on track to show Maya’s junoon..makers have forgotten arya love story I hope they realise this and change the track cause TRPs are going down down down

    1. I agree with you Stefan.
      How much the troubles are in the life Maya never used to cry . She could throw things…express her anger but not cry .
      I am not even liking Maya’s begging to this stupid police officer .
      Even Arjun has stopped being funny and now that beyhadh zeal is lacking in Maya…
      In the starting of the show today I thought its back with the dialogue that shre ko ghar…. but then again it got weak….
      They should finish this track soon…and get back to original track….
      It would be acceptable even if Ashwin is back as that will bring the original Maya…..
      I love Maya….Her way of loving….Her way of love has also changed…she loves her mom but she used to tell her by her deeds…same should be there everywhere…

  5. Maya Jennifer Lover

    My word…Maya is so damn beautiful…..cant believe a black man like me watching indian hindi program..well all cos of I like Jennifer (maya)!!. Please any one knows how I can get in contact with her?? Am really serious. Can someone help me? Or even Bollywood contact at all?? to look for her. Can anyone help me???

    I am messaging from England!! Can someone help me?????

    1. Shalinisenthil

      I’m happy to heared that u r one of aboard fan of my Maya( jenny) …but I don’t know any of here details u can follow her on instagram I think she have account in that…

      1. Maya Jennifer Lover

        Thank bro. I dont normally use social media like instagram but I have tried opening account there and I have tried how I can atleast message her and couldnt. I can only follow. Or maybe I dont know how to use it. I really want to get in contact with her seriously. I have been asking my indian friends over here but can still find anything..

    2. Bro I wish I could…
      I am also eager to meet Jennifer but even living in India I am unable…
      Sometimes back there was a product sale of Jennifer signed items you could have tried that…

      1. Maya Jennifer Lover

        I have been searching how I can really talk to her and to introduce my self but am not managing right now. Any chance you know her producer or this program’s producer or anything like that??

  6. Maya Jennifer Lover

    The Inspector is such a powerful mafia (y)

  7. ArYa Scenes Suberb…

  8. I don’t like they way they dress Maya and I don’t like her acting now , she was acting much better when she was obsessed , she looks ugly ( sorry to say that)
    Saanjh is best

  9. Ayaan aryan was so good. He should b d Maya Pair but this Armin. Arjun doesnt deserve her. Any ways plzzzzz make ayaan 2 fall 4 saanj. Jab b VO saanjh ko “vakeel Madom” boltha h tho bahuth accha lagtha hai

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