Beyhadh 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh hears Arjun telling Ayan that he bought dress for Maya, not Saanjh. She’s heartbroken.

Maya’s mum tells her to tell the truth to Arjun. She will have nothing to fear then. Maya recalls events from her dark past. She tells her mum that you need to hide wound if you want to get rid off it, else it becomes poison and kills you. She can’t tell the truth to Arjun.

Arjun tells Ayan that the dress was for Maya and he gave it to her. Both brothers are clueless what to do. Saanjh leaves from there. Vandana asks her whether she got her dress and became friends again? Saanjh is quiet. Vandana asks why she’s crying. She tries to leave, but Vandana stops her and asks her what happened. Saanjh tells her that dress was for Maya, not her. Vandana is shocked. Both brothers

come out. Vandana takes Saanjh to Arjun. She scolds Arjun. Saanjh asks her to leave it, but she says no. Arjun must answer her today. Arjun says it’s between him and Saanjh. She says it’s now his, her, and Maya’s matter. From day he started giving Saanjh’s smile to Maya, since then it’s everyone’s matter. Saanjh tries to keep her calm, but she says someone needs to explain relationships. Arjun doesn’t know it. Arjun says so she will explain relationships to him? He knows her truth. She became his mum’s friend and trapped her husband. Vandana is shocked. Arjun continues, she kept waiting when that sick woman dies and she marries her husband. Saanjh supports Vandana. Arjun says for him, she’s that woman who kept praying for his mum’s death, she’s that woman who took away his dad, that woman because of whom he’s alone. Vandana is in shock. Saanjh says enough. Who he is talking about is a picture put in a young boy’s mind. Arjun says, no, that is her truth. That is why he hates her. He had promised his dad, otherwise he would have broken relationship with her long ago. Saanjh says maybe she just doesn’t know Arjun. He asks she’s taking her side? Saanjh says it’s not about her or his side. What he’s saying is very wrong. She asks him to apologise to aunty, but he stays quiet.

Saanjh says fine. She tells Vandana there is no point crying for person who doesn’t care for her. She takes her and leaves from there. She asks Ayan to come as well. Arjun says go, he doesn’t need anyone. He still stops Ayan and asks he will do drama too? Ayan pushes his hand and says he doesn’t need anyone, right? Arjun says he said it in anger. Ayan says he said too much in anger. He always thought Arjun just says not his mum, but has feeling for her. He respects her, but he was wrong. Ayan leaves. Arjun is angry. He receives a call from Maya. He says he’ll talk later, he’s not in good mood and he will take his anger out on her for no reason. Maya says friends don’t wait till mood changes, they change mood together. She asks where he is. He says where no one sees his truth, where he’s all alone. He says he will call her later and hangs. Maya hugs the dress that he gave and says you’re never alone, Arjun. She sees his truth and today, he will make a decision for her truth.

Suman tells Vandana what decision will Arjun make. He said and she believed it? Vandana says, he never talked like this before. He was 6 years old when she went to his house to take care of his mum. He used to play a lot with her. But after his mother passed away, he went all quiet. She could never understand what his problems were. Vandana cries saying she’s very bad. Saanjh consoles her. She says Arjun never took her as his mum, but she took him as her son. If Arjun said anything wrong, then she should get angry at him for being his mum. If she says nothing, then Arjun will go further away from her. Other hand Arjun says, let them go. He doesn’t need anyone. Here Saanjh tells Vandana that Arjun needs her, her scolding, her slap. Maybe he doesn’t know it, but he gets all alone without her. It’s time to change the picture that he has kept in his mind since childhood.

Arjun is on terrace. He calls Saanjh, but she doesn’t pick up. He says he doesn’t need anyone. that means no one needs him either? He got little angry and everyone left him alone.

Vandana says how to explain him that it was not love relationship between her and Arjun’s dad. It was a relationship of need. The need of raising a child without a mother. She thought she will win Arjun with her love, but she lost.

Arjun again calls Saanjh, but she disconnects. He hears someone coming there and says he knew Saanjh would come. But it’s Maya. She says she told him friends won’t wait for mood to change. He asks how she found out he’s here. Maya tells him his words that he comes to this place for peace, but seems like today he’s not getting peace here either. Arjun says today he may not find peace in any corner. Maya says maybe he will find peace with a person sitting in those corners. When time is bad, good friends don’t leave you. And when time is good, bad friends don’t leave you. Arjun gets lost in some thoughts. She asked what happened. He says he just remembered some memories from his childhood.

Vandana says she married Arjun’s dad just so he doesn’t miss his mum. She thought she would convince him and all would be fine.

Here Arjun says how all would be fine. Vandana broke trust of his mum. His mum had cancer and she came to take care of her. She took such a care that his mum passed away in 2-3 months.

Vandana says Arjun’s mum had 3rd stage cancer. Doctors had given up, but she didn’t give up. She fought till her last breath.

Arjun says after his mother’s death, his father didn’t even wait for 6 months and married Vandana…as if both were waiting for his mother to die.

Vandana says she stayed in Arjun’s house for 4 months after his mother’s death. She didn’t care what others were saying. But it mattered to Arjun. He stopped talking to her. His father told her that they should marry. She only had Arjun in mind and she agreed. It was a compromise between them.

Arjun says his dad told him that they are marrying only for him and no one would take his mother’s place. But someone had already taken his mum’s place in his life.

Vandana says Arjun’s dad was a very good person. He never forced her for anything. They were just friends and they couldn’t know when that friendship turned into love and Ayan is symbol of their love.

Arjun says, his brother, his jaan. Only good thing from that relationship.

Vandana says Ayan did what she couldn’t do for years. Arjun started talking to her because of Ayan.

Arjun says his father left and took promise from him to take care of Ayan’s mum. He will never be able to give his mother’s place to her, but he will always fulfill his responsibility.

Vandana says she hoped he would accept her as a mother one day, but she lost.

Arjun says he lost. Neither he is able to fulfill relationships, nor able to break them. Maya says he’s just trying to run away from relationships. Her friend had said look from a different angle and your view will change. She asks him to try that. Maya has closed her eyes. He says she’s telling him to look from a different view and she has closed her own eyes. She says she’s afraid of heavy wind. He moves her hair from her face and turns her to him. He says when you open eyes, you will only see me, not fear. She opens her eyes and asks he will not run away knowing her past? Past that he can’t even imagine.

Precap: Maya tells Arjun that he blames Vandana for breaking his relationship with his dad and she blames herself for separating her mum from her love. She can’t see her mum’s pain and she can’t give her medicine of it. Suddenly Arjun says he has to go and he leaves.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Shalini Senthil

    This saanjh is stupid ..from her today vandana and arjun fight happen …

  2. 3veni

    dis is all bcoz of dat saanjh….oh noo arjun y ur gng away frm mayaa..she is trying to tell u d truth abt her past lyfff..iam soo eager to knw abt ittt..suddenlyyy wat came into ur mind man??

    diss show is gngg a little bit slowwww…veryy short storyyy is showing everyy dayy….hope dey speed up d showww

  3. Wow awesome episode ?..superb Arya part..? and omg Arjun leaves while Maya revealing about her past ?..he missed it..but I hope what maya said in precap Arjun will realize it will talk with vandana..and don’t know how many fears in Maya,even she is fearing for air dam bcoz she stayed in dark room her evil dad vajase.any way waiting for next episode eagerly ? love u Maya ?

    1. Hi ks,nice episode…but too much of saanjh and vandana scenes….Maya come to change arjun’s bad mood..that so sweet … ashwin u r such a devil..u make Maya afraid if everything…such a small things like air colour omg???????….how could he….
      Anyways Maya is now wit arjun…but this stupid arjun is leaving for what I don’t understand??what is in his mind…

      Hope for upcoming episodes…that must b more interesting….

    2. Hai maanu…hope ? so he started his feelings on Maya..but didn’t realized it.ArYa bgm is superb ?…while he removes hair from her face..colour scene bgm too.&..eagerly waiting ? Arjun left while Maya saying past truth ?

      1. Yes ks,yesterday episode had too good arya scenes… saanjh and vandana is only annoying in this episode…
        When he removes hair from her face and hold her shoulder and said open Ur eyes that was out of world I like both arjun and Maya performance…
        Arjun bust out of anger and share everything with Maya and Maya give a opinion to reconcile…that’s soo nice..that was good example for those who saying Maya spoil his relationship with family..she never had idea of it…she just want to see arjun happy that’s her main goal ❤❤❤❤

  4. becoz of this saanjh vandana & arjun had argument unnecessary fight she is so irritating why she is behind arjun? she doesn’t tell her feelings & she is blaming arjun he didn’t no abt SAANJH FEELINGS now wat will happn 2 maya? now she is alone not saanjh MAYA opened eyes of arjun & she sortout his problem wat will maya do? he heard maya’s bitter past or not eagerly waiting nxt

    1. Ya right nayana?..maya helped to talk with vandana..but all said before Maya will separate Arjun from his family for her love..its big shout to inform all…?? …maya lost relations only maya know about lose of pain…love u Maya ?

      1. Hi Ks, what u said was 100% crct..Maya don’t want to separate arjun from family..
        We love maya always.❤❤❤❤❤❤

    2. Hi nayana,u watch behad also??
      Yes saanjh is a loser and she didn’t confess her feelings till her death…but still she wants to hold arjun in her hand..such a selfish person… friends won’t force to b with them always… everybody needs personal space but she never give that to arjun…?????hate saanjh

    3. Eventhough Arjun and Vandana had an argument I’m happy,,,,,coz everything came out bcoz of that,,,,,later it was all confusing abt Arjun-Vandana relationship prblms,,,,,,

      1. *before

      2. Ya silent reader..what ever’s good..bcoz of this Arjun shared his past sad to Maya…maya solved Arjun problem..but he leaves with out hear Maya past sad..&right both vandana and Arjun is correct in their ways.but it’s happened in wrong time so Arjun is angry for with out wait his dad got married.

  5. Maya is the only one who loves and understands Arjun so much .She is ready to change the world for him . Others are simply trying to make Arjun do what they want n behave like how they want him to .. After proposing , Maya didn’t even force him to love him back..she is just proving her love

    1. Yes nandhana u r crct..Maya give him time to decide ..and now he only want her as friend for that also she agreed…

      I love maya when she tell him I know u don’t have any feelings for me…don’t stress yourself…my feelings my problem ….u don’t worry…❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      That the point I had lots of love for Maya..such a nice girl….????
      Jenny done a good job …..she justifies Maya…..

      1. Very true Maanu:) the initial promos were potraying her so evil ☺ but now it seems like except her haunting past ,Maya is so perfect in love . Slowly Arjun is falling for Maya and the process is happening gradually ☺ after all these episodes, it’s so evident dat Maya deserves Arjun n not Saanjh

      2. Yes Noor Jahan…she did it..Arjun is not loving there is no wrong if she asked to love me…but don’t forget any how she given time after also Arjun rejected her..i don’t have any feel on u he said..after Maya said I know Arjun you are not loving me.leave it.but she didn’t forced him again like I will jump if you don’t accept(they are on building top).after with his own he offers friend ship to Maya.maya didn’t asked.

      3. Even I wanted Ashwin to die and Saanjh to be the real evil ? wish in the climax Arya end up together potraying Maya’s beyhadh pyaar positive ☺

    2. Of course you forget that she tried to kill both of them when he said no. And then he had to say he’ll think about it so she wouldn’t kill them ?

      1. Exactly Noorjahan ☺ that’s Maya’s obsessive nature ..she always wanted things to happen the way she wished to . It’s because of her traumatic life . After Arjun told her to wait she never forced him or planned anything evil to make him fall in love she needs she right person in life and now maya is a perfect lover ☺

      2. Angelk1

        I agree. I guess that never happen to them

      3. Angel that’s Ur opinion…we r saying our wish …hope the show will give the answer for whose wish is gone get true…i hope arya will end up and ashwin ll die… ashwin is the root for all the problems of I thought it may happens in this show…if it happens we ppl will b sooooo happy to see arya’s end up…

      4. Angelk1

        Manu thats good to know.

  6. All would have Expected Maya to wear the red dress today .She actually can’t change her habit n fear of all these years in a single day’s good to see dat the maker’s are not blindly potraying her lover for Arjun

    1. Yes nandhana! I was eagerly waiting for today’s episode cos I thought maya would wear that red dress but you can’t change a lifetime habit in a will take her time..I hope saanjh is happy now she tore arjun’s family what next? Still this blo*dy saanjh won’t confess god I’m so fed up with her! Monday’s episode looks interesting but why does Arjun run off? I hope he hears Maya’s past and gives her love

      1. Even i m confused about dat part ..May be it’s Maya ‘s imagination or Arjun realized something about Vandhana . Can’t say .But he should fall in love before hearing her fast ..Falling in love after hearing her past is just sympathy ?

  7. Thanks saanjh becoz of you atleast arjun burst out and he told wats actually problem or else it would have been difficult to undetstand his anger towatds his mum.

  8. I love saanj and arjun. A goodfriend can’t tell her feelings. It’s will affect the relationship between the two.

  9. Maya ka sach maya ka sach..uff kya hai maya ka sach?! The suspense is killing me!! So she either killed someone or her father did and is brainwashing her into thinking that she did or she saw her father do some heinous crime and her father beat her up to keep her quiet
    What could it be??

  10. Arjun told sorry to saanjh agn for a simple dress she is fighting. Maya has given watch, mobile etc so think for that Arjun has given dress. If saanjh is upset with these small things then I think its difficult for saanjh to even stay touch with Arjun becoz day by day she is sounding so
    frustrated and irritating to Arjun, how can he realize his love. Same time everytime maya make Arjun feel that he is so special for her. So saanjh is somewhere responsible too for Maya n Arjun

    But the way Arjun spoke to vandana is very rude. He never understood being a step mother vandana always took care of Arjun like his son while most of step moms don’t do. If she married his dad that was after his mom death and it was his dad wish too. So why Arjun always blame not his dad. He should recollect is there any instance in past where vandana spoke rudely and made Arjun feel that he is just husband’s son. No but Arjun always spoke rude to Vandana but still she kept quiet. she never answered back. Arjun u r telling Maya not to run away frm past . But u too need to realize that what happened is happened. Now u hv to accept when u say Ayan is ur brother then off course Ayan mom is ur mom too. Please don’t make feel her guilty everytime.

  11. Vaishnavi Singh Rawat

    Thnx to saanjh as due to her he bursted out nd thnx to Maya for encouraging him to speak to vandana.. though saanjh is becoming selfish.. hopefully Arjun will fall for Maya someday nd stay with her nd cure her from her psychopathic part..

  12. I liked today’s epi..something different happened today else the show was too slow. I am feeling bad for vandana ,however she wasn’t supposed to interfere between friends. And they can’t force
    Saanjh on Arjun. The funny part is Arjun doesn’t know why everybody is behaving weird in the family. Ayan is supposed to be Arjuns jaan still he doesn’t understand that Arjun has no feelings for Saanjh’. Infact he is supposed to tell the family to leave Arjun alone. i think he is adult enough that his mom will listen. If Arjun loves Maya and want to marry her why Vandana is going against him. If something happens in future between Arjun& Maya it Will be entirely on luks like Arjun and saanjhs family are dumb.

    1. Arjun never said that she wants to marry anyone,,,,so they are just assuming that he is in love with Saanjh and making him realize that

      1. *trying to make him realize that,,,,,

      2. Yes silent reader,saanjh family decided by themselves…that arjun must love saanjh ….is their any law that best friend should fall in love with each other…. friendship is like a boon given by God… Saanjh spoil it by her selfish behaviour…she never thought arjun as her Frnd..and her family is totally mad…

  13. Angelk1

    Arjun was wrong for what he said. What saanj said was right about arjun. He needs a slap. I knew he misunderstood somethings as a child. Hopefully vandana will tell arjun exactly what she told saanj. Anyway, it would have been a blow if ayaan supported arjun on this argument. Arjun should value what he has even if its not his mother. At least she tried being a good mother.

    At the end he will need her help with maya obsession. Anyway, the story is moving to slow. Hurry up with the arjun an maya romance so the real action can start.

  14. Omg this saanjh is so bad and i just hate her
    Arjun will talk to vandana because of maya but everyone would appreciate saanjh and sidelines maya
    Everyone say maya is a psychopath and obssessed
    If she was so she may take the advantage of the situation and supports him against his step mom but she didn’t
    She tried to resolve the situation andade arjun understand
    She is so gpod at heart
    I love maya to infinity
    I love arya

    1. Exactly Maya doing only good for arjun…she love arjun more than anything in the world…
      Promos only tell abt the obsession of Maya…in the show they didn’t tell..why u ppl oftenly offending Maya for everything happens in arjun’s life…
      All this problems r created by saanjh…she is the one who create prob in arjun’s life and not Maya…I hate saanjh to the core….

      I love maya and I love arya❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
      I want arjun to love maya madly b4 her past revelation…ashwin surely give big tuff to arya pair..but they come out and win over ashwin’s evil plan…

    2. those who are excited to see arya’s romance see this

    3. why this vandana is blaming maya for snatching away saanjh’s smile
      neither maya snatched nor arjun gave saanh’s smile to maya
      it saanjh’s problem if she was jealous of maya
      these arjun’s family,saanjh and saanjh’s family are real psychos that they want arjun to do frndship with those whom their like
      don’t arjun have some some personal space and privacy
      whethter he should take permission from the families and saanjh to do frndship
      can’t make his frnds on his own
      rediculous families and saanjh

  15. Please god help them

  16. wow!,,,good epi,,,,I never thought that Maya will ask Arjun to see from another angle (guess she said abt seeing from Vandana’s pov)… I really hv some hopes from Maya,,,,maybe she’ll make everything fine in Arjun’s life,,,,,
    It was good that they showed both Arjun and Vandan’s pov,,,,,Both are right at their places,,,,Arjun burst out in anger,,,bt glad everything came out…..maybe from now onwards Arjun-Vandana relationship will take a new turn,,,,,

  17. Dude come one just now its started slowly maya will start her game And more over at the end maya and arjun will get marry so just waste to scold maya . One more thing for stranger its is very easy to express the feeling .

  18. Haa,,,,,I knew it,,,I’ve always said that it’s all Arjun’s misunderstanding about Vandana,but some people were against Vandana saying that she separated Arjun from his mom&dad,,just because she supported Saanjh she was considered negative,,,and to all people who were saying that Vandana is the one who separated Arjun from his father and is negative,,,you all proved wrong now,It was all Arjun’s misunderstanding,,,,whatever Arjun was telling about Vandana till now,it was all because of that bad picture created in his mind about her,,,his friends/neighbours/society must hv given this wrong impression to him

    1. Laksh.. There is no missunderstand..some how vandana is wrong.. how vandana stayed after her friend died at their home..i know she stayed for Arjun..but because of this all people blamed vandana relationship with Arjun he got married to shut their people mouth.what Arjun said is correct..his anger is right..but he has to adjust in this relationship y because vandana is caring Arjun.

      1. Ya I agree ks… something is wrong in vandana …I don’t like her from the starting of the show….she said I came here to take care of arjun’s mother and love arjun so stayed here and got married and friendship become love and ayan born for us…what’s the logic in it..what arjun said was crct…they r waiting for arjun’s mom death…then they get married but they try to justify it…it like that means how will ayan came??? total crap …hate vandana…

      2. Vandana did what no best frnd will do,,,,that’s why she is the best,,,,,they got married for Arjun,,,,not for the society,,,bt society ppls cmnts affected Arjun,,,,Arjun’s anger is justified ,doesn’t means Vandana is wrong

        #Maanu,,,,u urself said y u can’t accept her,,,,u hate her from the begining,,,because she supports Saanjh,,,If she was supporting Maya,u ppl would hv praised her,,,that’s y u dnt need any proof to believe that she is wrong,,,,,if she was waiting for his mom’s death then she shud hv left Arjun after his father’s death,,,,what’s the need to please him,,,,his father was nt at all rich,they said it before…(She reminded me Ishitha from YHM)
        love happened eventually b/w Vandana and Arjun’s father,,,,what’s wrong in that,,,after all they were living together after their mrg,,,,

      3. U dnt need any proof to believe that Maya didn’t do anything wrong in the past but needs proof to believe Vandana,,,I’ve always find this ridiculous

      4. she should have behaved like a typical cruel step mother instead of showering love on this stupid all these years,,I know his anger is justified because sometimes childhood fears/misunderstandings e.t.c remains unchanged ,,,but he don’t deserve to be loved by her

      5. Oh yhm ishitha got married by Ruhi like and families like…not like vandana with her own how she stayed someone else home after her friend died.after bad talk vajase they got married.there is more difference between to ishitha and vandana.i don’t have any angry on vandana.its fact..any son will get angry with in few days mother died if father got married another girl.It’s disgusting if son didn’t like it.but what ever happened is happened you can’t change it.u can’t say Arjun does not deserve her love.they did it for Arjun in wrong time..he got effected by this in his he showed his anger out.any kid will not consider whoever shows love on them like her mother in Arjun situation..there is some’s beyhadh serial so there is no limit.let’s see

      6. Omg ks….I can’t believe this…Maya and arjun became arya now….and their romance make me crazy for them???????????

      7. Exactly ks…no one accept these kind of mrg…and 1 St of all they said they married for arjun means they must ask his opinion…and u said u remind ishitha when u see vandana…that’s not all crct..ishitha dis the mrg for ruhi’s custody and she had much love and care for her they both accept each other b4 the wedding of Raman and ishitha…here the story is totally reverse…they don’t ask arjun if he feel comfortable with vandana and does he want a mother …???nothing they do as per their wish and tell for arjun’s sake we had the wedding…I can’t accept these kind statements…
        Laksh u said that I hate vandana bcoz she support saanjh …that’s not at all true…on starting episodes I like saanjh a lot bcoz of her cute nok joks with arjun and ayan..she is very bubbly character…do u know when I starts hating her after Maya proposal she do over reaction for everything…she can’t handle her own feelings…she does not have guts to propose …and if she can’t means ..she has to give space for some other….Maya was very cool while talking with arjun…so arjun likes her company….and I think I don’t hurt anybody’s feeling..if means sry for that….

      8. Yes maanu…do you see new promo..Maya wear red dress may be after Arjun proposing Maya ..

      9. Really I didn’t see yar…I ll check it ..thanks????

    2. laksh may be arjun’s father is not rich rich but i’m sure that he was somewhat wealthier than this crap vandana . why does this vandana not married until then when her frnd was married and had a child. she may be a nurse who took care over raksha(arjun’s mom) .
      lol u r comparing vandana with ishu
      ishu was not able to become mom mom and hence not married till she met ruhi
      she showered her love over ruhi which was hidden in her for a child . ruhi had a mom who doesn’t care for her and hence she married ishu to raman . but arjun’s was dead and had love for arjun a lot until she dead . vandana doesn’t deserve to be arjun’s mom
      in 1st episode vandana asked arjun to not disturb ayaan by coming late to house whom she thought as a mother that ayan was busy in studying but he was busy in partying . as a mom she believed ayaan but she pointed arjun she can’t understand him
      can’t arjun’s father and vandana couldn’t live without their own baby if their really married for arjun

      1. Maanu13

        U r 100% crct mallu…she try to snatch arjun’s father and lived happily..and make arjun feel like an orphan…and now she try to snatch arjun’s happiness by try to get married to saanjh..saanjh such a stupid who can’t express her own feelings and listen to everybody but not to her own mind…go to hell saanjh and vandana…
        I’m that same maanu frnds..I just registered so my name has been changed …

      2. yes maanu but many don’t think in all directions
        they only believe in what they are want to make us understand as.
        if writers say saanjh is psycho then they support maya if they say any other they support the antagonist
        many don’t use own brains to think and just follow the writers saying

      3. Exactly mallu…the blindly follow and talk abt the 1 at promo of show…they create that promo for making ppl interested in behad…but they won’t accept that..from direction side they can change a story at any moment…why ppl r not accept arya and plz don’t support saanjh..she don’t deserve arjun…

    3. Angelk1

      People will see things differently , but i agree laksh. Vandana didnt try to steal her bestfriend husband . it may seem that way but theirs many possibility here that could have happen but was never explain. Like for one what if arjun mom told her to take care of arjun if she were to ever die, two vandana was in love with arjun father before arjun mom got involve, but sacrafice her love, three arjun father seeing the way she behaves with arjun ask to marry her so arjun can have a mother love and as time goes they fell in love an ayan was born.these are just possibilities.

      But arjun being young will see it differently . he will see it as the women who took her mother place. Maybe they didnt moan her death for long and she came in the picture or he didnt want anyone in the picture. Either way children tend to misunderstand situations.

      Arjun cant blame vandana for falling in love as time goes. Its there life. Just like how she should let arjun deal with his problems with maya. In the new promo to come they will go on a photo shoot something happen to cause arjun to propose , and i guess saanj saw and starts to cry really bad.

      But hopefully saanj let him figure it out instead of being his voice of reasoning. I guess when arya get together thats where the real fun begin and slowly maya starts showing signs.


  20. after listening to maya words Arjun will go n talk to vandana and bonded with her.. now saanjh wil again feel frustrated that he never listened to her and spoke properly to vandana not even said sorry to her but Maya influenced him n again drama wil start between Arjun n saanjh..

  21. Vandana and saanjh deserve their screen presence. It’s not just about the protagonist. Maya is cutting through all the small openings to arjun. She has a secret dark enough to freak arjun away. I feel arjun should’ve had a conversation with vandana to clear all the misunderstandings from the beginning. It shows how arjun can get influenced easily by people. He heard all rumours and made a perception of vandana. Saanjh brings the insecurities of a friendzoned person and how much irritating she may sound, she does justice to her character. A friend who has always been inseparable is moving away and she could do nothing about it. She’ll strive hard in any way possible to get the his numbskull friend on the track.

    1. Angelk1

      I agree Ankit, but at the end maya coming in between will break their special bond. But we will see if there friendship is strong enough to over come the drama coming.

  22. Hi ks,can u send the new promo link plz…

      1. Maanu13

        Thank u ks.☺☺

      2. Maanu13

        Omg she is soooo cute in red dress..❤❤❤❤waiting for the episode…

  23. hey guys some people say saanjh was good and maya was a psychopath but if u see episode 42
    when arjun hadn’t accepted or refused maya’s proposal saanjh said why don’t u say no
    but he explained that she may die if her heart breaks by jumping from hot air ballooon
    then saanjh said let her jump and die no matters
    even saanh’s mother suman also said the same
    so he real psychopaths were saanjh and her fzmily and arjun’s family not maya

  24. some one had commented that strangers can easily express their feelings and love
    but its not true especially not for maya
    maya hadn’t believed anyone till now and hadn’t felt so close if she proposes him and if he may reject her her frndship alond with that closeness b/w them also ends but she proposed him taking the risk and dare she may also pretend of frndship like saanjh before proposing him but she didn’t she’s genuine in her love
    she hadn’t played any games to get him closer to her
    it is not easy for maya to express her feelings to arjun she can’t even express her fear to arjun at starting though she is a stranger to him but she expressed him her love when they were not strangers but close to each other at which her proposal may distance them that she can’t bear

  25. wow …….
    have you seen the promo clearly
    the thing was
    arjun dorns the ring to maya under waters as a acceptence
    maya proposed arjun in air while arjun proposes her in water
    whether their will take wedding rounds around fire or in the fire
    beyhadh love of both and their proposals

    1. Ya I saw it mallu…amazing different love proposals not like all serial’s…different…ArYa??

      1. absolutely
        its beyhadh
        and ajeeb
        totally ajeeb beyhadh

      2. Did you guys see abp news mey..Arjun proposed Maya under water…and saanjh is crying again there..she followed Arjun maya to Mauritius trip..after saw them together, she started crying…she wasted her time to follow arya instead of saanjh has to propose Arjun about her love…any way Maya Arjun love story very excited to see upcoming Maya&Arya story ??

    2. Yeah ks
      I had watched it and also shared the link as arya’s romance but it posted as a reply but not as a comment link was shared in above comments
      Finally saanjh is crying after all she had made many efforts to keep arjun away from maya by instigating him against her and fighting with him etc etc
      Arya rocks

  26. saanjh love u
    arjun deserves u
    not maya
    dont be in dis imagination
    u r a cheap cruse mad kady stupid

    love u maya

    1. super criticism yaar
      love u maya

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