Beyhadh 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun informs Maya that Samay has come. On the other side, Suman cries on Prem’s dead body to wake up. Saanjh reminisces happier moments spent with her father. Suman reminisces time with her husband. Vandana tries to console her. Maya tries to stop Arjun from going and says Saanjh has Samay, so he should not go. Arjun says his friend needs her at this time and he has to go. She stands in front of him and asks if his friend is more important than her. Arjun says this time his friend needs him. Maya asks what about her. He says he is only hers, but this time his friend needs him and walks out even after Maya tries to stop him with emotional blackmail. Maya addresses her unborn child that Arjun ignored them. Door bell rings. Maya runs and hugs Samay thinking him as Arjun. Samay feels her touch

and says I love you. Maya backs off hearing his voice.

Suman continues crying, asking Prem to wake up. Arjun enters and says his destiny was only till here. Suman cries loudly holding him. Saanjh looks at him. Arjun and others carry Prem’s body to perform last rights.

Maya holds her sandal on Samay’s neck and warns to not utter anything. She sees last rights items in his hand and asks why did he bring it here. He cries that he killed Prem uncle. Maya shouts not to talk wrongly in front of her child. He is shocked. She says her and Arjun’s child and she does not want anyone talk bad in front of him. He says whatever he tries, she is not coming back to him. He killed Prem Arjun for her. She reminisces messaging him how can he let proof slip off and shouts he cannot throw his blames on her, how can he to her Maya. He says she is Arjun’s Maya. She starts brainwashing him and says love means destroyal and he should get destroyed for her. He killed Prem uncle and did it with his thinking, if he is caught, he will not take her name. he says he will not be caught, he did not leave any evidence against her. Jahnvi comes and presses beep. Maya says Jahnvi will not tell anything. Jahnvi leaves. Maya says every criminal leaves a clue and it is just a game of winning or losing, she hopes he wins.

Prem’s body is kept on wooden logs for last rights. Saanjh hugs his forehead. Pandit says it is time for last rights, call Prem’s son. Shubh says he cannot. Vandana says Shubh is a child, son-in-law is like a son and will perform last rights. Saamy does last rights reminiscing killing Prem. He is about to set fire when Arjun holds his hand and says it is not his right.

Precap: Saanjh cries hugging Arjun. Maya watches from her car and thinks she is Arjun’s love and shadow, everytime Saanjh comes in between.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. worst episode ever! heights of evilness!

  2. Boring episode…waiting for next episode,love you Maya?❤ ? ArYa?

    1. 2 rs cheapdi

  3. Luv u Maya so Much ❤️❤️

    Maya will be a loving caring mother as she cares so much about her child.. Samay cant blackmail my maya baby as she did nithing.. killing prem was Samay’s decision Maya never asked him to do so.. n she is right samay should be there for saanjh why is arjun interfering. Arjun should care about his child

    1. Yeah in the whole world… Arjun shud only think nd care about maya nd his child only… Because he dont have anybody else in this world right?? … Dont knw why maya lovers also want that arjun shud always be with maya only.. Dont he have other responsibilities too.. Nd leave responsibilities too.. Cant he have feelings for others too.. Saanjhs father meant something for him too.. Why cant u all understand that.. Or if u all think that a frend shud not go to console his frend on her fathers death…
      Nd yeah seriously this a crap.. Everytime only evil wins.. Nd only that happens which maya wants… Soo cvc want to show that the whole world dance on mayas fingertips.. Yeah because others are simply brainless whether it is Arjun or Saajh…

      1. Hate Maya Always

        I m disgusted more by the comments by Maya fans than the serial itself. These people are a step ahead than Maya. I mean how can anyone talk like that. I try to control myself to not to comment on any of their opinions but these people r seriously morons.
        For them someone’s life has no meaning. A person died and they r like “it’s normal”. I don’t have words to describe these type of disgusting people. It seems when Maya fans will marry, they would forget their parents who gave them birth. They would forget their siblings with whom they shared all their joys and sorrows. They would forget their friends who stood by their side always. And above all they would calculate their gains and losses before going to someone’s funeral.
        At this time I have nothing bad in my mind against u people, I just wanna pray that “MAY GOD BLESS U WITH SOME REASON AND HUMAN EMOTIONS”

    2. she told samay for love destroy himself y cant she apply same for her y cant she destroy herself for arjun happiness maya doesnt love arjun love =trust which she doesnt

      and ur cooments are more htan irruating than serial

  4. In this episode, arjun action ???he didint behaive like maya puppet. Maya and Sammy as usual murderers…
    these CV’s are showing insecurities means snatching and killing others.. ???
    Poor Saanjh Maya is playing against her… till date prem uncle take cares of her… now ???
    CV’s pls don’t make evil win now.

    1. Yeahh i agree wid u pranali for the first time arjun acted well nd yeah he was not acting like maya’s puppet…. it is going interesting well im finding this serial interesting nd YEAhh guys im a MAYA LOVER so be careful ??…. i just Love maya her acting her style is awesome??????nd im in love wid this serial nd mayaaa… maya rockssss…. i love sannjh too nd u know wht guys i found maya really psycho nd mental she shud be in mental asylum but i love herrr…. its bad that prem is died its really bad how can makers end this type of role he was such a caring father nd husband makers did injustice wid prem’s role….. nd yes arjun said rite samay have no rite to complete prem’s rituals…… nd yes guys this serial is going to take a leapp nd ve vl see maya in a new avatar excited for this new track… this track vl take place in june’s 2nd week……..

  5. Maya is using all people like pawns in her game
    maya fanz are still supporting her

  6. Hi guys. I miss old Maya so much. She was awesome and adorable. A person every girl could look up to. She rose against all her problems and became one of the top business icons.
    But in season 2, it’s like we’re seeing an altogether different person. And it is not character development. Too much praise must’ve gotten into the CVs head I think. So sad to see such a wonderful serial becoming screwed up.

    And OMG, Jennifer Winget really proved her class. What an amazing actor; love JW and Maya❤❤❤

    1. Sandhya Parikh

      Wake up she is doing everything with some intention in her mind life is not like that
      You just live every action does not have to have positive reaction she is heartless can even keep her self happy

  7. today episode was worst episode ever i understand y maya was stopping arjun bcz she is insecure dat sanjh vl again enter their life so d reasn she said arjun i want to chang if u vl leave me i vl think rubbish u know na n arjun was also right as sanj is his childhood frnd she needs him d only wrong thing is situatn as i said before dat if sumthng happen again dn maya vl becom more bad bcz she is on dat phase of life whr she dont hav any1 ymto share n guide her in correct way i really hope dat she trust arjun n dont lose d hope of becoming good for her child ncz whn samay came she said dont talk shit in front of my child i think dat she loves her child alot n wont let bad shadow falls on baby n she also said dat how much smart murderer think they leav sum proof behind i wosh she trap samay n defeat him bcz he is blackmailing dat she had said him to murder in return she said dat he had done wid his wish she only told to destroy proofs anyways if know maya do sumthng wrong i vl quit d show bcz i cant c her in pain she is not right but she is not wrong too as v all saw hpw heartedly she wanted to chang n dz prem death cam any1 who is wrong is samay he should know how he lov maya dat way maya love arjun he vl nevr get her n maya dint use him he himself made himself to b use he came in maya life maya dint went in his life i wish he goes behind d bar n maya b d reasn n she tell all d truth to every1 n settle dat is d only way to be good luv u mayA always n forever:*

  8. janvi listen everything i wish janvi get fine did ul guys saw d reaction of janvi whn she saw samay i think samay only kill ashwin bcz if he can kill prem he can kill ashwin too i wish this only b d truth vch janvi wants to says to maya whn she called her at godown before maya take sum step n get trap in samay i wish janvi gets fines n tell her d truth n maya trap samay n get him behind d bars dz if janvi does this she vl become durga forsure bcz she is saving maya gng on d wrong path n maya vl become old maya i luv u maya always n forever i just want u to get back to normal datz it luv u ?

  9. Worst episode! And the precap is so terrifying… I don’t want Maya to turn more darker than she already is… I loved the old Maya… Maya’s insecurities is destroying her life, and other’s life too… being the collateral damage. CVs please show something positive now.

    So much negativity for a teenage viewer isn’t good ? I hardly watch any show but now this is also getting onto my nerves. Maya was such a beautiful and admirable character. Please try to show that love heals, love fixes and doesn’t destroy.

    Love the old Maya. ?? ?

    1. Don’t let your young mind get corrupted, english series are far better than this Indian crap, so many awesome things to watch, like GoT, the only reason I am wiling some time away with these BS Indian shows is cause there was a 9 month wait for GoT to return… Indian soapies rot peoples brains

      1. I used to watch DW, 13 RY PLL but am waiting for the new seasons… And i love JW’s acting tbh

  10. diehardbeyhadhfan

    Arjun was very right rhis time. Yesd he has to attend thr furneral without mayas permission. he adoesnt need it and like he said its the first step towards hes healing. And he put it in a very dinified way to her. But maya is also an insecure mental patient she’ll also behave that way, one can expect that from her. but im happy that arjun walked out and didnt give into her tantrums. maya should realize that no matter where arjun goes gel come back to her onmy and mearn to be happy!! Also another thing i wanna tell to maya fans here is.. see i agree maya is obsessed about arjun i agree but shr has no right to olay with samays love and ask him to get barbaad for her!! I agree u people are not happy with this seasons maya abutnd have symlathy for her mental illness and past, some u u here should not blidly justify her actions…
    Not maya nor saanjh fan.. love beyhadh always????

    1. diehardbeyhadhfan

      Arjun was very right this time. Yes he has to attend thr furneral without mayas permission. he doesn’t need it and like he said its the first step towards her healing. And he put it in a very dignified way to her. But maya is also an insecure mental patient she’ll also behave that way, one can expect that from her. but im happy that arjun walked out and didnt give into her tantrums. maya should realize that no matter where arjun goes he’ll come back to her only and learn to be happy!! Also another thing i wanna tell to maya fans here is.. see i agree maya is obsessed about arjun i agree but she has no right to play with samays love and ask him to get barbaad for her!! I agree most of u people are not happy with this seasons maya and have sympathy for her mental illness and past, but some of u here should not blindly justify her actions…
      Not maya nor saanjh fan.. love beyhadh always????

  11. Rajasekar Deeraj Prasath

    Worst episode ever!!!!!!!!!!….

  12. Ugh….Samay is the one who killed Prem….Now don’t make him do Prem’s final rites…..He z such a devil….He killed someone for No reason and is facing all without any guilt…..Hate him to the core

  13. And I hate the way which Maya is using Samay

  14. Frm yesterdays episose it is evident tht maya knew every step of samay vry well or we can say she has assumed everything long before and still she let sanay kill prem.great maya great!every time i see you in beyhadh and tey to console my heart tht she us going ti be good,going to be allright,she becomes more jst shocked to see tht she evn dnt hv any flngs tht sm1 is dead.she only cares fr her insecurity.and wht a type of blackmail to arjun!she used her disease as a weapon to stop arjun now!tht was really not accepted frm u maya!and maya lovers still comment and cheer fr maya!and i wl really be hppy if jhavi gets well and tell evrything to every1 properly about maya and samays i really dnt want mayas innocent child to suffer the sick mentality of her mother.i thought she would chnge after arjuns warning to her,bt she evn turned more evil.and after yestrdays episode it is clear she wl obviously do some more bad to saanjh as arjun is geeting again close to saanjhs family.god knows wht more her family is going to suffer for mayas insecurities.pls maya ,control yourslf and down stoop such low frm where there is no turnover reamaining fr u.stop ur evil mind atleast fr ur childs sake.and directors pls stp spreading bakwaas ideas about doesnt mean getting destroyed by ur lovers hand.stop this nonsense dialouges.

  15. hi guys…..
    new spoiler of beyhadh….
    Arjun and Maya have a romantic moment. Arjun lifts her and takes her to room. Maya showers him with love. Maya says much wrong happened with me, I did not try to make it right, today I want to make everything right. She asks him not to put her down. They have happiness after long time. Samay comes to meet Maya. Samay gets the proof of Arjun’s betrayal. Maya gets angry seeing the picture of Arjun and Saanjh. Samay wanted to win Maya’s love by showing Arjun and Saanjh’s relation.
    Maya gets mad and kills Samay and Jhanvi as well. She says Arjun has run to Saanjh seeing her in problem, he will come back running to me when my mum dies. She dips Jhanvi in the bathtub and kills her, hoping to win Arjun’s sympathy. The show is going to take a leap. Maya will be seen in a new avatar of a mum.

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