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Maya smears her hand withh lipstick and looks at it carefully with expressions like usual psychopath reminiscing Arjun’s words and Ashwin’s torture. Jahnvi opens door with duplicate key and searches Maya. She sees Maya with lipstick on her hands and asks if she is fine.

Arjun at home sipping cool drinks scolds himself that he forcefully suggested Maya to add some colors in her life, why should she. He picks phone to call her, but stops reminisces Maya telling she hates colors and looking at them she feels someone is choking her. He thikns he has to find out why Maya has problems with color. Door bell rings. Arjun says who is it, he is not at home.. he is just joking and opens door. Saanjh comes and says him hello. He does not reply. She asks what happened..He says office

problem and asks why did she come. She says wo actually maa yahan/mom here. Arjun hears Maya and yells why she is always behind Maya, why should he be only her friend and not Maya’s… He continues. She asks him to shut up..she did not tell Maya at all. She told maa forget her shoes here..shouts he is obsessed with Maya and leaves. Arjun yells everyone think him as temple bell and hit him repeatedly.

Saanjh reaches home angrily. Suman asks if she brought her shoes, she has to go on a walk with Vandana. Arjun calls Saanjh, but she disconnects it. He redials. Ayan speaks. Saanjh says she does not want to speak. Arjun yells everyone scolds him for Maya. Ayan says actually yes…and gives his side of explanation. Arjun thinks everyone use him as a punching bag… He looks at shopping website and gets an idea.

Vandana and Suman walk in gardenn and discuss Maya is getting big problem for Saanjh and Arjun’s relationship, they have do something.

Ayan calls Saanjh. Saanjh asks what now. He says he does not mind if she does not talk to him, but she should come and see Arjun’s surprise gift for her. She says impossible, he does not even give melting ice cream, forget gift. He asks her to come and see herself in corridor. She says okay and smiles. Ayan knocks bathroom door and asks Arjun when will come out. Arjun says the more he knocks, he will say 5 min more, PIP bro. Ayan says potty in peace and locks door from outside. Saanjh comes in. Vandana asks her to show her anger for some time. Saanjh sees red dress and says this is her favorite color. She asks Ayan not to tell Arjun that she had come and leaves. Ayan unlocks door. Arjun comes out and asks why did he lock. Ayan says like he used to lock him in bathroom in childhood, says his parcel came. Arjun asks him not to touch it, it is for aunty. Ayan asks which aunty. He says secret.. Vandana calls Suman and happily tells Arjun’s train is coming on track slowly. They both laugh.

Arjun enters Maya’s cabin next morning and gives her a gift box. She opens it and sees a red dress in it and looks at carefully. Ajun says he knows she hates colors, but changing thinking can change the world, even she should. He used to be afraid of heights, so papa forcefully made him climb tree..he got so busy in grabbing mangoes that he forgot his fear. He is not forcing her, she should just try color once and see the change. Maya asks him if he came to her house climbing 15 floors for those mangoes. He says something similar and leaves. Maya looks at dress and smiles.

Saanjh walking towards Arjun’s flat thinks before giving gift, Arjun will apologize, but she will act for sometime. She rings bell. Arjun opens door and apologizes. She says it is not done, what is the value of her anger. He says vada pav, lollipop, SST/sasta sundar tikau. He offers her lollipop. She asks again what is the value of her anger. He says sit-ups and does some. She says her favorite color dress. He asks which dress. Ayan says Saanjh saw red dress and he told Saanjh. Arjun stands tensed.

Mala hangs dress in her room and reminisces Arjun’s words looking at it. Jahnvi enters and suggests her to tell truth to Arjun before Ashwin tells him.

Arjun takes Ayan inside room and scolds him that he will kill him without a poison, that dress was not for Saanjh. Ayan asks it is for shooting, not a problem, they will give it to Saanjh for 2 days and then return it back. Arjun tells that dress is for Maya Saanjh hears that and shatters.

Precap: Arjun yells at Vandana that she betrayed her bestfriend and trapped her husband. Saanjh takes Vandana to her home. Maya calls Arjun and asks where is he. Arjun shouts where he can be alone. Maya says he is not alone and thinks she will tell her truth to him.

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  1. Shalini Senthil

    Nice episode…waiting for next episode wanna see maya wearing that red color dress…???

  2. Wow awesome episode..Arjun given gift to maya??…i love it…&i thought only saanjh and maya will show beyhadh love on Arjun but all are showing their feelings like beyhadhly..that’s why ye serial name is beyhadh.perfect name.?..? Arjun just given gift to Maya for change maya thoughts ..but here for this..they got fight unnecessaryly..they left alone Arjun ney…beyhadh angry,beyhadh love,beyhadh hate,beyhadh vilanisam..omg..any way waiting for next episode

    1. Hi guys, today episode is too good… saanjh u deserve more than this u r soo cheap …u had a fight wit arjun and u need a gift to talk to him again…in friendship noone expect this kind of activities… Maya get gift from arjun she should try it once….he came to her life for making it into a colourful one….and this is the beginning of the show… hereafter we had a full masti..
      Coming to precap vandana deserve this…how can she forcing arjun to do what she wants….every one around arjun is mad…suman vandana most importantly saanjh????????
      Now Maya ll come to arjun in red dress…and this time they surely come close to each other❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Hai maanu…ya right…they want Arjun with them only.he has right to do what he likes.they are showing beyhadh feeling’s on Arjun and they had beyhadh expectations on Arjun.

      2. Ya ks they r trying to hold arjun on their hands…for that only vandana insist saanjh to marry arjun..of means saanjh ll not let arjun leave vandana…how selfish ppl they r….Maya is coming for him…that’s soo sweet…I hope she ll come in red dress..and they spend some time in shanthi spot…❤❤❤❤❤❤

      3. Maya is not in love with Arjun…. she is obsessed and obsession can never bring happiness it only ruins each n every thing around it…& Saanjh loves Arjun by heart but u know what I also think she don’t deserve Arjun because she deserves much better than him………I love saanjh

      4. Yes too waiting for change Maya world with colours..Arjun started thinking about very happy for this change in him with his own.there is no force..clear feeling’s.?

    2. Shalini Senthil

      U r right ks ??

  3. Vandana &saanjh ..They left alone Arjun with their own…they are spoiling relationships with their own with Arjun..but all said before Maya will separate Arjun from his family for her love, it’s proved…maya is not like that person..they got jealous and they want Arjun with them only.&i thought beyhadh means only in love will show it ..but not… it will apply on in family’s love relations too.

  4. Roby wolverine

    How self-centered and selfish saanjh can get yaar…? How many gifts she must have got since her childhood from Arjun.. Yet according to her he can’t even give a single gift to Maya.. God..! What’s the big deal… And I am so sure vandana must have given a lecture about this making a big fuss about this.. Many people say Arjun doesn’t give any respect or understand vandana but they’re wrong.. Because No one will ever give their mother’s place to anyone no matter how kind they are.. He watched her taking his mother’s place in his Father’s life as a child.. It will definitely stayed a scar in his mind till now. She may be so kind and lovable to him but he will never expect her as mother nor as a parental figure. Saanjh will always support vandana and that’s the reason she is not perfect for him. Maya as an abused child will understand him better than Saanjh and everyone.. Ayaan, saanjh, suman all see vandana’s pain but they will never see how much he’s hurt.. Maya is perfect for Arjun.. He’s not just a duffer and goofing around person.. He’s too is hurt and sad inside without his parents.. i would say beyhadh overreacting everything to saanjh and her family and vandana

    1. Exactly Roby,such a selfish ppl they r…that’s not even a big deal of gifting someone…. everyone like gifts…if he gifts Maya that not a crime..when I see saanjh face I burst out laughter…she deserves this..she didn’t confess her feelings but still she put on blaming arjun for betrayal??
      Vandana and saanjh ll deserve more than this… stupid ppl

  5. Angelk1

    This story pace is slowing down. When will we actually see the main course of the show. So vandana bestfriend was arjun mother and she stole his father from his mother. I’m sure theirs a misunderstanding or something. Also its obvious maya will end up wearing the red dress nothing unexpected.

    Lastly i hope arjun out burst on vandana doesnt ruin his relationship with ayan.

    1. Arjun is still very immature.
      I think that Arjun’s mum knew she was dying and she sort of made her best friend promise to take care of her son hence Arjun’s father married her. But you see when you’re a child, you sort of think stupidly and Arjun has been unable to see that Vandana does nothing but love him. His misconception will make the Pandit’s prediction true. He will frustrate his relationship with Vandana which in turn will strain that with Ayaaan leaving him with no family.

      As for his relationship with Saanjh, I hate people who in forming new relationships sever old ones.
      I think Saanjh needs to confess her feelings for Arjun because I can see he’s falling in love with Maya. And Maya of course will make sure Arjun severs ties with his family. See what she has done to her own mother.
      I understand she’s abused but nothing excuses her psychopathic behavior.
      The trio of Arjun, Saanjh and Maya need some maturity in their lives.

      1. Noorjahan…Only Maya is maturity character ..controlling feeling’s also maturity.when she torn news paper pic in front of arjun hiding her fear of lose pain Arjun b coz of her father and she hides her pain in front of Arjun.u said what maya did with her mother she will do with means for u ashwin and his 2nd wife is good person for u.ashwin tried to kill maya mother.but jhanvi has to stay with ashwin for family?whatever he did.they had to bear.!and before episode I heard Arjun said I given promise to my mother for wil not give place to u vandana…after vandana said I too given promise to ur father…i will take care of u..they given separate promise to separate Arjun mom didn’t like what her husband did I think.there is no misunderstand.with out talk with Arjun mother he will not give promise.Arjun knew what he did.

      2. Exactly ks…look some ppl blindly supporting saanjh…vandana sometimes ashwin…do u all think that these 3 r normal persons… everyone is obsessed for something… vandana is obsessed to make arjun love and marry saanjh and saanjh obsessed for arjun…she think like a saviour for arjun and do as per her wish in arjun’s life…and damn ashwin is a psycho who can’t see his own daughter’s happiness….some ppl said Maya is not loving arjun and she is obsessed only…I know is not a normal person and definitely not psycho killer don’t Create a wrong image on Maya character…
        She loves arjun madly…and I think u don’t love anyone if u r in love u know how painful when our loved ones moving close other person….at that situation also she don’t do melodrama…she feels helpless and hurt herself and that’s an accident…with that one scene itself vandana create a wrong image in Maya and do things as per her wish…

        Then what is the role of arjun in his life..he is normal human who can think for himself..he is one has to take Decision of his life…
        Maya is a abused child know she starts to become some better person bcoz of arjun…
        U ppl don’t madly support saanjh for her immature show they portrait her as a lawyer…do u ppl think she upto mark that profession…never I won’t accept her stupidity…

    2. Don’t dare to call maya a obssessed or psyco
      Since if she was so she may make many efforts to get arjun and when phito was published she may use the chance to get him more closer but she didn’t even though she was hurt she hsdn’t let him know controlled her feeling
      I think saanjh is a psycho as she was always behind him
      I love maya
      I love arya

  6. It was so sweet of arjun to give gift to maya. . I am sure she will look gorgeous in red. .
    Today arjun asked saanjh a valid question. He has a right to choose his friends and even a life partner. . Saanjh can’t make decisions of his life. .
    Not only saanjh every1 else too think that arjun likes saanjh. But he never said so. Arjun’s mom and saanjh’s mom want to keep maya away from arjun. They have no right to do so. .

    I feel saanjh is more obsessed of arjun than maya. Just bcoz he gifted a dress to maya she felt insecure.. she started crying.

  7. I think Maya’s secret is that she has split personality disorder..

  8. Here Arjun is doing somewhat wrong..If he doesn’t loves Maya, there is no need to do all this for Maya, becoz he clearly knows that Maya loves him a lot. All these things will make Maya to move more closer to Arjun. sometimes as per saanjh he actually sound duffer becoz he has good experience in hot air balloon , wen Arjun said no , Maya stopped the fire in it for a while and both were about to die. So knowingly Arjun is giving wrong hopes to Maya. Ayan is also stupid. If Arjun was giving gift to either maya or saanjh, its surprise from himside, ayan should not disclose it. I understand saanjh is feeling jealous and shattered for Arjun and any girl can feel same when she sees that guy she loves most is going attracted towards another girl, but saanjh u never praposed him its ur fault. Maya understood all this and she made Arjun aware that she loves him, now whatever maya doing for her Arjun is realizing his love and moving closer. But saanjh u didnt propose him, never told him so he is not aware of ur love and u keep on scolding him to move away from maya so Arjun is just realizing ur jealousy and insecurity . He is right in his own way. He thinks that ur a best friend. But it doesn’t mean for him to have some other good friends and yes for him if he wants to love any girl he should have some feelings on her. At present its not u and day by day he is leaning towards Maya and I might think he wil propose to Maya very soon. So saanjh stop making Arjun responsible for all this as u were the pwrson who never make him realize. Nothing wrong to choose best friend for life partner but atleast share ur feelings. As best friend u always share everything to Arjun rite and if ur feeling that Arjun is lying to u becoz of Maya then ur also hiding ur feelings to Arjun that means ur cheating ur best frd too.

    1. Shivani you’re right! Except that he does love Maya he hasn’t realised it yet. No one gives gifts and attention to their boss so much. I read somewhere that maya and Arjun will go to Mauritius for a shoot and there Arjun will confess his love for her
      Today Arjun finally scolded saanjh indirectly even if she loves him she can’t control his life she can’t decide who he can be friends with

    2. I found ur cmnt as the ,ost unbiased and perfect one,,,,very well explained

  9. Suman and Vandana are making things worse! They’re adding fuel to the fire..i didn’t like what Ayan did why was he shocked that Arjun got a gift for Maya! Come on doesn’t a person have freedom to gift must it necessarily be his best friend..disgusting hypocrites all for saanjh she’s ruining her
    relation with Arjun at this rate the pandit’s prediction will come true

  10. Shalini Senthil

    Pooja said that maya is not loving arjun its just obession…and what saanjh doing if he given maya red dress whats a big deal …saanjh wants arjun always gift her always be with her only if u think pooja maya love is obession then same now days saanjh doing..making small issues a big ..maya here nothing doing to spoil saanjh and arjun realtionship saanjh only created all problem by herself always shouting and trying to make maya go away for arjun life ..again and again irriating arjun so he also going close to maya ..nowdays arjun totally depressed with saanjh ..saanjh is making so much drama in all small issues all arjun and saanjh family members all supporting saanjh only like arjun is saanjh own property without knowing arjun feelings ..they all shows like saanjh and arjun made for each other only…poor maya only have her mother support in her life her father is evil nowdays she is fighting for her own dark past…in maya colorless life arjun trying to bring some color but this saanjh cannot see this blaming always arjun..just like arjun is not her best frd like his hubby…

    1. Right shalini Senthil…they doing big issues for small things.if saanjh love is true..she has to stop vandana for not to fight with him.she will not left alone him with taken them to her home.she knows Arjun feeling on vandana from her childhood..when she knew this she has to control situation.but saanjh taken vandana ayan with her.vandana supporting saanjh so saanjh can’t tolerate if Arjun talk with her like this.she is so selfish.she is still not giving values to Arjun.there is no understanding..Ayaan also selfish Arjun even fought with police for him.but he left alone for her mom..even he knew what Arjun thoughts…i knew they will show again patch up scene.but their behaviour is very hidden forcing on Arjun for keep with them.

  11. Mounika

    So cute episode finally arjun started to think to change maya & wants to show her how to enjoy life. But this suman & vandana what is there problem yar. This suman always says that maya came between arjun & saanjh. She is saying like arjun & saanjh are lovers & maya is separating them like wise. How stupid she is? If friendship is strong no one can separate them. Saanjh is not ready to accept this. She wants arjun always should be her & just think about her. How can she do this? Maya should try that dress after all arjun gave her. Every time this vandana, suman & saanjh forcing arjun to not to do this & that. Infact they are treating like maya is a devil & arjun will die if he goes close to her. Cheap ladies. I am waiting for maya to see her in that dress

  12. Mounika

    I love episode very much. And arjun gave dress to maya it was superb. Y u people are telling maya as a psychopath but no one is seeing that how she suffered by her father. U can see that by yesterday’s episode how ashwin locked her in room poured red paint on her & then dumping her in water. That was so scary. As a child she was so suffered. I feel very sad for her. Arjun for sure will make her out from that scare. Saanjh y are u doing this yar? As a friend u should understood him. Giving a gift to his friend is it wrong? Y r u making it as an issue. For u this suman, vandana & ayaan giving support wow what a family yar. You people will get afraid that whether arjun will go far them again u people only will avoid him. Perfect. And finally u will blame maya for all this. Come on yar grow up. Red dress is superb & maya for sure will be hot in that dress.

    1. Maya is not a psychopath
      if she was she may play tricks to get him but she didn’t
      This saanjh how cheap she is
      She is loving him in the cover of frndship and blaming maya
      I hate arjun’s family how could their blame maya for all the problems she hadn’t done any wrong with them it’s all their problem to lose arjun as their are controlling him

  13. I really like u maya. .ur past may be dark and spoiled…bt ur attitudes towards ur profession s amazing..u always rocks d shw..hope in few episodes we will see ur dark lyf wid full of colors by arjun..

  14. Maya will definitely look gorgeous in red dress.

  15. Ya.. even I have heard that arjun will soon propose maya in Mauritius. . Can’t wait for it. ..

  16. Why this episode writers are mentioning maya as a psychopath
    If they want to mention they mentiin saanjh as a psycho
    And in the episode she was just lookin at the color deeply thinking about arjun and ashwin its common for everyone that they may think deeply and out of phobia for those things if their see them

  17. Maya is not a psychopath but she put a knife to Saanjh’s throat.
    When Arjun wanted to go and and have lunch with Saanjh, Maya gave promotion to his team members and told them to have party so Arjun can stay and not go.
    When Arjun and Saanjh were playing, she got jealous and put her life in danger so Arjun can come to her.
    Twice she has cut the call when Saanjh wanted to talk to Arjun, she even broke his phone but she’s not a psychopath.
    I am psychologist and I know that abuse in childhood can affect people but I know that Maya is crazy. Diagnosed and all and please don’t say she’s not trying to destroy Arjun & Saanjh’s relationship because that’s what she’s doing.
    If you want Arjun and Maya to be together, that’s understandable but she’s crazy and if you think Saanjh is crazy then Maya is crazier.
    P.S She alienates Jhanvi from Jhanvi’s own family members not Ashwin & his wife. Those two are idiots but in one episode, she tells Jhanvi that she (Maya) is the only family she needs and not to call her (Jhanvi’s) side of the family.

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