Beyhadh 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya is seen sleeping in coffin and sand covering grave completely. Saanjh drives car with Arjun and says so many people helped him, ask how did he plan so well. He says he used Maya’s brain and her dirty plans which she used on him. Ayan is tortured by inspector Ranveer who asks why did he inform police about this plan when wanted to help Arjun escape. Ayan says Arjun is his blood and he can do anything to save his brother. Arjun asks Saanjh how did Ayan agree to help him. Saanjh says Suman scolded him nicely and reminded him his duty. Inspector asks Suman why did she help Arjun and Saanjh. Suman reminisces Ayan telling that Saanjh is trying to help Arjun escape, he will not let that happen as Arjun killed his mother. Suman scolds that Maya killed his mother and he should be on his brother’s

side. She tells inspector how she just needed 5 minutes to stop police by ramming her car.

Maya hears news that Arjun escaped from jail with his friend Saanjh’s help. She wakes up and tries to break coffin. Someone pulls her out of coffin. Maya shouts who got her out, come in front of her. She then hears news and picks tape recorder, hears Arjun escaped with his friend Saanjh’s help. She shouts Arjun cannot be alive, he has to die with her. She walks from jungle to city and requests shopkeeper to give her something to eat. She then watches news on TV.

Inspector arrests Suman and Shubh. Reporters discuss how Saanjh with her family and others helped Arjun escape and Saanjh is a criminal now. Saanjh enters and says who told she has escaped. She asks inspector Ranveer where is Arjun. Inspector says thief is alleging police now. Suman cries that police caught her alleging she tried to help her. Inspector says she really did and was not even accepting she is Saanjh’s mother.. Suman says she looks like elder sister. Saanjh asks where is Arjun’s dead body, if he lost it. Inspector says Arjun is alive and Saanjh helped him escape, orders constables to arrest him. Saanjh says how many times she should tell police like him that she did not waste time in law college just like that and gives him anticipatory bail and tells reporters that police lost Arjun’s dead body, so they are alleging others and blaming them to their mistake.

Maya watching news fumes that Arjun cannot escape. Men identify her seeing news and try to catch her. She injures them with fork and runs away. She reaches a godown and shouts how can Arjun win, it was her game and she should win. Arjun on the other side exercise and practices fight and thinks let Maya make mistake and come out from her hiding, he will punish her then.

Precap: Arjun tells Saanjh that whoever tried to tell Maya’s truth, Maya killed them. Saanjh says Maya trapped him. Arjun says this time he will trap Maya in her own trap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Super ….?

  2. diehardbeyhadhfan

    Can someone tell me y Arjun has to practice his martial art skills to face Maya..? Lolz!!

    Anyway the way maya dug her grave n buried herself alive gave me real creeps it’s seriously bizarre n makes u sick to stomach…

    btw Wonder who placed a transistor near the grave n saved her… Any guesses?
    My guess is samay…

    1. Maybe he plans to wrestle her? I give up this show is now a comedy… Arjun was mentally challenged at best since the beginning now he thinks he’s Stefano Dimera

      1. diehardbeyhadhfan


      2. I think we all forgetting our differences about Maya lovers or haters can finally agree that cvs has lost their mind. Anyway thanks cvs for uniting the viewers. It’s actually quite sad that the show which started on a high note is beyond ridiculous now. Don’t know how they’ll end it.

    2. diehardbeyhadhfan

      Yeah ur right we can watch this show like some comedy show now without getting senti n taking anything too seriously now… I’m having some great laugh watching Arjun and his antics.. he was a chuha in front of his wife all these years. N now trying to build up his strength to face her. That too in such ridiculous ways…

  3. Stop this nonsense not able to see this two idiots over acting

    1. I agree

  4. Episode full of blunderS 1sac of mud is enough to fill a grave o ?god n Maya is such strong girl to broke coffin from inside Pls CVs don’t u have any shame

  5. And how come living with monks now Maya is very much in Mumbai city? she dug her own grave no one knew where ahe lived ..and what about mayas mother..utter disaster this serial

  6. This coffin scene is from horror movie Ghutan …are yaar Maya ko wahan bhi news milgayi hmmm let her die na kyon fir se postpone kiya uski death ko!!!

    Looks like the cv’s are randomly writing each episode hahaha they have gone nuts!!! It’s now made a comedy series from a thriller/psycho drama lol!!

  7. Looks like maya is some super villian lile balal deva thats y arjun like bahubali is practising martial arts and is police that dumb they have cctv cameras on road which can be checked to get proof against saanj nautanki and fly and however strange/ weird it sounds i want maya to win at end bcz everyone around her instigated her such as ayaan vandana samay ashwin nautanki and fly to commit crime even after knowing her mental condition, even when she tried to go away from crime they did not support but instgated her calling pagal and other things

    1. tania-the fairy

      Jeta I think u should check the previous epi s comment where all maya fan and haters shared their opinions about this that everyone made maya a evill and got complete answer.

      None said maya to love arjun nd ruined his life.she was jelouse of their happiness nd made their life hell.

      We all r witness of maya s evillnes nd madness dont want to repeat the bitter epi like rape,murder etc.
      Saanjh is not a nautanki but maya is.
      Sanjh is a true frnd of arjun.

      1. Sorry, but I didn’t share the opinion that Maya is evil. What I said was Maya was actually supposed to be a good character but if people still feel like she’s evil, then that means the CVs were not completely successful in their job. And no-one compelled arjun to love Maya too; he proposed to her by his own and the decision of marriage was also taken by him. And Maya didn’t made others’ life hell because she was jealous of their happiness. She would’ve become a part of their happiness if they gave her a chance. And for sure saanjh is not a true friend. She still loves arjun romantically and was doing all these to take revenge on Maya for separating her from arjun. If it weren’t for saanjh and get stupidity most of these unfortunate incidents wouldn’t have happened like prem’s and vandana’s death.
        And yes I too want the ultimate victory to be Maya’s; not in the form of any more murders or something but by her redemption and getting better with medical help. Love you Maya always ???

      2. It was ayaan who was instigating maya to show her pagalpan and unnecessarily creating situation where maya had to believe that arhun n saanj are upto something remember terrace episode where when maya was going back after seeing arjun and nautanki he pushed her infront of them and claimed that maya brought him there and vandy also initially ruined arjun maya life believing some pandit words and never accepted maya even when she tried to go away from crime, and ur nautanki even if arjun is marriec does not belive in giving space to marriec couple hamesha kabab mai haddi either calling arjun secretly out or applying holi colour before maya does this not instigate some one

      3. It was ayaan who was instigating maya to show her pagalpan and unnecessarily creating situation where maya had to believe that arhun n saanj are upto something remember terrace episode where when maya was going back after seeing arjun and nautanki he pushed her infront of them and claimed that maya brought him there and vandy also initially ruined arjun maya life believing some pandit words and never accepted maya even when she tried to go away from crime, and ur nautanki even if arjun is marriec does not belive in giving space to marriec couple hamesha kabab mai haddi either calling arjun secretly out or applying holi colour before maya does this not instigate some one

  8. What an episode! Seriously! Can’t handle Maya anymore! Can’t she just die!! Seriously!

  9. And the CVs are showing illogical things nowadays like only one sack of sand for filling the grave and despite her tiredness and all Maya reaching Mumbai in a day, a girl of 26 becoming only 22 after 3 years etc. They should also incorporate some logic in the script.

    1. The CVs have turned Samay into a pedophile… As Maya would have been around 15 when Samay met her in that case… They are making such horrendous blunders… There is no longer a plot… I won’t be surprised if they start crossing it with supernatural storylines soon….

  10. This is gone girl movie’s extended version.

  11. Really, suman is filling Vandy’s place overacting ki dukan.Why they’re converting a thriller into a comic serial??guys,have u noticed?how saanj,ayan….that troop provoked the inspector???I would have got heart attack,if I were in that position.They’re not having any personal problems with him.but they provoked him with their irritating smirks.saanj is talking about repeating the same dialogue?.but her everyday dialogues are’ab Maya ki Khel katam;mai usse nahi chodungi’.don’t know why suddenly saanj is reacting like a lawyer and arjun as boxer?.he has no brain at eyes filled with tears at that moment,Maya begged for food??.why these guys are laughing in serious moments!!but maya’s laughter only gave me fear.and as others said,writters missed many logics.guys,I heard beyhadh is going to end by the end of August.but this’s my one and only fav show.?Maya baby,tons
    of love for you ???.I think I wouldn’t have supported maya,if saanj was not in the show (vandy also)coz Arjun is such a silly doll.anyone can change him and ayan’s not important for also,chipkali runs behind Arjun.don’t call this as true also,she may save Arjun by keeping him in a isolated place.but our lawyer wants revenge,but she still she hasn’t understood Maya.there’s only one theme in all dailysoaps.There would be a intruder in a couple’s life.some of the intruders are good but most of them are bad with good outer cover (like saanj).I think Samay is back✌.maya achieved everything in life except peace.I need a peaceful ending for maya

    1. Chill Teju,you knew the little secret of Beyhadh, which is “Jo hota hai woh dikhta nahi, aur jo dikhta hai woh to bilkul nahi hota ” ?..So Maya will win at last.just have patience..enjoy serial wit twists and turns??.

  12. All those people who supported maya till now with their bla bla bla excuses,a great sympathy for them only.stupidity should have some limit.this show doesn’t have any message to give.what they are teaching us,for our satisfaction we can do anything.murder too…seriously ???????.there are problem in everyone’s life,but that doesn’t say that go and kill the person… the earlier episode it was shown maya killed pandit because he said abusing words against what it means,if tomorrow anyone say anything against me i will go and kill her because he or she called me bad before my beloved person.such a dirty concept.and for whom those people says maya can be good ,she need help bla bla,so what her mother done in the show,from the beginning she was helping why she tried to kill her?such a stupidity…and if she was good why she took samay`s help to punish much dirty plans.people who says sanj bad,if they can support maya and all her bad activities for getting arjun love,so why they don’t support sanjh for her activities.she didn’t tried any bad way to get him.but maya who could easily live with arjun play dirty games,??? ,if she wanted to be good for arjun and her baccha why she didn’t complete her medical treatment.she had stayed away from arjun for showing the world her notakki but could not take her medicine????such a bullshit.maya lovers says if ayan didn’t say her pagol she won’t do anything?seriously?she blamed her as a rapist only to be good befor her husband,do dirty plans with samay to prove that also,these are not faults.these are obsession and ayan Did greatest sin by calling her pagol .what a judgement???.I didn’t support arjun any time.but sanjh most of the time when she was r8′.she lost her father.and maya lover says that was only an accident.???.ufff now there is only thing about this show ,that is bullshit only bullshit…..

    1. Thanks for splashing some sense on these people faces! Like seriously, can’t believe some people on here actually think about excuses and explanation for Maya’s behavior. In real life none of these characters would exist to act in such manner, especially Maya. If Maya was real, she’d be rotting in jail no matter her mental condition or whatever dumb reason. This show literally has lost its brain because nothing makes sense now.

  13. I have been tortured by the same sort of stupid brain washers in my real life who are always trying to use me as in the name of daughter in law, friend. They are after my money! I’ve clearly seen. If the girl like Maya existed she would have already killed the suckers! But no, its a real life thingy and no one can do anything. Damn!I need someone like maya to teach them lesson! She is truly a kicka** !

    1. @Kreysha, I hope you’re fine now. Stay strong dear. And you’re right; Maya is truly kick-ass!

    2. diehardbeyhadhfan

      U can always use the help of law.. threaten them with a dowry harassment case if they torture u for money…

  14. My Maya lovers Samay is back,we will see him from tonight.??..just have patience,stay tune,.?
    Love u Maya ❤ ?

    1. Really @ks? I was a bit late to see your comment. But anyway it’s just a matter of few minutes, then I can see my Samay back. Feeling excited!

  15. even maya die n if she hear that arjun is with other girl she ll come back lol 😀 😀

  16. maya gone now even if samay come i hope he support saanjh

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