Beyhadh 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya stops inspector from arresting Arjun. Inspector says he is ordering and not requesting. She says he will know and picks her phone. He says if she s calling minister, his boss or anyone else, it is of no use as no one will stain their hands with blood and help her in murder case. Saanjh says she needs to check postmortem report. Inspector says there she talks sense and constable gives her report. She reads it. Aryan asks what is written in report. Inspector says it says they cannot wash their hands off blood and Ashwin is murdered and Arjun, Maya and Jahnvi are murder suspects. Maya says Ashwin died due to hear attack and asks Saanjh to call Malkani. Inspector says Jahnvi is in police station and Malkani is with her. Maya apologizes Arjun that because of her, he has to see all this. Vandana

says her son is not a murderer. Inspector says love is blind and it can lead to crime. He extends hand towards Arjun. Maya holds his hand and says he is right, in love one can go to any extent. If he had done this to Maya Mehrotra, he would have seen, but she is Maya Arjun Sharma, someone’s wife and someone’s bahu, so she is being in her limits. Inspector arrests her and Arjun and takes to police station.

Vandana panics and asks Ayan to get back Arjun and she does not care what police does with Maya. Ayan says he respects her and if she continues like this, he will stop respecting her. He will get back both his bhai and bhabi.

In police station, Jahnvi sees Maya and runs towards her, but inspector stops them and says Saanjh that all suspects may give same answer, so he cannot take a chance. Jahnvi pleads Maya that she does not want to say here, to take her home. Inspector says he is just investigating and has not arrested them as he does not have proof.

Police start investing Maya and Arjun. They question them both how did they meet. Arjun and Maya tell about their first meeting in parking lot. Maya is questioned if she was alone in wedding hall room when Arjun was murdered. Maya says always Arjun’s love will be wither. Isnepctor asks Arjun why Ashwin was not invited in daughter’s marriage. Ajrun says Ahwin never fulfilled father’s duties. Jahnvi says she does not know anything for every question. Police continues investigation.

Vandana calls Ayan if Arjun came out. Ayan says no. She then calls Saanjh and says it is already 6 p.m. Saanjh says she does not know why inspector is taking so much time

Inspector brings Arjun, Maya and Jahnvi out. Saanjh asks if he likes harassing people, he took so much time for investigation Inspector says he forgot his watch. Saanjh asks how can he investigate for such a long time when he just has a letter, if he found any murder weapon. He shows syringe and says this is the modern knife and says it is stabbed repeatedly and due to repeated poking air fills around heart and person dies. One among 3 has murdered Ashwin.

Precap: Inspector says one among 3 used poked syringe repeatedly into Ashwin’s heart and murdered him. Maya looks at inspector angrily.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Superb episode,wow after many days Maya back to her kadoos attitude ?? ? love you Maya ? maya dialog “if she is Maya Malhotra it will different but im now Maya Arjun Sharma i have limits .”?? she don’t want to lose family love.but this pagal vandana instigating my Maya..Ayaan given fit reply to vandana.?..&syringe is weapon?nice twist.don’t know who stabbed with empty syringe?.waiting for next episode

  2. NandhanaN

    Black or White ??? Maya or Saanjh ?? Who’s the killer ??? ..

    Not Arjun Never Jahnvi

    1. Maximum I felt it’s Maya,many times the way of stabbed ashwin with empty syringe .otherwise its shipra or someone else.

      1. NandhanaN

        Even I wish it’s her ..But if she is the killer, her character will turn negative …Jenny said that Maya has grey shades which means she ll have all intentions and thoughts to turn evil but can’t go to extremes

      2. Its just my guess,Maya role is justice,it’s not wrong for me if she kills evil ashwin.they showed only stabbing syringe,did not showed hand,if they showed hand we can say whose hand.let’s see

  3. NandhanaN

    When the Murder is so well planned , why would the killer leave the Syringe behind ??? ..

  4. Shalinisenthil

    Nice episode I think jhanvi,Maya and arjun they all innocent ….killer is someone else ….some of other person behind all this I think so

    1. Shalini Senthil,you are right..ur guess is right ??..vandana informed to police about ArYa honeymoon trip to stop them.

  5. Shalinisenthil

    Let see show is going very intrestly …I like that policeman atitude….. Cool dude he is ….tomorrow also very less comments what happen guys many of our frds comments are missing comment guys wanna know every one opion…..

    1. NandhanaN

      When Maya was obsessive over Arjun, Many were commenting , but had less TRP and now Maya is a cry baby, Many seem to dislike it but the show has an improvement in TRP

  6. Can’t even comment these days with the way the show is’s both depressing and irritating to see my favourite show go downhill..this is the first Hindi serial I have liked more than any English serial and they have ruined it;( again same melodrama..Vandana’s attitude is just wow get back my Arjun I don’t give a shit about Maya dude she’s your daughter in law and your son’s wife what makes you think he’ll leave her behind and come running to you! Vandana has lowered her standards I hate her she is ruining the show please remove her

    1. Shalinisenthil

      U r right Stefan vandana behaviour is very odd….

    2. stefan ,why you felt bore..yesterday Maya showed her kadoos attitude,it’s awesome.&in investigation time also I loved her way of given answer to police,.reversely police felt tired for asking questions,maya given water to police.????,im watching this serial only for Maya.

    3. AmCee

      I agree the show is going downhill. Beyhadh is the only serial I watch because right from the beginning I found it so different from the mundane saas bahu serials. I found Maya’s character to be the first of its kind being shown in a Hindi serial. I love her, grey shades and all. But this murder mystery thing is depriving the viewers of the true essence of the show which is the love story between Maya and Arjun, how they love one another beyhadh. Vandana as usual has become more and more disgusting with every passing day. What I loved was Maya’s old expressions which were back today in front of the police. I also applauded Ayan’s befitting reply to this Vandana. She is losing the respect of her own son now.

  7. Subhashini.As

    yesterday Episode lightly boring.. But Maya so cute like bhabi character

  8. The Saanjh Man

    Maya is a big crap…. She is that blo*dy killer….

    1. Ayesha22

      SHUT UP,how can you say she IS THE KILLER???do you have any proof???do not just blame her because of your hatred.if she would have done it she would have accepted it to save arjun from being arrested,so just stop blaming her without any solid proof.

  9. What i think is that definitely it won’t be maya or arjun as maya is not that dumb that she will murder ashwin even when marriage is going and create police drama…she is perfect planner so she cant murder ashwin in haze…
    What i think is that arjun is also not a murderer because he also had genuine excuse for how was the cut in his hands…
    Adding to that what i can suspect is Saanjh who is out of the picture or that Jhanvi and it is also hard to tell that whether ashwin has actually died or he is just trying to ruin Maya…may be he is sending fake reports from hospitals(but still i believe that he has died as introduction of new characters only takes place after someone is eliminated) .
    Prime suspect is Saanjh nd Jhanvi from my point of view….as the name is Beyhadh so it can suggest that how much obsessed anyone can be as they are trying to make this show a bit different so I don’t think that they will show that usual love of sacrifice…
    It might be master plan of Saanjh to get Maya out of her way…as such a transition took place in the character of Saanjh in a moment…from being a crying lady to a friend of Maya …
    PS: The serial is losing its charm as the obsession and beyhadh of anything is missing…

  10. Guys…. everyone is suspecting Maya,Arjun,Jhanvi,Saanjh,Vandana but I think one more character is also seen in this serial who has a connection with Ashwin as well as some how connected with Maya also. She is the Girlfriend of Ashwin… Why no one is suspecting her?

    1. Ashwin girl friend name shipra

    2. Ayesha22

      i agree the murderer is someone else other than maya, arjun or has to be someone else.

  11. Ayesha22

    I seriously want old Maya back jis se baat krte waqt log 1000 baar sochte the.i love and miss her attitude.

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