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Beyhadh 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun calls Maya and asks her to meet him in office basement godown. Maya panics in front of Jahnvi that Arjun will leave her now. Jahnvi says he will not if she tells him truth. Maya panics more and says he will. Jahnvi assures him nothing will happen. Maya reaches godown and panics more reminiscing how Ashwin tortured her in childhood, him repeatedly locking her in godown, throwing colors on her, slapping and kicking her, drowning her in water tub, etc…

Arjun enters and says her truth is out now, she cannot hide it. Maya panics thinking he came to know about her truth. He switches on light and asks how could she hide such a beautiful place from him, he can do all his shooting here and does not have to go anywhere else. Maya relaxes that he does not know anything.

Arjun throws colors on walls and says she should change vision towards colors and try them. She says colors are not for her, she hates them. He removes curtain from a mirror and shows her that already he applies colors on her. She colors paints sprinkled on her dress. She reminisces Ashwin throwing paint on her and angrily breaks glass. He holds her and rolls them both over paints smeared wall. Maya walks angrily. Arjun suggests her again to change her vision on colors.

Maya reaches home. Jahnvi is shocked to see her smeared in colors and asks if she is fine. Maya walks into her room and locks door. Jahnvi knocks door and goes to get duplicate keys. Maya reminisces Arjun’s incident and then Ashwin torture. She takes bathes, comes out and picks lipstick. She tries to apply it, but reminisces Ashwin throwing color on her and smears her hands with lipstick. Jahnvi continues searching key in cupboard.

Precap: Saanjh sees red dress in Arjun’s room and gets happy that Arjun bought it for her. She says Ayan this is her favorite color, Arjun still care for her. Arjun gifts same dress to Maya and suggests her to change and vision and try colors once.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. 3veni

    wowww….so nycccc….thanqqq arjun for d lovely dress for maya…..plzz fill maya’s lyfff wid coloursss….nycc episodeeee

  2. ellakshiraichand

    Thank god no saanjh secen in today’s episode……..
    Next episode I can’t wait

  3. Omg horrible episode…maya faced so much tortures ??..even maya said sorry and pleasing him but Ashwin didn’t leaved her..evil Ashwin.??..?? and Arjun trying to change Maya life but maya saying mere life mey for colours no place ..i hate colours while she leaving with anger. ..but Arjun didn’t leave I love ArYa scenes..&i don’t know why Ashwin throws colour paints on Maya after he dips maya Ney in water tub forcedly in office ,y he tortured her in godown because of this maya hating colours and hating godown place.Arjun given red dress to maya..? waiting for next episode ?

    1. Omg ashwin is too cruel then we think…he tortured his own daughter….he can’t see her happy…what is the problem….is the problem is with Maya or ashwin …I’m sure it will b wit ashwin…he is an psycho…so only he torturing Maya like a hell…???????

      Poor Maya cant tolerate more ….arjun want to make her like colours but she reminded by her past soooo sad for Maya…..

      But precap is good this is the 1 St time arjun buy something for Maya….❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Ya right maanu,Ashwin is very cruel father…i hope like yesterday Arjun will stay with maya ,only he will give happiness to maya..Arjun is trying to change maya with colours I love it.before how maya helped(indirectly with out known his problem) to Arjun over come from hospital it’s Arjun turn ..he is also supporting maya indirectly with out known maya problems.both helping each other to overcome fears with out’s true love for me.i love maya and I love ArYa?

      2. Ya too love arya…..they r giving lot of arya scenes nowadays….but yesterday Maya cried lot for her past …and she feel so disturbed while seeing colors on her dress…so sad for her..but I’m sure in a few days Maya will become a normal girl by the help of arjun…arjun ll make that magic came true…❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
        Waiting for upcoming twist?

      3. Me too ???

  4. Angelk1

    Today eps was short wasnt great. But why would she be scared over something like that, if she was tortured then just tell arjun I’m sure he will help her. Also how could jhanvi even let that happen in the first place, shes dumb.

    Lastly its just a coincident that out of all the colors arjun chose saanj favorite color for maya to wear lol , classic.

  5. Shalini Senthil

    Wow super episode i love maya and arjun godwon scences is to romantic???

  6. Awesome episode today no saanjh scene!! Maya is sooo broken! Arjun please love her and fill her life with colour..woooow in the end the dress Arjun got! Can’t wait to see maya in red? Red hot..

  7. Whatever Maya’s secret is it must be very bad..she’s absolutely terrified from Arjun learning about it..I think she accidentally hurt or killed someone..or probably Ashwin hurt someone and is brainwashing maya into thinking that she did

  8. How can you be happy because there is no saanjhs episode. There is something called friendship.even when maya was not there saanjh was there in Arjun life and will be there.

    1. Because there was no melodrama and More importantly no crying..please don’t defend saanjh on the name of friendship ??
      Friends do not force their opinion on others..if saanjh truly is a friend then she’ll want Arjun to be happy even if it’s not with her

  9. Do you guys watch P.O.W.- Bandi Yuddh Ke serial

    1. No I didn’t but why you asked?

  10. Hi all iam new in this page can I also join

    1. Always welcome

  11. In todays episode mayas acting was soooo superrrb.She has neared so much torturing in her childhood by her own father. Poor maya she needs arjun more than saanjh only he can change maya he can understand maya

  12. Roby wolverine

    Maya’s acting was fabulous… loved her acting.. Maya can’t just come out and say that to anyone of what happened.. no abused child want to tell anyone of what happened that easily… she still hates the colors because she keeps getting memories of drowning.. those kind of things leaves scars on your mind.. I still hate and avoid green color because it brings me the memories of unhappiness even though I am an adult now. some people will never understand this unless they go through the trauma.. no matter what Maya did, Ashwin has no rights.. Actually no one has any rights to treat any child like that no matter what they did.. children are precious and innocent..

    finally no saanjh.. so glad that i didn’t have to see over dramatic, yelling, babbling,… I really really hope Arjun loves her and brings new memories to her with the same colors she was afraid of..

    1. Hi Roby,i like the way of Ur comment…u have a justified analysis on the show…some ppl blindly support saanjh I can’t take that….I felt really bad… yesterday’s and today’s episode i had a wonderful feel that someone is analysing this and don’t tell like every ppl do….thanks for that…I like Maya’s character as u said she was afraid and weird to tell that arjun …she thinks her past ll make her live alone again….she was afraid of losing arjun… everyone saying saanjh is saying for arjun welfare….but just think even though having so many problems Maya didn’t force arjun to wit her or love her…she want him to understand her love and stay wit her forever….and I’m sure Maya couldn’t do anything to anyone…this all bcoz oh that ashwin…he is culprit and arjun ll make it out as soon as he came to Maya’s life…

      1. Roby wolverine

        Yes Maanu.. i hate it when the portray Maya as evil… i hate it.. she’s just an inteeligent, cunning, abused person.. she has issues that doesn’t mean they can all call her evil.. Abused children just pull my heart.. I wish people don’t call her evil. she’s a perfect shade of grey. Maya character is a fresh one from all the goody goody heroines. I just hope Ashwin gets what he deserve and Arjun to shower maya with so much love so that she can move forward..

      2. Ya I hope so Roby.arjun ll make her life colourful again ….and she lost her wonderful childhood days ….I feel pity for her….now she is changing her self for arjun’s taste…now it’s arjun’s turn to repay the efforts by Maya to make him understand her love …I hope as soon as possible arjun ll fall for Maya and it will b a behad pyar❤❤❤

  13. i just hate this ashwin he is the one responsible for mayas bad condition because of him only today maya is suffering like this which father does to his daughter like this father scolds their daughter only to make them good and show them the right path but this ashwin dont know why he tortures his own daughter like this he is the worst father in the world who tries to snatch away his own daughter’s happiness (arjun) he made mayas life colourless such a shameful father he is

  14. i love jennifer winget a lot her acting is fabulous i watch this show for her only

  15. Ohhhh no whats this ashwins he is a father or a jerk….i thought maya is a phsycho but im wrong actually phsychopath is this ashwin…whats wrong with this man…he doesnt want his own wife and daughter to be happyyy…how cruel this ashwin…just thinks guyz he has done all this with his own daughter maya then what he will do with arjun and sanjh…im sure he wont leave arjun bcz he is trying to fill colour in arjuns life..and this ashwin wont leave sanjh to bcz he know he is close to arjun…poor sauls all three…all of them will suffer now bcz of this ashwin

  16. Jennifer is just the best.

  17. I so want to laugh. Everyone here is expecting romance. To justify Maya with anything for the sake of arya’s pair is ridiculous. Smell the coffee guys. Beyhadh isn’t about love but obsession. Maya had a traumatic childhood but there is still a backstory mystery.

    1. Roby wolverine

      We’re not justifying her character.. we’re just stating the fact to narrow minded people

  18. Wow that is nice

  19. Guys iam new in this page.can I also join

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