Beyhadh 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Arjun Feeds Saanjh

Beyhadh 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh tells Maya if her child was not growing in Maya’s womb, this issue would not have extended so much. Maya says but it is reality, so she has to do what she says. She asks to call mehandi wali. Saanjh agrees. Arjun reminisces Maya telling she is fasting for Arjun and will break fast from his hands. Saanjh calls him and says she tried to explain Maya, but she is adamant. Arjun says that is not his problem, he will break only Saanjh’s fast and not Maya’s.

Saanjh asks Maya to break her fast. Saanjh says even she is fasting, will she break fast. Saanjh says she is pregnant. Maya says it is her love. Mehandi wali comes and draws mehandi on Maya’s hand. Suman scolds Saanjh why she is budging to Maya’s demands. Saanjh says she is budging to her child’s demand. Maya calls Saanjh

to get mehandi on her hands. Mehandi wali asks Maya if she is feeling tired, then she should break fast. Maya says it is her love for her husband. Mehahdiwali asks Saanjh and Suman to tell their husband’s names. They both at once say Arjun. Maya says she will break fast only from Arjun’s hands. Mehandwali says it is cloudy and moon may be sighted late. Maya says more wait means more love for husband.

Arjun returns home and walks to terrace. Maya stands turning her back in Saanjh’s dress. Arjun says his love brought him back soon. Maya happily turns and sees Arjun holding Saanjh and fumes. Suman with Jahnvi enters and asks Saanjh to look at Arjun and break fast soon. Saanjh does same. Maya also does same happily. Arjun feeds Saanjh. Maay acts as collapsing and insists Arjun to feed her. Saanjh requests her not to be mad and have water. Maya says she is mad. Saanjh requests Arjun to feed water to Maya for her baby. Arjun agrees and feeds water. Maya says he fed her water though helplessly. Arjun says only Saanjh has right to be fed by him. She says her love is true. He says if it was, she would not have been defeated in love, Saanjh’s love is true so she won. He feeds Saanjh. Maya cries. Saanjh asks Arjun to stop now. Arjun says he had let her go, but she returned, it was bad moment of his life that he met Maya and would like to die instead of meeting her.

Precap: Maya speeds away in car. Arjun and Saanjh track Maya’s car. Saanjh says if Maya’s caught by police, she will go back to jail. Maya purposefully makes police follow her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This serial ws very bad…Want to see only as Entertaining show…No one should get this like life as maya,sanjh,arjun,janvi…..
    Everyone is suffering in thr life….

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