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Beyhadh 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ayan injects poison into Arjun’s neck and Arjun collapses. Jailer orders constables to catch Ayan. Ayan says relax, he is not running. Saanjh reaches with constables. Constable says someone had tied her in car. Saanjh sees Arjun unconscious, runs to him and shakes to wake up, but he does not. She asks Ayan what did he do. He says he took his mom’s revenge and killed Arjun. Maya burns her gift. Saanjh asks doctor to check Arjun. Doc checks and says pulse is not beating, he is dead. Saanjh reminisces her and Arjun’s friendship and shakes Arjun to open eyes. Maya burns her hut and walks away. Saanjh asks why did he kill Arjun. Ayan says he had promised Arjun that only he will kill him. Inspector asks if he knows what he did. Ayan says yes, he told jailer that Arjun will die, but he

did not listen, Arjun died today instead of tomorrow. Inspector arrests Ayan. Ayan says he did right by killing Arjun. Inspector drags Ayan and sends Arjun’s body for postmortem. Saanjh gets into ambulance.

Maya removes her dirty dress and while taking bath signs Saajna hai mujhe sajna ke liye. She wears Arjun’s gifted red dress.

Constable tells another constable that someone dies according to their destiny, Arjun was to be hanged tomorrow and he tied today itself. Suman rams her car to ambulance and fights. Maya looking at timer thinks one can take and give life in love. Suman continues fighting with ambulance driver. Constable comes out and asks her to come to police station tomorrow and take money. Suman says she will take away her car tomorrow itself. Another constable comes out and says she is Saanjh’s mother. Suman says she is not married a all. Constable says she is for sure Saanjh’s mother. Suman asks Shubh to run and herself runs. Constable opens ambulance door and does not find Arjun and Saanjh.

Maya sleeps in a coffin in grave and closes lid. She throws knife on sandbag and sand falls on coffin. She says she going to Arjun in some time. She continues her dialogues.

Lab technician checks syringe and tells inspector that this is vitamin D injection and nobody can die from it. Inspector says doc told Arjun did not have pulse. Technician says Arjun cannot die. Inspector orders constables to catch whoever helped Arjun escape. Constables catch everyone. Saanjh drives car and says Arjun she is trapped between 2 brothers. Arjun says this time it is 2 brothers and an injection.

Sands covers Maya’s coffin. Maya reminisces time spent with Arjun and their love. She gasps for air. Tujhe pyar karte karte…song..plays in the background. Maya collapses. Sand fills grave.

Precap: Arjun tells Saanjh that he will not spare Maya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Pranav

    This show has gone haywire. Its turned into a murder show. the title show should be badala ki katil

  2. Lol I had predicted it was Ayaan and Arjun Plan
    Btw ye maya kitni baar maregi?

  3. How can maya be born in 1995? That makes her 22 years old which means she ws married at 19? This year is mentioned on her funeral stone

    1. @Silvano – omg I know right! I can’t get over the fact that they’re showing her to be just 22. How’s it even possible?! It seems like a very silly yet huge mistake by the writers. What are they trying to prove? A 22 year old (just at the beginning stage of adulthood) is able to run an entire business, get married at age 19, have such intelligence and maturity to tackle not just the business world but even criminal system that she gets away with each crime like it’s her profession. There’s no way she was just a depressed abused child who grew up to be a strong independent woman. If that was true, then she wouldn’t waste her time on some random dafar and be willing to kill others and herself. There better be some logical explanation behind her birth year and her childhood story. I feel like she’s probably one of the few kids in this world who’s really smart in extraordinary way who launched a business in her teenage years (ex. Mark Zuckerberg) lol.

      1. Maya took over fashion and city at the age of 19 not established. It was already established by her grand parent who left the shares to

  4. Hahaha! How can she born in 1995. Sarcastic! During the rape case time Arjun himself told that Maya established Fashion & the city at the age of 19. Then how can be Maya of 22 now. So funny. Is she is of 22 now then they meet almost 4 years ago. So in that time how can there be fashion & the city?

    1. Maya took over fashion and city at the age of 19 not established. It was already established by her grand parent who left the shares to Janvi

  5. I hate to comment on this serial now…it’s not worth your time. I stopped watching it just reading the written updates..I know even that is a waste of time but just used to it cuz I have been following it from day 1 otherwise it’s a foolish drama going nowhere ???

  6. In earlier episode ..Saanjh’s boss (the firm in which she was working )asked her to take Maya’s signature in some documents which they were handing for Maya (I forgot the specific reason) .And asusual she was snooping around Maya ‘s personal informations and in that paper Maya’s d.o.b was 1990!!! So how come the writers are now using 1995? I really enjoyed watching the serial.. Specially maya but the writers they have lost the spark. Too much extra ordinary drama of Saanjh. They shifted the main role essence from Maya to Saanjh. I just hope in the end Saanjh will turn into a negative role and she will rot in a mental asslymn or jail. And Maya she will be completely healed and fixing things and relations from her past.

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