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Beyhadh 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya panics seeing Ashwin’s shadow and his voice calling Maya baby and tries to open door. Arjun opens door and comes in. He tightly hugs him. He says he did not know if he would get such a lovely hug and gets romantic. She says let us go out before anyone come in. Saanjh calls Arjun and asks him to come home immediately as something has happened. Arjun tells Maya and says Jahnvi that Maya she will stay back. Jahnvi says she considers Arjun as her son and does not want to ruin his postmarriage moments, they should go back home, insist and opens door. Maya gives tablet. Jahnvi consumes it and asks them to go now. Once they walk out, Jahnvi look at Ashwin’s pic and says she still loves hhim.

Maya and Arjun reach home. Saanjh and Ayan greet them and loudly say surprise…showing them

a banner. Ayan holds Maya and asks how is his surprise. Arjun pulls Maya and says warns Ayan to not get that close. Saanjh gives them Switzerland honeymoon tickets. Ayan says they spent all their savings on tickets and Arjun should take rest of expenses. Saanjh says they could get only economy tickets. Maya says gift is not evaluated on the basisf money, then it would not be a gift. Arjun thanks Saanjh. Saanjh jokes that Arjun Sharam thank a novoice. Jokes continue.

Arjun goes to his room and looks at ticket. He holds Maya and says finally his fast/oath will break. She laughs that a Casanova Arjun still did not break his oath. Arjun says he was waiting for a compatible partner. She continues taunting him.

Vandana fumes at Saanjh if she is Arjun’s friend or enemy, how can she push Arjun into danger by sending him with Maya alone. Saanjh confronts her and says she has to accept the truth that Arjun is married to Maya and should try to be good to Maya. Ayan says same and says bhabi tried to talk to her, but she was so arrogant since yesterday. Vandana says she is bad and is worried about her son’s life and walks into her room fuming.

Arjun and Maya get out with their bags. Saanjh and Ayan taunt them. Arjun asks about Vandana. Maya says Maa is upset with her and she will go and speak to maa. She goes to Vandana’s room and says it is her duty to get angry and as a daughter, she will continue calmin her, she should not force Arjun to divide his love between his wife and mother. Vandana says if her son does so, then there is a deficiency in her upbringing. Arjun enters and tells Vandana if she curses or bleses Maya, he will share half as he is Maya’s life partner. Vadana agrees. Inspector walks in with constable and says investigation are not yet over and they cannot go anywhere, where they are going. Saanjh says hell, it is none of his business. Inspector says law reaches farther than hell, asks constable to take their passport and tells Ashwin was murdered and there are 3 suspects, Ashwin’s wife, daughter and son-in-law.

Precap: Inspector tell Arjun let us go for investigation.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Superb episode..ArYa scenes superb..?.how police come to know about ArYa honeymoon?is it jhanvi?Maya will share only with her mom jhanvi.jhanvi said with ashwin pic, I will do whatever you want.may be she will do all to hurt Maya for ashwin.pagal jhanvi.waiting for next you Maya ?

    1. Shalinisenthil

      No ks I think its vandana when Maya and arjun were doing there packing for honeymoon…. Saanjh was talking to vandana telling abt they were going to honeymoon vandana shouted badly and she was not happy at all and said arjun must not go with Maya to the honeymoon …Did you noticed After finished conversation with saanjh vandana took her phone which was on the table and she went inside to her room….jhanvi dont know at all abt this honeymoon trip….I think its vandana who called police to spoil Maya and arjun honeymoon because she is worry abt arjun…..

      1. dont know,i was guessed it. I thought cvs will reveal later about jhanvi informed.if it’s vandana,she got surprise to see I felt she is not.let’s see

      2. And shalini senthil. today in washroom Maya afraid to hear ashwin voice.Arjun opened the door,i thought he will felt tension to see Maya fear but instead he enjoyed her tight didn’t expected this scene and arjun waited for right partner conversation also.ArYa??

  2. Antara

    NICE EPI wat happnd 2 jhanvi suddenly is she pagal or something else? now vandana is becoming vamp after ashwin actually who is the murder of ashwin when will they break the suspense curious 2 know who is behind this? precap is nice maya ki daring was missing now adays

  3. The update written above has too many mistakes. I would not have been able to understand anything if I did not watch the episode on television. Yeah Shalinisenthil, Vandana must have informed the police because she did not want Arjun to go with Maya alone. She is becoming more vile day by day. And I feel Jhanvi must be hallucinating about Ashwin. The romantic ArYa scenes crackled with chemistry as usual.

  4. Subhashini.As

    Today Episode Nice

  5. Who the hell are you writer,if you are not interested why you are written wrong written use for this written updates for any one.bakwas totally.get lost.

  6. you will get only written update credit with bad writer.

  7. I think someone else should start writing the proper updates…i wish ks does it…

  8. Why does vandana always blames maya if something wrong happens in the house and always considers a bad luck for arjun she should know that it was maya who rescued arjun from island, it was maya who united vandana and arjun , it was maya who got ayan bailed from a false case then still why she cannot accept her as her bahu why she always blames her if anything wrong happens in the house. She should realize that if anything bad happens in the house then it is not mayas fault.

  9. even when maya did so much good deeds for her family, but still she considers maya as bad luck and unlucky for arjun how can she think like this. if she got to know that maya is pyscho then instead of knowing her problem and taking her to a psychatrist for counseling , she keeps on blaming her for wrong things. She only things more about herself and her son but not her bahus past problem

  10. Ayesha22

    stop being a jerk vandana,do not force Maya to be back to her MM self.because you would not be able to bear better just accept the truth and Maya as your DIL.

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