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Maya tells Arjun that they should not bother about barking dogs and move on. Arjun praises her that she is successful because of this. She asks what if someone pesters her. He says he did not build body just for fun, he has made friendship with her and will smash whoever will trouble her. Maya laughs and says today is Saturday, so he can go home. He leaves. She looks at dustbin and her laptop.

Ashwin meets aide and tells he wants to know abot Arjun, what he does, whom he meets, where he stays, etc.

Ayan asks Vandana how did Maya come in between Arjun and Saanjh suddenly. Vandana says nothing hapened suddenly, she will confront Arjun. Ayan asks her not to, he will speak to bhai and explain in his terms. At Saanjh’s house, Prem looks at Maya and Arjun’s news

paper pic repeatedly. Suman says it is Arjun’s profession and he should not worry. Prem says this is not simple. Suman asks to do something. Prem says he will have to control Saanjh now.

Ashwin’s aide shows him Arjun’s apartment building. Vandana and Suman buy vegetables near by. Suman says she is thinking of fixing lemon chilli on Saanjh and Arjun to get rid of black spirits. Neighbors taunt them that Arjun caught a big fish Maya Mehrotra. Suman tries to reach but Vandana drags her from there. Ashwin looks at them and says aide that this is Vandana and Suman and then looks at Ayan.

Arjun tries to console Saaanjh with buddhi ke baal/candy floss. Saanjh asks if he loves Maya. He says yes her silky soft air and then jokes who does not like budhi ke baal, Maya is just his friend. Saanjh says Maya loves him and with his friendly gesture will misunderstanding that even he loves her. Arjun reminisces Maya telling that she does not mind if he does not love her, but she will love him forever. He tells Saanjh that Maya clearly told him. Saanjh says girls think like this. Arjun says if she loves him. Saanjh stands silently. Arjun says no na..each girl is different, so is Maya. Ashwin watches them and tells his aide that Saanjh is not Arjun’s friend, but is his weakness. Aide says that means he will attack on Arjun’s weakness now.

Ashwin goes to Jahnvi and tells her that Arjun will use Maya and will throw her away. Jahnvi says he can understand his intention now. Ashwin asks what happened. Jahnvi says Arjun is not cheap like him and asks him to get out. He holds his hand and pushes him till door. Ashwin says Arjun does not love Maya. Jahnvi says Arjun is better than him and asks to get out. Ashwin asks if Arjun knows about Maya’s madness, once he will know about it, he will run away. He wil inform Arjun about Maya’s truth, laughs and leaves. Maya hears their conversation and panicks that Aswhin will separate Arjun from her.

Maya prays god that she god a companion after so many years and to not get Arjun away from her. Phone rings and she nervously picks it. Arjun speaks and asks how can she hide such a big issue from her, if he had known this, he would not have trusted her, he wants to meet her right now in office’s basement godown. She stammers and asks if they can meet somewhere else. he says not anywhere else, it is time to get the truth out today. Maya panicks more reminiscing Ashwin’s words. She then reminisces childhood memories and breaks things in her room. Jahhnvi comes running and tries to console her. Maya says Ashwin told everything to Arjun and Arjun wants to meet her in godown. Jahnvi says Arjun does not know anything. Maya asks then why Arjun called her to godown, of which she is afraid of. Jahnvi tries to console, but Maya shouts to go. Jahnvi walks silently. Maya runs and hugs her and says she cannot lose Arjun and will do whatever she says. Jahnvi asks if she will. Maya says. Jahnvi asks to tell Arjun everything.

Precap: Jahnvi reaches godown. Arjun says he knows her truth now and it is too late.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Today awesome episode..but my Maya cried more ?…&what’s Ashwin problem! he tortured maya in her 9years age mey in office godown? ..he beaten and he forcedly pushed Maya head in water omg this much tortures on Maya..shame less father.?? ?..why he is doing as a father..? stupid Ashwin.he is trying to avoid all friends in Maya life from her chiToday awesome episode..but my Maya cried more ?…&what’s Ashwin problem! he tortured maya in her 9years age mey in office godown? ..he beaten and he forcedly pushed Maya head in water omg this much tortures on Maya..shame less father.?? ?..why he is doing as a father..? stupid Ashwin.he is trying to avoid all friends in Maya life from her childhood.omg..and today last part jhanvi and maya scene is awesome..heart melting and touching scene ? ? daughter and mother love bond superb..highlight for me this scene u Maya ?

  2. Angelk1

    What is this secret that maya would be so afriad off. Saanj arjun will never know your feelings if you dont tell him. That was your chance , now he will never know. And will lean towards maya even more.

    Ashwin whats his purpose on doing this? Why does he hate maya so much? So much mystery behind maya an her family. Maya is afraid of arjun leaving her just like how saanj is afraid. Both girls are somewhat alike when it comes to arjun.

    1. Exactly today was the perfect chance for saanjh to confess but as usual she didn’t..don’t know what’s holding her back..I hate saanjh’s parents now is it compulsory for best friends to fall in love and marry. Can’t Arjun decide why is he made the bad guy the poor thing he doesn’t even know what’s in saanjh’s mind

    2. Not both girls are alike, Maya is just scared of Ashwin becoz of somethg happened so bad in the past that she couldn’t forget or else she is well stable in her life and whatever she wants she wants to achieve in her life, even she is thinking love is also like sucess which she can achieve easily. Saanjh on other hand is scared of everyone n everything. It seems so funny that in serial she is potrayed as lawyer and scared of Maya, when she went to Maya’s house for dinner by seeing Maya psycho behaviour she was in rush to open the door and run out but in real life lawyers would face people with that type of mentality in their case studies and case scenarios. On other hand she loves Arjun but is scared to tel her feelings. There is a saying Pyar kiya toh darna kya …. Even Arjun directly asked her she loves him but she kept now is it mistake of Maya or Arjun??? And it’s too late to express your feelings saanjh..U should hv expressed long time before but u were just thinking of Maya n Arjun everytime n fighting with Arjun. If saanjh wil propose to Arjun wil put Arjun is dilemma and he wil start thinking that both girls were thinking about themselves and no one is thinking him and for sure he wont say yes to saanjh..becoz I dont know whether he loves Maya or not , but for saanjh he just think she is best frd..How he can think more about her when saanjh everytime kept calling him duffer, no romantic moments between them, saanjh never made Arjun to feel somethg about love. Actually it was Maya who did all this for Arjun , may be in crupid way but whenever n whatever way she did he felt attracted n loved towards her thats why he never said no but saanjh always showed her stupidness.

  3. 3veni

    i want to know her past…dey r showing dat ashwin is bad nd he is trying to avoid all frnds of maya frm childhood nd torturing her…nd he is saying dat maya has some past nd when arjun knows abt it den he will leave maya..what is dat sach??i wnt to know ryt now yaar…

    anywayss loved maya’s superb acting nd hated saanjh ka overacting…

    jahnavi nd maya’s scene was superb…totallyy loved ittt

  4. Roby wolverine

    I wish i can forward Saanjh’s scenes in television.. Annoying more and more.. I guessed what would have been happened but i don’t know if it’s right or wrong.. She has split personality i guess.. she would have developed another character in her mind to protect the abuse and her vulnerability.. That’s why she sometimes have dark side and sometimes innocent like. Some abused children develops another personality so they can survive what they’re going through, i guess she too is like that.. And her parents didn’t understand and call her mental so she believes it as something bad and fears it.. I hope if that’s the case Arjun understand and care for her. I love Maya.. she’s fabulous.

  5. MAYA ROCKS AS USUAL actually wat is maya’s truth? wat is her secret? this papa is 2 much he can’t see her happiness so irritating wat kind of papa is this ?

  6. I think Maya ko arjun ko sab bats dena chye kuki Arjuna jb ashwin ki sachyi jnega to WO Maya k sath dega or kya pta use Maya se pyar ho jye or Maya uska pyar pa k apne dar se lad k jeet sake.

  7. Saanj should understand that Arjun is not going to know about her feelings until she tell him. he’s not a telepath. another thing, I personally feel that everyone Vandana,Ayan and others are trying to force Arjun and Saanj together. love don’t come by force and not all bffs turns lovers life not kuch kuch hota hai movie.

  8. i love arya and maya a lot . this saanjh is just disgusting . i hate her. hope soon arya will be together along with arjun’s love for maya. hope arjun and maya should pair up and marry in this serial . the makers should follow their promo story without complicating much with this saanjh like arjun also loves maya in their promos shown for promotion

    1. Arya will be together soon..and Arjun will also love her but I don’t think they’ll get married cause her obsession for him will get worse and eventually she’ll drive him away:( its obvious that the serial won’t end with arya but atleast we’ll get our moments

  9. Shalini Senthil

    This ashwin is planning something against Maya very evil poor Maya…today on episode she cries a lot after seeing Maya in that condition my eyes get wet …

  10. Roby wolverine

    To “PRADEEP” who had written something in the previous update of beyhadh.. I don’t agree with your comments.. So let me point out..

    1. You’ve written that you never heard anyone pushing Arjun to love saanjh.. Haven’t you seen the scenes they spoke about wanting saanjh and arjun to get together.. They all want maya out of Arjun’s life just because she loves him. You said Maya not showing her jealousy and behavior in front of Arjun. If that’s wrong then what’s Saanjh, vandana and suman are doing..? They too doesn’t show how they want maya out of his life just because THEY THINK saanjh and arjun belong together.

    2. So you’re saying that Arjun’s step mom saw her cruel act in the party… What cruelty Maya had shown that day..? She unknowingly gripped the glasses too tight seeing them together in jealousy. She didn’t threw anything over them nor did she do anything to anyone that day.. She just got jealous and went away. Is that looking so cruel to you..? Anyone in love will be jealous if they saw the person they love close with others. Doesn’t saanjh get jealous..? If Maya’s jealousy is what you call cruelty then i don’t have a word for Saanjh’s jealousy.

    3. Saanjh and vaandana worrying about Maya being millionaire and can do whatever she wants by the help of money.. So you’re saying no millionaire loves truly..? Did you see saanjh and vandana complaining when she used the so called money and power to release Ayan..? So what if she buys expensive things for Arjun..? Haven’t we all not even once buy something expensive to our loved ones..? Maya likes the fact Arjun doesn’t love her status and money.

    4. You started the kuch kuch hotha hey comparison.. I don’t agree with it but still even if i compared your example, sharukh felt lonely after Rani mukerjhi’s death.. Do you think sharukh would have gone and loved kajol if mukerjhi was alive…? Just because sharukh ended with kajol doesn’t mean he didn’t love his wife. He loved her enough to not even notice kajol’s love.. And please don’t even compare saanjh character to kajol’s because kajol wanted sharukh to be happy and left.. Saanjh just wants Arjun to herself.

    Some People are saying that Arjun will realise the value of saanjh once she left him. Did you all think Arjun doesn’t know the value of her now..? She’s his best friend, god he even fought with maya for her.. Maya didn’t tell saanjh to behave like this. jealousy is ok but to yell and control Arjun is just too much..

    And that day too when maya proposed saanjh told something along the lines,

    “So what if she jumped out of it.. Let her jump”

    And she didn’t show any compassion to maya when she saw newspaper nor does she said any supporting words to Arjun. She just want to clarify and fight about that spot.. So petty.. She needs to grow up.

    Saanjh isn’t as vandana and suman portray.. They think Saanjh is perfect for arjun as she understands and knows him well, now is she so understanding towards arjun…? The epitome of good, my foot.. If what saanjh does and behave is normal then Maya is normal too.. Saanjh, vandana and suman all are bunch of hypocrites. They just want arjun to love saanjh.. Just because arjun is changing doesn’t mean he’s ignoring family and friends.. it’s called growing up. If Arjun didn’t always listen saanjh’s words and didn’t spend all his time with saanjh then that doesn’t mean he doesn’t value her friendship.. He’s just adjusting with life’s new phases.. If saanjh can’t even understand simple matters like this she doesn’t deserve to be even a friend.

    1. Roby wolverine…well said ??

      1. Wow Roby…such a good analysis…and u give a apt answer for who r saying saanjh is good and Maya do always evil…it’s a story of love and obsession…in this both girls have love and obsession….past few episodes they show that saanjh is more obsess than Maya…u have to taunt her also…y u ppl always taunt on Maya alone…. whatever may happens at the end …we should accept but from starting itself some ppl saying that Maya have to leave arjun…Maya can’t make arjun happy…I’m hearing this from starting of the show….
        Plz don’t hurt the ppl who love Maya and arjun…bcoz of u ppl like saanjh….???? saanjh family is totally mad ppl…the don’t think of other situations…

        I hate saanjh to the core of my heart????????

    2. Well said! Everything you said is true

    3. Shalini Senthil

      Im totally agree with u ..ur all points are very much clear….?

    4. Shalini Senthil

      Super roby well said all points are true..awesome comment?

    5. Hmm,,,,,ur points are clear,,,but can’t say that they are forcing Arjun to love Saanjh,,,,,bcoz I don’t think that Arjun’s character will take any decision to please anyone,,,,,They never talked to Arjun seriously abt Saanjh,,,all they are doing is planning among themselves,,,,that can’t be considered as forcing,,,,,,No one will be able to force anythng on Arjun,,,coz his character is such,,,,he cares for others happiness but is not ready to change his views for his loved ones

      1. Roby wolverine

        No it’s worse than forcing actually.. They’re ‘assuming’ that Arjun and saanjh belong together. it’s as if vandana and suman and all playing the role of fate..

    6. wow…
      u are a good analyst roby
      the show should continue and turn up only with arya
      this saanjh is selfish and hypocrite
      i love maaya . after so many years of pain she got the one who brings smile on her face it is obvious to the one to be possessive in such situation for their love
      unlike sanjh maya hadn’t badmouthed about sanjh and controlled arya
      i love arya

    7. U r so right..if Maya is trying to manipulate to get Arjun what are their family doing,they are not even trying to ask if Arjun has feelings for Saanjh.

  11. Enough with the suspense what is Maya’s secret?! What a heartbreaking episode again maya baby is crying Ashwin makes me so angry..he’s a sick sadistic person what kind of father is words can describe Jennifer’s acting today just wow..the flashback was horrible Ashwin beating maya and trying to drown her

  12. Wow superb loved today’s epi..the show is picking up it’s pace else it had lot of slow motions and repetitive dialogues.thank u writers.Finally, Arjun is using his he looks cool and strong. Jennifer u r the star of the show..muaah..I like Ayan and saanjh’s mom and dad too. But Saanjh and vandana’s overacting is unbearable. BTW Mayas mom is sooo pretty and she too has become strong..I think Maya has split personality or she must have been in some asylum when she was young or must have hurt her friend when she was young…but I would definitely love to see Arjun’s beyhadh love for Maya..

  13. What is the story of maya

    1. Venkat….Maya is fashion and the city of business side she is very intelligent and strong person..even she will say what that person thinking with out seen them that much intelligent person.and another side she is very weak in side &good heart person and like a innocent kid..she fears’ to see more her father..because of her father horrible tortures on her, she lost her peace and it’s effected on her mind, she caught disease insomniac(sleepless disease)..she loves her mom jhanvi more.she had only her mom till now in her life..after she loves more Arjun..she don’t want to fall in love because of her thought all boys are like same her father but she realised about Arjun ,he is different and good heart person.then she proposed him.he rejected b coz he loves his career.saanjh loves Arjun,maya knew about this.she turns obsessive for don’t want to lose Arjun.she is trying to win his love.maya father again came back to spoil Maya happiness and trying to take Arjun from maya.he don’t want to see in Maya life colours.maya past didn’t revealed till now.

      1. Venkat I thought you asked about maya story..if you asked about Maya story about past..but !it’s didn’t revealed till..maya faced her father horrible tortures they showed only this..some bad happened in her past life.we all are waiting to see Maya past.

      2. Hi ks,thats nice u give the full story of Maya….Maya is a good character….I love maya than any other characters of this show☺☺☺

      3. Hai maanu…it’s my pleasure ..i too love maya more ??


  15. I read all your comments & written my comments which I think you all felt badly.. Sorry for that.
    Guys, For me, I am viewing this serial as a Story where till now all characters played their role very well with all the emotions they have to carry out for their specific role.

    Maya : A girl who was lonely since childhood because of some incidents happened in her teenage. Since then, she is always keeping a side with all the peoples. Meanwhile, she met an employee, Arjun, who is very daring, frankly & joyful person. Such type of person she never met before. She feel comfortable & protective with him whenever he is surrounding her. Her love emotions arisen. She is trying to get that affection from him.

    Arjun : A Middle Class Man who believes Friendship better than any other relations and who has an ambition to become one of the richest person in the society with his own abilities. He is a joyful person & always believes to have a smiling face among others.

    Saanjh : A Middle Class Girl who is a family bonding person. Her only friend is Arjun from childhood & always try to be with him whenever he needs as a friend. At some moment, she feels LOVE for him but unable to express her feelings for some reasons may be she didn’t get the right time to express it or her fear for rejecting by Arjun which may be happened their friendship will be over.

    Parents : Arjun’s step mom. As per her point of view, Arjun has not accepted her as a Mother till now but she loves him like her own son. She wants a life partner for him who knows him & console him like a mother can do in his entire life. As Saanjh is nearer & known to her & there is no other lady in Arjun life, she consider that both of them are in love but unable to express with each other. There is no reason to be irritated with her as every Son’s mother will require a bride who knows her son better than herself.

    Saanjh’s parents. All Girls parents are wanting a groom for their daughter who keeps their daughter happier than them. For them, Arjun is always protecting her & always keep happy since childhood. If they wish their children become life partner, there is no problem. At last they want their daughter to be happy.

  16. Roby wolverine


    I didn’t feel bad with your comments.. i was just irritated with your view of the characters.

    to your previous comment i can go along and along disagreeing with you.. but i really don’t have time for that as you see vandana, suman, saanjh as The normal, so superb fantastical characters.. (shudder). i am really lucky that i don’t have a petty friend like saanjh nor a push over mother like vandana. Just because a son’s mom wants to marry his son off to a person who can understand him more than her (by the way first of all vandana herself has to understand Arjun) doesn’t mean she can force her son with the person she thinks perfect for him. love doesn’t work that way.. I don’t know how can you say saanjh is so understanding towards Arjun after watching previous episodes..

    i don’t think you read my previous comment clearly or you didn’t understand it i guess..


    to each.. their own thoughts.. so I am leaving at it..

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