Beyhadh 2- Episode 1

Beyhadh 2

Episode 1
Maya is dead. Arjun is guilty & he is crying. Saanjh is unable to see Arjun in pain. Arjun & Saanjh reminisces the past incidents that had happened before Arya wedding. He begins to remember that Maya had told in the press conference about what Ashwin had done to her & how he saved her. He remembers beating Ashwin black & blue.
Saanjh: Duffer, it is all my fault. I didn’t understand Maya.
Arjun still remembers the incident about getting up at the mid of his marriage. Saanjh remembers what had happened with Arjun at the restaurant.
She said, “Duffer, do you remember once you told me ILU at the hotel?”

Arjun: I don’t remember as I was drunk.
Saanjh: But I got to remember that now. I tried to stop you from drinking but you kept drinking & told me ILU. We had an intention to give a surprise to Maya but the outcome was something else.
Arjun still remembers more & said, “O shit!” Maya got to know that I drank & she punished me for that. I didn’t do right with her. I have been swinging like a pendulum. I have been selfish & self-centered which had driven my Maya insane.

Jhanvi & Suman come.
Jhanvi: Even I thought whatever Maya did was out of her mental illness. She did it deliberately. It was my mistake that I had trusted her. I had pushed her to propose to Arjun because I wanted her to settle in her personal life. I thought once she settles, I can also settle with my Ashwin. It is not only difficult to understand Maya. It is also impossible to understand her. I have always been sandwiched between husband & daughter. Arjun, you did not do anything wrong. It was a good thing that you killed her.

Arjun: Enough aunty. Whatever she did it is done. But what did I do? I could neither be a good son, nor good brother, nor a good friend nor good husband. I could not give justice to any of them. I failed as a husband. I could not show the right path to Maya. Instead of taking her to the psychiatrist I chose to run away from her. That is why things have gone bad. It was only because I ran away, Maya had resorted to drugging me & and alleging Ayaan for the false rape case. I should not have told these things to Ayaan. I have made a big mistake. I am really a Duffer.

Suman: So Vandana was right about you. She has been saying that where were you when Ashwin was torturing her? If I was in your place and if Prem had done this to us, I would have taken a stand against him. You have been a bad mother. Just because we took care of you in your paralytic state, you are taking away my Saanjh. You have pushed Maya into Arjun for the sake of your selfishness.

Jhanvi: Yes, as a mother I was selfish. But when she did wrong, have I not supported you? Now you are blaming me.
Suman: I am not blaming you for that. I am blaming your upbringing.
Jhanvi: I have trusted her but she let me down. She had anger issues & I could not control her.

Arjun: When I could control her temper as a husband why couldn’t you do that?
Jhanvi: She has been restricting me to meet Ashwin.

Arjun: That was for your good. She had also been restricting me & was giving me healthy food but I didn’t have any regard. I began to hate aaloo paratha which was a passion for me once upon a time. Now the only redemption for me is to go back to Maya. I am going to surrender myself to the law. I have become a murderer as I shot Maya, not knowing that her gun was empty. Dusky, I am sorry. I won’t be able to live with this guilt. I won’t be able to spend my life with you.
Suman: Have you gone mad to spoil your life for this bad & mad woman? If you have decided to leave my Saanjh, why did you marry her in the first place? Why are you spoiling her life? You are not being a good husband or good son even now.

Arjun: I can understand your feelings but I won’t be able to live with this guilt.
Saanjh: Duffer, I can understand how you feel but if you surrender yourself, what will happen to me?

Arjun: Nothing will happen to anyone of you. I give the entire business in your name. You can carry on with your law practice.

Suman: So, you want to make my daughter a widow? Whatever you have done to Maya, you have done but why are you doing this to Saanjh. When you decided to stay with Maya till her delivery, we have accepted it. Now you want to join Maya there.

Saanjh: You have been taking me for granted ever since you had joined Maya’s company but I have realized that you took Maya for granted. I told Maya that she does not have the capacity to love when she asked for you in exchange for the child. But the fact is you don’t have the capacity to love. You also took Maya’s love for granted. You don’t deserve any girl.
Suman: Enough, we now have to cremate Maya’s body.

The cops come.

Inspector takes both the guns and takes everybody’s fingerprints.

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