Beyhadh 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya leaves in car after meeting Samay and thinks Samay has to get engaged to Saanjh so that their weakness will become her strength. Saanjh confronts Arjun and asks him to act at least for his mother and prove that his mother did not bring up a coward. It is better he would have left her on road than taking her home to be tortured by Maya. She continues confronting him.

Arjun reaches home and sees Vadana looking at her broken hand and writhing in pain. He holds her hand emotionally and apologizes that all this happened because of him. He says he thought Maya would change, but she is going worse. Maya is different, she is good for one who is good for her and very bad for people who do bad. She is so much mad and possessive that she can do go to any extent and even kill herself. He says he will

not keep quiet this time as she harmed his mother.

Maya comes and hears their conversation. Vanddana notices her. Arjun then holds Maya and shouts how dare she is to harm his mother. Maya acts and says she did not. He says he always was on her side and even sent his brother to jail thinking she will trust his love, but she is same. Maya says again she did not hurt maa, he can check CCTV camera. Arjun says she is mad and can do anything. Maya says if he does not trust her, then it is best she goes from there. She walks to her room. Arjun tells Vandana that is it, a son breaks hands which harmed his mother. He walks into Maya’s room and says he will not spare her for harming his mother. He locks door. Maya says if he does not trust her, it is better to get punished. She starts lashing herself with belt. Vandana thinks he is lashing Maya and shouts to leave Maya, her son cannot harm any woman. Arjun tries to stop Maya, but she pushes him and continues lashing herself. Vandana climbs chair and peeps from window and sees Maya lashing herself, feels happy t hat her son did not lose his morality. She then rushes and keeps chair back and stands in her room. Maya continues her drama. Arjun falls for her lies again as usual.

Maya takes Arjun to Vandana’s room and asks her to tell truth, what was she doing in her room. Vandana reminisces Maya closing door and tying rope and repeatedly closing door on her hand. Maya shows Video to Arjun where she shows her secret CCTV room to Vandana and Vandana searching proof in her room. She says she did not even know maa was tere and closed door by mistake. She asks Vandana to speak truth. Vandana reminisces Arjun’s words that Maya can go to any extent. She tries to speak, but Arjun shouts maaa and walks out.

Maya starts her brain game again and tells Vandana that relationships are made with effort, why she wants to break their relationship, she depicts as Arjun lashing her and shows her injuries.
She continues that that she just expects love from Arjun and does not care if he tortures her, but if an outsider watches it, Arjun may even go to jail. Her brain game continue.

Precap: Maya sees Vandana again in her room and warns whoever tries to harm her, she will destroy them completely.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Arjun should just castrate himself and wear his wife’s bangles… Hope Vandana gets her proof and gets Ayaan back soon so she can escape from her namardh beta and his psycho wife and live out her days with the only son that matyers; Ayaan.

    1. I agree to what you said Kalika….things are getting unnatural gradually…how can Arjun be such a dumb and trust Maya in everything… Expecting some twist in the story sooner before it becomes a complete boredom!!

  2. Watching this serial as a neutral viewer… Not that bad actually..Guess maya did the same thing to Ashwin just to keep jhanvi all to herself…But I would.definitely miss Arya I guess there is no hope for them now.. I’ll miss the love between them…

  3. maya………………no word for comment.why director made Such a charecter by going against love principle.this is called lust not love.what to say guys? ks,the dark hunter,maya forever and other beyhad maya fan…….

    1. First i want to say…Actually set person shared arjun will beat maya. but it’s turned fake..maya beaten herself.and you are asking it’s love or lust..for me today again proved Arjun loves Maya more..He said i supported maya in rape case i became against my brother just to make maya believe that she has right on my love….then he said i loves u, we can give life and take life also.&He said to vandana what to do mom im trapped in love.and Maya also loves arjun but her love is more obsessive love.&present im waiting for season 2 end..jennifer told season 3 will start june r July…waiting for samay real identity reveal infront all..let’s story unfold..precap seems Maya will turn more grey becoz vandana caught again.let’s see

  4. arjun was blindfolded by maya tpday yet again…serial is getting irritating now

  5. Now they are degrading MAYA day by day… every episode is nullifying all the hopes of old maya to come back… nowadays all they are showing is that it was aways MAYA who torture herself and depict as if arjun has done that to her… stupid and naive arjun who cant manage his friendship with sanjh aand his love for maya, heartless mother in law vandana who never gave maya nay chance to get better, brother in law ayan who use lewd comments like hotness ki devi for maya and even that samay who can do anything to get maya , even kill someone…CVs is hellbent to potray each and every other character in this serial better than MAYA. if that was so…. if that was what was in your mind… why you potray her as a girl with abused childhood in the first place. A scared girl, running from her abusive father and spineless mother who despite of his abusive husband always tends to him first than to his daughter…I know many of the beyhadh fans are saying that how could you all still love MAYA who herself has staged her own rape case?for all of them , its not this new Maya we are showing our support and pouring our love who has staged her own rape.. we feel disgusted too about that and strongly condemn that act of her.In no universe anyone with a sound mind can defend anyone for that… but we do love and support the old MAYA who was a scared soul, who can give up her life for her mother, who loves arjun selflessly that when she came to know that her mere presence in arjun’s life can be catastrophic for him , was ready to leave him forever, who gives arjun support and ask him to unite with his mother, who make him understand the importance of relations in life… we love that MAYA…And we will love that maya forever.. Yeah CVs had destroyed her character but the old maya who is inscribed deep in our heart we will never let her die and get replaced with this new dark ,dellusional and cruel person with face of our MAYA but missing her golden heart and beautiful soul… we will love our old MAYA for ever and ever and can only hope that she will come back to her true self…

    1. Resonance1290

      Yeah where is her true self? This is not the maya the creators put so much work into creating, this is just an empty incarnation of that character. I applaud Jennifer and her acting, but her character has undergone such drastic and destructive changes I’m surprised she herself hasn’t been shocked by these developments. I see barely any greyness now, I mean hitting herself to prove a point? She distrusts Arjun totally now and her love is no longer the almost pure incarnation from season 1, they’ve destroyed the maya who could understand Arjun, who helped him mend his relations and who shared her pain with him, she only causes herself pain now to trap Arjun, its disgusting. Arjun is the only one actually in love right now and that’s what hurts the most for me, Maya had real love for him but its back staged by her fears and insecurities to such an extent I cannot even see maya anymore!

      So many people are pining for maya healing, redeeming and being selfless in love again like Season 1, the maya that we respected and loved so much. Even social sites, poll sites and articles are now saying, make maya and Arjun have peace between them and give ARYA a happy ending! If this is not their intention, I wonder how much anger they will have to receive from fans till they get the message that MAYBE, just MAYBE Maya’s character shouldn’t have been degraded in such a vulgar manner after everything they showed her to be before, and that she does deserve a second chance in the show. We can only hope that justice is done and a abused child defeats the darkness within her, that the ONLY goodvsevil We can accept, and they better make it so, else this show is no different and has no different a mentality to the worst of shows. Maya is NOT the true evil, Ashwin has always been the villain whatever incarnation he has taken, the man, the harbinger of Maya’s loneliness, the poison of her illness, the distrust and prejudice of others towards her etc. they HAVE TO SHOW HER DEFEAT HIM, and NOT die, as that gives the worst image possible. The CVS have a chance still to set things right for the show and character they’ve created until this season, they better make it happen!

  6. wow … supeerrr asusual maya won nd vandhana plzz get sum proofs which ll prove ayaan innocence asap nd leave that idiot arjun with his deary innocent wife he deserves many tortures

    1. sry forget to say maya s ly best companion fr arjun perfect heavenly match

  7. Whoever says Maya loves Arjun or that her love is pure, please reconsider that thought because this clearly ain’t love. The woman has only seen negativity all her life to be able to actually love. I definitely pity her though, because truth is she doesn’t love herself at all (very low self esteem and a lot of self-hate). It’s funny and quite pathetic how she doesn’t trust anyone and creeps on arjun like a maniac but asks him to trust/believe in him. Lol! Queen of manipulation = Maya

  8. I am loosing hopes from this serial day by day. It had gone to that same never ending dramas. Maya is getting worse with each passing serial. Earlier I thought all this would be temporary but the makers have nothing better to show us. Ok baba thik h. Maya is clever Arjun is coward. Sanjh is mature now what? Story remains on the same track since so many weeks. Got bored now. For every upcoming show I think now I have some positive news from beyadh. But the same thing happens since weeks. Lost complete interest…

  9. Shrilatha

    Hai guys for the first I am commenting…I think arya is over…the way they r degrading Maya’s character I THINK…they want to do it to unite sanjh and arjun…well about Jenny.I loved her since saraswatichandra…I had many expectations regarding this show…initially her illness won hearts but now it’s making everyone hate her…she is going to end up alone…I feel that Arjun will rescue ayan and then know about samay and to rescue sanjh he will end up with her…this is where I think they r leading it…no sorry if I hurt Maya is wrong that she is going in a wrong way…

    1. AMkideewani

      I completly agree with you Shri


      Regrettably I too feel this way at least for the end of this season. Hopefully it changes phase 3 else me and a LOT of people are outta here!

  10. As someone rightly said.. thriller is made wen there’s suspense in ipt… And suspense should be in the end.. like how Kajol turnered out to be the murderer in the end in the movie Gupt… But here CVS has already conveyed to is that Maya’s is villan… Now wats the suspense n wats the thriller.. it’s just getting monotonous and bizzare now to watch Maya and her misdeeds… N I’m sure that’s all there can be in store for us in future too… A good story has a warm start and rough patch in between and finally a happy ending against all odds.. it should definitely have ups n downs like a roller coaster ride but finally rech a smooth ending point… This could’ve been only possible if they’d have maintained mayas character grey and she doing all her manipulations n control over Arjun.. n finally getting cured n treated n happily ever after kinds… now can we expect this from such a track?

    1. Angelk1

      A good thriller never have a hAppy ending. What would be a really good ending is a police chase. Maya car falls of a cliff and everyone thought she died. Arjun is living happily until he gets an unknown call. And thN he sees a letter written in blood on his car which says ” until do us apart” and arjun eyes widen in shock. The end

      1. N u my friend.. should be taking the seat of our current cvs.. seriously nice plot….!!!

      2. Actually its “ek hasinathi” serial end..i don’t think so they will show like this same.because beyhadh serial based on love.Ek hasinati serial shourya fully villain.but Maya character is not fully villain not fully good…let’s see

  11. Am I the only one who feels that male charaters in this show are utterly wasted? I thought samays introduction would be a turning point to this serial, but he came by as a phoos pataaka… Even Arjun, Maya’s whole obsession revolves around him so how dynamic should his persona actually be. there should’ve been something about him that drives Maya so crazy.. after all shes a high profile person n seen the world yet chose Arjun.. but y?… Poor CVS have treated him more like a underdog than Maya in this serial… In that case I feel ayan had a role with more substance and more defined character..

    1. Btw.. I wish to comment on Jennifer wignet.. my god such a beautiful.face.. even wen she was speaking to VM in the end n scaring vm about Arjun going to jail for domestic violence, her face was so angelic and innocent. no wonder no one gets to know wat lies beneath… Apart from that amazing acting.. I think she can put even Bollywood actresses to shame…. Simply amazing….

  12. u r right sannia. jeni’s wow acting made the beyhaadh.even everyone is doing a fantastic job.their acting made beyhadh perfect like saajun friendship,arya love-hate-obsess relationship and happy familly drama and above all maya’s beyhadh torture on herself and arjun.

  13. I think maya will confesse her crime herself because no one can find proof against her .when arujun will die maya will confess everything because till arjun alive maya will do crime to gain arjun and if arjun die she will become full pcycos and can confess everything she did.


      Yes I’m wanting Arjun to die soon, that will be the thing to snap maya out of her madness or what snaps her completely. (I srsly hope the former). I want maya to heal and have another chance at redemption, she was selfless and selfish in love in season 1, and we want that maya back, the one who manipulated but also understood Arjun, the one who was insecure but ACTUALLY LOVED HIM, wasn’t just obsessive. It will make her break the 7th vow and hopefully start her off on the right track or at least her Khadoos self from beginning of show, only that when Arjun returns to her does she lose her possessiveness and obsession as her love triumphs over them through being emotionally overwhelmed and happy seeing him return, defeating ashwin’s darkness within her and coming to the realisation that limitless love did this to him, and so to be happy she will have to control her love and they then live happy,thus fulfilling the tag line, making Arya together and a majority of fans satisfied with the CVs treatment of a tortured abused child being happy in the end, now THAT would be different and beautiful!

  14. Maya is just like her father I guess… mad and manipulative.
    Different show from the regular SaaS bahu ones but now it needs to bring some changes as its becoming predictable. Maya winning every time.


      True! Everyone even maya lovers want her to lose now! It helps both maya haters and lovers. Maya haters see the show moving forward and maya being exposed, and maya lovers see a chance for her to come to realisation of her wrongs and hopefully start back on the path towards that character we were given in season 1 that made a majority love this show! I’m shocked at how the CVs aren’t realising the majority love maya because of season 1 and that this current character is a large disappointment for so many! I don’t need to go into why as I’ve done it already in later post, but worse than that if it is a fixed script that actually disgusts me more, that the CVs before even starting the show wanted to make a character such that we love her, and create love scenes genuine and making us want Maya’s happiness, only to then go on with this?? I mean what kind of 3rd rate plan is this? They better be willing to accept changes at least to maya and Arya’s outcome if the ending s less than satisfactory.

      If the fans expect it, fulfil it.
      If the fans predict it, surprise them!

      Wise words from the maker of Bahubali 2!

      The fans mostly expect Arya and a good ending for Maya, the CVS better fulfil it, else they are a very bad group of individuals I would not want to meet in life ever for making such a tortured character who had so much goodness in her meet such a fate.

      People say shows are nothing about morality and happy endings, but I strongly disagree. Indian shows are always centred around them. Making it “different” by removing this morality will be VERY wrong, as they never have shown a character with such goodness and badness both, they have to show them balanced in the end or tilted towards positivity, its the only way justice can be done to such a character.

      I’m boycotting the show for now as well, lets see how many views have to reduce and ratings fall before TRP hungry CVs finally get the message and decide to return greyness and consistency to their character which they’ve spectacularly screwed with the past few weeks, both on-screen and for the audience themselves at large. This better be only a phase, and phase 3 maya returns to season 1 maya personality that will be a loop around but the best they can do for her after this Rubbish character-wrecking mess of a track.

      Maya always ???

  15. Ayesha22

    well i think i should take a break and return after the CVs are done with making maya the ultimate villain.i will return once this stupid,rubbish and bullshit track comes to an end but still I LOVE YOU MAYA NO MATTER HOW EVIL THEY TURN YOU INTO WILL ALWAYS KEEP LOVING YOU.

    1. The Dark Hunter

      No matter how much I try I can’t get the image of season 1 maya out of my head, her tears her vulnerability her fears and her heartbreaking dialogues. I can’t keep the thoughts of her and Arjun post-marriage or in Mauritius out of my head. I mean Seriously what even was the point of creating maya in this way only to do this? She was grey even before, why destroy all that made her who she was season 1? I bet they’re going to totally ruin the show by exposing soon that EVERY good deed maya did was just a manipulation and that even her childhood was just one big lie, which will be the most inconsistent unpalatable load of BS I have ever seen. They had no right to create such happy moments and feeling of empathy from us for an abused child only to perpetuate the stereotype that she becomes the abuser, that she loses all the qualities that made us love her and creates a character we have to hate, it’s despicable and it vehemently makes all prior beautiful moments vile and bitter tasting, the CVs have long past any point of respect from me now. iF, twitter, tellybuzz and other social sites are also in anger about this and many are leaving this show its unfortunate as Jenny does such a good job and yet still the way they’ve created maya now a lot of people hate the show for it, finding it boring and a diseased incarnation of what they loved before. I wonder what Jenny has to say about this, did she know her character would go this low, did she know when giving that interview that MAYA is NOT bad and she would love to be like her, did she know maya would become this? I’m surprised the way things are going she herself hasn’t said something to us at least concerning her direction, nor her surprise at how bad maya is being shown.

      I’m just really upset as the character I empathised and loved has now gone so far, there was genuine love for Arjun throughout season 1, whereas now there is only obsession. WHY couldn’t they have shown this obsession clear from the day Arya came together, why show SO much ACTUAL love scenes and real moments of Maya’s selflessness, the CVS have made a big mistake going down this path as it completely undermines a lot that came before, and makes every prior episode painful to watch.

      Unless they show a turnaround for maya soon, I’m taking a LONG break from this serial, hopefully long enough that I somehow forget everything that happened this season and when I go back to season 1 I feel happy again and I see the maya that we all loved. Being a child abuse victim I really bonded with maya emotionally, and I can’t bear to see her fall till she can fall no more, she always deserved a second chance, but never got it, the CVs better make it happen!

      If not i will not be the only one, loads of people will hate the CVs and their pathetic writing and will leave I’m sure. Their writing was so good in season 1 as it flowed but also showed Maya’s character and all its shades. It showed us maya as she should be. I will make sure to heavily criticise the CVS I’f they plan to make a bad ending for maya, 1 on their insensitivity towards child abuse and the mentally ill, but also a word of advice: DON’T CREATE A CHARACTER WE LOVE AND EMPATHISE WITH, DON’T SHOW THEIR GOODNESS AND MAKE US HOPEFUL FOR HER HAPPINESS ONLY TO MAKE HER THE WORST VILLIAN, that is WRONG!

      Rant over lol

      Anyway thanks for your comment @ayesha
      @ks if set person is lying, I wonder how many more lies they are going to tell, hopefully they shed some light on maya soon, literally they better bring light back into her character else she will become negative and against the grey image they have maintained so well till recently.

      Love maya always ❤?❤?❤?

  16. i think der is something lies behind maya behaviour bcz wat she said samy that she wana give arjun one more chanc chanc for what?what he had done wrong vch she knows n arjun dosent knows about it…i think for evry reaction der is some action n yes let me say maya can never be villian i trust her der is something big behind d scenes vch v cant c so hope for d best so have trust in maya n enjoy whatevr she is doing love u maya always n forever

    1. Thanx Riya.. for giving us some hope… How I wish it was true wat ever ur saying…

      1. it is just hope bcz as far as i saw d show she nevr harm any1 widout d reasn and i think so bcz do u remember whn she was pregnant n arjun became d boss he started flirting n wat shit arjun n sanj did at holi n arjun started to take maya for granted so d reasn she mi8 turn like this it is just an prediction let bcz she always says i her dialogue dont come between me n arjun he is mine n mi8 b arjun hav broke her sum trust so she is doing al this so he realis his mistak n become lik befor i hope whAtevr i said cum true so v wont regret for maya behaviour whatsay


      Yes! The entire season 1 they showed EVERY manipulation and bad deed of maya was directly in response to a bad thing someone had done to her or Arya! Even Jenny said so, if you are bad to maya she will be bad to you! Why doesn’t she trust Arjun even after he made her his Bhagwan at the end of season 1? It’s clear he has also done things, Dhokas that maya has mentioned! Plus its true every time the mathurs or Sharmas involve themselves and their prejudices into Arjun’s life Arya was ALWAYS in danger from the start whether pre/post-marriage! Maya therefore has always manipulated to protect her marriage! Though now she is just selfishly lying through her teeth even knowing she is completely in the wrong! Maya did it to VM as payback for all the abuse 3 years before, the water, the garbage, the neglect and now her spying and snooping on maya, she delivers punishment in kind, but to the length she went was inhuman and I hated that the CVS are making her this way. I need her to lose soon, and I need her to come to a realisation and turn around, else the CVs have constructed the most heartbreakingly disgusting story ever, showing a mentally ill abused child going through hell only to receive little true happiness but then being destroyed by her own insecurities and illness. They HAVE to show her HEAL!

      1. I don’t think you realize how stupid you sound.
        What’s the ‘all the bad things Maya did in Season 1 was as a retaliation to the bad things done to her?’
        When she kept Saanjh waiting for 5 hours,
        When she broke the glass in her hand when she saw them dancing.
        When she tried to cause her accident when they went to that mountaintop.
        When she tried to stop them from hanging out by giving his team members promotion.
        What’s your excuse for her pagal behaviour then?
        She has always been evil. Just because you’re seeing it now does not mean she was not evil in the 1st season.
        Like I said earlier, don’t be stupid.


        I actually agree with you thanks for your post 🙂
        Yes I did forget those, but those were of her obsessive jealousy towards saanjh more than anything, she saw her as a rival and so did those things I don’t deny! Plus her love for Arjun was such that if she didn’t receive it she would kill herself but she did take it more extremely than needed I admit!
        After that however she started to show softer genuine caring behaviour to him, gifts aside but even that was to prove that Ajun won’t love her for her money and only for her, which was reasonable.after that she did many selfless things that I don’t need to list I hope, and then post-Arya the only bad thing she did primarily was the emails to saanjh, that too primarily to remove Ashwin from her life and make Arjun trust her more, saanjh-Arjun fighting was a bonus not the true intention. Then yes Maya tried to hit VM and Saanjh but that was her extreme way of retaliating to those who were trying to break Arya like always, but Arjun was her hadh so he stopped her.
        Her insecurities with him and women made her go to the bar, even I wouldn’t like my to-be husband dancing with other girls she is just way more insecure and we know why. Post-marriage she was genuinely being good and did no wrong (jennifer confirmed) until VM pushed her to breaking point, even then it was VM and her insults that made Arjun sever ties maya did nothing then, only the injuring of the hand later. Soon after Arjun started showing adverse behaviour which would make anyone jealous or insecure and maya is the extreme of that and we saw what happened after, but she played little part in it and actually didn’t want to separate saanjh, even hurting herself to save saanjh as she till then wanted saanjh as a friend, plus Ayan was collateral damage that she didn’t want to do either she just gave back what VM did to her but Ayan was caught in crossfire.

        You are correct I missed a fair few things but owing to her personality she has stronger emotions whatever they may be than normal people, but that can’t be called evil off the fly its injustice to her character and what it’s meant to represent. Plus if you have been given security and care the first time in your life after a life of pain I think you wouldn’t want that thing to ever leave you or belong to anyone else, its possessiveness of human nature just heightened through her pain and past.

        Anyway thanks for your opinion a little less personal commenting would be much appreciated 🙂

        Love maya ❤❤❤???


    Apparently according to Tellybuzz VM is set to die! WTF!
    While I feel relieved that her character will not be there to continue insulting and hurting maya at every stage like b4, otherwise I wish for no-one’s death aside Ashwin he was a rakshas! However most of all If this weird turn of events happen they BETTER NOT make MAYA the killer! Where is the suspense, the thrill and most importantly the chance of Maya’s redemption if they show maya to be the murderer? On-set IVs and evidences made maya a main culprit, what thrill would there be for them to hide it so long only to show the one originally most speculated is the murderer? It would make no sense and it would only make maya completely negative and destructive, which would be the biggest insult to her season 1 character that we loved. The CVs if its true about a fixed script better not make this the case, Why would jennifer even suggest MAYA is not bad if Jennifer knew the murders and pushing Jhanvi was her characters’ actions?? It would make NO sense?

    Lets wait and watch.

  18. Prads

    Everyone is hating Arjun now onwards and assuming that Arjun has done something because of Maya is behaving like this. But, my understanding to this fact particularly about Arjun is something different. I know lots of people will not agree with me but since everyone is putting their own thinking, I thought once again I will put my comments on this issue & lets see how the comment boxes will be fill up with lots of different opinions.

    In my view, Arjun started loving Maya after hearing her story about “Abusing (as you people is mentioning everywhere) or Torturing (As I believe that Parents punishment is always considered by the children as Torture unless they will not become parents in their life) in her childhood by her own father and that is why Arjun was always hating Ashwin. However, we all know that she has not revealed her full story about her illness. Secondly, Jhanvi was always insisting Maya to reveal her full story but I am surprised why Jhanvi herself not told to Arjun about Maya’s past story.

    I believe that if Maya or Jhanvi would told Arjun about the correct story of Maya’s past, then if Arjun still loves Maya then he will try to console Maya or to give proper treatment by consulting any Psychologist and giving more attention / love to Maya in entire life. But, what happen, Arjun believed Maya’s story, thought that she needs family love but since Ashwin has mentioned “Mad Maya” to Vandana, she has not considered Maya as her DIL and all the dramas begin (some part from Vandana and some part from Maya herself) and because of frustration, Arjun separated from his family with utmost anger.

    During the 3 years of their married life, he may be experienced with Maya’s actual character of madness and because of his Guilty towards his family and Maya false story, HE started hating himself and started fighting or ignorance towards Maya. However, Maya was always trying to suicide because of his ignorance, he have no other option but to bear her love at any cost (because of the Public figure he has maintained after the marriage).

    1. Hi Prads, you’ve given a very accurate description of the story so far. I totally agree with you. Maya’s past has not been revealed yet; we just know bits and pieces. I also don’t think Arjun has done anything major bad to cause Maya to behave like this. We didn’t see her be this way earlier because she wasn’t in love with anybody and was alone mostly (mother is exception). I just hope that soon they show the actual full story of her past so everyone can get clarity on who to blame for her behavior.

  19. All i know that whn this show will end Maya will be locked in mental assylum and Arjun Saanj will get married.
    The End

    The director is jst dragging n dragging the show as well as showing how stupid other characters are.

  20. Priya Sharma

    First i want to say…Actually set person shared arjun will beat maya. but it’s turned fake..maya beaten herself.and you are asking it’s love or lust..for me today again proved Arjun loves Maya more..He said i supported maya in rape case i became against my brother just to make maya believe that she has right on my love….then he said i loves u, we can give life and take life also.&He said to vandana what to do mom im trapped in love.and Maya also loves arjun but her love is more obsessive love.&present im waiting for season 2 end..jennifer told season 3 will start june r July…waiting for samay real identity reveal infront all..let’s story unfold..precap seems Maya will turn more grey becoz vandana caught again.let’s see

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