Beyhadh 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 1st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun applies haldi to Maya. Ang lagade re…song..plays in the background. They both get romantic. Maya rubs her cheeks to Arjun’s cheeks and applies mehandi. Arjun then tells he will not leave her hands easily. She asks till when. He says till he is alive. She asks to give his fourth promise that he will hold her hand until they are alive. Arjun holds her hand and says they both will not separate, nothing can separate them, it is his promise. Mangalam Bhagawaan Vishnu….plays in the background.

Ashwin calls Jahnvi and says he cannot wait long for money. Jahnvi says he has only time with him and nothing else, if he tries to come near her and Maya, she will call police, then he will be behind bars forever. Ashwin smirks that his wife is challenging him, he has to do something now.


asks Ayan to call Arjun and find out when he is coming. Ayan says bhai will be back. Arjun returns and says he cannot see Maya suffering because of her father, he will kill Ashwin. Vandana asks him to relax. Ayan says same and says he is there to tackle their enemies. Vandana asks Ayan to check if Suman is bring mehandi designer. Vandana says yes Saanjh is sending mehandi designer. Arjun says his dusky is egoistic, but he is more egoistic and will convince her soon.

At Saanjh’s home, Shubhh fumes that Arjun is at mistake always. Saanjh hits his head and asks to concentrate on his studies. She gets a call and rejects it, then picks it and says she will meet for only 5 minutes and walks out. She meets Ashwin outside apartment building and asks why did he come here. He says says Maya is mad and she should Arjun from him, she will trap Arjun in problem. Saanjh says again she does not want to talk. Ashwin says he knows she loves Arjun and can get Arjun to her. Saanjh stops. Arjun comes and holds Aswhin’s collar and starts beating him, shouting he troubled Maya, he will kill him now. Saanjh rescues Ashwin and asks Arjun to let him go. Ashwin shouts he is doing a mistake and runs from there. Arjun shouts at Saanjh again she started her detective brain to prove Maya wrong. Saanjh says she got a call from Ashwin to meet him. Arjun shouts lie again, he is fed up of her lies and leaves. Vandana watches from her balcony.

Jahnvi hires security and orders not to let Ashwin around the building and not let anyone in without invitation card. Mehandi designers apply mehandi on Maya’s hands. Maya hears Jahnvi ordering guards. Mehandi designer tells she has inscribed Arjun’s name in her hand. Maya smiles.

Saanjh applies mehandi on her hand with a heart design and A initial and gets emotional. She thinks once written with mehandi cannot be erased, it will be abshagun. What did duffer do to her. Maya tells Jahnvi that nobody can erase Arjun’s name from her hand and smiles. A man enters liming. Jahnvi thinks he his Ashwin and checks his face, relaxes seeing someone else. She reminisces Ashwin’s warning that he needs 50% share, else he will reveal Maya’s secret. Ashwin from his apartment building says a security guard cannot stop a father’s love reaching his daughter. He fixes silencer to a gun and points at Maya, thinks he will not let this marriage happens.

Precap: Ashiwin shoots Arjun murmuring Arjun is Maya’s heart. Vandana shouts seeing Arjun falling down. Jahnvi looks at Aswhin.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Oooooooo god so much to say

    arjun and maya s*xy couple,hot romantic jory hatss off scene was toooo romantic.

    saanjh why is she doing all this rasams first she applied haldi secondly mehendi with letter A , man either she is mad for arjun or she has already jioned hands with ashwin and she is sure thatshe will get arjun at any cost.

    Dont know what will happen in the next episode eager to know……arjun will live or ashwin will die


    Many probabilities….
    But i only want maya and arjun to be together and romance like this alwaya and saanjh ashwin vandana and all other out off their life

    1. what will happen next sanjh will become like maya. instead OF getting truth out of maya . why is becoming a psychopath like maya being crazy about arjun who doesn’t love her.

  2. Shalinisenthil

    Wow romantic episode…love arya …next mehandi function…. What ashwin will do waiting eagerly…in marriage day they showing ashwin will die if he dies many confusion happen ….but i hope marriage will be done ashwin dead should not spoil the marriage ….

  3. What is this precap?? Is it true!! Ashwin really shoots Arjun ?? saanjh marr jayegi aur Maya pagal ho jayegi
    Not watching beyhadh for 2 days now it’s getting repetitive..all saanjh and Ashwin they’re trying to show saanjh as mad in love but it’s failing miserably Aneri is a good actress but she is no match for Jennifer! Saanjh cannot act with her eyes..her eyes are emotionless no intensity..this going mad behaviour doesn’t suit her! Only Maya can act with her eyes love you Maya

    1. I agree it is being repetetive and now its not getting that highs and twists but yes definitely we can say that upcoming episodes might be good.
      Secondly Jennifer is in acting since the age of 12 and she has such a look that can fit outclass any act.
      What I feel here that some more characters should have been there for both the sides as it is like only 4 people in a family and no relatives of Arjun and Maya although Saanjh has a lot of relatives bua and all.
      This Sannjh has finally become a little strong.
      And the intensity of love shown here is not getting that high , although it is only obsessive from both side i.e. from Maya and Saanjh both.
      Since this is a finite episode show so it is more unpredictable as everything would have been planned till end.
      What I personally want is the Jodi of Jennifer and Gautam back . They had shown what atrue love is and what it can be.

      1. Ashwin is going to die soon so they’re giving him as much screen time as possible? Ashwin’s dialogues are also repetitive they’re all the same and end with maya baby? I think saanjh will undergo some character transformation

    2. Analysis of Today’s Episode
      1. Saanjh has grown a bit strong.
      2.Awesome romantic performance by Jennifer and Arjun .
      3. Jhanvi is trying her best for the wedding but in order to do good she will land Maya in trouble.
      4.Saanjh unncessarily believing Ashwin , she could have denied him many times but she went.
      Precap is suspicious but what I feel that bullet will hit Maya and in medical reports will reveal her past

  4. awesome episode

  5. Saanjh will kill Ashwin. She is the obsessive lover and vamp in the show.

    1. Angelk1

      We will see in tomorrow eps.

  6. Yes stefan u r correct but what will happen next ??????????
    I have obserbed much change in aneris behavior she is getting little greyish will will be more sooon

    1. I just hope Maya doesn’t get hit..really worried about that..but no matter what happens and who gets hit this marriage should happen! I read somewhere that Maya and Arjun will take saat pheras around Ashwin’s burning body

    2. Hey guys I saw upcoming track tattoo sangeet maya mehndi spoiled Na with Arjun name,so Maya wrote Arjun name tattoo,after Maya wrote her name tattoo on Arjun chest ,after romance scene ??’s looks like scary romance scenes like’ twilight saga movie ‘hero good vampire (maya),human heroin(arjun).

  7. suthirth arjun

    saanj’s character is bit of a sacrifice.i feel saanjh and arjun shold get along.and maya’s character is obsessiveness which should not win at any cost.opinions differ

  8. wow wat a spectacular performance by maya & arjun loved so much precap is scary saach mein ashwin shoot arjun or is it a dream sequence wat happnd 2 saanjh is she behaving weird waiting 4 2mmorrow epi ab kaya twist yeh

  9. Wow awesome ArYa scenes..??..superb…and pagal saanjh,why you are doing all rasam with Arjun&maya ,if my Maya see’s on ur hand”A” letter,she will felt insecure again.that’s why my Maya don’t like this both saanjh and ashwin.both are trying to spoil my Maya happy life with their hidden doings with double face.,&i thought ashwin murder is drama but kushal posted with him Rajesh kattar(ashwin) farewell pic.ashwin character ended very soon.i will miss his scenes with maya.great natural actor.and waiting for next episode ? eagerly ?

  10. Angelk1

    Honestly if saanj does that how will it harm arya. It wouldnt. She lost. So let her be. Arjun of course misunderstood the situation an of course verbally attacks saanj without thinking. The writers have not even given saanj closer after her heart break.

    Before they were going that path, but i feel like they changed it a little trying to make saanj seem crazy. But anyway, once again people false accusation of saaanj joining with ashwin is wrong. Now that ashwin shot arjun , it could be possible maya finds out an go crazy an she ends up killing him . then she has a break down, an arjun ressures her and they got married near ashwin dead body.

    Possible, i would agree with onething. Saanj isnt capable of acting like a mad girl, she has a small chance on being a villian. Maya on the other hand chances are very high. She wouldnt be the usual villian more of a possessive lover. On the other hand, saanj main reason to turn negative would be her heart break. Which i dont think will happen.

    But lets see what writers would do to satisfy arya.

  11. Angelk1

    This is my thought. After arjun accuse her once more saanj went in her room an sadly wrote A on her hand. Emotionally she knows her love for arjun is making her weak. Thats why she said what did arjun done to her. Just like maya saanj has gone to deep in love. It has made her look like a pathetic girl.

    But i think tomorrow arjun getting shot will maybe get her back to her sense. Which will recandle their friendship. If maya did kill ashwin arjun wont care. He will see it as her taking justice for him an will marry her without thinking.

  12. I think dat saanjh wil end up mryng arjun nd i have sum solid reasons fr blvng so
    Firstly saanjh dng all d rituals of a bride nd evn writing Arjun’s name initial(A) on her hand
    Secndly maya nd arjun met aftr haldi inspite of vandana warng dem not to nd den arjun applyng haldi to maya(bride)wch was again comsidered as abshagun by maya nd may b derz stil more reasons to cum til d wedding day
    May b saanjh wil knw mayaz truth through ashwin nd in order to save him frm maya she wil marry arjun dhoke se nd den arjun wil hate sanjh nd held her responsible for making his maya away frm him nd den later on sanjh makes him realise him of mayaz past or mayaz truth…nd gradually he fells in luv wid her…nd den mayaz revenge wid sanjh nd arjun..i strongly feel ke story yehi hone wali hai…

    1. I dont think so coz saanjh doesnt chit him but they way saanjh is doing ,she ll end up something tragedy

  13. Really beyhadh is becoming boring. Now its loosing the track. Samething they are showing agn n agn dont know wen maya truth wil come out, agn we hv to wait if arjun got hurt then all drama wil start agn and we hv to wait till he recovers..We want thriller entertainment that’s it..

    1. Angelk1

      Even i agree. They’ve been dragging this truth thing for a while an the whole wedding. Just get to it, we all know they will get married. The writers are starting to loose track of the theme. Im not surprise, because writers tend to do that. But shivani you should watch ghulam an dil se dil the track is interesting as well. And its good.

      1. Thanks for the update Angelk. With my busy schedule I was watching only beyhadh and now that too became beyhadh boring?

  14. I thinl maya is the psycho….the show story is same like movie gupt by bobby kajol manisha…..

  15. Beyhadh is not at all boring it is getting interisting day by day
    the really boring serials sasural simar da and suhani all that crab

    I dnt know why i fell saanjh will end up dieing saving arjun somehow

  16. Ayesha22

    Arjun is a big idiot always shouting without listening to others and saanjh is losing sense with days passing.just want to know maya’s truth as soon as possible.

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