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Beyhadh 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun stays back with Maya on her insistence. She asks to start pestering her as he said. He says no and starts chatting. He says he gives a best massage, but he has to touch her for that. She agrees. He massages her neck and shoulder and says Dusky/Saanjh loves it. Maya gets jealous and asks to stop. He sits and while chatting falls asleep on sofa itself. Maya starts staring his face. Saanjh gets worried that Arjun did not call her yet and calls Arjun’s number. Maya sees Saanjh number on Arjun’s phone and angrily stamps phone with her sandal and it breaks down. Saanjh gets worried more worried. Arjun wakes up and sees Maya staring at her. Maya shies and changes her direction. He sees his mobile broken and panics. In the morning, doc checks Jahnvi and tells Maya that

her mother is stable now and she can finish discharge formalities. Arjun asks doc that he fixes patients, if he can fix his mobile.

Saanjh wakes up in the morning and comes out calling Suman. She sees lots of food on dining table. She picks pastry. Prem brings vada pav and says it is hot. Saanjh walks back. Prem asks if she is so angry with her papa. She says if he prepared all this for her. He says obviously. She asks if he is making her scapegoat. He says if she agrees without any drama. Suman comes and says Prem fought with her, but prepared breakfast for his daughter. Saanjh asks not to get jealous. Prem asks Saanjh to wake up her kumbukaran brother. Saanjh remembers Arjun and says his phone is off, so she has to go and wake him up, asks to pack vada pav as she needs to feed Arjun.

Maya takes Jahnvi home. Jahnvi asks for water. Maya dros water glass and picks glass strands. Jahnvi says she will get hurt. Maya says she is already hurt and pierces glass strand in her hand, shows her many injuries. Jahnvi says enough, don’t remember the past. Maya asks then why she is meeting her past, she is just her mother now and not anyone’s wife or daughter, piercing glass strand in Jahnvi’s hand. Jahnvi nods yes. Maya leaves. Jahnvi removes glass strand from her hand.

Maya goes to office and secretary informs her that Arjun took a leave today. At Arjun’s home, Vandana scolds Ayan for brushing teeth in hall and not in bathroom and says already she is tensed regarding a problem in his brother’s life. Door bell rings, Vandana opens door and is shocked to see Maya in front of her.

Precap: Saanjh serves vada pav to Arjun. Vandana says Saanjh brings Arjun’s favorite vada pav at least once in a week. Saanjh says Arjun likes chilli also. Maya eats whole chillies and Maya sees in a shock. Maya says Arjun he can stay with family for 2 days, after that he is hers.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shalini Senthil

    Jenny is a awesome actoress … Her expression her movement her body language all complete into that maya charator…i seen many of jenny serials which she worked before in all that serials she really done very good and very natural acting… She is a one of most talented actoress in indian television …whatever role she had positive negative she totally changed herself like that…love u jenny …waiting for 6th dec episode when maya is going to express her feelings to arjun wanna see her romantic portion and her purposing expression her acting and all ..jenny is my favourite..i love arjun and saanjh too …

    1. Before I didn’t saw Jennifer serials..actually I didn’t like it..after started watching beyhadh serial.. i love Maya attitude and her character.I’m watching this serial only for Maya.. ? ? and its true jenny acting awesome naturally ?

  2. cant guess the story but if arjun and shanj get paired many hearts get broken including me itslef

    1. Shalini Senthil

      Im agree with u ziya …U r correct if saanjh and arjun get pair many viewers heart will broke in that mine also include

  3. Angelk1

    I’m confuse, jhanvi has a peice of glass on her hand? Whats that about or is it typed wrong. Also thats selfish of maya, why cant arjun stay with his family and she could still have him. Makes no sense, and I’m glad saanj character didnt get upset the whole eps with the whole arjun and maya in the hospital. Good she didnt let it affect her to much. Stay strong arjun family for the storm thats about to happen.

    1. Angelk1..jhanvi deserves Maya anger(she placed glass in her hand)..y because Maya faced more tortures from his father nearly 6years..still knowing Ashwin truth again trusting him blindly..even she is going to die without think about Maya (Ashwin feeds sweets if she loves him she have to eat)..Maya is protecting her mother from Ashwin.she don’t want to lose her.but jhanvi is going back again for Maya gets angry for this.

  4. I agree with u shalini, its really difficult to perform tht way!!! N its jst nt negative here!!! She is a psychopath,,, n expressing tht fluctuations in mind!!!! Uff mind blowing!

  5. Now the show is getting interesting. Maya’s psycho personality is coming on surface

  6. stupid sanjh

  7. Wow very nice episode…today confirmed Maya is not psycho..she bears alot in childhood..she showed her injury marks to her mother..don’t know why jhanvi hurts Maya to trust evil Ashwin again and again..Maya childhood torture turns her like that.Maya said to Arjun if we talk with more people will get enemies so i stayed that’s why Maya don’t like to interact with people.and in precap Arjun family talked more about Saanjh..Maya gets more angry to listen this so after this Maya will avoid Arjun family too.interesting waiting for next u Maya ?

  8. Maya’s character is so well written and Jenny nails it. The makers shouldn’t compromise on the content for TRPs. I don’t want a cliched ending like Maya getting killed and Arjun and saanjh living together happily. Something unexpected to wait for. This Romantic psychological thriller is the best from Indian television since the turn of decade. Don’t spoil it please.

    1. Shalini Senthil

      I agree with u ankit…if writer makes saanjh arjun pair its spoil the show

    2. Ya right ankit varma..they said different story.if Arjun Saanjh happened it will turns all serials like same.I too want different story.I hope cvs will not spoil it.

  9. Shalini Senthil

    I hope this serial will end with arya …i hope maya physco personality changed arjun understand her problem and short out all problems in her life… And she became live normal life like all girls do ….if this is not happen also no prob but saanjh and arjun pair will not be end i hope so…saanjh and arjun looks good toghther as a frds only ..not as a lover or life partner..

  10. right now they are making maya character look like a stalker..wierd. i like her and hope she is the lead.,

  11. Mounika

    Maya is a perfect obsessed lover i love her character & yesterday’s episode was another fab whole episode was awesome. Mostly when arjun gets saanjh call the way she broken his phone & silently the way she came back to sit beside arjun she was so cute. Keep going guys & i want to see more obsession of maya soon. In this serial hero & heroine both only maya not arjun & not even saanjh.

  12. Mounika

    The bg music plays between maya & arjun is so nice perfect. ???

  13. Arjun saanj friendship is almost like a guy treating his kid sister it’s difficult to imagine a romance but the way arjun hugs Maya is like a man hugging someone he cares for he doesn’t hug dusky that way

  14. Yes now maya doesnt want arjun to stay with his family also what a phsychopath she is….i know maya is hurt and she has a dark past and she beard a lotz from her father…so firstly she needs to attend cauncelling…jenni doing fabulous as maya..kushal and sanjh also doing good job….anyways im sure arjun wont leave sanjh at any cost…

  15. I Love maya what she is dong now.

  16. I lyk maya’s acting. But i donno y i hav a soft corner for Saanjh. Hope Arjun dont hurt her. U know wat i think. Maya’s-Arjun’s chemistry shd go on but at the end Saanjh’s true luv shd win bcoz maya is kind of obsessed.

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