Beyhadh 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Maya Keeps Karvachauth Fast For Arjun

Beyhadh 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun warns Maya if she is not pregnant, he will not spare her. Maya says he killed her long ago when he betrayed her love, now he has given her life and god understands her well, so he is helping her reach her destiny. Saanjh searches Maya and thinks where Arjun must have taken her. Doctor returns and congratulates Arjun that his wife is pregnant. Arjun says this wife is not his wife and can never be. Maya checks report and smiles.

Saanjh panics at home and tells Jahnvi and Suman that they know Arjun’s anger, where he must have taken Maya. Arjun returns with Maya. Maya smiles at Saanjhh and says she need not worry as she is fine and carrying Saanjh’s child. Saanjh gets very happy hearing that and asks Arjun if he fed Maya or not and says she will get juice for Maya. Maya stops Saanjh and says she will have food only after breaking her karvachauth fast, says a paper cannot break relationship and she still believes in her and Arjun’s relationhip. Saanjh and others are shocked Arjun holds Maya angrily says he will never break her fast and will not accept her even in 7 lives, even if she dies he will not look at her. He walks away storming. Saanjh looks at Maya and walks behind Arjun. Maya thinks Arjun may show many color, his color matches hers and she knows how much he cares for her.

Saanjh walks behind Arjun. Arjun asks if she wants him to break May’s fast. She says no, he should explain Maya not to fast as it is bad for her kid’s health. Arjun says he is going to office now and he will break only her fast after returning, not Maya. Suman tells Saanjh that she has gone blind in child’s love that she cannot see Maya will use child to get reach goal Arjun.

Maya looking at her dress thinks Arjun can gift her this dress but not express his love. Saanjh enters and requests her to break her fast as it is not for her. Maya asks if it is for her then. Saanjh says Arjun is her husband. Maya says Arjun is her love. Saanjh asks to think about child. Maya asks her to think instead and convince Arjun to break her fast, else she can see how long till game will go.

Precap: Ladies ask Saanjh and Maya their husband’s name. They both say Arjun. Saanjh wait to sight moon and break fast. Maya thinks Arjun will break her fast and not Saanjh’s.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. That was very bad….Sanjh character become very idiotic…And Maya,how a such murderer become like this…And the family permited her in thr is this possible…One who murdered his mother now becom surrogate mother…Every time only maya is winning….too bad…This time Evil maya shld cry

  2. Ya..Maya should also she is using child for her revenge..I don’t understand why these people are dragging serial..such a worst story..These days I stopped watching beyhadh it is very boring ..There is nothing left interesting in this serial.I hope this serial will end soon.

  3. Its really high time evryone is cursing maya but some a*sh*le ppl r still saying maya baby love uu how can som1 be so ridiculous maya is a dustbin mark it nd so wht if maya dies she has very old habit to harm little ones so nothing new for maya to kill that unborn child inside her she even didn’t left that poor dog shame on maya nd pity on her fans this serial shud ban or end it. The actors themselves were saying anything shud not Be dragged coz it becomes boring nd irritating nd so does they r doing honestly speaking i have stopped watching this serial can’t tolerate maya anymore saanjh is becoming blind in child’s love she can’t see maya’s true intentions at this point arjun is talking sensible end thissss bullshitty seraillll……..

  4. All those saint saanjh fans…acting like gud girl is very easy though aneri poor acting skills idk how director chose someone like her …for your info story main characters are Maya and Arjun …good bye beyhadh ….athura alvida common

    Comment edited.

    1. For me from the beginning the story is abt Arjun & saanjh. Maya is the third person. Maya character as become so strong becoz of Jennifer. There is no doubt Jennifer as Maya was superb but, Saanjh was no less in acting, she has done equally amazing job.

  5. Worstly serial is been stretched… murderer of 5 is out of jail, girl like saanjh stil belives maya… So pathetic..

  6. I am looking forward to Beyhadh to end…it is such a idiotic story….I think the writer needs to have head checked…it is only possible by Indian writer…

  7. If Maya is third person ? then can this show run without Maya character ? lol no one cared abt f**king Saanjh even middle of the serial if someone replaced Aneri character show still runs…becoz human cannot survive without heart and brain and here Maya is soul of beyhadh ..go f**k yourself

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