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Beyhadh 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh goes to terrace to meet Arjun and is shocked to see Maya with Arjun and they both sitting holding each other’s hands. She starts crying vigorously. Arjun sees breaking star and asks Maya to make a wish. She says she has already made a wish and looks at him. He asks if she knows she is mad. She smiles and says she knows. Their conversation continues. Saanjh runs from and rushes home. Prem opens door and she emotionaly hugs him. He asks what happened. She says she missed him today. He asks if Arjun told anything. She says no. Arjun walks down with Maya chatting with her. Prem via windows watches that and gets teary eyed. Suman asks what is he looking at and even she sees Arjun and Maya getting into car nd leaving. Prem tells her that his daughter’s heart

broke today and he can do anything for his daughter’s better future.

Arjun drives car till Maya’s house discussing she got peace of life today. She says only today’s, he has to take her to shanti spot often. He thinks Dusky will not spare him if he takes Maya to shanti spot often. He tells Maya that he needs gajar ka halwa either from or aunty’s hand. She smiles. He parks car outside her apartment building and asks her to go in. She says she lost her peace years ago and got back because of him, soon she will get love also and hugs him. He hesitates. She says as a friend she can hug him. He says okay. Ashwin clicks their pics. Arjun leaves. Aswhin thinks Arjun is Maya’s courage and now he will break it.

Saanjh prays god that Arjun is only hers and cannot be anyone else’s. Maya at home says same. She then informs Jahnvi what happened today.

In the morning, Arjun searches his mobile charger and pesters Ayan. Ayan says he had to become watchman yesterday night and now servant and falls back asleep. Arjun sees Saanjh in front of her with red eyes and asks what happened, if she got conjunctivitis, why did she come here. She throws news paper in front of him and asks to read it. He asks what is in it, why she is commanding him. She shouts to read it. He reads paper and is shocked to see his and Maya’s hugging pic on front page with a line that fashion tycoon Maya Mehrotra is in love with his staff. Saanjh asks where did this pic was clicked. He says it is..She says he had taken Maya to shanti spot, how could he. Arjun shouts instead of worying that a girl is defamed, she is shouting. Saanjh says it is Maya. Arjun says so what, she has gone mad. Sanjh says yes.

Maya sees news paper and cries. Jahnvi tries to console her. Maya says Ashwin has done this as he is indicating that he wants to snatch Arjun from her.

Saanjh and Arjun’s argument continues. Arjun shouts he does not want Saanjh’s friendship now and tries to leave. Saanh asks if he is going to Maya. Arjun shouts yes, Maya is his friend and leaves. He reaches office. Peon says Maya is fuming. Arjun enters Maya’s cabin and sees her with newspaper. He says this pic. She says it is not good, let dogs bark, they should not bother. Arjun is surprised.

Precap: Ashwin asks Jahnvi what will happen if he informs Maya’s truth to Arjun. Maya hears hiding and gets worried. Arjun calls Maya and asks her to come to office’s basement godown.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Saanjh you disgusting self centred woman what’s wrong with you why do you make an issue out of everything! I love how Arjun defended Maya..great episode Maya’s dialogues are fantastic

    1. Do not lash out on Sanjh , I think her reaction is normal as she has seen Maya’s true psycho behavior any normal True friend will try to protect her/his friend and can not watch them getting trapped.

      1. There’s a limit to friendship also as a friend you can advice them help them but you can’t force them that’s what’s saanjh is doing..she’s brainwashing Arjun let him realise for himself..agreed she’s looking out for him but now even she has become obsessed..didn’t you see today’s episode clearly she prays to god and says Arjun is mine only mine that’s not friendship dear?

      2. Fasto…Watch today episode..y b coz you are saying saanjh behaviour is normal?..actually saanjh is worrying about her place in Arjun life..she is not worrying about Arjun.when Arjun worries about news pis while saanjh talked about shanti spot and her feelings got fought with Arjun..she didn’t given value to Arjun you can’t blame maya behaviour for this.don’t bring friend ship for support to saanjh anger.saanjh is worried anger is only fear of lose Arjun..not for Arjun understand this.

    2. U r right, she is obsessed than Maya I finally Arjun grew some……

  2. Wow awesome episode superb ?….arya scenes superb ?….today ashwin said him self after taken arya pic like I will not allow anyone in your life maya means he is trying to avoid all in maya life from childhood..but he is acting with jhanvi like I will reveal about maya past to Arjun…something is there..interesting…waiting for next episodes?

    1. Hi ks,episode was nice…but I feel really sad bcoz of saanjh irritating behaviour and the beautiful jenny cried like hell….arjun now only behave like a man… saanjh want him as her puppet…if she tell anything means he shouldn’t question abt that….what type of character she is….I hate her to core from this episode….
      Arjun plz don’t leave Maya…as u r her courage u have to b wit her and save her from her father ….

      ashwin u r physco…u can’t see Ur own daughter happiness…such a beautiful father??????…u r worst father in the world????????

      Eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes❤❤

      1. Hai many ?….ya saanjh is worrying about only herself..and Ashwin is very stupid person.? our Maya darling is crying because of him..after many years she got peace b coz of Arjun…even she said to Arjun.. I didn’t sleep peacefully till I will sleep happily.but Ashwin spoiled her peace again.?

      2. Hai maanu?? (sorry wrong type ur name by mistakenly)

      3. Ya ks …I hate that ashwin…..he spoiled her childhood and till now he is troubling her…he can’t allow her to love a peaceful life…. ashwin is a psycho…..he is soooo insane….???????????????

  3. Angelk1

    Both girls pray for Arjun to be theirs, and now Saanj is not only angry but upset by Arjun betrayal from seeing Maya and him at their spot. It won’t be long before Saanj actually leaves Arjun, but I hope she doesn’t. Friends go through many things, and will stick through it all, and fight.

    Both girls obviously don’t want to be in the friend zone, but instead something more. Hopefully no one get hurt…physically.

    And what exactly is Maya secret that ashwin isn’t afraid to reveal, it must be that bad. Probably has something to do with Maya behavior.

    1. Seriously what’s the secret? Maya has done something probably got obsessed with someone before and killed him or something like that..Ashwin molested her when she was 9 so whatever the secret is it’s after that and probably because of that

      1. Angelk1

        I agree… Sometimes something have to happen to someone for them to become a physcopath. Maybe she did. Harm someone when young or her father molest her. Something happen and its not pretty. With the way maya got scared i will say its something really bad.

  4. Shalini Senthil

    This saanjh is so irritating stupid and idiot…love Maya and arjun chemistry both r looking togther very cute

  5. Yogesh Agarwal (9874894338)

    I just luv to watch it show.
    And had seen all ur episodes in YouTube because I had started watching ur serial only 1 week ago and had completed seeing all the episodes in just 2 days ???

    1. that’s really awesome.
      welcome to beyhadh.
      pls also encourage your friends to watch beyhadh.
      people are unaware of this fab show.
      its different from the fomula type indian television shows that has kidnap,goons,dragging,fp.etc
      boring shows get good trps and good shows get low trp,
      thats really weird.

  6. Roby wolverine

    Finally Arjun proved to have some backbone.. if Saanjh’s love is what people call normal, cute and sweet i really don’t want it… how could she behave like this is beyond me.. she didn’t even confess her love and top of that yelling at Arjun for everything.. Maya doesn’t have to destroy Saanjh and Arjun relationship.. saanjh herself will destroy it.. I never thought saanjh character can get anymore irritating.. And whatever the past is No one can blame her… i mean, come on.. what could have a child done with a twisted father and very weak willed mother.. Whatever Maya did.. i really can’t fault her.. i hope Arjun won’t leave her for this.. if he did then he doesn’t deserve Maya’s beyhadh love..

    1. Roby wolverine no arjun won’t leave her that’s the big twist. He’ll accept her for who she is..otherwise how will the serial go on? I really hope Arjun also loves maya the same way she does

    2. Ya right if arjun leaves Maya he doesn’t deserve Maya’s true love…& i thought actually Ashwin did something bad ..he puts that blame on Maya…y b coz he is acting in front of jhanvi like I will reveal about Maya past to Arjun…but himself he said I will make them fear to enter your life Maya baby (after he taken arya pics).

      1. Exactly I have the same doubt….I thought like qubool hai…mother killed her husband and put the blame on his son….make him feel guilty all his life…
        They same way ashwin did something and put the blame and make Maya guilty and afraid all her life…
        Maya should come over it..arjun ll surely help her to live a normal life…❤❤❤

      2. Ya right maanu maybe like same qubool it’s happened in Maya life..why because jhanvi didn’t trust Maya words when maya said this pic news behind is Ashwin, but jhanvi ask why Ashwin will do(still itna trust on him after tried to kill her)?it’s disgusting actually jhanvi is not trusting Maya words.still jhanvi is neglecting Maya words after known about Ashwin..don’t know why..we are seeing his evilness on Maya.

      3. Ya jhanvi is sooooo stupid…still she having feelings for ashwin…she didn’t doubt him…after that hospitalised situation also she didn’t tell that incident to Maya…and not aware of ashwin s evil plan….????????

  7. Both girls are the same. Both are obsessed,insane,jealous but Maya is smarter and more cunning that’s what I love about her she uses her brains she’s always 100 steps ahead of saanjh. Maya never cries when she sees Arjun with saanjh she thinks and gets him back to her. I hope they marry saanjh off to that jeetu

    1. Angelk1

      I agree on the first part. Both girls are crazy for arjun and have their own method on getting him. Maya is just more cunning. Then saanj. Thats why arjun wont believe her , maya to smart. The only way arjun will listen if he actually see it for himself instead of people telling him.

      Thats why I’m waiting for the show to progress so i can see maya obsess behavior. Little by little shes showing it, but she hasnt crack yet. It wouldnt be call beyhad if they just let her end up with arjun. I’m waiting for jennifer to start acting crazy. Never scene her like that yet

  8. i think maya is best for arjun

    1. Ashish Prabhakar

      Yaa…u r right

  9. My heart goes for SANJH
    MAYA AND MAYA is a b*t*h and Slat

    1. hey please mind your language, dont abuse will hurt those who love Maya.

  10. Angelk1

    Saanj just leave arjun for now, we know your concern. Arjun wont understand because you wont tell him your feeling, so just leave him so he can learn and realize himself. His mom cant help him, or saanj only he can help himself.

  11. Mounika

    Come on yar saanjh this is not fair u are so mean. I know u love arjun but first he is your best friend remember that & how can u be so selfish as a friend u should protect arjun but u & your family just trying to force arjun to love u. U are more obsessed than maya. Atleast she is not forcing him. You are not valid for both friendship & love & maya is best for him. She has started enjoying her life just now then y are u reacting like a kid. Disgusting saanjh.

    1. I think noone is forcing Arjun to love Sanjh & it never mentioned in any of the episode where anyone is told Arjun to love Saanjh. Everyone particularly Arjun Mom & Even though Saanjh. Saanjh have seen the obsess behavior when talked about Arjun and Arjun Mom has seen the cruel behavior in the party where Maya has seen Arjun & Saanjh together dancing in the floor. This might be worrying both of them as Maya is millionaire & any obsessed one with money power can do anything to get whatever they wish. This is the main reason where Saanjh is trying to push her wordings in Arjun as till now from childhood, Arjun is always listening Saanjh. Now, he is not listening to her for any outsider.

      1. maya said to saanjh.. like do fight with arjun,show ur anger r shout on Arjun every his doings with out understanding him?.is maya ask saanjh sense too with her power.any way let’s see

      2. Dear KS…. I have not mentioned anything about Maya… I mentioned my findings about Saanjh & Arjun relationship & why Saanjh is talking rudly with her best buddie Arjun…. I just want to tell you about the Friendship relationship where if any friend is feeling something bad for his buddy then they can explore any type of emotions like anger, sadness, emotional blackmailing for the purpose to save his buddy for any misfortune… So, my request to all of you is to just understand that emotions only… Everyone is blaming Saanjh for her behavior but we need to understand the emotions behind his wordings only… May be you don’t have such type of friendship bonding with anyone till now, that’s why you are thinking out of coverage area…..
        Yes ofcourse, Maya deserves the friendship bonding with Arjun to overcome with her loneliness but she can make that one also with the friendship with Saanjh… why she is not dealing like that… She knows very well that Arjun & Saanjh relation is a friendship relation only.. Saanjh never told Maya about her love emotion with Arjun… Both of them is always told Maya that they are best buddies only… Then why she is trying to keep away Saanjh from Arjun

      3. Pradeep you started again like they are friends…they are not friends yaar..maya is very clever, she understands saanjh love on Arjun in her eyes..with out seeing people she is saying what they thought.k maya knows saanjh is loving Arjun,till now maya did not separate them but you are saying she tried…maya is trying to win her love it will automatically effect on saanjh life y b coz saanjh also loving Arjun.maya proposed arjun to see this saanjh got angry then what Maya did there.she didn’t blame saanjh for anything to in front of Arjun to break their friend ship.saanjh is spoiling herself her relation with Arjun to seeing arjun maya together.frankly saanjh is staying with Arjun as a lover not friend.she hides her love with mask of friendship.she is giving more importance to love.thats y she getting angry on arjun..understand saanjh getting jealous like same Maya also getting jealous..i have friends but you don’t know difference between friend shi& can’t identify them.

      4. Dear…. Maya can not express her anger about Saanjh in front of Arjun till now because they have not made friendship bond…. Till now they were Boss & Employee relationship only… How can she react in front of Saanjh for any means as a BOSS….. Yesterday only, she expressed her friendship with Arjun & hugged him… But Arjun was not revealed that because as per him Maya is his BOSS…. But when she made a statement about friendship then only he accepted her hug…. But you can see later when their friendship bonding will increase then what she will do… She will try to keep Arjun away even from his family like she is doing with her mother….

      5. Have you seen Kuch Kuch Hota Hai movie…. What is relation between SRK & Kajol there…. Friendship…. But after the entry of Rani Mukherjee, Kajol feels loneliness and then she came to know that she actually loving SRK besides Friendship… But when she heard from SRK about his feeling with Rani Mukherjee…. She cried a lot & went away from SRK life….. So, It is not necessary that in friendship relation, love can not happen.

      6. Pradeep we are talking about saanjh relationship and her behaviour on Arjun not about Arjun feelings on Maya..u changed topic ..any way leave it

      7. Angelk1

        I agree. Like the saying goes you never know whats infront of you until its gone. Right now arjun is focusing on his career if it means being friends with his boss then oh well. In reality no boss would send so much gift or spend to much time with an employee.

        Thats a scandle right there. But this is a good test for arjun an saanj. If their friendship is that strong they will be together, if not then oh well.

        But yes this show gives me a kuch kuch and fan flow. Arjun and saanj friendship reminds me of them. Kojol knew her feelings while srk was just dumb and unaware because he never thought about it. But when kojal finally left and they met again, he realize how much he misses her, even then his daughter had to push him to realize his feelings.

        Her expressing anger is understandable especially when you feel like someone taking your friend away. If arjun does take maya to his and saanj favorite spot again then I’m hoping saanj leaves him.

    2. Exactly mounika….. saanjh don’t not deserve to be friend….she is soooo selfish….she is one how obsessed more for arjun…..Maya really want love from arjun but not force him to do…but saanjh and her stupid family drive arjun to do what they want..does he don’t have his own brain to think abt him….arjun???????u r soo dump man…this episode only he shows himself as a man…that’s good keep going for urself….

  12. Agreed that anyone will go mad seeing his/her loved ones going away from them,,,,bt Saanjh really gone mad for Arjun,,,,,,,,,It’s nthng lyk she is trying to protect Arjun from Maya,,,,she is afraid that she may loose Arjun to Maya,,,,maybe she thought that Maya is doing all these to get Arjun …,,,,,,,bt Saanjh shud understand that she can’t control Arjun for lyftym,,,,,she dnt hv the right to think that Arjun betrayed her bcoz she never proposed him,,,,,she shud use her brain rather than shouting everyday,,,,and agree with Roby wolverine that Saanjh herself will spoil her relation/frndship with Arjun by acting mad,,,,,,,,,
    agree with Stefan also,,,,,both girls are crazy for Arjun but Maya knows how to deal with the situation,,,,,she is much smarter and cunning than Saanjh……
    Can’t this Ashwin directly reveal the truth than hinting in every epi,,,,he is testing my patience,,,,,,I really didn’t get it,,,why he published Arya’s pic in newspaper,,,,,,,N Jhanvi shud stop trusting him,,,,she really is blind in Ashwin’s love

    1. Ya right silent reader…few guys are thinking saanjh is protecting Arjun but actually she isn’t..she is caring only herself..and she is trying to secure her place in Arjun life with shout.(for Arjun shanti spot is his best friend spot.but for saanjh that place is it’s Arjun and her love spot)so that’s why saanjh asked arjun in anger you cheated’s he knows if she didn’t propose saanjh say ur feelings openly to Arjun r stay are irritating Arjun with your anger.even u will lose your friend ship..i know you don’t want Arjun friend ship ,you want only Arjun love ..u r giving importance to only ur love..then wait until.

  13. saanjh there is a limit of overreaction and if ur frd it doesn’t mean that watever u want to say arjun , it won’t be too far that one day Arjun wil become frustrated and becoz of ur foolishness u can loose Arjun forever. Prem is just thinking for happiness of his daughter, Instead of blaming Arjun everytime he Should tell Saanjh that Arjun is not ditching her, he is not aware that saanjh loves her and it is also not mandatory that as a best frd Arjun should also has same feelings wat saanjh has . Over all Arjun never promised saanjh that he loves her n marry her, how can saanjh think that Arjun is just hers. Maya doesn’t know Arjun so she is in big misunderstanding that she can get Arjun forever but wat about saanjh being best frd of Arjun, how can she think for Arjun that she only owns him?????

    1. Ya shivani… saanjh family is mad…they r soooo stupid and overreacting for everything…..can’t tolerate them….???????

      1. Ya right shivani?

    2. Can’t blame Prem for thinking abt his daughter’s happiness,,,,afterall he is her father,,,,,It’s Saanjh’s mistake that she never proposed him and is irritating him now,,,,Prem tried hard to make her confess her feelings,,,,,bt Saanjh is waiting for Arjun to realize it all on his own,,,,Arjun is nt at all showing any feelings neither to Saanjh nor to Maya,,,,,Suman will be the reason for Saanjh’s heart break ,,,Both Suman and Vandan made her dream without trying to know about Arjun’s wish

  14. Great Arjun gave nice answer to saanjh. she should deserve this.

  15. Kya acting krti hai ye lrhki,she is an awesome actress you Jennifer each and every emtion has been portrayed perfectly.

  16. Saanj is being hated so much by all me too

    1. Angelk1

      Thats because they want her out the way so Maya an Arjun can be together. If they do then what, they live happily together…no, that’s not going to happen. You have ashwin to worry about and let’s not forget Maya personality, we don’t really know all of it. All we know is she has a dark an lonly past.

      He might get to overwhelmed by her affection an obsession on him

  17. what is Maya’s truth ?? can anyone plz tell me..??

  18. Ashish Prabhakar

    Maya is really good….Sanjh should quiet from Arjun’s and Maya’s life….

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