Beyhadh 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Maya Jealous Seeing Saanjh and Arjun Together

Beyhadh 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun while sleeping reminisces Maya’s warning whoever tries to eye Arjun will die, her obsession for him, etc., and wakes up. He searches Saanjh and does not find her in room. He goes out searching her. Suman and Jahnvi come and ask why he is shouting, Saanjh must be in room. He says she is not. Jahnvi asks if Maya harmed Saanjh. Arjun walks to garden searching her and finds her standing in canopy. He asks her what happeneidng. She laughs with Suman and Jahnvi and says they are seeing duffer becoming duffer. He asks what.. She says he was not talking to her, so they thought of breaking his silence. They all walk back in. Maya watches from window jealously.

Next morning, Arjun sees Saanjh, Suman, and Jahnvi near dining table and asks what is happening. Saanjh says she is having sargi

for karvachauth. Arjun says even he will fast for her. She asks to think over, he may get tempted with food. He says he will not. Saanjh asks him not to leave her for a third person. Arjun promises he will not for Maya. Maya watches jealously.

Jahnvi sees Suman sadly looking at Prem’s photo and says she is fasting since 5 years even after Prem’s death. Suman says Prem is in her heart. Saanjh enters and says she needs to find an old man for her. Suman says nobody can be like her Prem. Maid informs that breakfast is ready and she will clal even Maya. Suman asks to give Maya’s breakfast in her room.

Maya in her room fumes that nobody has right to fast for Arjun except her. Maid brings her breakfast. On the other side, Suman asks Saanjh to take diamond as karvachauth gift from Arjun. Arjun says this time he will give special gift and not diamonds, maya’s IVF testing as in IVF is not always successful, who knows Maya is not pregnant. Saanjh says her heart says that Maya is pregnant.

Maya continues that she is tied to Arjun for 7 lives and even death cannot separate them, only she has right to keep fast for Arjun and not Sanjh. Arjun calls her and knocks door. She gets happy, wipes her tears, changes dress and opens door smiling. He asks what was she doing so long. She says waiting for him. He asks will she come with him. She says she always waits for him and closes eyes. He takes her into car and stops car at a hospital and then asks to open eyes. She asks why here. He says she has 2 ways, if she is pregnant she will go home or else burial ground. Maya says there is still time for ashes, only she can bring his bandar in this world.

Saanjh goes to Maya’s room and does not find her. Doctor draws Maya’s blood and asks her to wait while she brings her reports stat. Arjun peeps in and says if she is not having a child, then he will not spare her.

Precap: Saanjh asks Arjun if he fed Maya, she will bring juice for her. Maya says papers cannot break relationships, she is having karvachauth fast for Arjun.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Sanjheswari devi,the whole #Beyhadhfandom wants 2 knw when will u stop portrayin’urself as devi? We r too tired to tolerate shit anymore!
    Why does saanjh get to have everything, good parents, friends, vandys love, Maya’s husband and now a child
    …..Never have I ever wanted JW show to end..But #Beyhadhis an exceptional,I cant see maya getting humuliated&torturd any more. End it ASAP! ?For maya…Arjun is where life begins and where it ends…it’s sad but true �……

  2. Jennifer Winget ensures she has a Show Stealing Scene in EVERY #BeyhadhEpisode! Literally Feel Maya’s Pain through our Screens!…This climax is full of shit! CVS, my middle finger salutes u ppl for this shit! #Beyhadhtotal waste of a year!???Maya obsessed with Arjun! And I’m obsessed with’em. Such intensity in thr eye!uff! They both were on fire 2day? I’m gonna miss’em! #Beyhadh

  3. My god when will this Maya die. She is so irritating day by day. Writer please let her die or let her go away from arjun and saanjh.

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