Beyhadh 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya walks towards Arjun holding a gift for him, but stops seeing Saanjh with Arjun and them laughing and taking selfies. Arjun sees her and greets. Jahnvi also comes and he greets even her. Jahnvi asks who is this girl. Arjun says his enemy, partner in crime. Jahnvi asks him to come home some time. He asks to climb 15 floors via pipe and get down via pipe.

Maya goes home and reminisces Arjun and Saanjh’s closeness and them laughing together. She angrily throws her bught watch for Arjun. Jahnvi catches it.

Vandana tells Ayan that she is worried about Arjun as he is very innocent but acts as intelligent. He cannot survive without Saanjh and hopes he realizes his love for Saanjh. She continues that Arjun is so innocent that he did not give her place of a mother and

neither she could give him a son’s place, but she loves him a log and once he grows up, he will give her place.

She walks towards Maya and says she should give herself a chance to live and love. Maya says love always loses and she has not learnt to lose, she has seen what happened to Jahnvi in love and she does not want to repeat same mistake. Jahnvi asks to give Arjun a chance and see, she will not make a wrong decision.

Arjun reaches home and plays with Ayan. He holds carrot as gun and Ayan holds cucumber. Arjun mimics and speaks Quick Gun Murugan’s style. Vandana enters and says Sari is very beautiful. Arjun says Saanjh selected it. Vandana says he should have let Saanjh pay then. He says it was his first salary and he will pay. He angrily leaves. Ayan asks Vandana to stop taunting like a saas. Vandana says once Arjun stops taunting like bahu, she will also stop and hopes soon Saanjh comes in his life and changes him.

Jahnvi meets Ashwin and warns him to stay away from Maya. He says he is, else he would have killed her. She says he lost his father’s right long ago with his heinous act and if she informs Saanjh that she gives him money, she will make him a beggar. She throws money envelope on him and leaves warning again to stay away from Saanjh.

Arjun sends thank you message to Maya. She replies that it is his hard work. She then reminisces Arjun and Saanjh’s closeness and gets jealous again. She calls Maya’s boss and asks him to send Maya to her tomorrow morning.

Maya reads Ayan’s messages and says he is stupid. She looks at Arjun and Maya’s paper cut out and separates Arjun’s pic and says Maya is gone now. Prem calls her and she cuts her finger and it bleeds. Boss calls her next and informs to meet Maya in the morning. Saanjh then calls Arjun and informs him about this.

Maya reminisces Arjun smiles. She then reminisces Saanjh with Arjun and gets jealous.

Precap: Saanjh works on Maya’s file till late night and thinks Maya must be snoring now. Arjun taunts Saanjh that Maya will punish her. In the morning, Saanjh submits her report to Maya and Maya angrily looks at her.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. me is me

    beyhadh and nothing more… many mistake’s… didnt get what u meant to convey…
    maya ke badhle sahnj arjun ke badhle ayan…. what is this? hell… just got compeletly confuced

    • me is me

      sorry MA i didn’t meant to tease u or i had no feeling to hurt u…
      humans have to be frank… and i am frank enough to correct anybody’s mistake…

  2. Kudos

    Maya please fall in love..give yourself a chance your too hard on yourself Arjun seriously dufffer hai! Andha hai vo dikta nai ki do ladkiyan usse pyaar karti

  3. ks

    MA ji..correct it mistakes next time plz..aap placed names in wrong scenes..saanj scenes mey saanj name..and Maya scenes mey Maya name type karo aap ulta typed.I love Maya scenes so I’m requesting u.

  4. ks

    Wow today awesome episode..maya controlling her love on Arjun.. after she saw Arjun saanj together in mall…maya is not getting jealous..maya tried to stop her feelings to don’t want enter their life.😍😘 but janvi asking give one chance to Arjun.and when Maya sees saanj Arjun pic together,Maya didn’t torn it..but saanj torn it Arjun Maya’s that is Maya.πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ love u jenny.

    • Maanu

      Ya Maya is not a negative character…she was innocent…don’t portraits Maya as negative… everyone doing their best in this show…I love to watch it…

  5. Shalini Senthil

    I want more arya scences i agree with u sunamika….only obession is showing when maya and arjun love start…when arjun will feel for maya…waiting

  6. nayana

    Nyc epi MAYA’S ACTING IS BEYHADH…………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  7. The Rock

    Really an incredible series is Beyhadh.I don’t get time to see it during study bt surely follow this update.Bst of luck.

  8. Shalini Senthil

    Arjun is showing so closeness to saanjh at mall..maya is naturally to get jelous …saanjha never seen that much closeness in arjun with maya… Sitting and cutting seprately maya and arjun photo..arjun is really duffer…still he is unable to understand maya feelings…

  9. Angelk1


    |Registered Member

    Arjun is just trying to live his dream. We dont really know who he really like. But who ever he ends up with is fine by me. Just start the main concept already.

    • Maanu

      No they r showing some flashes only…it’s like Maya remember those moments and get afraid…not yet the full truth behind the fear of Maya didn’t reveal…

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