Beyhadh 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya pleads Arjun to save her son from her. She says Arjun tolerated her madness, but her child may not. Arjun reminisces thinking of not letting child come in t his world. Maya leans on his lap and continues pleading. Vandana on the other side tells Suman that nobody will change, Arjun thinks Maya is ill and is forgoing all her sins. Suman says one has to suffer their sins and nobody can change it. Maya continues that she did many mistakes and wants to be punished. Arjun says mistakes themselves are punishments and their love itself will save her. He says she was innocent and was forced to become bad by her father and others. He says their love is passion and only that will change their lives. Maya continues panicking and Arjun consoles her.

Prem opens his mailbox and tells Samay that Maya

does not know whom she has challenged, Saanjh is like a fly and will not accept defeat, she will fall 100 times and will get up again to fight. Samay writes his name on paper and makes it Maya. He says he can do anything for his love and kisses paper. He closes door.

Saanjh enters Maya’s room and says good she is here, mental asylum is very nearby, she will pay for her sins. Maya panics and cries her child. She shouts Arjun.. Arjun enters. Saanjh asks if Maya is..Arjun says yes Maya is pregnant and she will not lose her child because of Saanjh this time. Saanjh reminisces Maya falling down and losing her child. Saanjh says Maya is a criminal and Ayan is innocent. Arjun asks if she has proof. She says yes, she has and sent it to his e-mail. He asks where is it and shows all spam mail. Saanjh says she must have entered wrong email ID and she even sent it to her papa and Samay. Arjun starts yelling that Maya is ill and Saanjh wants to send her to mental asylum instead, Saajh loves him and is jealous that she could not get him. He loves only Maya and she should get out of his way. Saanjh slaps him. Maya’s facial expression changes and she angrily walks towards Saanjh, but Arjun stops her and says he had once slapped Saanjh and now she took revenge, she cannot dare touch them again and asks Saanjh to get out now. Saanjh says she made a mistake by loving him and good she is out of it. She taunts that Arjun’s problem is with him/Maya, so he does not need anything more. Maya’s schizophrenic nature is seen.

Precap: Samay calls Maya, but she rejects his call. He says he will correct his mistake and electrocutes Prem.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Such greatserial is being dragged on now with Maya winning all the time

    1. you are right..its getting boring day by day…

  2. Arey yaar hating dis serial seriously!!
    Always Maya will only win even though she is wrong
    Hate Maya!!! Hate her role very much!!??
    But luv Jenny sooo much!????
    Can’t see her in villan role ??
    Plz writers plz make Maya role positive
    otherwise ??

  3. Today’s​ episode was brilliant…it shows how much she wants to change ! Pls don’t let that spoil and let she recover !

    1. Yes harika..and arjun will be with her for dat…he understands maya…watevr she does i love maya …..hope this story will have a happy ending with maya having changed n living happily with arjun and saanjh hapoy with someone else

      1. Waiting for that day honestly

    2. She is acting & she want arjun to be with her only.
      No change nothing

    3. she is again playing with Arjun’s emotions..she will never change…

  4. It’s so boring and getting predictable as always maya wins.

  5. Superb episode…? ..Arjun was awesome..he said to saanjh i didnt love u, i don’t love u and i will never love u…?? ??…i loves Maya only ..Waiting for next episode ?

    and thank you Anaika dear…&love you too ?….today arjun said wit maya,you are like this because of ashwin and others humiliation.arjun understands Maya very well now.let’s wait for her redeem..i love maya❤

    1. you are so irritating KS…everyone gets so irritated by you…Seriously..take a break…noone reads your comment fully…its idiotic!!!

      1. I read KS’ comments. Please stop being rude. If you feel irritated, please ignore.

        Kiddoo when you are not read my comments why are you felt irritate ??…..?? …so keep your hate with you…ignore it,..whoever read or not,i don’t care,this is my don’t have right to stop enjoying ur jealous guys..enjoy it ..chill..??

      3. Thank you Anaika dear… ???

      4. Don’t say anything about KS or that other failed abortion hellsaanjh, all these psychopathic maya loving retards will attack you. I myself like riling them up, it’s fun they kind of self implode.

      5. hate maya b*t*h

        kalika super

      6. Acha come and attack wil see?? Eh bakwas band Karoo jii

  6. Yes y every time Maya win it is boring

  7. Dis psycho samay will kill Prem…somehow I predicted it

  8. Again the same thing. this serial is going like merry go round. back to square one. once again maya played her cards. once again she is using her pregnancy. when I saw her shouting like arjun…hamara baccha. I got so irritated. again arjun falling in her trap and scolding saanjh without even thinking what he was saying. he is really self centered. at that point I was really thinking he should get a slap. how can he say that what will you do if thief comes at your home. shall we kill him?? really?? he was always out of his mind. means killing his own mother and childhood friend is right on pretext of thief. he needs to get a bed in mental hospital. and know they are killing Prem. breaking such innocent ,pure and lovely father and daughter bond. it’s disgusting. maya and samay are like two people who won’t even blink while killing someone. they believe in destroying everything coming in their way. and they never repent on it. saw his face after pre. getting electrocuted. no remorse or surprise at all. why killing innocent people. after this only death is the punishment for maya and samay. ant that too a painful death just like they are giving to everyone. saanjh said right. arjun should really go to hell and arjun’s hell is with him…..maya!!

    1. What’s wrong with you ? If Maya has layed a trap then shud have smirked …but all she did was to cry and didnt u see how saanjh was constantly calling maya paagal…paagal…and is saanjh is that great friend…y didn’t she get happy knowing
      Arjun is gonna become a dad…not once did she smiled or Congratulated….and most iMportantly acc to saanjh if anyone is mentally sick then that person has no treatment directly they shud go to mental asylum or what…and sadly enough most of the Indians think that! DO hell with saanjh fans…and yes i agree killing prem is too much but maya hasnt asked samay to kill prem.

      1. Only saying the truth

        Agree with u 100 % @harika , she was teary eye upon hearing Maya’s pregnancy news the thought of Arjun n Maya being one again . I could c the scared little girl in Maya 2day , scared for her baby, the way she used to get scared hearing Ashwins footsteps n seeing him , Arjun helped her with facing Ashwin n defying her fears n again Arjun will help her in defying her fears of losing him. I think she has told Arjun or he somehow knows abt the fake rape case , so he has deleted that email himself , how can it b that sanjh forgot his email address ? I hope this baby n Arjuns love is her key to redemption .

        Feel so sry prem , he was a loving caring father a daughters best friend a father every daughter wishes to have ??? n like suman said ” leave Arjun n Maya alone they were destined to b together no matter how much we try they’ll always b together , let them b together ” had sanjh payed some heed to her parents maybe she wouldn’t have lost her father 2day , instead of rushing to hospital she should have stayed there till she had received the file on her email in her own presence instead of asking Samay n Prem to send her the file maybe if she was around Samay n prem his murder could have been averted ??? love Maya xxx

      2. @onlysayingtruth no no why will saanjh wait there… she had to run and torture our maya and arjun…can’t she understand that provoking maya more that too when she is pregnant is gonna lead to

      3. Only saying the truth,nice comment dear?…you make me sad ?? with ur 2nd part about prem in ur comment….heart touching…yes we will miss of the best father there is no doubt..saanjh did not cares her parents happiness till now,she always ready to go only for arjun.suman will shatter to see prem.very sad.let’s see ☹☹

      4. Only saying the truth, so true yaar! It makes me sad that the only lovable character in this show is going to be killed because of Saanjh’s stupidity and Samay’s craziness. Saanjh should have waited for five more minutes, at least her father would not have died. It is so sad to see yaar. And after this, Saanjh will surely blame Maya for all this. Hopefully ArYa’s baby is key to redemption. I am sick of this back and forth track of inanity and hatred, really want some positivity.

      5. hate maya b*t*h

        u r face she will smrik she didnt say samay to kill cpz she wanted him to take proof obvisly he will kkill all amda maya pscyo fans go to hell ifiots

    2. A.D. you said right but all these Maya fans imagine things, some idiotic thing said that Saanjh became teary eyed because MaRjun were becoming one – she got teary eyed feeling guilt for having ‘killed’ Maya’s first fake baby, now she brings in a third fake baby. Maya is just as fake as her 3 pregnancies. Saanjh is trying to save Ayaan but Maya fans don’t believe in justice they have shit for brains, as long as Maya gets to spread her legs for Arjun they don’tcare who she murders or how many times she fakes her pregnancies or how many people have to go to jail due to false charges they don’t care. Did I offend someone’s sensitivities with my comment? Grow up look in the mirror and realize you are a pathetic failure – kill yourself

      1. For the upper portion.
        The last line I completely disagree I think its you who needs to grow up.

      2. DO u even understand English? Or u just blabber . I have been reading ur rude ass comments from a long time…we are not supporting her craziness… we are waiting for her to change and lead a normal good girl life the kind of someone u like….and stop using words like kill for god sake…u just sound cheap pathetic.

      3. ???????
        Well said

      4. hate maya b*t*h

        yeah if maya teared eye she changed if sanjh she want to break them lol she is dng for ayyan maya big pagal puppy samay n now arjunj little pagal

      5. diehardbeyhadhfan

        @kalika Nahi beta.. Tu toh kabhi kisi ko bura bol hi nahi Sakti hai..There mooh se toh bas pool baraste hai.
        . How on earth can any one get offended by u.??? Kaun hai wo maayi ka laal Jo kalika ka naam kalankit kar raha hai yahan????????

    3. I too feel the same.

  9. I hope Maya recovers.
    Saanjh was genuinely trying to help Ayan but her way was wrong. She should have gone to police first.
    Hopefully baby kicks the insecurities out and Maya doesn’t use her baby to drive games and manipulations because that will be sick and there would be no difference between Ashwin and Maya. Maya has to recover because the inanity quotient in the serial is soaring so high.

    I hate Samay now. How can he kill someone like Prem? Prem is legit the best character in this serial and I don’t want him to die because of someone’s craziness.

    Maya haters… stop blaming Maya for Prem’s death because it was definitely Samay’s actions and thoughts. He doesn’t want their secrets to come out neither does he want Maya’s name to be maligned. Maya would be low-key happy if Prem dies… we all know because she has no attachment to that person and is the thorn on her quest to Arjun’s love. But it was NOT her plan… They have not shown it yet that way.

    I hope Maya recovers and lives a happy life after proper redemption and punishment for all her misdeeds (like framing Ayaan, killing Ashwin (if that’s true), etc)

    1. Yes, Saanjh genuinely helping ayaan ‘cos he is innocent and trapped by Maya.
      If she seriously approach police, from where they find the evidence. can maya’s mother help/ express the in front of maya???? and before police visits maya’s house she will destroy evidence as usual.
      Hopefully at least she behaves well with baby, if so there is no diff between ashwin and maya.

      Lol yaar sammy cannot take a single action with out maya’s statement…. her puppet can propse a girl, can play with feelings and etc etc..
      their will a level of insecurities these two roles crossed all.. shame on CV’s who showed such a stupid act.?

      prem is the best role in the serial… lovely character, now they killed him too ? ?

      Even ayyan didnt do anything he was trapped by maya actions, that scene CV’s showed latter.

      Kya faayda hai yaar.. when maya punishes and kill lovely innocent people.

      If CV’s show again maya and sammy win, ill quit watching…
      i really like Prem, he resemble my dad ??

      Dear KS please don’t comment reply to my comment, with your irritating comments.

      1. What’s wrong with you ? If Maya has layed a trap then shud have smirked …but all she did was to cry and didnt u see how saanjh was constantly calling maya paagal…paagal…and is saanjh is that great friend…y didn’t she get happy knowing
        Arjun is gonna become a dad…not once did she smiled or Congratulated….and most iMportantly acc to saanjh if anyone is mentally sick then that person has no treatment directly they shud go to mental asylum or what…and sadly enough most of the Indians think that! DO hell with saanjh fans…and yes i agree killing prem is too much but maya hasnt asked samay to kill prem.

      2. Maya is at fault but I want her to repent for her mistakes and don’t want her to DIE like Maya haters. That is no solution. So far, they have shown Maya framing Ayan in a case where Ayan was at 50% fault because he tore Maya’s clothes. Maya just aggravated the case which IMO is WRONG. Period. Killing Ashwin… I still don’t believe what CVs have shown but even if Maya has killed Ashwin, that’s not wrong spiritually because Ashwin was a crooked father who had slained Maya’s innocent childhood with his ugly soul and greed for money. I do not regret at all if Maya has killed a man like him.

        Saanjh should have gone to the police because if she thinks she has proofs she could have gone to the police station and applied for Ayan’s bail. But… she wanted to attach the adjective mahaan to this good deed of hers which makes me a little pissed off. If you are doing a good work; do it with passion. Do the things which is right. Saanjh could have waited for five minutes and copied the video as an evidence and then go to hospital or police station… but no… she has to leave the most important work for someone else to do.

      3. I am low-key upset over Saanjh’s stupidity and dependency on Samay. She could’ve waited for another five minutes and transferred the video on her own. But she was too eager to meet Arjun and show “Maya ka sach” That’s so immature. She herself told Vandana to not tell anyone about the plan then why depend on Samay? That is being hypocrite! Prejudicing against mental people… that is being selfish.

        To defeat someone as clever and smart manipulator like Maya, one has to be of her level. Or else, let her get cured and treated because there’s no solution to this. Saanjh can hardly think upto Maya’s level.

      4. @anaika…u are totally right! U have written amazingly well

      5. mind blowing anika. i doubt if ur a teen viewer coz ir really too mature for ur age. maya is wrong so is ayan. maybe not for rape but yes definitely for tresspasing and molestation. He did exactly wat was done on new years eve in bangalore. so i don understand why people call him innocent and called all those men in bangalore as molesters and y india stood againt those men ? serious paradox….. also wen saanjh lovers tell maya must die.. its really sad coz the law understands the mental state of such people very well and they themselves don go to the extent of even putting them in jail ( rehab instead)! so death is out of question! . some saaanjh lovers here go beyond and above the judiciary and behave like to backward witch hunters of the most desserted parts of rural india.. cant help…. they still need to mould themselves to educated mordern societu lets welcome yhem with open srms theyll learn it over time

      6. The Dark Hunter

        @Anaika in my absence you have taken my mantle most incredibly. I used to write long essays and people would marvel at my analysis and thoughts, but you my dear have won the hearts of this forum despite writing much less I respect you my dear. Everything you have said is completely correct I only hope more maya lovers like u, me, hardika, ks, etc. out there who want maya happy and healed but also punished and remorseful, not morons who justify her actions especially when she is most definitely in the wrong! I thank you dear for giving your view and making this forum just that little bit more special and a pleasure to read.
        Love maya always ❤❤❤

  10. I don’t like perm to die…
    hate you Maya and Sammy… you both are cheap & characterless fellows. Can go to any extent to win.
    This CV’s also showing every time truth will die & making blo*dy Maya to win. Stated hating this serial. ????????

    1. Yesterday when saanjh slaps Arjun i really like it. he completly deserves it. that pyscho maya never changes her attitude. she will create unnecessarily drama .

      1. Yep..agree wd you..

  11. yoday episode was awesome i just loved arjun how he support our maya baby if he vl keep doing like yhis further forsure all her insecurities vl go n she vl recover asap i hope after seing d truth of ayaan he dosent leav maya n support her bcz as he says nobody gave maya chanc to b good i hope he gives bcz then only she vl recover or els she vl go in darker n v can assume wat she vl do if arjun leav her hoping for d best arjun u nailed today episode n maya acting superb dat innocent baby fac i love her more n whn sanj hit arjun how she comes n whn arjun stop she hides behind him like a baby she is such a baby no doubt y maya hate sanj so much as maya way is wrong evn sanj way is too n i think before this baby vl only heal maya bcz last tym whn baby went her grey shades went n whn today now when baby came her grey shade vl come back i hope n i dont think she vl harm her baby bcz she said hamare pyar ki nishani ko bachalo n she suffer in childhood so she vl b d best mother n i like wat suman said i wonder she hav brains hope she explain d same thing to vm n sanj so maya vl able to recover soon n arjun keep suporting maya i cant comment on ur love know behadh or genuine bcz u still dont know d truth of ayan after dat only i can say u luv maya more or maya loves u but plz dont leave maya she vl break n wont recover she vl best human beings if she recovers jst giv her chanc n know i want this samay chapter to b close so he dont creat probs n maya suffer n looses hope of geting recover n becom mor bad bcz if know sumthng happn n she vl b blame dn i dont think she herself want to get recovr dn she vl beleiv dat ppl r gud wid bad only cant take gud so plz writer bring our old maya back its high time know as wel as keep sanj n vm n some brain to accept maya or keep them away till time they cant accept her only if they accept her frm d heart then only keep them around orels she vl nevr recover n end it on happy track plz luv u maya ways n forevr?

    1. Saanjh to add brain… wahh jii accept the criminal who killed her father??? it is called as selfish.

    2. you know Riya…Saanjh is so effing jealous of that she actually slapped Arjun when he told that he loves Maya. She can’t handle the truth??…?..if she lost this time people will blame Maya there is no doubt…i don’t know why saanjh went to hospital if she wants to release only Ayaan,she found proof,she has to go directly to court instead of humiliate or rebuke Maya again.why she is irresponsible about proofs,revealing every where I found proof instead of hide it.any way its common..let’s see waiting for next episode eagerly…

      1. hate maya b*t*h

        after knowing maya truth arjun will do that maya will say now i did wrong slept wit samay idiot maya fcuj bith

      2. Oh nice name,its suits you sure you this type of all comments behind is one person…i know who is that girayi aukat..abuse language tumhare log standard ko represent karti guys will never change.tum Etna niche giro ,you can’t reach up..?? carry on enjoy ur self ??

      3. ks is a b*t*h

        thx atleat i have name u dont aunty uncle watever

      4. ?? ha ha im seeing ur burning kiddo…burn always..i said Na ur name suits you.keep it up down…funny people…burn burn burn…hur hur hur …?? im enjoying to ur burn…hahaha…girayi log…keep going..? ?

      5. Abeoo maya ka pagal fans…
        tumari Maya ek criminal hai. Jutaa bhi… sharam Anna hai app sab ladkiyonko … for supporting gande ladki… aap Sab ne maryada bhi kogayi
        Cheapdi log…
        Koi ladki juta rape nehi bolti, saas ka sanman dena, ek acha pita ko maarna … eh maya eh murdere… pyscho bahoot chota naam hai…

      6. Aap tho badi be sharam ladki

      7. Ks****

  12. Saanjh is dumb!!
    Kisi ki life mei interfere nai krna chaiye
    Moral of the story!!

    1. acha.. what did maya do then??? she ask sammy to get engaged to saanjh, this is not interference???

    2. Arey Gagan Bhayyah, andha hai Kya… aap ka khuni Maya ne Sab ka life Barbad kiya.. acha ghar, acha father.
      Barbadi kyase karna hai tho aap ma bhootni Maya se siklena hai.

  13. Maya told arjun.. mujshe bahut badi galti hogayi, wonder what she told him. Anyway I wish she told him the truth about ayan. Hope it’s something like, arjun although has come to know about ayan, has forgiven Maya coz he knows she can cross all limits, so he’s now is concentrating on getting her treated and his kid rather.

    1. i wish at least now she should share all truth to arjun. yes, he will get hurt. But, their relation will be strong from now. This change shows the change to be normal. Donno what CV’s will change. Hope for the best.

  14. To my Maya lovers…i want to share my favorite dialogues related yesterday episode…

    Arjun said with Maya :-“galti tumhare baap ki hai jisne tumhe har roz marti thi maya gakti tumhari maa ki hai jisne unhe nehi roka galti is duniya ki hai jisne Meri Maya ko ek mauka nehi dia galti meri hai maine haat pakarke tumhe sahi rasta nehi dikhaya.”

    Arjun said with saanjh:-“Maya Pagal hai
    Wo mere liye Pagal hai
    Wo mere pyaar ke liye Pagal hai
    Wo meri Pagal hai,aur meri pagal ka dhyaan men khud rakh saktabhoon”

    Suman said with vandy:-“Jab Arjun aur Maya ko alag karne ki koshish ki gayi he hamesha nakaam hi hoi hai”
    “”Maya aur Arjun ka apna problem he,chalo kisi ko to samajh aya ye

    ArYa foreforever ❤ love u Maya ??❤


      1. The Dark Hunter

        Most beautiful love for a husband towards his wife. He knows she is bad, he knows she is ill but the goodness in him and the light she sees in him kindles her light and gives them strength. As long as Arjun has hope for maya, maya has hope to win in love, let’s hope her light overcomes her darkness in the end ❤❤

  15. Really saanjh she didnt mailed herself….and what is that story even boring then kb…like there is no one beautiful moment also to go back n see…better stop this series…arjun hero or zero he should know…who the hell is that sammy…really annoyed with this

  16. ks/KS wonder full update woo bhi direct speech me.sota hai but iss update se toh bhaiter hai.!!!hope it will refresh the mind of hurted fan and again attact & inspire to the track!!!!!.more over awesome comment like maya……

    1. Thank you dear ??

  17. one more change, all comment name change except you .are they become silent this field only you are standing from muccchhhhh patience and beyhadh umeed and inspiration….

  18. Hateful

  19. Please stop this nonsense….. I hope maya die soon…she is such a selfish and worst woman and worst always win….is this the moral u have to give ur audience….it’s a sort of entertainment… Yeah..pls make some changes… And y can’t u make arjun realize Maya…it is too much yaar..such a dragging…. I wish Maya unite with samay and sanjch with arjun…plz do it na

    1. Lovely… ???
      Two pagal people ?? both are criminals, psycho .??

  20. Ya Maya is selfish i agree but arjun is so dumb har baar woh maya ki baatien sun kar pigal jaata h ?? poor arjun dont know the evil maya……but i love maya her acting style all r awesome she is so beautiful also ….. i love saanjh also i wanted that arjun shud marry saanjh butt..somethimg else was written in thier destiny…….. now maya is pregnant nd some crazy people r saying that maya is having samay’s child hahahaha??so funny nd arjun how dare he speaks to saanjh like this poor vandana poor ayaan ndd prem he is going to die he is such a loving father how can he die samay is also like maya pure psycho….. this serial is for crazy people like us ?only crazy people can tolerate this serial??

  21. Ya Maya is selfish i agree but arjun is so dumb har baar woh maya ki baatien sun kar pigal jaata h ?? poor arjun dont know the evil maya……but i love maya her acting style all r awesome she is so beautiful also ….. i love saanjh also i wanted that arjun shud marry saanjh butt..somethimg else was written in thier destiny…….. now maya is pregnant nd some crazy people r saying that maya is having samay’s child hahahaha??so funny nd arjun how dare he speaks to saanjh like this poor vandana poor ayaan ndd prem he is going to die he is such a loving father how can he die samay is also like maya pure psycho….. this serial is for crazy people like us ?only crazy people can tolerate this serial??

    1. Hate Maya Always

      Arjuna doesn’t deserve Saanjh

      1. arjun is not a paaagal.. he is a true husbabnd (remember the 7 wows of marriage?) and he is a father now….. and hes just doing his part fine… im sure he would be a good son and a friend too if only saanjh n vandana approached him in a dignified way instead of bashing him up.. to paagal teri biwi paagal blah blah blah……

      2. ks is a b*t*h

        acha so in marrriage only one should sacrifice evrything then it snot marriage

      3. Yep it right it’s nott a marriage. But I’m not talking about marriage here but talking about aarjun and wanna say kudos to him. Can’t I appreciate only him or should I need to take Maya’s support to praise a man like arjun? Not necessary! Coz I’m a neutral viewer…He is doing his best to save his marriage. Maybe Maya doesn’t know how to keep his love I agree….And btw what’s up with this pseudo name of urs? Saanjh lover Maya and KS hater…..Or… Kalika??? Then behave like saanjh na why behaving so negative like Maya. Wats the edifference between u n her?

  22. Well! If saanjh sent an email,then it shuld be in her sent list also.PIz show some common sense ;was agreat fan of the show but it is too dragging.A person can not always win.Saanjh has suffered a lot. First Arjun and now Samay.I hope samay gets caught now

  23. To my Maya lovers,see this,Jennifer said Maya is not behind back prem death…?? it

    1. My Maya lovers .Jennifer said mere hath nay in murder wit raise her hands?,,so she is not killer like she said before,it will reveal later…have patience.. kushal said all blame will come on Maya…so sad episodes ahead..keep stone heart… Jennifer got angry on reporter like funnyly what torturer torture,i just asked mom why she is doing with me,i did not tortured mom..see this news always ready to blame’s just unpredictable thriller serial,any way im very happy,let’s don’t spoil our happiness ,lets leave haters…..enjoy it dear

      1. Bandh Kara aap ka bakwas…


    I bet you one Maya fan’s brain exploded right about now

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Actually i laughed 😀

    2. Hate Maya Always

      True true true true….
      Not only PAGAL n I don’t have word for this type of mean girl.

    3. I can see whose is the ones here breaking all the limits of insanitamd going overboard…. Right kalika?

      1. I can see who is the one here who is breaking all the limits of insanity and going overboard.. right kalika?

      2. Hey guys btw I don’t mean to get personal with any of u commenters.. but I do wish to know if anyone of u guys come into the age group 25 to 30…. Coz from the comments I can make out most people here are teenagers…. wish to interact with people of my age group coz we’d have . Same level of thinking…So.anyone?

      3. yeah.. i kinda guessed it. wish we had a few more people of our age group so that we can actually argue in an fair dignified way…. its fun that way.. or are we the only ones among our peers who watch this show??!!!!??

      4. ? i bet…. hey stop ragging kalika yaar.. poor girl..stop being a big bully??

      5. All said and done sajni.. I guess we need to exit now ..Saare bachche hai yahan. Kuch maza nihi aaraha hAI…Inke saath kya Bahas? Comments from dark hunter,resonance mayaarya forever, even our skeptic Sonia was good…Prads too….Age ka toh Pata nahi, par baato mein kuch dum tha in logon ke.. Getting bored now to comment here …..

  25. And again we have stupid explanations flowing everywhere.
    Maya pregnant with Samayas kid? Really? Common please tell me you are joking. You can not seriously believe that.
    Prem getting killed because Sanjh is stupid? Oh God. If you say that she is responsible for his death even inderictly, I would say Maya is MORE responsible for his death. Afterall Samay is doing all this for Maya. Does that sound illogical to you? Well saying that Sanjh is the reason for his murder is even more illogical.
    Sanjh is jealous of Arya!! Ugh! No she isnt. She is a good human being (not perfect or mahaan but still good enough) She had tears in her eyes when she came to know about Mayas pregnancy because – 1. She feels sorry for the kid and Maya because of the timing.
    2. She remembers Mayas last pregnancy when Maya lost her (imaginary?) child.

    We dont know if Maya is pretending this time too or not. Watch very closely the Arya scene yesterday Maya seemed hesitant in giving Arjun her hand when he asked for it. Some of you are saying that Maya was not smirking thats why she is saying the truth but I dont remember her smirking when she framed Ayaan. Her tears blinded everyone back then and people started hating Ayaan. Please dont let her tears blind you this time too.
    Moreover Sanjh doesnt love Arjun at all right now so when she went to him to tell him the truth it was because she felt that her friend deserved to know the truth from her before she took it to court. Thats what any friend would do.
    Put yourself in her place and then think.
    She went there not because she wanted to ruin their happiness. But only wanted her childhood friend to know the truth.
    But again are Arya happy? Actually cut that. Is Arjun happy?
    Sanjh saying that Maya should be sent to a mental asylum. What else should she say. She has seen the dark side of Maya in which Maya is even ready to kill Vandana and her. I am starting to believe that Maya is not a mental patient but a maniac. Mental patients are not this cunning and manipulating they are troubled people unabe to understand the world and the world in turn unable to understand them.
    And lastly calling Sanjh stupid for trusting Samay. Are you guys only finding faults in Sanjh because you dislike her cause when Arjun and Maya trust each other then they are praised and their love is labeled pure but when Sanjh does the same she is an idiot. We know Samays truth she doesnt. And if by this logic she is still considered stupid then Arjun is even more stupid since Maya has been fooling him since the starting.

    1. Hate Maya Always

      Great comment.
      First sensible comment on this page.

    2. She should tell maya shud go to mental asylum when she has tried her part of being a Friend.. not once did she try to help arjun with maya instead she is trying to separate them…i m not saying she shud give her chances till death ..but did once she extend her hand for help ? And other than this…i agree with u…as i m not a saanjh hater… but i just wish that she cud have acted more sensibly…and regarding her dad’s death… we feel she shud have handeled more discreetly and shud have waited unless she has the proof…as it was of no use going to arjun without proof…she again just planned on going there and yelling at them

    3. Yes I appreciate ur comments… For the first time I come across u as the ounly dignified saanjh lover on board. I support Maya coz she’s being judged before anyone has even tried to get her treated. But u are very right when u say Maya is being shown as a maniac more than a mental patient (credits to the CVS for this.. pun intended)… and that’s wat hurts me.. coz Cvs can show Her as a maniac and not give a scope for sympathy coz that’ll stop us from seeing her as how we see samay.. evil a killing machine… this actually confuses audience. Anyway I agree to u totally saanjh is not bad she is not perfect either …. And Maya lovers it’s really silly to blame saanjh for her dad’s death…. Seriously.. it’s ok to have a soft spot for Maya but not loose ur reasoning power to tell right from wrong. i But the only complain I have with saanjh wen it comes to saanjh is hope she didn’t trust samay so badly coz she already knows he’s with Maya

      1. this was to u @pi

    4. hate maya b*t*h

      loved it PI

  26. i believe that its time maya is exposed and she is sent to rehabilitation. it would be even better if she herself admits to her crimes., hand over her baby to arjun and goes to rehab. And as sensible people we all should agree that nothing is above law and wen court decides her a punishment it would only be keeping her mental state in mind and it wont be so stringent. i wish season 3 comes as a changed maya out from the rehab and into her husbands and kids arms…

    1. also im kinda very sure actually maybe maya and samay wouldve been taking a treatment for their mental illness together i some councelling centre.. once upon a time.. and thats where they met firsst….else isnt it too much of a coincidence that both are obsessed kinda lovers….??

  27. Thanks Kalika! at least someone is here to understand my point. and I agree with pi too.
    the so called maya lovers consider people like us as maya haters. which is not the case. and if repenting clears your sins then every sin, every crime is justified. and about arjun..he was always selfish. what he did for his brother, his mother ,his friend. nothing. he was always a bad bro, a bad son ,and a bad friend. he is good for nothing except one thing. he is best being maya’s puppet. so it’s not surprising that he is thinking that saanjh is doing this because she loves him. self obsessed. he never thought about his family, so how can he think that saanjh is doing this for his family. innocent ayaan..who was about to get married. vandana who was about to get killed. saanjh is fulfilling the duties of a son which arjun should have fulfilled. when arjun wants he goes to maya ,when he wants he comes back. why did he come back. everything was going good. but he spoiled it again and went back to maya. if he wouldn’t have come ayan wouldn’t have gone to save him. he did that to save him from maya’s clutches. Because arjun’s confession told him so. he did this without even thinking twice, for a brother who left him earlier and after both. but yeah ,it was ayan’s mistake to love him like a bro. it was their mistake to accept him back in the family. he really deserved to get tortured by maya. only him not anyone else. he is such a spineless character. and now maya..repent as much as you can. but you can’t pay for a mother’s tears. a brother’s trust. a person’s respect and a human life.
    saanjh keep going. maya ,samay and arjun don’t know a word humanity.

  28. The show runs for maya.. she will win… she is the main cast..

  29. O oh im enjoying to see Maya haters stalking behind Maya lovers..where ever you go I will follow u…hutch..hutch….??????? i wanna follow follow follow wanna follow..hutch..hutch…???

    1. Oh mistake error it’s not Maya haters,it’s Maya lovers haters (who hates Maya lovers)…
      O oh im enjoying to see Maya lovers haters stalking behind Maya lovers..where ever you go I will follow u…hutch..hutch…. ???? i wanna follow follow follow wanna follow..hutch..hutch…?? ?

      1. Haan jii buri nazar hamesha saath hothi hai . Jaise ki aap…

  30. Ks im wid u coz im also a maya lover mayaa rocksss…Hi Fi dude ?? yes enjoying seeing maya haters so annoying….. enjoy guys nd keep watching….

  31. @ks i m wid u n ks dnt react to @kalika bcz by writing pagal she is giving proof for herself wat she is n what maya is maya lovers knows anyways kalika can u give sum proof for sanj innocenc so dat v beleive in ur statement maya pagal n as i said dat dz sanj n vm just want maya face to reveal n least intersted in ayaan bail today sanj had proof me ri8 by going to hospital rather dn going to police station do u have any comment on dz @kalika n sanj lover arjun said ri8 to sanj dat she love him n by going der she proof dat she still love arjun sanj should remov her face cover rather dn removing maya bcz her action shows wat kind of person she is n behind his father death she is responsible bcz as samay said maya se do kadam aage chalo bcz maya is sharp so behind prem death if maya vl blam so equally sanj should be blam bcz dz game n plan was started by sanj n maya just played so plz sanj lover hav brain n dont blame maya again luv u maya always??

    1. Apsolutely true… Maya is not pagal…
      maya is a criminal , murderer…

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