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Beyhadh 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya digs grave and cries that she will also be finished with his love, even after death she will not leave him. Arjun tells Saanjh that he will break jail and take revenge from Maya. Saanjh says police will shoot him if he is caught. He says he will be hanged anyways. She says she has sent mercy petition to prime minster’s PA. He says she did online polling and filed man petitions in 3 months and nothing happened, in fact people now yell at her. She says she promised Vandana aunty to protect him. He asks her to help him and explains plan, gives number and asks to call this number and he will explain her what next to do, she has to give him some money. He says she has to bring car near tree outside at 2 a.m. She sees a shadow and runs behind it thinking if duffer is caught, he cannot escape

again. She then hears Ayan telling jailer that Arjun will escape from jail. Jailer laughs and asks if he watches movies so much. Ayan says he knew he would not believe, so he brought proof and gives Arjun’s letter. Jailer says all inmates plan to escape, but they will go out only after death. He asks to go now as he needs to prepare papers before hanging Arjun. Ayan walks out and sees Saanjh standing.

Arjun angrily scratches Maya’s name on his chest with a stone reminiscing Maya inscribing her name on his chest. His chest bleeds profusely. Jailer asks constable to closely watch Arjun.

Saanjh takes Ayan out and asks what was he doing, Maya is still alive and Arjun wants to take revenge. Ayan says he wants to take revenge from Arjun as loved Maya and she ruined their lives. Saanjh says if Arjun dies, Maya will be alive. Ayan says Maya’s punishment would be Arjun’s death. Saanjh says she will not let Arjun die.

Maya writes Arjun’s name with a knife on stone and hearing a stone throws knife. She follows sound and does not find anyone. She finds blood on knife and thinks someone is following her, her past’s pages are opening again. Arjun erases Maya’s name from his chest and thinks he will erase even her name from this world, he laughs loudly and shouts Maya.. Maya finds blood on stone. She shouts who is it and flips stone angrily.

Ayan asks Saanjh not to waste her time and let Arjun die. Saanjh says she promised Vandana to protect her duffer and will never leave him. Ayan says she has gone mad and he knows how to correct her. He drags her out and asks to sit into car. She pushes him and runs away. Inspector asks Ayan if girlfriend is angry on him and laughs. Ayan reaches Suman and informs that Saanjh has gone and and is trying to help Arjun escape from jail, if she is caught this time, she will not be spared.

Maya hides a stone under leaves and walks hurriedly. Someone clears stone and finds Maya’s name and her birth and death date on it. Maya runs and falls slipping and shouts Arjun..Arjun in jail thinks let Maya run wherever she wants, her love will reach her soon. He laughs insanely. Maya finds she slipped on a rope. She gets up and worriedly looks around. She then wears veil and runs again. Maya is seen written on tree.

Precap: Ayan hugs Arjun and says thank god he escaped from jail. Inspector Ranbeer surrounds them with team. Ayan injects Arjun and says he will not let him kill anyone. Arjun collapses.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. god it seems everybody is playing negative character in this serial except saanjh. nobody can trust noone.

  2. Hi guys. It’s been a while since I visited this site.So happy to see some of the old commenters returning after a long time. Welcome back guys.

    Initially I thought to resume my role as a silent reader but after reading some comments I couldn’t help but reply.

    First of all dear @diehardbeyhadhfan you say Maya is not mad but just bad. Well that’s your opinion. And you might have first-hand experience about PPD too. But here we are not even talking about PPD but a much worse case of mental illness. And there are different types of mental illness.
    Like anxiety and panic attacks, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder (BPD), depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)…the list goes on. And each one is different from each other with different signs and symptoms.
    And these disorders can also be further divided into subcategories too.
    For e.g. if we take schizophrenia there are different types like
    paranoid schizophrenia disorganized, or hebephrenic schizophrenia, catatonic schizophrenia, childhood schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder etc.

    In BPD, you feel very worried about people abandoning you, and would do anything to stop that happening.
    You find it very hard to make and keep stable relationships.
    You have suicidal thoughts or self-harming behaviour. Well Maya experienced these symptoms and there’s a good chance that she’s suffering from BPD.

    And you say Maya could calmly run her company. Yes that’s true. But that doesn’t say anything about her mental fitness. If you say that the fact that Maya could run her company successfully should also mean she should do the same with her life, then it’s not fair. According to your theory the successful businesspeople should also have a successful personal life. But we know this is not true. There are many a people who are top at their career but fail miserably in life. A lot of people end up getting divorced more than once. So that means being successful in career and profession doesn’t necessarily mean being successful in personal life too.

    And yes people with mental illness can and do work.
    They successfully work across the full spectrum of workplaces.Some people disclose their mental illness and some do not. Most importantly, people with mental illness can succeed or fail, just like any other worker. There are lot of prominent people with mental illness who openly discuss and reflect on their mental health issues and have developed successful careers. The same could’ve happened with Maya also.

    And people with mental illness have the same intellectual capacity as anyone else.
    Having mental illness does not necessarily imply any loss of intellectual functioning. Some symptoms and medications associated with mental illness may affect a person’s ability to concentrate, process, or remember information.
    So it shouldn’t mean that a person having high IQ cannot be mentally ill.

    And it’s very well possible that a mental illness can relapse after a long time under certain situations. It could’ve happened with Maya too. She could run the company successfully but when it came to her married life she might’ve lost it. And even when she was the boss of fashion and the city her extreme behavior is depicted like having panic attacks at the mere sight of her father.

    The situations which causes the relapse are also called “triggers.” While everyone will have their own triggers, there are some common triggers. Here are some examples:
    Loss or grief
    Conflict among loved ones
    An unpleasant event such as a perceived failure, disappointment or criticism
    Other stressful event
    Certain times (a change in the season or, if you’re a woman, your reproductive cycle)
    Not following through on your treatment plan (such as not taking prescribed medications)
    Other health problems or concerns etc
    It’s possible that Maya also experienced the above mentioned triggers.

    And as for your another allegation that Maya has the urge to kill; I don’t think she has an urge to kill. Because if that’s true then her father might be long dead. And it would mean she’ll try to find reasons just for the sake of killing someone. But if we watch the show we can clearly see that it’s not the case. She’s always trying to stay away from committing mistakes. But when she feel like there’s no other way she resort to crime.
    It’s like Jennifer Winget herself said “SHE’S (Maya) NOT BAD, she tries till the end to do the right thing. But even if that doesn’t work she doesn’t give up. Then she’ll make sure that does work. That’s the difference between Maya and other characters. If not by hook then by crook”

    They’ve done extensive research in creating the character Maya and Jennifer had read several books and seen international shows and movies for Maya’s character. So I think she knows Maya better than any of us and here’s she herself saying Maya is not bad and she’ll be happy to have someone like Maya in her life.

    And you say Maya could’ve talked about her problems to arjun rather than resorting to violence. Well the same applies for him too. In any type of relationship honest communication plays an important role. Here Maya didn’t do that. She had mental problems. But what’s arjun’s reason for that? He could’ve talked to her when he felt like she’s not being normal and got her professional help. But why didn’t he do that?

    And as for Maya’s reasons. She was clearly not normal. While going even for a simple counseling regarding not-so serious mental ailments, people tend to answer that there are no problems and everything is perfectly alright with them when asked about their problems. Only after asking repeatedly and creating a sense of security and safety, would they open up about their problems. So if we really want to help them we should have patience with them and try to give them some time and build up their trust in us rather than losing our cool and have a go at them.
    So why didn’t arjun do the same with Maya? After all he was happy to have h2h with jaanvi then why not Maya? And it was evident from the episodes where Maya confess to jaanvi about her mistakes that she knew something was wrong with her and wanted someone to get her help. If only arjun had shown half the concern he had for saanjh to Maya…!

    And as for your argument that mentally ill people always commit crimes in rage and out of impulse, let me quote from an article about the mental health of mass murders by Dr. Meloy, a forensic psychologist and clinical professor of psychiatry at the Univ. of California, San Diego, School of Medicine.

    “There’s a popular assumption of many that anyone who commits a mass murder has done it impulsively, without any planning or preparation, and has completely lost control; the hidden premise being that anyone who gave such behavior any thought, even if emotionally troubled, would not engage in such behavior since it is so horrifying and antithetical to the general goodness of the human spirit. This is a myth in virtually all mass murders. 

    Our research, and others’ studies, have consistently shown that mass murderers, whether adolescents or adults, will research, plan, and prepare for their act of targeted violence over the course of days, weeks, and even months. 

    The mass murders often have both mental disorders and personality disorders. Mental disorders range from chronic psychotic disturbances, such as schizophrenia to major depression, other depressive disorders, bipolar disorders, and other paranoid disorders, such as persecutory delusional disorder.” 

    I’m not saying Maya is a mass murderer or something or all the mentally unstable people are dangerous. But just saying that the mental patients who commit murders may not necessarily be doing that out of rage or as a result of suddenly losing control. They can plan and execute it. Still that doesn’t make them any less ill.

    But if you still feel like Maya is just evil and nothing else then maybe the CVs are to be blamed. They might not be completely successful in portraying what they originally wanted.

    Because the following are Jennifer’s words:

    “Actually I think Maya is kick-ass I’D LOVE TO BE LIKE HER”
    Now she’ll never say something like this about an evil character, will she?

    And why most people love Maya aside from the beyhadh acting skills of Jennifer is that we could relate to Maya on some level. We all have a Maya inside us; a broken little kid who desperately wanted someone to help her out of the dark. That’s why we want Maya’s redemption and a happily ever after for her story.

    1. But Maya’s doctor himself accepted in front of court that she is not mad then?? ????I don’t understand that

      1. Yes @remya, the doctor did tell the court that Maya was suffering from just depression and no other mental illness. But a lot of mental illness such as bipolar disorder, BPD, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety disorders are being misdiagnosed as unipolar depression or depression because these have a common set of symptoms and because of the lack of experience in treating these unique disorders. In fact a study shows that the average amount of time it took for people with bipolar disorder to get a correct diagnosis ranged from five to seven years.

        And there is also another danger in misdiagnosis, the antidepressants given can actually worsen the condition of bipolar disorder patients. If you recall Maya was experiencing the same thing. She discontinued her medication after having hallucinations. Maybe this was the reason behind that. But who knows, after all this is a fictional show, they can always come up with another explanation.

        And don’t forget the incident where jaanvi was helping vandana to find out the medical reports of Maya which proves her to be mentally unstable.

        But I didn’t post my first comment having only Maya in my mind but also the other vast population who are suffering from different mental illness. There are several myths regarding them; that this patients can’t be very intelligent, they can’t calmly work or be successful in their career like normal people do, they can be violent all of a sudden and can completely lose it in seconds and attack others etc. I just wanted to tell these are not true but misconceptions.

        I think the CVs were trying to show how a mentally unstable person who was otherwise ready to adjust with everyone and love them unconditionally, was compelled to go rogue and commit crimes because of the insensitivity and carelessness of others towards her. But they sure are failing in their mission. It’s obvious that they intended Maya as a good character. But a lot of people still consider her as nothing but pure evil. And I’m afraid by portraying Maya like this, they are knowingly or unknowingly also helping to create a terrible image of mentally ill in front of society. That was why I posted the first comment. Hope you get my point. Thank you.

    2. Dear dreameyesAppreciate the level of research on disorders….you would have also then read that borderline personality disordered individuals create havoc n abuse their loved ones.. I was married to one….also therapy is v difficult. . And the only solution for the loved ones of such individual is non contact . Research also tells us that they are reluctant to go into therapy as is evident in Maya’s case ….she didn’t take meds….and also will agree to it only if it s to their benefit. Sam Vaknin a self proclaimed Narcissitic disordered individual documents his own experience…it’s worth a read. They do not feel empathy compassion or remorse. So almost all psychiatrist advise the loved ones to stay away as they can never ever reciprocate the love they receive . These people are empty inside. Of course we sympathise that they turned up this way…but knowing their illness wilfully not trying to cure and constantly expecting their partners to prove their love is inhuman

      Again m speaking from personal experience.

      Also most psychopath n serial killers n rapist’s would have some underlying mental issues. Do we forgive them? Do we treat them as role model and try n excuse all their misdemeanour on their troubled childhood. Jennifer of course had done a fabulous job. But justifying her character…n excusing her crimes is definitely not normal

      1. Dear @Raji thanks for sharing your knowledge about BPD. But here I was not insisting Maya was suffering from BPD. From what I read I thought she was also exhibiting some of its symptoms. I never said for sure that’s her illness. She may have very well be suffering from PTSD, OCD, anxiety disorders etc. Maybe even the CVs never pinpointed a disorder. So I was just considering all the possibilities and BPD was one among them.

        But after going through your comment I don’t think Maya was this worse. Because she was never reluctant in taking medication and only agreed to it for her benefit. She admits to herself that she stopped it because because she was having hallucinations. And she’s always honest during these times. Because she was not confessing to anyone else or was putting a show for someone else’s sake. And in PTSD, people tend to stay away from incidents and things which remind them of their tragic past. This might’ve happened with Maya too.
        And as I said before, it was evident from the episodes where Maya was confessing her crimes to jaanvi that she knew something was wrong with her and wanted someone to get her help. But the truth is nobody ever tried to do that.

        And you’re saying BPD patients do not feel sympathy, compassion or remorse. Again this is not true on Maya’s case. From the early episodes itself we can see Maya repenting her every bad deed. She’s always seen crying and showing remorse in her acts. Again she was honest in these times since there’ll be no onlookers then.

        And she’s very well able to love another person. And when she does, she’ll be ready to even give life and take life for her loved ones. I’m not saying this is a good thing and worth following. No-one has a right to take another’s life. But along with that Maya’s also ready to give her life. Remember the times when she jumped into the water to save jaanvi without even considering the fact that she can’t swim, going after arjun who was stuck in the island ignoring the warnings that it’s highly dangerous due to high tides, trying to extinguish the fire when saanjh’s dupatta caught fire with her bare hands without even pausing a second to think about her own safety.
        So from these incidences it’s clear that the CVs originally wanted Maya as a good character with mental disorders thanks to her father and who’s condition got worse due to the denied treatment. It’s also evident from Jennifer Winget stating that Maya is not bad and she’d be happy to have a person like Maya in her life. But I often felt like the way they are going on with the storyline the CVs are actually creating a bad image and lot of misconceptions about mental illness. That’s why I posted about different mental illness and myths about mental patients not able to work, losing control and attacking others without any provocation etc.

        And I’m not defending serial killers and rapists and I’m most definitely not asking their partners to prove their love. I can’t agree more when you say expecting the loved ones of those who don’t have a slight possibility to change, to stick with them is inhumane. But Maya is not like that. Unlike the serial killers etc she was not committing the crimes just for the sake of it. Atleast that’s what’s the CVs intended to show Maya as. But I’m not sure they’ve completely succeeded in that.

        Anyway wish you all the best in your life @Raji and thanks again for sharing your knowledge. If you felt like I was unnecessarily defending the people based on their illness who doesn’t even want to change and was trying to accuse their loved ones for not loving them enough and was also indirectly accusing them for their partner’s condition, then I’m really sorry. That was never my intention. Hope you get it. Thank you.

    3. diehardbeyhadhfan

      Yes agree i said Maya can calmly run her company.. but i never said… Maya can calmly run her company therefore she can be calm other times too….. U have not understood my point enough then…. I said if Maya can calmly run her company, it means that there are moments in Maya’s life where she can be calm and stable n focus on things. it’s not like shes a Maverick all the time… So it is in those calm moments that she can actually concentrate how how she’s going to work on her mental health and her relationship with arjun and wat kind if strategy n treatment she wants to follow…. But i don’t see Maya doing any if that even in her stable and calm moments she scheming n manipulating on how she’s gonna hurt others…rater than focusing on how to get better … She is bindaas about her deeds withour any remorse she does not even acknowled her problem n how it’s creating a ruckus in others lives.. she’s just using her mental illness as n excuse to execute those actions that she’s already planned in cold blood…. But now I’m not argue about this mental illness issue anymore… Coz my current belief is that she has none of it . She is evil.. n pure evil. Period

      1. diehardbeyhadhfan

        N ya i condemn Maya’s actions.
        . It doesn’t mean i support Arjun saanjh Vandana by default… They are the most immature characters alive..n yeah they are made to potray the majority of our society whose notion towards mental patients in malignant… Wish people were more educated… Such shows are only corrupting the the society’s mindset which is already so negative towards mental patients.. .it’s better the CVS ultimately says.. Maya was evil n not mental n totally scrap out the mental angle altogether from this show… Coz u know wat kinda of impact it’s gonna have on society. It’ll only fuel the hatred they already have towards the mentally ill people….

      2. Okay @diehardbeyhadhfan I get that you consider Maya as just an evil character. What I was trying to say is I believe the CVs actually intended Maya to be a good character but with unstable mental condition due to her tragic past. Because they’ve shown several incidents where Maya was acting selflessly and Jennifer Winget also said Maya is not bad. But the way they’re going on with the storyline, it only helps in creating serious misconceptions about mental illness. That just need to change because even if this is just an entertainment we tend to get greatly influenced from these.

  3. So now ayaan who always wanted to save his bhai from his paagal wife hates arjun and doesn’t even care if he lives or dies. But that’s justifiable because he’s still grieving for his mother and believes arjun is responsible for his mother’s death.
    Likewise if arjun tries to kill Maya when Maya provoke arjun into killing her by confessing all the mistakes she had committed till date then that’s also justifiable.
    But if an already stressed out and mentally unstable Maya try to kill ayaan who was practically begging her to show her paagalpan by provoking her in all possible manner then that’s not something worth redemption. Wow! If this is not double standard, I don’t know what is.
    I’m not saying what Maya did is right but simply reminding that if Maya is wrong then so are the others. When you focus too much on her bad deeds you fail to see others wronging Maya and the reasons why Maya is what she’s now.

    And I don’t think Maya believes arjun never loved her. But she might’ve had her doubts about him. Like she might’ve been present on the bar during the bachelor party and heard his drunken confession about marrying her for the money. Even if she didn’t completely believe it she made a back-up plan in case that proved to be true. Just like Maya herself once said to arjun her heart might be blind in love but her brain is still intact. That’s what happened here. Once she believed in his love, but after Samay’s death she knew for sure that arjun didn’t love her and was just pretending for the sake of their child. So she carried on with her plan since her doubts about arjun leaving her became true.

    And I don’t believe Maya finding her doppelganger as a lucky coincidence for her. Maybe there’s a story behind that too. After all this is beyhadh; anything could happen.

    And about the panditji and the staff, I think the CVs will give explanation along with other mysteries like Maya’s truth which ashwin and Samay always threatened her with. This is a finite show so they might’ve already planned the climax and all. We just need to have a little patience and wait for all the mysteries to unfold.

  4. And for those who say people hate saanjh because of Aneri Vajani’s less perfect acting skills compared to the veteran Jennifer Winget. Well this maybe true for some people but I’m not one among them. I’m myself an Aneri fan. I liked her in Nisha aur uske cousins and I liked her character after watching her no. of interviews and the MishRi segments. Likewise after watching Ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai I became a fan of Kushal Tandon too. But as for Jennifer Winget, beyhadh is her first show that I watched. But I became her fan because of Maya; not the other way around. But still I absolutely hate arjun and saanjh but love Maya. That’s not based on the actors who play the role but because of the characters themselves. And here we are discussing about these reel characters so please don’t start personal attacks on the actors too. If you wanna criticise their acting, then do so without getting personal.

    And yes we always say Maya is the jaan of the show. But that’s not in offense to the other characters and their acting. It’s just that the show is all about Maya; be it her beyhadh pyaar or her beyhadh paagalpan or her beyhadh nafrath. The show practically revolves around Maya. I think even Maya haters would admit that the show was boring for the few days where there’s no Maya and only arjun and saanjh. But this is purely my opinion and even if you don’t agree with it just say so without offending my mouth and brain by accusing them as useless and without giving me a character certificate stating I’m a psycho and whatnot.

    Peace to all those who know how to argue and prove their point in a polite way and also to those who are not lucky enough to have the ability to realise calling people names who disagree with them are only helping to show their upbringing and culture in a bad light.

  5. And I read some of you wishing ks, and other Maya lovers and also their respective family members a horrible death from their psycho life partners. Wow! guys I don’t know what to say to that. Here you are accusing people who are practically strangers to you as psychos for liking a fictional character but on the other hand you yourselves wish horrible death to real people who you haven’t even met once in your life . Well lemme just remind you this saying,
    “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

  6. Thid is getting too evil and out of reality

  7. This track is so funny. Its all about revenge.
    Maya is taking revenge against Arjun for not being truthful and sticking to his vows.
    Arjun is taking revenge on Maya for framing him for her death.
    Saanjh is taking revenge against Maya for hurting everyone in their lives and framing Arjun.
    At an is taking revenge on Arjun for his mother’s death.
    SAMAY will try and take revenge on them all for killing him.

    I think Samay is the one spying on Maya. He’s such a psycho I can totally see him writing Mayas name on the trees. Or Arjun has a friend who found Maya and kept an eye on her for him. I want to say Samay is spying on Saanjh too but one person can’t be at the same place twice, so he probably has a partner WHICH makes me think it could be Ashwin or Jhanvi doing her daughter’s dirty work. But my money is on Ashwin. If Maya can fake her death so perfectly, why can’t Ashwin do that??? He and Samay may be coming back for their own revenge. Which will really suck for Maya, Arjun and Saanjh because they’re two vicious people who you never want to cross. Maya can’t do shit now because she is dead in the world’s eyes. Her moves won’t be as great as she used to be. The perks of taking your death.

    Maya still loves Arjun though. She fell and the name that left her lips were his. I miss them so much. I love them a lot.

    Maya and Arjun should play the game of revenge well and they could end up falling for each other again. That would be perfect. Or they could not team up with Saanjh and defeat Samay and Ashhwin.

  8. Mona146

    maya has gone bald isnt it? very quickly she has regrown so much of hair? Does not make sense. Somebody is keeping a watch on saanjh-ayan as well as maya? so stupid. this jungle was episode is too stupid frm two days. and 1995 year of birth really? matlab itne kaand karne ke bad uski umar sirf 23 years hair? bakwass.

  9. Maya approx 30-35 saal ki hogi. Isme kya ulta sulta dikha re hai yar. I agree serial illogical hai but itna kaise bhai? Maya k teen mahine me itne baal badh gaye. Mai aaj takli ho jau to 6 mahine me bob cut bhi nhi milega. Ullu bana re hai yar maza b nhi ata ese dekhne me. Isse acha maya ko sudharne me lagate ya fir aisa karte ki kaand koi or krta ho or naam maya pe ata ho. But pura bakwas natak kr diya. Beyhadh ki to trp bhi khatam hai boss. And ye natak do-teen mahine me khatam ho jayega.

  10. Everything is okay we can even accept her hair grew so much in 3 months may be for some hair growth is real fast but may born in 1995 she is just 22 or 23 years old seriously makers are u mad or blind that doesn’t make any sense the show had a 3 years leap . Which means maya married Arjun when she was 19 or 20. So became a great business women while she was just 18 or 19 . And during Samay’s flash back shown it was years back with maya a short haircut was that when she was 15 ??? Really can’t understand the logic

    1. Lol… seriously 22?

    2. pinkyyyyy u nailed ittt man hahahahaahhaaahh LOL……………

    3. Yes @Pinky, the CVs are making things more ridiculous day by day. Before 3 years it was shown that Maya was 26 then. But she seems to be aging in reverse. Now she’s only 22. The CVs are like whatever they show, the viewers should accept it without questioning however illogical it may seem.

    4. diehardbeyhadhfan

      Maya met samay eight years back wen she was 18.. 18+8+1(she was in asykum throughout her pregnancy and three months of arjuns cinviction)=27 years…. So Maya should be 90 born… Hello CVS.. u failing in simple calculation no wonder ur show is so illogical…

  11. mayas pagalpan is really getting boring….same old Maya. never changing in character… why is she blaming arjun for breaking promises when she herself broke many promises. she is really twisted and just trying to justify her deeds…..and Maya is no different from other serial villains except she is shown to be having remorse for her mistakes.
    ..hate Maya and of course love sanjh

  12. [email protected]
    Thanks for getting me. But I feel the writers started off showing Maya as a disturbed character thanks to her abusive childhood. ..n when she finds Arjun who seems to be that one person who stands by her she gets all clingy n focusses all her love on that one person. And at that point they did show her to be a person of conscience and remorse. N we could have them rooted for her. But later they turned her so totally dark…..she had no qualms projecting her so called beyhadh love as a wife beater in the world’s eyes. She had totally isolated him from his family n Saanh. Btw…. isolation is a favourite tactic of an abuser. They convince the victim that they don’t need anybody else so long as they have this true love….again speaking from.experiemce……whereas any one who understands love knows love is Freedom….love is trust love is respect

    Unfortunately she didn’t give any of it to Arjun. Even when he wasaway from his loved ones…….iand she had no fear of losing him. Her suffocating n controllinh ways turned him against her. Also he was shown to be so fond of his brother….but disbelieve him supporting his wife in the basic trust he had of her integrity
    Post season one she has been portrayed as a manipulative woman with absolutely no morals…and no wish to change… Arjun had clarified that the moment she turned to evil..he will forsake her. Yet she found excuses to turn to evil…. trust me it was not the only option…..

    What I m trying to say here is….an opportunity to create a person with deep rooted mental issues and her struggle to fit in a healthy society was lost and instead a monster with no regarf for love respect n trust was created…who keeps using people ..this Maya cannot be justified….
    The child like Maya who never saw happiness n tried to find it in her own way can be admired pitied n loved

    Not this Maya…thanks for patience

    1. Dear @Raji I absolutely agree with you when you say the CVs have turned Maya into black from grey.

      But I can’t agree that she isolated arjun from his family and saanjh just for making him only hers. Because in the early days of marriage we’ve seen her trying to change and become a good bahu. Even when vandana was ill treating her and arjun tried to reprimand vandana regarding that Maya stopped him and opted to suffer in silence. But yes later she separated them but not because she couldn’t see arjun love anyone other than her, but because she felt like vandana will separate the two of them however hard she tried to get her acceptance. And we cannot forget that what saanjh was trying to do for a lifetime, Maya accomplished in a matter of few minutes. It was because of Maya and only Maya that the strained relationship between arjun and vandana was fixed and he started calling her maa and vandana could start using her so-called right of a mother on arjun. If it wasn’t for Maya vandana would’ve left the sharma house for good and that in turn would’ve caused cracks in arjun’s and ayaan’s relationship. But because of Maya none of this happened. If she really wanted to isolate arjun she wouldn’t be doing all these.

      And then there’s saanjh. Again Maya didn’t separate them because she wanted arjun all by herself. She got scared that as long as saanjh is between then there’s a good chance that arjun’ll leave Maya for saanjh. Remember even after witnessing the drunk love confession of arjun to saanjh Maya never did anything about it. It was the incident happened in pooja on the day before holi that convinced her that saanjh and arjun should be separated otherwise it’ll ultimately lead to the separation of her and arjun. She tried to save saanjh from the fire and ended up getting burned herself. But no-one was paying attention to her. Even arjun was worried about saanjh who was completely alright without any injury, thanks to Maya. His complete attention was to saanjh. So Maya became hurt and in the light of recent events got scared that if saanjh was present between them arjun will eventually leave her for saanjh. So she plotted to separate them.

      Unlike saanjh or any other normal kids Maya never experienced true love even from her parents. And jaanvi herself says in one episode that Maya never got attached to anyone other than arjun. So once she experienced that kind of attention and love from arjun she was very scared of losing it. That’s why she tried to hold on to him tightly and became ready to go to any extend to prevent that from happening. It was not because she wanted no-one sharing arjun’s love but because of the fear that they’ll try to separate her and arjun.

      But yes I really wish the CVs had maintained Maya’s character grey as it originally was and never showed the mental disorders in a bad light like this.
      Anyway waiting for the future episodes. And thanks for sharing your views.

  13. What the heck is this show taking place in future or what?! Maya born in 1995 are you kidding me? I’m born in 1995 and I sure don’t have a business and a married man lol. Also, based on the whole timeline of the show, there’s no way Maya is just 22 yrs old. Come on show makers we ain’t that stupid and you shouldn’t be making such a dumb mistake either.

  14. It’s very funny to read all if plp don’t like this drama and if it’s bore and criminal then why you watch this let here comment those plp who like this story line

  15. Yeh sab to. Thik hai…. Pls koi mjhe wo doppleganger wala concept clear kar do…!!! Does it. Happen k achanak se out of. Nowhere a same looking person comes into. Ur life and is ready to die for. You…!!! N wo aram se mar bhi gai…!!!??? But why? Use. Marne ka shauk chadha tha? She knew about maya and everything else right from the beginning? WO. MARNE AAI. KYU? pls. Koi ye bata do…!!! Lmao!

  16. And when Arjun got suspicious why he didn’t insist on dna match…or even fingerprint ….also is there no way for janhavi to communicate…she uses the buzz we..
    N of course the million dollar question ..Maya anticipated everything n kept a similar looking dead body ready to entrap him……how much can we suspend logic n reason

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