Beyhadh 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Saanjh Trusts Maya and Doubts Suman

Beyhadh 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun calls veterinary doctor when his pet dog Simba drinks poisonous milk. Doc checks Simba and says he drank very less milk and if he had drank more, he would have died. Arjun asks Maya to spare Simba at least. Maya acts and says she was also about to drink same milk and did not mix poison. She alleges Suman. Arjun asks what nonsense. Maya says Suman told she will mix poison in her food, even Saanjh heard it. Suman says she told, but her good manners does not permit harming her. Maya holds Suman’s hand and says she is smelling something and showing milk glass tells Saanjh that Suman’s hands are smelling same. Saanjh says it is mosquito repellent. Maya says Suman prepared milk for her. Suman asks how does she know that she prepared milk, was she spying hiding behind wall, stop her drama

as nobody will believe her. Maya says why will she kill her child, this child is her once chance to change, who is Suman that she will allege Suman, her heart is with someone else.

Saanjh asks Suman how did she get mosquito repellent smell. Suman asks if she is doubting her. Saanjh asks to clear her doubt. Suman asks again if she is doubting her for her Maya. Arjun says nobody is doubting Suman as everyone know her here, Maya will create drama everyday now, today she harmed Simba and tomorrow she will harm someone else. He warns Saanjh to wait and watch Maya’s heinous acts hereon. Suman says Saanjh that she is disappointed from her and how can she consider her as murderer. Saanjh says no and runs behind her. Maya thinks how can Arjun think bad about her, she is hurt.

Suman packs her bag and says she will not stay here. Jahni says Maya wants Saanjh to be alone, she will send Suman, her, Arjun everyone away from Saanjh and make her alone, then she will grab Arjun back. She asks Suman if she will help her kick Maya away from this house.

Arjun tries to feed medicine mixed in ice cream to Simba, but Simba does not eat. Arjun asks if he wants to play and lets him down. Maya comes and picking Simba asks if he is fine. Arjun says Simba is not habituated to dirt. Maya says she came here for him. He twists her hand says whatever she did today is not forgivable. She says loved ones give pain. Arjun says loved ones give love and warning to haters. She asks why did he save her today. He says because he is not a murderer. She continues trying to trap him. He warns her and leaves. She holding her tummy hopes she will get him back one day.

Precap: Arjun tells Saanjh that he will give more precious gift than diamonds to her, Maya’s IVF testing as IVF is not successful always. Doc checks Maya and says she will get report stat. Arjun warns Maya if she is not bearing child, he will not spare her.

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