Beyhadh 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya points gun at Vandana and Saanjh and says they both have made her life hell, how to spare her. She asks Saanjh if someone did not tell her in childhood that one should not enter in someone’s house without informing. Saanjh asks if someone did not tell her not to allege anyone wrongly. Maya says until she is proved guilty, she is not criminal, they don’t even have evidence against her. Saanjh says Ayan is innocent and she got evidence in pen drive. Maya says pend drive is already formatted. Saanjh says she already sent proof to papa, Samay and Arjun. Maya points gun at Vandana and says there is no use killing her and points gun at Saanjh. Saanjh holding small knife looks at her. Maya says she cannot handle pressure and shoots. Arjun and Samay break door and enter. Maya collapses. Vandana

and Saanjh look in a shock. Arjun rushes to Maya, lifts her and runs out. Saanjh hugs Samay. Vandana cries that Arjun did not look at her or her friend, why they are trying to save Arjun who does not damn care about them. Saanjh says they are helping truth come out. Arjun gets Maya into car and leaves saying nothing will happen to herr.

Suman angrily shouts in her house that all work pressure is on Saanjh, she is careless because of Prem’s lenience. Saanjh enters with Vandana and Samay. Suman scolds Saanjh. Saanjh says Vandana needs her and even Ayan, she should have informed them. Prem says just worry about Samay and no one else as Samay was worried more about her. Samay says whatever happened has happened, they should forget it. Saanjh says she got proof of Ayan’s innocence.

Arjun takes Maya to hospital. Doc tells she is fine, her BP was high and it is dangerous for her as she is pregnant, she congratulates her. Arjun is surprised to hear that.

Saanjh tells Suman and Prem whole incident and says Arjun took Maya and did not even once look at Vandana. Suman says Arjun is selfish and did not even care about Vandana. She takes Vandana in to console her. Saanjh tells Samay that she is going to tell Arjun about Maya’s truth and prove Ayan innocent, she has sent mail to him and papa, he should download attachment and mail her back. Samay thinks he will not let Saanjh expose Maya and will do anything for that.

Doc congratulates Arjun that his wife is pregnant. Arjun reminisces Maya telling nobody can come between them, her love is extreme for him. He remiscs her trying to suicide and torture herself for him. He looks at god’s idol nearby and confronts him that he ruined their life for breaking up with them. He snatched child when they wanted one, but is giving one when Maya is ill, Maya cannot handle herself, how will she handle child, god has ruined his life. Maya misbehaved with his mother and Saanjh, but he kept quiet as Maya is ill, but if Maya will misbehave with his child, how will he handle it. Whatever it happens, child will not come in this world, Maya will not become mother.

Samay stops Saanjh and asks not to go. She hugs him and says she sent evidence at right place. Samay smirks and says she sent evidence at right place. She thanks him and walks. Prem stops her and cheers up. She thanks him for being her papa. He jokes. She hugs him and says she is going. He says okay go. She says she sent a mail to him and Samay and he should download it and check as it has proof of Ayan’s innocence. Samay hears hiding behind door and thinks he will destroy that evidence.

Arjun enters Maya’s room. Maya cries to save her son from herself. She is ill. Arjun reminisces Maya trying to suicide repeatedly. Maya cries her illness should not harm her child, only Arjun can cure her. Arjun looks at her.

Precap: Saanjh tells Maya that she will not spare her easily, this time she has proof against Maya and she has to go to jail. Maya pleads Arjun to save her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice episode. Twist was unexpected. But I seriously didn’t understand two things.
    1. Where did Maya shoot in the end. Did she actually intend to shoot someone n lost her target due to dizziness?
    2. Why doesn’t samay want Maya’s truth to be exposed actually? Coz that way Arjun would maybe turn against Maya n inturn samas path would be clear towards Maya right, so y exactly does he want Maya’s secret to be hidden?
    Can someone please explain…

    1. Jasminerahul

      no Maya shot a show piece purposefully to scare them.samay doesn’t want to defame maya

    2. Maya fallen because of dizziness so she missed target,u can watch episode,and samay loves Maya more like beyhadh ,so he is supporting Maya for not to caught.if she caught ,Maya will go far from him ,i think.

  2. ooohhhh mannn..this is ought to happen…Maya has started her nautanki again, as usual…Saanjh is mad to tell everything she did to Maya (LOL)…really? Is she out of her mind? Why did she not send it to Arjun? Even if she would have sent there would be no hope as she has told Maya who all the mail has been sent to…Saanjh is trusting Samay so blindly…Samay is such a ***** to play with a girls emotions just for an evil who doesn’t even love him?? This is heights of stupidity!!!

    I don’t know why am i still watching this show after all this nonsense..huh!!!

  3. Maya baby

  4. and if Maya really want to get cured then she should confess everything she did to Arjun so that he can help her…Maya is not genuine in what she talks to Arjun..she is only showing to Arjun that she wants to get cured and is showing her evil side to the rest of the world..she is a liar…she hurts herself and shows the world that Arjun is hurting her?? How can you do that to someone you love so madly?? crap!!

  5. Wow ? Beyhadh is getting more and more thriller..loving it ?
    After seeing such drama? GW is superb her acting is Awwwsome,,
    Nd Aneri is too Gud..I only watch this show (Hindi)other show’s are a lot of Shit,this is quite Strange nd interesting ????

  6. hate maya character

    now it clear maya slept with samay. she can do anything now ppl like her pschyo character omg
    wen that rape scene happened all were like scolding ayan and saanhj and after knowing truth maya lovers were like due to her illness really . cvs please have some brain

    1. Sorry babes I don remember any of us Maya lovers justify her actions of accusing ayan of rape. Infact All Maya supporters bashed the CVS for not retaining her character grey anymore and painting it totally black and evil. We also justified that mental patients don’t go till that extent the way cvS has portraied maya, n also said that audience will see mental patients in a bad light from now in reality on coz of CVS mistake.. I also remember all of us wished that old grey Maya of season 1 returns not this Maya who character has been infact raped by the CVS under the guise of mental illness..I think it an on and off bird here so maybe I’ve infact forgotten we actually spoke about on this forum

  7. hate maya character

    even now maya not punished then goodbye psycho serial

  8. I don’t understand what’s that vandanas and sumans problems. They act like those typical frustrated mom in law’s in the prime of their menopause…..Who crib n crib web their sons get close to their wives… Arjun herd a shot and entered to see Maya lying on floor n saw vandanas and saanjh sitting.. so whom should he have concern for Maya or vandan-saanjh? He knows Maya is suicidical type so obviously he’d have thought she has shot herself only… Seriously these two ladies give me some serious allergy.. y don’t the join their neighbours kuch rang pyar ke they’d even give eeshwari a complex in their saasupanti…

    1. Actually,serial old trend is good people aside,bad people aside… cvs showing new trend like good and bad in one person based on in this serial every character had good/bad like a coin.and that’s true vandy reacted overly for Arjun taken Maya.and maya is mentally ill, so when she thinks arjun will leave her she commits suicide or does stupid things…after being her mental ill still arjun loves her more…so it’s not trap here…she’s like this bcoz whoever not supporting her with love.if they supports her when she is normal,It’s might be yesterday episode Arjun stolen episode as a husband,any way let’s see…loves Maya&ArYa?

      1. Yes. every character had good and bad. But this pyscho maya having only bad evil taughts all the time. She is mentally ill, means she can harm any one any time. she can kill a person in the temple, can harm vandana several times, use sammy love for her personal purpose. Maya’s role is really going insane and cheap day to day. Firstly she used a fake rape case and send ayan to jail. after knowing the truth also people are supporting maya. crazy people…

      2. RP,sanjana….As based on ur description,maya has to kill saanjh and vandana both after finding her pen drive or truth…but she missed target to shoot them to live happily..,oops…so ur description turned wrong..better luck next time.


    1. Maya supporters prediction: Maya will change for her child’s sake and own up to all her misdeeds
      Maya haters prediction: Maya is bearing samays child n trying to get Arjun’s sympathy

      1. We knew na Maya is pregnant Arjun child.cvs shown arjun maya consume scenes.ArYa?

    2. Now I think, all the evidences will get washed away. Sanjh has sent this video to a wrong mail Id. That person will enter and expose maya

  10. diehardbeyhadhfan

    Arjun y blame god for ur mistake..??. U got too carried away after two years I think. So I won’t blame u ??

  11. They forget that email is saved in sent folder also

  12. letloveheelthewound
    as it was was said by the beyhadh artist love will trump in the end?

    but seeing cvs question is that beyhadh pair kya hai uska definition kya,hamara umeed kya hoona chahia?kya fan ka umeed hi beyhadh?

  13. jis din zada comment us din apas main zada jhagarna lagte…
    per cvs ne aise bar kar rahahi hai ki sab ki sab ghayal.bat kar ne ki topic khatam umeed bhi…….!

  14. Evil going to win this time also.

  15. Didnt she sent email to arjun as well? wasnt he third person?
    I still wonder if data was nt getting transferred from usb to her phone then how come she saved it as attachment?

  16. Maya haters stating that Maya is bearing Samay’s child. This is high-key craziness! ??
    Loved the episode… Hopefully Maya wants to get healed genuinely. And Samay is going to kill Saanjh’s dad? Really? ?? He’s the real psycho now tbh.
    And Vandana again over-reacting. Your DIL fainted and you were sitting on the chair, scared but safe. Definitely Arjun would help Maya first! How could she forget the time when he cried in front of her? Vandana is pissing me off a lot. ?

    Love Maya ???

    1. Yes yes maya haters is heights of stupidity,crazy people.???

      1. Hey ks you are stupid snd crazy about mays character dont call us crazy we are not supporting or lying for bad . If u love maya do dont cal others be in limits

      2. Maya used samay to bite snd we dont wonder if she slept with samay we have right to say so dont stoop with ua comments

      3. O oh thank you very much,you looks like my fan..keep going with same name??? ..rock it? lol..hahaha

      4. i m not fan of pscyos

    2. acha jii If sammy kill sannjh father – he is real psycho. When maya kill priest (pujari) in temple & father with empty injection she is not the real psycho?? Vandana’s younger kid is in jail because of false case which was planned by maya. more over Vandana is Arjun’s mom. her emotional feeling yu have telling as pissing off. what is this rule. sammy is killing only only because of maya and her words.
      grow up.. i wondered how come a girl supports this type of people…

      1. More over maya is not sincere, if she is sincere she could have told every thing to arjun long before. she just want him as a puppet like sammy.
        shame on you guys who still support when the truth is out. posting as love maya forever bakwas and all. she must have heard arjun conversation with god… she might be there any where like a evil / ghost / *********** etc. she can do any useless work to win. such a cheap lady…. who can kill any one for her use now they want to kill prem cheap and shame to people who really supports her.
        may be you people mentality also like maya’s. that’s why yu liked her a lot….
        when was the time maya behaived good… she just acted to be like good. to snatch arjun from family…
        open your blur eyess…..

      2. RP,Sanjana…we loves Maya always?.if you don’t like neglect have good mentality in real life.?have mature don’t be behave like shame have no right to point on us personally.u can stop watch serial as ur down comment,you chosen wrong option to watch sociopath love story serial,when you want goody goody bhahus serials,you have more options to watch.k enjoy it

      3. Bro, I never said Maya did a correct thing when she killed her dad. But when did they show she killed Pandit? And by stating this you’re comparing tw opposite personalities…

        Ashwin and Prem are entirely different. Prem dearly loves his daughter and Ashwin is not worth being called dad. Everyone was low-key happy after Ashwin’s death. And Maya stated she was trying to save Arjun bc he tried to kill him. Killing a beast ain’t a crime in front of God… although I agree she could have handled the situation in a better way but she is mentally crippled so you cannot expect her to show normalcy.

    3. Ks I guess you are similar to Evil Maya. Learn to give respect first. Learn good manners my dear.
      Anamika, I agree with you. But just temme what is the need to blame ayan in the fake rape case, why to torture vandana, always she wants vandana to be hurt. ( emotional or physically hurt) and now Saanjh’s father death.
      Why to kill Saanjh father ?
      Now for god sake don’t tell your maya mahan and great.

      1. Sry it’s anaika*** typo error.

      2. KS, exactly…. evil will always supports evil. As yu are like maya yu always supports that evil lady. You are taking regarding maturity… ?? very funny. You are supporting to one shame less and character less lady. And telling me to have maturity ????
        Do one thing go and stand in front of mirror and think about your maturity and etc…

      3. I think you’ve not followed my comments but I always said and accepted when Maya was wrong. I love my mother and similarly I cannot see Maya torturing Arjun’s mom. That was wrong. Period. But I think you didn’t read my comment well? I was pissed not because I love Maya but I thought Vandana should understand Arjun’s POV and why did he not ask her if she was okay and took Maya to hospital. The way she handled and took the situation as OTT in my opinion.

        I would still abide by my opinion that Ayan was wrong in molesting Maya but Maya had aggravated the case. That was totally wrong and that’s why every Maya lover said that Maya is turning into a darker shade of grey.

        We love Maya bc we understand her POV, her insecurities, and after today’s episode even Arjun understood and saw what all the Maya lovers see. That a person who was never given love would only go to any limit to guard once granted.

        Thanks but please refrain from personal insults. I hope I wasn’t rude to you. But we deserve respect. You cannot blame us for supporting a character bc it doesn’t reflect our true selves.

        PS, KS, your love for Maya keeps us going. We love you as much as we love Maya

      4. Anaika, Maya role crossed borders of insecurities. Ayyan didint do the attempt. The bit on Maya’s neck is by her puppet. She created a fake drama as usual. I use to like her in the beginning. But , now it was ****
        Love shd connect people. But maya always make a division between arjun family.
        But yu spoke genuine. But KS & few always insult people with comments. As if maya did a great work. Evil always want to kill some one….
        now why the hell Saanjh father ??? ?
        Now don’t support her… it is her puppet work. Her puppet will not do any work with out maya word.
        Such type of female shd be in mental ashylam

      5. Oh stop ur bla bla bla…i didn’t changed my name or logo like not interested anymore ur gyan..when point on us personally for fiction,you have to ready to accept negative.when you can’t ,don’t show ur hate blindly.maya is evil,manipulator,so what do you have any problem if I love her,there is no need to compare with her,so I asked you have mature,then what’s here big deal.when you supported good character where ur goodness went when you point on people scolded Maya,but mostly we did not went to scold them until they point us first,,because we accepted her wrong doings,still we love her,she has reasons to’s Maya fans pls keep ur hate wit u.don’t show in real ,if you don’t like.k enjoy it

      6. I told you Na…when you insult others in real,it will reflect u ,there is no doubt.when u guys shows girayi aukat guys have ready to accept same negative from me.don’t know why you guys act like innocent like they did not did any wrong??? hahaha ..any way carry on

      7. go to hell KS

      8. Same to you RP??

  17. Shrilatha

    Only god knows what CVS r planning…I hope they don’t show that Maya is gonna use her child to gain arjun…it’s definitely not Samay’ s child..I can trust Maya on that…what if Maya uses her child to keep Arjun to herself…emotionally blackmailing him…I hope they bring that old Maya back

  18. Awesome &Heart melt episode ??..unexpected twist..maya is pregnant,i thought she shoots herself,.. nice twist…baby saved Maya from not to shoot them,?..Arjun dailogue wit god,”when Maya is well u taken my baby,now Maya is ill.,when she is not able to handle herself,how she will handle kid.”…Maya dailogue”pls Arjun save baby from me,im mentally unstable,save our baby from me.”..?????…when she wants to turn normal girl,people did not helped her,she turned ill girl more bcoz of them,now people pointing her.crazy people..any way waiting for next episode eagerly…love u Maya more and more ? ?❤

  19. oh no!!!
    please don’t kill Prem. He is such a loving father. I hate samay. He is also a psycho like Maya. Now just to save maya he is gonna destroy that proof by killing Prem. All the things and the emotional moment between prem and saanjh are indicating towards that.
    pls save prem.
    and I think even maya is acting. she must have heard arjun’s confrontation with God. She appears anywhere like a ghost. She is just exploiting arjun’s goodness and emotional side.
    If this is the case I really want maya and samay both to be dead.

  20. and I am sure that maya is carrying arjun’s child. no doubt on that.
    and yeah..I agree with PS that Iif maya really wanted to change she would have told everything to arjun. but she is acting.
    and for God’s sake, don’t show that the video is not in the sent folder.

    1. Angelk1

      Even I agree, Maya is faking it. She’s not sincere . She knows her condition and is using it against Arjun. She doesn’t want to change, if that was the case she would have done so long ago and reveal the truth. Maya will use the child against Arjun, and Arjun won’t listen to anything Saanj says.

      I f Arjun decided to leave, Maya will use threats against her own child. If she can kill her first why wouldn’t she do it again. She’s a dare devil. Arjun deserve this nightmare, vandana and the rest, should forget about him.

      And samaya is mest up in so man ways

  21. well said @ks @kelly n maya haters heights of stupidity d girl who dosent like samay touch she use tissue paper if he touch her she vl sleep wid her n bear his child der was many ways as well as reasn to leav arjun n leav wid samy but she trully loved arjun n so d reasn doing so much bcz she is scared of losing arjun n i can gurantee if arjun leaves her she vl die but vl nevr go to samay der r many form of love vch samay has for maya widout any expectation n hope dat she vl get her 1day n on odr side maya love for arjun in which she can cross any limit to keep her love secure n happy n cant imagin of losing it n destroying evrything dat comes in between so maya is not wrong her ways r differnt i realy wondr how can she allow samay to kiss her n bite as she dosent evn like her touch but on odr side i know dat she had done so dat arjun dosent go wid his family n leav her bcz we all know after leap arjun started getting attached wid ayan vm n sanj n sn he wud hav left maya evn ayan came to take him n all dat happen i m not justifying dat she is ri8 but she is not stable she dint find anyway to safe her love as well as she had kept d proof she could hav destroy it but she kept bcz she herself knew dat she was wrong n i think after sumtym she wud have rescue ayan if arjun made her beleiv he is only hers n vl not leav her vch arjun had done recently bcz frm d start she is saying i m not bad help me to b good evn arjun says same to vm if ul remember n today his eyes got open dat her wife is really sick if arjun wud hav care frm d start n realises dat she is not stable all dat wont b happen n last maya only listn to arjun so d reasn today also she said only u can help me i m happy dat arjun is wid maya n hope dat she get fine n arjun supports her keeping all her faults at the side n maya confess evrything to arjun but i dont think so she vl confess as arjun said if u vl do bad il go far frm u so thinking dat maya evn if she want dn too she wont b able to confess i just wish maya get fine n arjun accept her wid all her faults bcz i want to c arjun love as arjun said today maya kuch b karsakti hai so i want to c he vl b wid her after knowing ayan n samay thing or no bcz he himself know maya only love him so he wud b able to accept her or leave her bcz he knows maya very well datz y he said buri nahi hai beemar hai so let c after knowing d truth wat arjun tags her beemar or buri hope for d best luv u maya forevr :*

    1. She doesnt like but if needed she will 19th hat u people.know lol dont tell she cant if cvs want s to show they will

  22. Please stop Maya giri we can’t see. We can’t control our emotions towards saanjh and

  23. Pls expose Maya s character to arjun let him go back to his family

  24. good bad evil sinner wat ever a woman is.. she can never hurt her child… n if they show maya using her child to fulfill her wishes… then its an insult to motherhood by cvs… n no woman considers her husbands child (if she truly loves him that is) as a third person between them but rather sees it as an extention of their love and as a bond that connects to her husband forever…. so i hope mayas love changes for good through the kid.. coz maybe a woman can be wrong but a mother can never be wrong and go against her instincts…..

    1. Well said. i really hope she shd not hurt her baby… it is really shame on the motherhood. Till date she did all the activities like shame to women only…. atleast now she has to change. uska pagal pan. and all.Is she really pregnant ????. or this also a fake pregnancy to trap arjun again. I dont understand arjun how could he be so senseless everytime. he had a good psychic but no brain at all.

  25. good bad evil sinner wat ever a woman is.. she can never hurt her child… n if they show maya using her child to fulfill her wishes… then its an insult to motherhood by cvs… n no woman considers her husbands child (if she truly loves him that is) as a third person between them but rather sees it as an extention of their love and as a bond that connects to her husband forever…. so i hope mayas love changes for good through the kid.. coz maybe a woman can be wrong but a mother can never be wrong and go against her instincts…..

  26. After knowing the truth, if CV’s didint change the story and expose maya’s truth means nothing is there to watch. day to day CV’s are making Maya role like a b*t*h. Hate her role from bottom of my heart. the title should name it as pagal ishq. Really frustated with the serial. that stupid sammy, Pycho maya, why every time bad will win. if this continues the same. i am sure, ill stop watching.

  27. shruti - always tell truth

    too many crazy and pagal log are here….
    its good before i did int drop a text before…
    lemme introduce myself, myself ameya… today is my 1st time i am commenting here.
    i could see soo many pagal kaandan log are here only… (lol) grow up girls… supporth truth always not the pagal and false people.

    1. Ha haha ….??..if we are pagal…dont you know,here you are pagal than us…maya haters… use more fake ids ..rock this page…???

      1. Point yourself 1st. Hiding your name. Update your full name rather than telling what to do with email Id.
        Such a insane people knowing that one lady is playing with all the life then also supporting. Evil supporters.

      2. I loves Maya..more and’s not ur keep ur hate wit u.

      3. shruti didnt point at you and told pagal y r u thinking that she told u . she didnt mention ur name y u stoop everyone stop yaar if u love maya ok sont irraitate others by ur comments

        lol u know that u are pagal . you use fake ids

      4. Dear KS, when did I mentioned your name saying pagal KS. May be you are pagal & may use fake Id. That’s why yu reacted to that comment.
        I just commented by seeing all the posts. & more over yu won’t give respect to any one & write as yu wish. I too did the same. Why are yu feeling for that ???
        Yu are enjoying by taunting/ irritate others by comment. the same will replicate to yu also my dear.. ?

      5. Ha haha..?? smaran&you.. both are same…question and answer if you ask differently people find also saying it will reflect to u whatever,here all know who r making fun with different ids no offence.k enjoy it

  28. shruti - always tell truth

    oops i missed my friend into…
    *myself ameya, and my friend sruthi are big fans of beyhadh when the show started… but they lost the spark in the show…


    Just looked on twitter, JenWingetTeam posted a segment saying the hospital scene was maya at her most vulnerable. I don’t think this time maya is faking her feelings towards the child, especially if they almost confirm the same on media. Lets wait and see though a lot can change, but I wouldn’t even trust beyhadh twitter page they kept saying choose the bullets target and then nobody died. It’s best to trust the actors Jennifer or piyush, they are usually the most truthful about their part in the show. Lets wait and see who Arjun supports; saanjh or maya.

  30. true is true & false is false and both are true.moreover, supporting a character is not burai at all.light is compared to darkness always .besides, there is no fan who is unhurt by CVS.AS WE ARE WATCHING BEYHADH SO APNA PATIENCE BEYHADH HONA CHAHIA.BAR NA WAIT FOR GOOD TIME TILL THEN STAY SILENT OR QUIT FOR A PERIOD OF TIME. AND I THINK ALL THE FANS SUPPORT FOR SEASON 1 HARDLY(BEYHADH).

  31. I used to love Maya’s character initially. But unfortunately, after their marriage, Maya’s character is the one I hate most. Cv’s ruin Maya’s character day by day. They should show Maya admitting her wrong doings. Because of her someone in jail, she uses samay for her purposes, and even when she knows that she is mentally unstable she uses it as an advantage to gain Arjun’s love. Now it is high time to change Maya as an positive character.

  32. arjun love is beyhadh not maya she is mental b—t–h and her lovers too coz of her smaay killed sannj dad still this dumb arjun cant understand i hope maya dies

    1. Same to you kiddo’s ?? ha haha

  33. @[email protected]@ i think ul should c d episode frm d start n to know maya character u shud hav a great heart to accept d fact dat she is wrong vut motive is right s she was lone frn childhood n whn she got sum1 she cant share n arjun knows this thing how maya is so he loved her for what she is so d reason maya is so mad in love n v realise it long ago dat maya need treatment after ayan case but arjun realis today so if ul r hating maya fans u shud hate arjun too y so much sympathy for him n lastly i think ul nevr seen such patients maya is far better then them atleast she dint kill any1 n she always hav realisation dat she had done wrong n realising ur mistake is beast part of human being she is not bad just went on d wrong part as she says pyar ko meri sanak mat banao to pyar uski sanak banchuka hai inshort i can say dat n lastly have a big heart to accept d fact for sure u vl love her character no hard feeling thanku

    1. i’ll accept with you. since childhood she is alone, but after marriage she got a lovely family, she ruined by her own.. telling all lies and doing negative things. & if she really want to change she shd tell truth to arjun. kya loog hai yaar… supporting the crime. crazy

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