Beyhadh 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya holding Vandana’s feet tells that she Aswhin’s evil acts will haunt her whole life. Vandana stands afraid. Jahvni gets a bad dream about Ashwin and wakes up worried. She prays not to harm Maya. She then touches blanket and feels someone under it. She pulls blanket and sees no one in. She gets more afraid seeing Ashwin’s shadow on photo frame.

In the morning, Maya serves breakfast to Arjun, Vandana, Ayan. Ayan jokes with Maya. Vandana asks Maya when she is going to office as she has to go to her insurance job Maya says she will accompany her to her insurance job. Ayan jokes Maya Mehrotra, hotness queen will spread her hotness to customer. Vandana shouts him to behave with his bhabi and not forget about their relationship. Ayan apologizes. Maya says devar bhabhi’s relationship

is of friends. Arjun says Maya Mehrotra does not have to work as insurane agent. Maya says she is Maya Ashwin Sharma, Mehrotra is a curse for her. Jahnvi calls Maya and asks her to come soon as Ashwin has returned. Maya drops phone in a shock.

Maya with Ashwin reaches Jahnvi’s house and calls doc. Doc checks Jahnvi and says Jahnvi is in a shock after her husband’s death and mentally unstable. Maya asks Jahnvi if she really saw Ashwin. Jahnvi says no, she why will she call her, he just told she hopes she would have called back Ashwin, why did she come back here, she should come back here often like this and should go back home. Maya is shocked and tries to tell her that she really called her, but Arjun stops her.

Vandana fumes in her house and Ayan gives her pain balm. Saanjh enters and Vandana says earlier Ashwin died and now Vadana has become mad and is seeing Ashwin’s ghost. Saanh asks her to calm down. Vandana continues venting out her anger. Saanjh says now she will set everything right.

Arjun fixes garland on Aswhin’s photo and says Maya that this is just a pic and nothing else. Maya goes to washroom and Arjun tries to get in. She pushes him out. She washes her face and sees Ashwin’s shadow in mirror and he says Maya baby…She panics and tries to open door, but door is jammed. She calls maa..and sees Ashwin’s shadow calling her again Maya baby…

Precap: Jahnvi tells Ashwin’s photo that she did not tell anyone that he is back, whatever happened was her mistake, she loves him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Awesome episode ?…i got fear jhanvi vajase..uffo…jhanvi love really beyhadh..she loves still ashwin ghost even she said I luv you??..again she turns pagal in ashwin love to hurt my Maya.why jhanvi smiled,is she playing with Maya to hurt her? or is she supporting ashwin ghost to protect him?so much confusion.&maya Arjun Sharma..nice..&my Maya trapped in washroom,ashwin shadow came,is he really ghost or someone? Waiting for next episode eagerly ?

    1. may be janvi is captured by ashwin’s ghost

      1. Ha but jhanvi said with ashwin photo in precap I will not share with anyone about you came she lied wit maya.we can’t say now until reveal it’s ghost or someone ?but jhanvi turns pagal again in ashwin love.

    2. the way…they are showing d whole episode its looks like janvi is possessed by ashwin

      1. ‘s ghost what say

  2. MA Ji total written update is filled with mistakes..☹???

  3. I have a feeling ashwin is dead & someone else is trying to frighten jhanvi & maya so they go crazy
    If it is ashwin ghost or hallucination then the scary ashwin voice sounded like something straight out of B-grade horror movie, but beyhadh has class so im guessing, that cant be it.
    Also the police dont even mention of clues at crime scenes, witness, etc….. ?? They did was arrest arjun, so it was possible.
    But jennifer was perfect today, chilly when she said she will also work at insurance with vandana…i saw old maya in her…. An obsessed bahu i guess

  4. Shalinisenthil

    Jhanvi is acting infornt of Maya….really ashwin is alive…jhanvi and ashwin making plan toghter to scare Maya …???? Something is really hidden let’s see what is going to happen next

  5. Shalinisenthil

    After marriage also Maya is facing problem Maya was trying to be happy with his new life but still poor Maya is in tension…saanjh ayan gift honeymoon ticket to Maya and arjun but I think honeymoon also cancel some how ….

    1. Ya whenever she felt happy next minute we will see her cry..our bechari Maya…and also maya said yesterday now hatred and love between war,maya felt love will won ..this serial about obsession and pure love one side ashwin,vandana,jhanvi hatred and other side our Maya true love,let’s see who will win end game.

  6. vandana is behaving as if a ghost entered her instead. lol. she needs to loosen up. sheesh

    i feel bad for maya again…they are portraying her so weak now since her marriage. leaving her big company and working as insurance agent? i can understand she wants to be on vandana good side and all but doesnt have to become so weak.

    arjun was supposed to take over the company..they need to show him dressed in a suit and showing responsibility. he looks like a playboy still.

    1. Nah, maya was more like im not going to leave you alone now vandana untill you accept me

  7. Antara

    Is jhanvi acting good infront of maya or she is mentally weak becoz ashwin’s death is this jhanvi’s & ashwin’s plan 2 make maya pagal if not then Y JHANVI IS LAUGHING LIKE HELL? TOTALLY CONFUSED ek taraf vandana & nxt jhanvi , saanjh all r behind maya can’t trust any of them sab ke sab pagal hai actually wat is maya’s life abt?

  8. Totally bull shit.. by any chance whom ever writing these know what is WRITTEN UPDATE?? full of mistakes.. not only today.. most of d beyhadh episode are not written properly. major scenes and conversations are left out.. Do write it properly.

  9. Is jhanvi really going mad or playing game with Maya?? That psycho smile she gave to Ashwin’s portrait was scary..and the way she says I’m sorry for what I did matlab usne hi khoon kiya hoga..Maya will slowly start losing her mind she’s seeing Ashwin everywhere

  10. Since the last couple of episodes I am watching Beyhadh only because of ArYa, their sizzling chemistry, and Jennifer’s. awesome looks and acting prowess. Otherwise the story has taken after a SaaS bahu serial. Why does Maya have to pamper that disgusting Vandana who insults her and gives the same wide expression all the time. I am not liking Maya’s transition from the business tycoon with an attitude to this docile bahu. Why doesn’t she balance both work and home instead of giving importance to that stupid Vandana? And cannot digest this ghost story.

    1. I agree! I hate her transition from the dominating,controlling boss to this meek,housewife bahu it’s so irritating to see such a strong independent character trying to please her be honest it doesn’t even suit’s like they have changed the entire personality of Maya they have forgotten she was a business tycoon..when Maya said she wants to forget her past and move on did she mean she won’t work anymore cause I can’t she Maya draped in sarees and cleaning the kitchen it doesn’t suit her..

      1. she wants her dream family maybe that her childhood denied her ? Either ways i dont think work was so important for maya, atleast after she met arjun. She is not typical bahu, nor she was typical buisness tycoon. This bahu act will end with vandana accepting her i think, or maya obsession

      2. AmCee

        Yeah it doesn’t suit her at all. Ok let her wear sarees but let her revert back to the working woman. Even if she doesn’t get Vandana’s love, Arjun will not mind or care. So Maya please stop being this gharelu type bahu always falling at your MIL’s feet. Please take care of Fashion & The City which you established with so much hard work and dedication. And I loved your khadoos boss attitude. The earlier Maya used to be one of the strongest woman characters on television so different from the rona dhona type bahus.

  11. Please the people writing this telly episodes should write every single sentence and words that comes out from the acting and from each person. They write half and leave half or they jump over to other. Also full of mistakes all the time. WHAT IS THIS. Write the proper full episode without leaving any quarter!!!

    1. AmCee

      I agree.

    2. Subhashini.As

      Ya you are correct.. I dont know Hindi however am watching beyhadh coz I love Maya Character so much .. Am from TN I know only Tamil.. So daily am reading Written Update But they say very shortly in written… I cant understand what is there to go.. If there is any option to explain in comment anybody here????.. please support me

      1. Hmm I don’t know about other option,you can ask or give complaint to telly updates like write full scenes lines with out mistakes.language problem na they will listen.i hope.

  12. Ayesha22

    I want Maya back the one who controlled everyone and vandhana+jhanvi both have gone mad.yaar maya come on come back to urself.please!

    1. Ya i too want to see kadoos maya..but Now our Maya target only happy life with with Arjun&his family.trying to fight with problems to reach her dream.let’s see

  13. Antara

    Maya’s Optimism For Future promo its look like saas- bahu type drama can’t predict anything full of suspense

    1. Ya Maya Arjun family buy’s new home for them.but police will reach there spoil Maya happiness in new home.☹

  14. Can anyone help me? I’m confused is maya playing negative role or not?

    1. Maya character is gray shades with justice role.if she get uncontrollable anger we will see her negative doings.

      1. Subhashini.As

        hi KS

        Thanks for your reply… I will complain about my quaries to tellyupdate..

    2. Like ks said grey shaded, flawed personality because of childhood trauma.

  15. indira chatterjee

    its may be Aswin and Janhab are planning to create a panic for Maya, I am sure Aswin can’t die. he is always trying to show that Maya is mad, so lets see what next.

  16. Subhashini.As

    KS thanks for your reply

  17. Beyhadh superb serial…i like this only because of maya…luv u jennifer..wat a atttitude…amasing?

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