Beyhadh 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Maya Plans Against Suman

Beyhadh 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh goes to kitchen to prepare milk for Maya and asks Suman where is kesar. Suman asks why she needs kesar and asks why she is feeding milk to snake/Maya, if she forgot what she did. Saanjh says she has not forgotten anything, her papa, Vandana, and other’s murder by Maya but is tolerating Maya for her child, so Suman will behave well with Maya. Maya watches hiding. Suman says let the snake die now itself before harming them. Saanjh says Maya is bearing her child and if something happens to child, she will die, so choice is Suman’s. Suman adds kesar in milk and thinks Maya is so trousblesome. She hears something breaking and walks out. Maya silently walks in and mixes mosquito repellent in milk and thinks opportunities are hidden everywhere, they should know to use them. Arjun’s love

is making her do all sort of things. Suman scolds servant for breaking vase. Servant says he did not. Suman scolds to clean it. Maya silently walks away seeing their attention on other side.

Arjun hears Suman scolding from his room. Servant informs Arjun that driver is ready. Saanjh walks in and asks him if he needs anything. He nods no. Suman continues scolding servant and servant says he did not do anything. Saanjh asks Suman to stop scolding servant. Arjun searches file and calls Saanjh. Maya enters and gives file from behind. He says thank you. Maya says no need to thank dear ones. Arjun gets angry seeing Maya wearing Saanjh’s clothes. Saanjh returns. Arjun asks what is Maya doing here, why she is wearing her clothes. Saanjh says Maya does not have clothes, so she gave her cloth4es. Maya asks if she is looking like Saanjh. Arjun says if donkey fixes horse’s tail, it will not become horse, Saanjh is Saanjh and asks her to burn clothes when Maya removes them as Maya is infected. Saanjh stops Arjun and apologizes Maya. Maya says she has changed and does not mind.

Arjun tries to leave. Saanjh stops him and asks not to misbehave with Maya, else, she will harm their child. Maya picks dog and asks if he needs milk. Arjun says Saanjh Maya will definitely harm their child as it is just a weapon for her. He says 90% of the time, IVF fails and she blindly believed Maya that she is pregnant. Saanjh says her heart says Maya is pregnant. Arjun says she is educated, how can she talk so dumb. Saanjh says she knows, but in these 5 years, they are back on same spot and Maya returned, they may need Maya to get their child in world. Arjun says be happy with Maya and walks. Saanjh asks to listen to him. He asks to throw out Maya, else she will harm them. Maya slips on him and drops some milk. Saanjh says she will bring another milk for Maya and walks in. Dog drinks milk and behaves weird. Arjun throws Maya’s milk. Saanjh and Suman return and ask what happened to dog/Simba. Arjun says something was in milk and takes dog. Maya smiles and thinks she waited so long, Arjun will be back to her.

Precap: Arjun asks Maya who mixed poison in milk. Maya alleges Suman and says Saanjh heard it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. That was irritating…Now too maya’s plan is winning….

  2. Asshole director completely lost plot messed up beyhadh ….. just becoz of Jennifer acting show just hanging in there….worst serial no chemistry between couples looks like bro sister overacting saint Saanjh poor story …started off well now looking like garbage….finish d show as soon as possible make ur useless saint Saanjh as god …shit

  3. This serial used to be my favorite. But when saanjh and arjun got married I stopped watching the serial. Yesterday’s episode ah! So boring! Now just end it! Saanjh and arjun’s jodi is kind of boring.

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