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Beyhadh 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh gets CCTV footage’s pen drive under Jahnvi’s wheelchair arm. She thanks and kisses Jahnvi happily and leaves. Maya reaches apartment building and gets out of car. Saanjh with Vandana watches video clip. Vandana says her Ayan is innocent. Maya enters apartment and sees CCTV setup burnt. She shouts maa. Vandana goes out and nervously asks what is it. Maya asks who did this. Vandana says she does not know, maybe rat. Arjun enters calling Maya. Vandana gets happy and says Arjun came. Arjun asks Maya why did she come back. Maya says CCTV cameras are not working.

Samay calls Saanjh and seeing her not picking call, tries to walk out, but Prem stops him. On the other side, Vandana gets worried for Saanjh and thinks how will she go out as door will not open without Maya’s fingerprint.

Maya gets intimate with Arjun forcefully. Saanjh under bed feels shy hearing their sound. Samay calls Maya and says Saanjh is missing since a long time. She murmurs Saanjh is her problem now. Her phone falls down. Saanjh gets tensed. Maya leans down and picks mobile.

Samay asks Suman if Saanjh told where she went. Suman says her Saanjh is daring and will come back. Vandana continues searching Saanjh and gets afraid seeing Maya. Maya asks her to find rat which spoilt CCTV camera. Vandana gets afraid. Maya warns her and returns back to her room. She reminisces courier boy coming home and then disappearing, rest of the events. She thinks something is missing and falls asleep.

In the morning, Samay says Suman and Prem that he will go and file Saanjh’s missing complaint. Saanjh calls Suman and tells she is in Maya’s house and found proof against Maya, will prove Ayan is innocent. Suman shouts this girl does not know how dangerous Maya is. Samay hears her. Maya serves breakfast to Arjun and Vandana. Vandana looks nervous. Arjun asks what she is planning and why she is not letting Maya get well. Saanjh hears that.

Maya reaches office and scolds CCTV vendor. Samay calls her and informs that Saanjh is in her house. Maya angrily leaves office. Peon notices her. She reminisces all the incidents while driving. Vandana searches Saanjh and finds Saanjh in Maya’s bedroom. Saanjh says pendrive will be formatted automatically once she transfers footage into her mobile. She sends footage to Samay, Arjun and Prem and tells Vandana let them know Maya’s truth. Arjun asks peon where is Maya. Peon says she left angrily. Arjun rushes home and sees Samay outside door, asks what is he doing here.

Maya enters home and loudly calls Vandana. Vandana panics, but goes out and asks why she is calling her by her name. Maya points gun at Vandana, yells enough of her drama now, call Saanjh out, else she will shoot her. Vandana panics. Maya shouts at Saanjh to come out, else she will shoot Vandana. Saanjh hurriedly tries to send footage to Arjun, Samay and Prem. Maya shoots. Arjun and Samay rush in. Saanjh comes in front of Maya. Maya delivers heavy dialogues as usual and shoots Saanjh. Samay and Arjun try to open door.

Saanjh is seeing in a shock after Maya shoots her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. hello guys plz can anyone tell me the story of beyhadh I can’t read or watch all episodes from starting I have started watching now can anyone pls tell the story from beginning pls

    1. ananya, you can watch in sony liv app/sony youtube/vidmate(a youtube downloader;TVSHOW option,TV AIR tab)/many other site.

    2. hii it’s a very long suspense story u should watch each and every episode trust me it’s awesome serial and u were enjoy definitely

  2. Jenniferwinget??? just nailed today’s episode..
    The dialogues, The Timing and acting was superb.. The way she said that “MAYA ka Natland hi BEYHADH hai” superb…???

    Waiting eagerly for tomorrow’s episode to guess whom did MAYA shot down at last????

  3. Fun and scary episode ?,ArYa scene cute as usual?…&i think Maya shoot’s herself?..because in precap Arjun talked wit lord idol while cry in hospital”hamne aapse rishta thoda iska ye matlab nehi aap hamse dushmani kare”..waiting for next episode eagerly,love u Maya ?

  4. Jennifer + beyhadh fan

    I thinking d same…maya might shoot herself. .n episode was fantastic. .jenny…I lv ur acting too…too…too much .n u look fab
    N thym god…sanjh’s msg has reached..atleast once truth has victory. ..
    Even I pray to god..plz sanjh’s mail should send

  5. Jennifer + beyhadh fan

    I thinking d same…maya mighty shoot herself. .n episode was fantastic. .jenny…I lv ur acting too…too…too much .n u look fab
    N thym god…sanjh’s msg has reached..atleast once truth has victory. ..
    Even I pray to god..plz sanjh’s mail should send

    Lv this episode


      Samay might be the problem though, he’ll see the mail saanjh sent him and Arjun and will know saanjh’s plan, either tampering/relaying news to maya. Things are going to get ugly soon.

      1. yes. completely agree with yu. CV’s shows the things so insane and ugly.

  6. Scary precap ?Psycho maya dono what she created a new mess.
    CV’s pls bring out the Maya’s puppet (Sammy) truth. Atleast now don’t show evil/bad wins again. This evil maya is going crazy every time. In this serial toll date yu ‘ be shown every time the evil wins. What’s the point of people having good principles and kind hearted.
    Evil Torches vandana a lot… ?and acts innocent in front of duffer Arjun. Eh Arjun bhi Ek num ka duffer.
    She killed ashwin, when police arrested arjun she dint even open her voice. selfish lady. No ❤️ For arjun. She wants to snatch it from Saanjh that’s it. I feel maya only thrown
    Her mother from the top floor.
    Saanjh yu are soo lovely. I wish soon she could see maya puppet real face.

    1. diehardbeyhadhfan

      I think u missed the episode. When Arjun’s was arrested Maya told the cops to arrest her instead and even agrees that she killed. But cops didn’t believe her.

  7. Can someone please translate what Arjun was saying in the precap???

  8. and best acting and passion of fansz beloved JENNIFER WINGET.

  9. I guess Maya shot herself..this must be her new game and as usual audience are made fools once again…this nonsense will never end!!!

  10. Eagerly waiting for next episode i love arya couple

  11. Hope Maya dies for this season and comeback as a evil / ghost like she is now

    1. i hope so

  12. writers are making people fool.. i m damm sure maya will shoot herself nd blame saanjh , nd the dumb arjun wil once again belive maya… leap ke baad arjun maya ko hate krta tha , infact he was abt to leave her , phir write ka dimag fir gaya nd wo phir se uske pyaar mein gir gaya.. i mean audience ko pagal samjh ke rakha h.. sirf maya h jo sabse sharp h , baki sabhi to audience ki tarah bevkoof hain… this was one of the best serial in starting bt now i m fed of mayas dramebazi , yr kabhi usko bhi galat proove kr do… saanjh nd vandana ne galat hone ka theka utha ke rakha h…the writers r making it bore day by day…i hope iss baar saanjh na fanse , na hi vandana…

    1. exactly. i stopped watching the serial. yest, i watched thinking with a positive feeling. maya evilness had shown to the arjun. and innocent arjun bro case got close.
      but here it became more worse; evilness, palag log.. and most annoying maya’s puppet (sammy). CV’s are making audience insane day to day.
      may be i should watch after 2 months, i feel at that time there will be some positive ness in the serial.
      i dont want to watch maya’s evilness every time. and she wins again again.

    2. yes my friend… writers are trying to please both side of people, maya supporters and saanjh suppoerts so thats the reason for such an inconsistent script and loop holes… obviously they cant loose a fan base of both maya and saanjh and reduce their trps right? so they are walking rope holding pole and writing the script simultaneously.

  13. U Samay, go to hell.

  14. One thing I dont understand how cum if she couldnt save data on her phone then how could she send it as attachment?

    1. Tanisha Sharma

      She had pendrive connected to her mobile. You can email something from pendrive without actually copying it to your phone.

  15. I am dammm sure maya shoots herself and be live me the mms sanjh sent will be destroyed somehow. And this will bring arjun more fat from his family nd sanjh maya is genius but the only thing is that she hurts herself which in turns hurts us the maya lovers. She hurts herself and we fell the pain spook bad for this sanjh .

    And what the he’ll is she doing there down arya bed ooooooogooood this creature is spook dammm irritating and disgusting what ever happens she never stops coming between Aruba and this bandana fish why don’t she have a second heart attack !!!!!!!!!!
    Now it’s really disgusting all lier to maya maya says right kiss ki madat kaar ni okath to hai nahi usse nicha dikhana ki himmat juta bathe. And now as a result arjun will be more fat from his family and this janvi maya has to fix her very soon started soooo much only for that blo*dy Ashwin now it’s her turn she only back stab maya what a mother she is she can’t do anything for Mays she is responsible for maya this condition and now more she stand her gooòod her turn is coming

    Love u maya always maya baby plzz don’t hurt yourself hurt all others who lie to u .

    1. U should watch discovery channel’s “the mind control freaks”
      Or are you a viewer of the show? (I’m talking about TMCF)
      Don’t find my comment offensive. But you will get what I were trying to say, once you watch the show.
      Have a nice day dear

  16. Ya right,what to do ,we habitat to bear this update ,for u in yesterday one of my favorite Maya dialogue….maya said wit vandana “if you can’t help me then why pushing me to become wrong…i tried my best to control myself but you broke me”?? ?? i love my Maya ?

  17. Whatever Maya said to Vandana today was awesome! Her every line was true and touched me…she begged for help from Vandana and all she did was betray Maya at the end ..she should have atleast tried changing Maya by love.

    1. Actions speak louder than words.
      How can Vandana forgive Maya who sent her son to jail and that too for rape? How can she forgive Maya for mercilessly hurting her?
      Did Arjun not try to change Maya using love for three years in the absence of Vandana and Sanjh? It is clear that he loves her truly so Maya must have done something which caused him to start disliking her.
      Maya can not be changed with love or else she would have changed already in the 3 years.

      1. Any y exactly did vandana hate maya before ayans rape and before maya hurt her hand.. wen maya was newly married tg5at is …can u please explain that to me Pi? wat was the reason for such toxicity from vandanas side if she was a sane woman? she couldve easily given maya a chance after marriage even if shed have herd some crap against her n ler go ger prejuduce for a while considering maya is a wife of arjun n a part of her family now.. right? and maybe overreacted later.. fair enough isnt it?

      2. Fair enough? Are you kidding me?
        Agreed that Vandana behaved stupidly and was rather mean but did Maya not do exactly what Vandana feared? She separated Arjun from his family. She believed that Maya was wrong for Arjun and since she is his mother she has every right to think about his right and wrong. And she was right to worry about him too.
        Is Arjun happy today? NO! Is is quite evident from the past few episodes that he truly loves Maya. Then what happened that he started hating her in the three years they lived separately. Vandana only wants Arjun to live happily like any other mother and Maya has proved Vandana’s fears to be right. Lets not forget how this season started with Arjun blatantly showing his dislike for Maya. Who do you blame for that? Vandana or Sanjh? But oh they were not part of their lives for those three years right?
        Vandana is a sane woman its her motherly love that made her prejudiced.
        I am not saying that what Vandana did was right but at least her actions are justified. What about Maya? She freaking hurt her without a trace of regret.
        And fair enough? Vandana was rude to Maya in her behaviour but she never hurt her physically.

      3. i agree it was her maternal instincts.. though she never had a proof to overreact just by instincts….and some trust should be shown towards her sons choice to so atleast for name sake a chance shouldve been given…it was just not justifiable to spit out such toxic venom just based on instincts…ok ill give u another situation. imagine maya married arjun n say had some mental trauma after her marriage lost her state of mind n became a sociopath, would vm seperate arjun n maya then? or would she guide her son? like maya said.. maday dene ki tu aukhad nahi is exactly wat i mean… if a mom in laws breaks uo husband n wife coz a womans mental health is deterrioting after marrige the world would stand against such a mom in law.. so y not before marrige? coz ar thar point of path vm only knew maya as an obsesaive lover n nothin else… see u have all reasons to justify mayas actions are wrong but supporting vandana actions are not a sign of progression from ur side… u r still in those olden days wgo consider mental patients are evil n abshaguni… sorry to say this… all maya expected was support n guidance those days… n vm could have done her part she had that chance n she lost it….however as of current situation i have nothin agaisnt vandana coz shes busy hunting proofs n tgat is indeed a high priority.. but wen it comes to her past record . vm stands no where as a doodh ki dhuli….

      4. And yeah im not justifying mayas actions here.. trust me….. her brains circuit is dysfunctional so it cant function n reason like a normal person… however she deserve tratment and rehabilitation or coucelling, and an appropriate punishment according to her state of mind… but calling people like vandana a mahaan chracter irks me…. shes a character stright from 2000 years back n propagating regression in our modern and educated society…

      5. @kelly i feel this story hasnt been written for a crowd like us… who analyse things n just dont get too judgemental on face value but go deeper into things.. this story is purely written for those front bencher crowd who whistles at good things and boos at the bad thigs n nothing more.. also this is purely for entertainment just to churn out trps so they write keeping the mentality of the majority vieweres ( prejudiced, biased and judgemental sorts).. n mercilessly dissect sensitive issues which need to be dealt with much care in reality…. i guess we can only expect disappointments from this story n nothing.. so kelly i just wish u stop justifying anyone. either u sit back n watch it to kill time like playing mortal combat or just stop watching it altogether coz its just not worth it.

      6. i decided never to message on this board just read update n follow comments… but i couldnt stop.myself after reading ur comment. it was a exactly wat i tried to convey all these days looked like u summed it all up. thanx

  18. MAYAAAAAAA..what an acting yaar..when she walked out of office and tried to control her emotions after coming home..her acting is so doesnt need to know hindi to understand her..MAYA IS THE SHOW

  19. today episode was awesome n maya made it blossom frm d start d anger d love d attitude i just loved it n her dialogue kisi ki madad karne ki aukat nahi aur girana acha lagta hai she is right n i said frm d start maya cant kill any1 forsure this tym also she wud b shooted herself not to become good but she might not be able to take her mom betrayal n i hope d proof get destroyed somehow bcz i dont want sanj n vandana to win i want maya herself fight for d wrong as she fighted during ashwin time this vl make her grey like this toh she vl becom black in arjun eyes if sanj succeed dn our maya vl b d one left alone as arjun is dumb he vl support his fam as he still dosent trust maya all d reasn behind maya failure is arjun if he wont take her to d offic dn all this drama wont b created he is husband but he dosent trust his wife but mom no doubt y maya is like this after leap yes i agree maya is wrong but nobody is helping her to get back to normal this ppl r ruining her life i feel sad n hurt for her atleast help her rather dn trying to show her real face find d reasn behind d face atleast maya is not fake she do evrything on face not like vm n sanj behind her back i wud b happy if dey confess directly to maya y she had done this might b after it maya wud directly hav confess n becom gud forevr as she just need love rather dn sending email so i wud luv sanj but i can expect this thing only frm maya not frm them whatevr dey had done it vl make maya more angry n mad as she vl think dey r taking her arjun away maya is not right but she is not wrong also as no1 is helping her but only pushing her mor in darker this vm vl safe ayan but she had destroyed evry1 life it was not game but vm n sanj made it n maya played so she becam bad as i said frm d start vm should confess to maya for help so all this wont b happen if maya was mad they were normal but dey behav d worst n made her more mad i pity for maya n its just hope knw dat she wud b able to recover or no n i hate janvi vm n sanj dont know maya but janvi being a mother she betrayed her watevr d reasn is maa apne bacho ka sath nahi chodti is liye maa kehlati hai but janvi had ruined d word maa poor maya she had only janvi but dn too she had done all this i thought she is helping maya but she was helping vm n sanj sick ppl no doubt y maya is like this no dobt y maya decide to shoot herself forsure she vl shoot herself but i still hope maya to recover n arjun to understand her situatn as maya is not bad she just dint got true luv n whn it got frm arjun so she dont want to share as she is afraid of getting away i hope arjun understand this as well as vm sanj n janvi n our maya get back to normal luv u maya always n forever hope u get al hapines ?❤

    1. Riya again you rocked…?..and I too had still hope 80%,Maya is not killer,even she didn’t killed ashwin based on jhanvi dailogue “What you have to be revenge and you killed Ashwin “…let’s wait and see ,,hope ? for best ?

      1. [email protected] :* 🙂 n i m happy dat u think d same way n agree wid my thoughts i wish our maya get back to normal n be as happy she can be…luv u maya forevr n always:*

      2. pagal and andha loog…

  20. lastly i dont want dat email to be send but if it is send dn i think arjun should realise dat maya is so insecure inlove dat she went to this extent so he should help her rather then blaming n leaving her this wud b call behadh love vch maya hav for arjun so let c evn arjun do d same or no n support her evn if she is wrong n help her to get out or he wud just leave her now its arjun turn to show how much he love bcz v saw maya extent now let c wat arjun decide i hope for d best n asalways arjun says maya beemar hai buri nahi so i want to c d fact he really take her as beemar or buri as v all know watevr maya had done was in madness n love but her intention was not bad she was insecure dat ayan vl take arjun from her so d reasn she had done allthis know i want to c arjun reaction to wat extent he vl go after knowing the truth he vl suport maya to cum out from her beemari or help her to get more bori if i wud b at arjun plac i wud hav support her neglecting d fact dat watever was happen was wrong but accepting d reasn behind it n trying to solve d reasn so it dosent happn again bcz arjun knows maya madness n as he said main nahi chata maya hi hadh khatam ho aur woh theek ho vrna usko pyaar kam hojayega so lec c arjun can accept her hadh n show beyhadh love or leave her widout luv hope for d best luv u maya always

  21. Hi guys i have started watching this hsow from last 10-13 days but i understand all the story coz all my friends watches this serial so i get to know from them about the show but i also started watching…. this is the superb serial everrr wht ann actinggg by maayaaaaa nd sanjhhhh the hero is sooo much dumbbb he has only 4-5 lines to speak in every episode…. all space has been covered by two beautiful heroines im just eagerly waiting who does maya shoot i think its saanjh……. maya is so psycho she can do anything for arjun even she has killed her father also for shooting arjun …. i dont think maya vl shoot herself coz in yesterday’s ep she shoot somebody nd sound was also heard nd in the gun only one shot was there nd if u guys see saanjh was about to collapse nd fall down…..omgggg wht a serial…….

  22. We waiting for next episode ………….

  23. Smh. I don’t want Maya to hurt herself… But neither I want her to kill anyone because that’s evil… ?

    Love you Maya ?

  24. Only saying the truth

    A betrayal by your own parents is the worst thing that can happen to a child , I did not expect this from jhanvi ??? no matter how bad your child is parents always protect their own born child so y couldn’t she ? after all Maya has done for her , makes me so sad . Why did did Maya baby make a mistake of keeping evidence that will go against her in future ???
    This is exactly y I was in favour of cctv cameras so Maya could c what’s happening behind her back , cctv cameras failed n Maya could not put the pieces together ??? what can I say abt sanjh hiding in a couples bedroom ….makes me sick ??? n I too think Maya has shot herself , I think Maya is pregnant or she might have lost her baby again during this incident which I hope it’s not true ???

    1. if ur a die hard maya lover but dont u want maya being treated and stop continuing her vile antics? how will.maya be treated if she carries on with her misdeeds and its never brought to light ? maya has to be exposed.. and i think both maya and saanjh lovers agree to this. its the only door rhat can put her up to redemption and betterment. if maya is exposed she will not fight back but rather get some serious treatement for her mental state because there wouldnt be anything to hide from arjun. she would leave everyrhing behind n maybe try to change for good (and she will do it with arjuns support n only because she wouldnt want to loose him forever). So wat ever jhanvi is doing is right. Im a mother myself and wen i spank or scold my kids it’s only to put my child on the right track not because i wanna cause them pain.

      1. Only saying the truth

        Yes ! I do want her to cured but not in this way where she ends up hurting herself or even taking her life . Jhanvi isn’t doing it to help Maya she’s doing it to avenge Ashwins death ,where was she all this time ? why she took no action to help her ? rmmbr when Maya told her to lie abt her medical report n medication why didn’t she support the truth then ? If she had maybe Maya’s mental health wouldn’t have deteriorated as much , if she had been a good mother Maya wouldn’t have been in this state in the first place she has let down Maya a big time . I really do hope what your saying about Maya being exposed n that’ll b her door to redemption as I want her to get help asap , but I don’t know why but I feel she’s not going to stop there … She’s gona fight back ???

      2. Maybe jhanvi thought Arjun’s love could save her. Also jhanvi was under Maya’s dominance and had no strength to take action.with vandanas n saanjhs help maybe she found that strength that she needed. However saanjh n bandanas intentions are only to expose ayans truth not to help Maya on the long run. But I feel jhanvi intentions are towards Maya’s betterment only.

  25. Omg too much people

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