Beyhadh 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun reads Saanjh’s brother’s message that he hates him as Saanjh is going to Singapore forever because of him, he should not dare come in front of him, else he will break his mouth, they are going to airport to drop Saanjh. He drops mobile on Maya’s hospital bed in a hurry and runs. Maya reads that message and fumes. Saanjh travels towards airport with family. Suman to lighten up Saanjh’s mood tells she will also come to Singapore soon and will wear short dresses. Arjun rushes in his jeep and realizes he missed his mobile, he thinks how to call Saanjh now.

Jahnvi is in hospital waiting room. Ashwin comes and pulls her aside and says she cannot get rid of her so soon, then lowers his tone and says he wants her to help regain Maya’s love, he wants his

wife and daughter back.

Doctor checks Maya and tells she is fine now and after saline bottle finishes, she can go home. Once doc leaves, she removes IV line and walks out of room. Jahnvi is busy with Ashwin’s emotional atyachar and does not notice him. Peon sees her and follows her till parking lot and says she is still unwell, holds her hand. Saanjh angrily looks at him. He leaves her. She gets into her car and leaves.

Arjun blocks Prem’s car in opposite direction. Prem asks what rubbish is this, get out of way. Arjun says he needs to talk to Saanjh and nodody can interfere. He insists Saanjh to come out. Saanjh comes out and asks Prem to leave, Arjun will drop her to airport. Yug/Saanjh’s brother angrily tries to hit Arjun saying he is troubling Saanjh. Suman pushes him in.

Arjun takes Saanjh near his jeep and asks why she is leaving her duffer. She says she needs to build up her career. He insists that she is lying, she never cared about her career and never wanted to leave her duffer, what happened. She says I love you and says she loves him since their childhood and cares about him so much, she cannot see him with someone else, so she thought it is better to get away from him. She falls down crying. Arjun holds her and apologizes, says he will do whatever she says. They both cry. Maya from her car hears all this and is shocked. Arjun tells Saanjh that he did not know that she loves him. She says if he had known, had he loved her. Arjun sits silently. Saanjh says the dream she saw is in someone else’s eyes now. Arjun says she cannot leave him. Saanjh says when you love someone, you will be happy in their happiness, she is worried she cannot be part of his happiness. He says she is his happiness and reminds her of childhood incident and pleads not to go. She gets Prem’s call and disconnects it.

Prem fumes that he knew it, whatever he feard happened again. Saanjh kept Arjun’s words and ignored her happiness. Saanjh tells Arjun that she trusted him always, but not herself. He hugs her emotionally. Maya fumes seeing all this.

Precap: Maya invites Vandana and Ayan for a party and even Saanjh. She addresses reporters they may be thinking why she called them all.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Esther

    OMG she really confessed !!! …that was an emotional epi,,,,actly Aneri is really cute but don’t looks good with Arjun…if Saanjh’s character was played by someone else I would have totally supported Arjun-Saanjh pair,,,,,coz story wise I love Saanjh-Arjun pair,,,.but when I see Arjun and Maya together onscreen I wishes for ARya….coz Jenny is too damn beautifull…..reallyyy confused,,,,esply this epi increased my inclination towards Arjun-Saanjh as it included the pain of one sided love,,,,breaking friendship,,,,,that really hurts,,,,,,why Saanjh decided to stay back ! she won’t be able to handle all these things and Arjun won’t be comfortable with Maya when she is around…..My God,,,story is becoming interesting day by day

    1. Beauty is nothing in front of the care u show towards the loved one… U know how much strong it will be if it’s a child hood love.. Becoz she would have loved.. Since from her childhood atleast for more than 15 a days who is true in thier love atleast for more than 1 yr

      1. Esther

        yea that’s true,,,,but I felt that Saanjh is too small for Arjun,she looked good with Jeethu…I never said that she is not beautifull,,,she is a very pretty girl…but as it’s a show I would love to see matching-couples …just my personal opinion

        I love to see ARya not just bcoz she is beautifull but bcoz Arjun-Maya looks good together onscreen….while seeing Saanjh-Arjun together I’m not getting that spark

      2. Esther

        I think I commented lyk I want ARya bcoz Jenny is beautifull,,,,sorry my mistk,,,actly it shud be ‘Arjun-Maya looks good together’,,,,I won’t lyk to see Ayan-Maya..coz they won’t look good together……..but storywise I would love to read Saanjh-Arjun and won’t support Ayaan-Saanjh,,,,,cz Ayaan Saanjh relation is somewhat weird

    2. Esther

      sorry ppl,,,I never said that Saanjh is ugly,,,,she is beautifull,,,,,don’t misinterpret my comment

      1. Esther…what ever this story about ArYa?&Maya?..arjun wil end up alone at until we can enjoy it

  2. Shalini Senthil


  3. Worst episode..maya hurts more..? ?..any way Arjun didn’t effected,he likes saanjh only as a best friend…precap is cute Arjun hugs maya happily?..waiting for next episode..

    1. Esther

      that means even the precap is cut short,,,,***why updater..why???***

    2. Esther

      well KS..our comments abt the update got deleted -_-

      1. Yes b coz I was written about wrong written they will remove it.

  4. Daaranewala Episode What Is Going On

  5. Bakwaas episode with bakwaas saanjh, she is so irritating, yuk.

    1. Well said ?

  6. Thank god we’re over and done with saanjh! Finally she confessed..I was crying from relief..saanjhdeservesarjun did you get your answer??? Arjun stayed silent I know you’ll say he did not say no that doesn’t mean he rejected her..but he stayed silent because he was in shock get that clear..I mean what will you say when your bestie from childhood springs a surprise on you like that…brave of saanjh to smile when Arjun gave no reply I hope she understands now that Arjun only sees her as a friend..Maya poor Maya it must be torture seeing Arjun hug saanjh what must the poor girl be thinking! Her eyes say all..inspite of being hospitalised she drove behind Arjun that’s love!

    1. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      Yes i got my answer stefan! When maya proposed arjun he didn’t say no but later said yes and that is compelteeely fine but when saanjh proposed arjun he didn’t say no it means no? Doesn’t make sense does it? (actually even i don’t know what i wrote but you know na what i mean? xp) well yea next… maya totalllllly deserved that torture of seeing saanjh and arjun together cuz thats where they belong! She will have to bare this torture in the future as well because in the end saanjhs true love will win okay? Eh Saanjh deserves Arjun and now i can officially call maya a cry baby tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      1. Roby wolverine

        As you had written Maya was tortured seeing Arjun and saanjh… so you agree that Maya too has heart and feelings.. she too can get hurt.. if saanjh gets hurt seeing Maya Arjun then it’s because of true love.. But if Maya gets hurt you’re enjoying the fact that she will be tortured in future too…? I never thought you will want Maya to suffer and hurt..

  7. Roby wolverine

    I love Maya…

    Saanjh deserves Arjun…? According to me Maya deserves Arjun more than her but it doesn’t matter.. In fact Who deserves more who loves more doesn’t matter in love.. Love is…. Love is love… It does not involve who deserves who.. Love just happens without knowing who, how, why… Arjun loves Maya, it’s his choice, period…

    Maya may be going the wrong way about how to love and what she’s doing is probably wrong but that doesn’t mean her love isn’t love… Just as much as saanjh love is true her love is too true..

    Yeah saanjh’s love is selfless but everyone can’t love like her.. Love is very different to each other.. To some. It’s sacrificing and selfless.. To some it’s butterflies in stomach and hyper.. To some it’s obsessive and possessive..

    I just love Maya..

    I really have nothing against Aneri.. I just don’t like Saanjh character.. First her character was cute, then changed into insecure friend, then to always yelling, then to crying and then to selfless and now i don’t know…

    Some say Maya’s love is only beautiful because it’s in story and in real life we may hate someone like her.. In fact in real life Saanjh character too will be intolerable.. How many of us keep calm and not bothered when our partner always give priority to a best friend like Arjun do..? How many of us keep cool when that said friend loves our partner..? Some of us may think its ok but most of us will never say that ‘Yeah, our partner’s friend loves him a lot and she deserves our life partner’..? Will we let him go..? No way.. I will never tolerate it.. It’s not because of lack of trust on my partner.. It’s because i want to be the top priority of my partner and i can’t share him with anyone…

    I am not saying Arjun to leave Saanjh but sometimes he has to grow up and balance the relationships without hurting anyone. Friendship is cool and fantastic.. I too have best friends.. Frankly i find saanjh overbearing on Arjun..

    If Maya’s love should have limits then saanjh’s friendship too should have limits…

    Maya maybe cunning and manipulative but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve love.. She too should have all the happiness in the world.

    None of us are the same and none of our love is same.. I hope Arjun understands this and change Maya or learn to accept her as she is and fill her life with colors..

    It’s my view and you’re free to disagree with it..

    1. Shalini Senthil

      Agree ?with ur comment roby

    2. Angelk1

      Should have limits? She hasnt done anything to ruin arya. If anything its arjun that should understand a person feeling. He has a girlfriend now…yes, but that doesnt mean he has to always be with her 24/7. Saanj realize that an tried to be happy for them. She even tried going away, but arjun being a duffer didnt want her to leave. Saying words like she makes him happy an other stuff. The smallest things he does causes pain to both girls.

      And He doesnt realize it. his being selfish. You saying saanj should stay in her limit. What about arjun, shouldnt he as well.

      1. Roby wolverine

        As i already said in my comment Arjun has to grow up more and know how to balance the relationship without hurting anyone.. He has to understand what Maya and saanjh feels… he’s too full of himself… Even though I am ArYa fan.. frankly Maya deserves someone matured and understanding as also Saanjh..

    3. Thank you for giving me the freedom to agree with your rubbish comment.
      Now you’re giving Maya the title of Arjun’s partner but what about before she and Arjun became an item.
      Did Maya not come between Arjun & Saanjh’s friendship? She did everything within her power to seperate them and you’re saying we should feel her pain now.
      Why didn’t you feel Saanjh’s pain when Maya would give Arjun random work when she knows he’s going to spend time with Saanjh.
      Why didn’t you feel her pain when Maya put a knife to her neck and told her to stay away from Arjun?
      Maya wasn’t Arjun’s partner then and she had not right.
      It’s really interesting how people like you can go to any length to defend Maya’s character. Wow.

      1. Oh daisy when Maya said when she puts knife near saanjh neck stay away from Arjun life?..are u watched episode or not…she used her knife for clear bread on saanjh hair.maya did not said like u expected.we loves Maya always.saanjh fans knew only to blaming others for defending saanjh.

      2. Roby wolverine

        Well as i said… Maya is going the wrong way about her love.. First read my comment clearly and argue with me… I am not defending her character.. even if i defend her character there’s nothing wrong with it being her fan.. And If you can be blind and go any length to defend your saanjh then i don’t think you have any right to criticise Maya’s defenders… you only see saanjh..

      3. Angelk1

        Ks it might have seem that way, but its so obvious she was threatening her low key. Without saying it. Besides It wasnt a very pleasant dinner either. But lets be honest here, who would use a knife to clear bread crumbs of someone hair when they could have used their hand to do so.

        Thats the most ridiculous thing ever.

    4. Well said Roby wolverine ??

  8. Maya is a psycho? she is terrifying?….why dont u guys just get that???..
    saanjh is the one who deserves arjun?…

    1. I agree with shannu…….
      I don’t know why many of them don’t like saanjh…………..??i know that saanjh is not so beautiful than maya…..
      But saanjh love for arjun is better than maya…..

    2. ok…or kuch??

  9. So finally saanj confesses her love to arjun….so here comes a entry of someone to love saanj!!….itz none other than ayaan…arjuns bro…he keeps supporting saanj n will fall in love in which arjun will be irked to see that….coming eps will be damn intresting!!!!!!!

  10. All i understood from today ‘s epi is dat even if the world falls apart he ll love Maya .He can do anything for her Realizing about Vandhana,Praying to God for the first time and finally ready to die if something happens to Maya .He expects Saanjh to be as a friend to share his happiness and sorrow . Arjun who was hesitant to say No to Maya and the reason he gave to Saanjh was dat it’s Maya ‘s first love and he couldn’t say No immediately .When Maya proposed,she was nobody to him.Saanjh, his best friend from childhood proposes him and his rxn says it .He wants to solve it without hurting and no way he is confused between Saanjh n Maya.the happy hug in the precap says it all.

    So this gives the affirmation that Arjun will love Maya till the last episode of Beyhadh .He is osciallating always but his love for Maya is so strong .

    I wanted to know y he said Saanjh ll trust him no matter what .after Maya proposed ,Saanjh was doubting him always and he was saying in all the episodes the same dialogue to Trust him and eventually he never thought about anybody before proposing means Maya is his world and his mere dialogue of today saying Saanjh u r my happiness fails miserably

  11. Hency


  12. I really like saanjh & I know Arjun is the male lead yet I think saanjh deserves better than arjun…she deserves a person like her.. who love her like she does..selfless & pure… leave that arjun in his state one day he will sure realise ur goodness & love….Go ahead & find ur mr. perfect

  13. Just a role reversal of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil .Saanjh will love Arjun forever and friendzoned for lifetime
    Arjun won’t leave her to move on nor start loving her .
    ForArjun Maya is his eternal love even if she becomes evil

  14. Angelk1

    I think this is selfish of arjun. He should have let her go. He should understand that she will continue to be in pain if she stays. But instead he wants to have maya as a girlfriend an saanj to always be by his side. Thats not right. Also when arjun staid silent that means he never thought of the idea of being in love with her.

    But we will see …now that he knows . it only takes something small to make him see he does have feelings. Maya might have showed him love, but saanj gives him happiness an warmth. As soon as he got the message he didnt even think twice an ran to stop her. Leaving his phone behind.

    Even when maya had upset saanj before he got really defensive over her. Arjun may not know it yet, but i think he likes saanj too. His comfortable when shes around, calls her name in his sleep unconsciously and more. Matter fact i think he likes both girls. But in saanj case, action speaks louder than words.

    An will start seeing saanj in a new light. Not soon but as the story progress. But One thing for sure is , things wont be the same anymore.

    Lastly, maya follows arjun knowing his going to saanj. People are saying she has every right to be jealous. Typical, when saanj followed arjun to confess durring the trip, shes annoying an she should go away.
    I agree she should go away, because arjun obviously only care about himself.

    He should have let her leave instead of begging her not to go. He knows this will hurt her a lot seeing him an maya an also their marriage . but he wasnt thinking about the outcome… Just about himself.

    P.s. some couples dont look good together but they end up. So looks shouldnt matter in this case. Saanj isnt gorgeous like Jennifer, but shes not ugly either. Shes pretty.

    1. Halima Yahaya

      Love your comments totally make sense

    2. Roby wolverine

      Frankly i don’t understand why you’re dragging pretty and beauty in this.. I don’t think Arjun character is that hollow to love her only for looks..

      if it really happened like you’re saying Arjun to develop feelings for Saanj.. i will quit the show because i hate two timers… either he loves maya or he loves saanjh.. I didn’t like Bella in twilight because of that.. He will destroy both of them….

      1. Angelk1

        Ks it might have seem that way, but its so obvious she was threatening her low key. Without saying it. Besides It wasnt a very pleasant dinner either. But lets be honest here, who would use a knife to clear bread crumbs of someone hair when they could have used their hand to do so.

        Thats the most ridiculous thing ever.

      2. Angelk1

        Wolf i wouldnt consider that two timing. If arjun develop feelings or realize his feelings were there all along its not two timing. Especially when he doesn’t act upon it.

        Also maya will be the cause of arya falling apart that i believe. Third, i was leaving a message for someone about saanj not being pretty so she doesnt fit with arjun. I was giving example of how some real life couple dont fit but they live a happy life.

        Laslty, i understand you would leave because of a ship. But what about the whole speech about not giving up on maya till the very end. Even if she becomes a physco because you love her. I cane for the story, so even if saanj was pushed or arjun hurt her so bad. I will continue to watch.

        Besides the drama already filmed all its eps. We’re just watching what they have already filmed. So the director’s an writers cant change anything.

      3. Angelk1..thriller story aisa hy with use of knifes to entertain example in before episode..why Ayaan used knife to fear saanjh in hotel,he can use devil mask to fear her instead of knife na..? & Maya fears to see Arjun angry on her because of saanjh,she tried to fear her not for harm saanjh or not for threaten her.and ArYa fans every time talked about real episode scenes not like u guys for comparing with real life&with own story to blame others.

    3. Roby wolverine

      Angel1k…. (I can’t believe you called me wolf…!) I said i will quit this show if he became a two timer.. i won’t quit it if Arjun left maya and paired up with saanjh it’s his decision.. i just don’t want him to be in a relationship with Maya and also in love with saanjh.. I support Maya till the end.. I love her.. I can digest anything they show but not the two time thing.. I am touchy in that area..

      1. Angelk1

        Sorry wolve it was a typo lol, but even i dont like the two timing thing.

  15. when your saying that she is cunning, manipulative then how can a person trust her and live a happy life with her.
    Yes arjun didnt accept saanjh love coz he is already commited to maya , even we dont want arjun to cheat maya but its saanjh feelings which she wanted get rid of it and she did .
    When maya proposed arjun saanjh was crying not fuming but here its was vice verses with maya.
    Atlast i think arjun should endup with saanjh not because maya is psycho but they share a good relation not maya always fuming

    1. Roby wolverine

      Have you forgot the yelling and the fight Saanjh did with Arjun after seeing Maya propose on air balloon…? Yeah.. if saanjh gets jealous and insecure it’s cute and right but if Maya does that then it’s terrific and manipulative and not acceptable..?

      1. Roby now you got the point people like you were calling saanjh as crying baby we told you guys its her way of strength but still you guys dont realised and coming to point yes she fought with him coz she is scared of maya , as we all know wat she did with saanjh at the dinner so she said arjun to stay away from maya there is lot of difference.

      2. Pari.. it will happen only in your dream not in real it

      3. Shalini Senthil

        Pari crying is not strenght she is just taking all emphthy ….maya is a really strong

      4. Roby wolverine

        Pari can you please go and check all the comments I’ve posted on this site.. Because you’re mentioning “People like me”… I’ve never said her as a crybaby.. Nor did i said anything about crying is weakness.. I don’t know why you’re saying this to me.. All saanjh’s fans are forgetting some things… Have you forgotten the sentence “So what if she jumped out of the balloon and died” saanjh uttered…? Now they’re portraying her character as selfless but don’t forget she was not like that all the time.. Saanjh isn’t perfect.. yeah.. she’s of course good girl in the normal standards of the so called society but she isn’t god nor the epitome of self sacrifice and goodness.. she too has faults..

  16. I Hate saanjh n arjun together.. Didn’t watch episode on TV n will not even…coz Maya’s character is made so grey… N saanjh is given too much importance…stopped watching beyhadh

    1. Esther

      Beyhadh is about Maya only,,,,her character will never loose importance…Saanjh is also necessary for the story, but they never gave more imp to Saanjh,,,,Beyhadh is all about Maya and I think it’s a fixed series

    2. Agreed (y)

    3. Shalini Senthil

      Me too feeling bad but i had still hope stroy will turn a new shape u watch ashwini and support maya ?

  17. Today I was expected like awesome episode from saanjh fans to see saanjh love proposal to Arjun(why because they had hope like Arjun will come back to saanjh after realise her love).but still they talking bout maya very nice.instead of enjoying,before like same saanjh instead of propose to Arjun ,she shouted on arjun every time with insecure.nice.

    1. Angelk1

      I dont even understand your comment. But i dont hope arjun to come running to saanj once she confess. I wanted her to leave so arjun can realize it himself. But now that arjun knows, his being selfish telling her to stay with him. An next eps his hugging maya at the party, like her confession never happen.

      Honestly if ayan start taking an interest arjun has no right to be angry or jealous if that eps do air.

    2. We want arjun to know the truth of maya we dont want arjun to leave maya for the sake of friendship , All we asked is maya truth and yeah if she is prompt then saanjh also will help her but no you guys want maya and arjun jodi that’s it , after knowing her truth and her psycho think comes out , arjun will try to help her but i am damn sure she will not listen to him so its better that arjun should endup with saanjh.

      1. Shalini Senthil

        Pari if arjun end up with saanjh ..serial will ruin like anything this story like made for saanjh and arjun love story and what abt maya…maya is a main lead ….i wish story end with arya orelse arjun endup alone but end up with saanjh arjun????yuk

    3. Right Sam….saanjh fans know only blaming,now they are blaming Arjun…actually saanjh brother will turn villain for beat him.senseless totally..who ever will not like send saanjh away because of him.when he comes to know about reason to avoid her family for him.

      1. Jay…Oh by mistake entered reply for you Jay..

      2. O really we are blaming wat about you guys from the first eposide you are blaming saanjh so first think and comments .
        Ks i am not dreaming that’s the reality.

      3. Pari.. it’s obviously dream like you expected saanjh end up with Arjun at last…any way now both Arjun and Maya loving each Ashwin you guys praying to separate ArYa and want to see Maya as phsycho for end up saanjh with Arjun but he is for money.carry on enjoy it

      4. Angelk1

        Only blaming. Ks, please read all the comments from eps 1 about saanj before saying that. I agree with pari on this one.before aya were together people were already blaming saanj an hopeing she would leave.

        Forgetting the fact that arjun an saanj were stuck like glue. Then maya tries separating them an finally achieves it. People still blames her an then they blame saanj family an vandana for arya mess. An along came ashwin, they blame him too.

        The blaming game started with arya fans. One thing i will agree on is arjun is at fault in this eps. His being selfish.

      5. Roby wolverine

        As far as i remember Some of saanjh fans started the blaming.. they blamed Maya for the inability and lack of courage of saanjh to propose her love to Arjun.. And saanjh too didn’t want Arjun to spend time with Maya first.. yeah.. they’re best friends and have relationship longer but that doesn’t mean he can’t go and pursue a new one..

      6. Angelk1

        Ks, its common to compare a story events to real life. Thats basically the purpose to relate to the characters. Yes its a story, but if people can compare it to real life situation whats the harm.

        Roby i disagree, since eps 1 arya fans been blaming saanj. Even before maya had the idea to confess.

  18. Seriously I want saanjh and arjun to be paired up. U know… Childhood love is the best love according to me.. From child to the group thinking of the same person.. That type of love is just flawless.. In between them some person will come suddenly saanjh has to leave her true love.. Infact when she cam to know that Arjun loves maya.. She didn’t want to separate them but instead she wished arjun to live happily.. That is the sign of good heart which no one does… I love saanjh to the core…

  19. Emotional episode well enacted by all.

  20. Saanjh scenes totally bahlkwaas

    1. Right sam?

    2. Shalini Senthil

      Sam,roby,and ks very nice comments and reply because of ks and roby comments im not replying too much because what ever i think to say u guys said i read u guys all comments and reply its really good I read open tellyupdates again and again to read ks and roby comments.. ??? love maya love maya supporters???

      1. Roby wolverine

        Thank you Shalini senthil.. We love Maya.. Maya rockzzz..

  21. wow saanju good job yer u confess your leave d over u saarjun.

  22. I have a strong belief that people who are supporting saanjh here is none other than aneri herself with many profiles 😀 😀

    1. Shalini Senthil

      I think that so???

    2. Same here is it jenny herself who is writing this kind of comments.

  23. wat is maya’s plan?

  24. Stop it saanjh. My maya is getting hurt. ????

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