Beyhadh 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun lifts Maya and walks towards home. Saanjh calms Vandana down and asks her to do Maya’s graha pravesh calmly. Arjun brings Maya. Saanjh excitedly says let us start graha pravesh and keeps rice bowl and red water thali in front of door. Ayan while taking something breaks glass. Maya cleans glass strands, but one piece falls in front of Maya. Maya steps on glass strand without noticing it and it pierces her foot. She shouts in pain and steps on floor with blood stained foot. Arjun and Saanjh get worried, but Vandana comes when new bahu’s entry is with blood, then only bad will happen. Arjun warns her to stop her negative thoughts. Saanjh handles situation. Vandana loves family a lot and whoever loves Arjun will also get Vandana love. Maya says even Saanjh loves Arjun. Saanjh looks

at her face. Maya says she does not have any friend except Arjun and if Saanjh will be her friend. Saanjh says sure..why not. Ayan says even he is her friend now.. Saanjh then asks Arjun 500 rs as shagun. He asks why 500 rs. She says for ice cream. Arjun says ice cream is 50 rs. Saanjh says to send bride into his room, ice cream is very costly. Arjun takes out money yelling. Ayan snatches 100 rs and says it is for pav bhaji. Saanjh thanks him and leaves with Ayan. Maya laughs.

Arjun gets romantic with Maya and takes her to his room. He walks near her and she runs. He says she is injured, even then running. They fight with pillows. Maya asks if he wants to sleep on separate bed. They both merge beds and clean room. They then sleep on bed talking and Maya falls asleep. Arjun thinks he cannot get naughty now and has to wait and falls asleep.

At night, Maya gets up and walks to Vandana’s room with knife. She leans on Vandana. Vandana wakes up and panics. Saanjh warns her that she should accept her with love, else she knows what she can do. Vandana wakes up afraid and realizes it was her dream. She walks out to get water and sees Maya really in front of her and drops water mug. Maya holds her and says she wants to become her daughter and wants her to pamper her like her own child, she wants her to assure that everything will be alright pampering her head, holds Vandana’s legs. Vandana reminisces Ashwin telling Maya is mad and can harm anyone and backs off. Maya continue weeping.

Precap: Jahnvi worriedly calls Maya and asks to come home soon, he has come back. Maya asks who. Jahnvi says Ashwin. Maya drops phone in a shock. Arjun and family notice her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. NandhanaN

    Vandhana is so much scared ..wouldn’t be surprised if she dies of Heart attack next ..
    I guess Maya is possessed by Gopi ?? too much of goodness …

    Jahnvi seems to see Ashwin as well ..but if u notice …the shadow and the last scene where Jahnvi met Ashwin , he is wearing the same dress…

    So Ashwin is not shooting anymore .. Let’s wait for the future track

  2. Awesome episode,oh which I shared news came early now im confused,how jhanvi also seen ashwin,is she really planned wit ashwin? but jhanvi fear looks like genuine.&oh my Maya baby you are sleeping every time when Arjun want romance with u,you are sleeping ur total childhood sleep now peacefully in Arjun arms,love u Maya ?,&pagal vandana vajase glass plate broken& maya got hurt but her wrong she thrown on Maya like inauspicious??..vandana dream has to turn true,but insted of my Maya holds vandana legs requested her give one chance.but she didn’t given??.&ArYa scenes superb ? waiting for next episode ?

    1. Shalinisenthil

      Well u r right today Maya slept I thought of some romantic arya movement ….

  3. NandhanaN

    Ks : Saw the video as well … this beyhadh is going out of imagination ..Tracks based on Superstitions , predictions and Depression being called Madness ..Can’t tolerate this ..

    Just watching for Maya,ArYa ,Maya’s past and Ashwin’s death mystery ?

    1. Ya dear me too …love to see Maya?&her story&ArYa?,now cvs want to show few days family drama.let’s see…

  4. Maya arjun so cute today, perfect bg music, felt more like watching romantic show sans thriller. But still liked it. Ignoring rest parts for playing out like typical ekta show, im afraid ill loose interest if they introduce such cliché

  5. Angelk1

    Jhanvi probably seeing ashwin ghost. So she says ashwin is here. She’s probably going crazy.

    1. Shalinisenthil

      As u said angelk1 its true but I read somewhere Maya will see ashwin ghost she will go crazy….really we cannot guess anything in behyadh …and some of news are also fake …let’s see what is going to happen next nobody knows it only written sir know it

      1. Angelk1

        I agree, but usually that happens when some one is guilty. Like naam karaan when dae starts to hallucinate asha, until she confession. Maybe that’s what happening to Jhanvi.

    2. Jhanvis love for ashwin was obsessive. She loved him even when he caused their daughter so much pain, selfish to her own desires, more then her little girls well being. But problem is they are showing mixed information to viewers, maybe they just want to draaaaaaag

      1. If it’s ghost, how both Maya and jhanvi will see,more spoilers’ saying ashwin is came back.but don’t know he came back like ghost or real person??and some spoiler mentioned beyhadh family saas bahu drama maximum different with another serials.let’s see

      2. Angelk1

        They are dragging. Its obvious this stage vandana will come to accept Maya. Some how, maybe she saves her life , but this drama will end with them being in good terms. Then the real fun will begin in stage 3

  6. Shalinisenthil

    Behyadh story is going in different track nobody can able to guess who is culprit very much suspense and thiriller is going on ….every comment I read some said saanjh is villian some said vandana some Maya and some jhanvi….as Nandhana N said im also watching this beyhadh for Maya and arjun….I love arya pair …I want in the end of behyadh arya together happily …happy ending I need but as I said we cannot guess behyadh we guess one think one thing happened ….its make me watch this serial more its really very different story ….and compare to all indian television serial behyadh is a top i love it ….its a best serial i ever seen best jodi …love behyadh alot

  7. Both jhanvi and Maya are seeing Ashwin for different reasons..Maya knows that he’s dead but she is so psychologically affected by her past that her mind refuses to believe he’s dead which is why she sees Ashwin’s ghost everywhere, out of fear that even after death he’ll come after her she has still not gotten over her past. I think jhanvi is the murderer so she’s seeing his ghost out of guilt and also the fact that she loved him very much even if he was a sadistic husband and father..Arjun is unlikely to murder Ashwin he was serious about killing him but don’t think he will have the guts to actually take someone’s life

  8. its a suspense thriller so ofcourse we are left in suspense. i really hope ashwin is dead and not staging all this but wouldnt put it pass the writers.

    happy for maya however every time she takes a step fwd something happens. jhanvi already calling her for nonsense

  9. so according to spoilers ashwin is alive..ugh. not surprised.

  10. I don’t think Ashwin is alive. I think someone is just trying to scare both Maya and Jhanvi. Maybe the killer or someone who hates them. Who else thinks Maya isn’t going to put up with Vandana’s bullshit. She’s testing her patience. You all should remember Maya won’t stay all weak and allow people to step on her. Be patient. The old Maya isn’t going to disappear so quickly. The eps was great. I love ArYa. I want their happy ending.

  11. please bring old Maya back. I don’t like to see her cry be helpless in front of people like Vandana, who is just like a typical tv serial saas who hates her bahu anwabt her son to dump the bahu and marry the girl of her choice

  12. So much drama in upcoming episodes guys,let’s enjoy and watch,maximum our maya want to change her life as good and happy life but once police will spoil and once ashwin shadow vajase will spoil.i mean she want to live happily but after marriage she will cry daily because of both.

  13. Ayesha22

    ashwin still alive???no yaar,let him be dead.or vandhana,looks like she cannot digest maya’s goodness and patience.she wants to see the worst of her.don’t worry once her patience goes off you will see what you cannot imagine even in your wildest dreams.

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