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From police station, Ayan drives Saanjh’s scootie with Saanjh sits as pillion. He says jail trip was adventerous, he has stories now to tell in his old age. Saanjh sits seriously weeping. Arjun travels with Maya in her car. Arjun thanks her and says he wants to return her good gesture and asks if he should cook for her, he cannot shop as she has everything. Maya says tough he has not accepted her, she has accepted him and all his relationships and will continue caring for them all. Topi changes to finding peace. She drops Arjun outside his apartment building. Maya asks where he finds his peace. He shows up. She looks at sky. He says not so up and shows terrace, his shanti spot with clear air and full of peace. She asks if he will take her to shanti spot.

Ayan reaches home with

Saanjh. Suman and Vandana scolds him and say without Saanjh, h e would not have come out of police station. Saanjh says she did not bail him, Maya bailed him instead. Vandana and Suman stand in a shock. Vandana asks where is Arjun. Saanjh says he went with Maya as 3 people cannot ride on 1 scootie.

Arjun calls Ayan and asks if Saanjh is around. Ayan says yes, if he should give phone to her. Arjun says no and asks to go away from Saanjh silently. Ayan tells Saanjh that he is going to his room for a min and will be back. He speaks to Arjun again wo tells that Maya wants to see Shanti spot. Ayan says it is only his and Saanjhs spot, Saanjh will kil him. Arjun says what he could do, Maya asked his peace spot and he said his building terrace, so she wants to see it. He asks Ayan to send Saanjh home somehow. Ayan goes back and tells Saanjh she should sleep now as she must be tired and she will get wrinkles if she does not. He forcefully sends Suman, Saanjh’s brother, and Saanjh out. Saanjh asks him when will Arjun come. He says he will come late as Maya’s car broke down.

Arjun takes Maya to shanti spot, stands on fencing wall and asks Maya to stand with him. she also climbs. He says he fells very peacfful here, Saanjh showed him this spot first and their friendship started her, when he gets very tired in his busy life, he comes here. He asks if she does not get tired , where she goes when she gets tired. She gives example of stars that they are so many on sky, but they are away from each other, even in her case, her relationship looks so close, but she is far apart. She continues her moral gyaan.

Saanjh eagerly waits for Arjun’s call. She calls Ayan and asks to inform her when Arjun returns. Her brother taunts her. She thinks Arjun would come to shanti spot and walks towards terrace. Ayan guards on stairs outside terrace and yells he had to lie and now guard among mosquitoes. He goes home to get mosquito repellent. Arjun holding Maya’s hand says he wants to be a friend. Saanjh goes to terrace is shocked to see Arjun and Maya holding each other’s hands. She starts crying.

Precap: Maya hugs Arjun and says as a friend she can. Ashwin clicks their pic. Maya tells Jahhnvi that Ashwin wants to tell that he will take Arjun away from her. Saanjh looks at Arjun and Maya’s hugging pic in news paper’s front page and asks Arjun who clicked it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Jenny u r brilliant…such a lovely performance❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Costumes attitude every thing is mind blowing????
    Love the episode lots of arya scenes…scenes in terrace was awesome.❤❤❤
    Ashwin is doing evil again..he can’t she Maya happy…
    Again that saanjh??????brainwashing and scolding arjun….
    And poor Maya is crying for loosing arjun’s trust…soooo sad…
    Now that idiot arjun will come and scold Maya for this photosss…?????
    Duffer arjun????
    Plz try to understand Maya’s love for u…????

    1. Ya right maanu..Ashwin is going to spoil Maya he is going to trouble Arjun Ney..then that blame will come on Maya..all are trying to separate Maya Arjun…i hope arjun will not leave maya hand when he realised his love on maya…then Maya&Arjun will going to fight against all odds to save their relationship as based on serial first promo.

      1. I hope soo ..arjun don’t blame Maya for this…in terrace she beautifully managed when he talk abt saanjh and my feelings is my problem u don’t worry for it…these r showing that how she was matured and importantly Maya want arjun to love her for his heart not by her money or beauty….

        That y we r crazy for Maya….Maya we love u❤❤❤❤❤❤

      2. *From his heart…typing mistake

      3. Ya right maanu ??

  2. Wow awesome episode…ArYa scenes superb…precap is sad..stupid ashwin started his games to take Arjun from Maya to spoil Maya happiness.??

  3. Shalini Senthil

    Maya is very cute I love her day by day…arjun side saanjh creating problem ..Maya side ashwin facing all prob how arya will toghther waiting to see

  4. Roby wolverine

    God…! Saanjh is now jealous of Maya’s status.. She shouldn’t feel like that.. she should be happy that Ayan got bail by whatever means. she’s being petty and irritating.To Arjun She’s just best friend and Maya is something new.. You can’t fault him for not being with her all the time.Her character didn’t grow up at all and it’s like seeing a 20 year child and it’s not really pleasant.. Haven’t we all honestly want to spend time with our life partner rather than our friend. that’s y it’s called love but that doesn’t mean you’re ignoring friendship. it’s part of growing up managing friendship and relationship.. Saanjh is complicating their friendship by her jealousy and her love.. she should at least express her feelings… Loved Maya and Arjun… Perfect and can’t wait for monday..

  5. Ashwin is so sadistic he has already ruined Maya’s life now he wants to take away Arjun! My poor maya baby she was crying..I think soon Arjun will find out that Ashwin is her father and finally handicap him?

  6. Saanjh such a drama queen! She was acting as if they kissed. Can’t two people even hug each other?? She’s getting jealous over small things now. She’s a 5 year old child in a 20 year olds body

    1. Indeed!

  7. Nihala shibin

    Awesome episode .waahh really cute .but stupid Ashington and saanj

  8. Angelk1

    This eps arjun did wrong. He said saanj found this spot and showed him. And it became their special place ever since, its basically their favorite spot. So why bring maya to it when its “there special place” its like when you buy a bag for your sister and she gave it to someone else.

    Thats mest up, he should have at least ask saanj , but he is a duffer after all.

    But next time will be drama , cant wait. at least arjun ask to be her friend instead of giving her an answer, way to dodge the bullet.

    1. Hospital &police station is different…in one area one police station and in one area more hospitals will have.i know all are talking negative about saanjh but it’s genuine..they are talking about saanjh doings..but they did not talked like how saanjh went correct police station when arjun informs only ayan in police station via call.anyway let’s see
      *angelk1 yesterday comment reply I given here *

      1. Dear…. If you see the that part then you will find that Arjun calls Saanjh about the custody of Ayan and ofcourse he definetly tells about which police station (Although the police station name can not be announed in any serial)… however in Maya’s case, Arjun not told her about the Ayans proble (she only heard the wordings of Ayan)… It doesn’t mean that which police station would be…..

      2. Maya kuch jyaada hi intelligent hai…. puri tayaari ke saath police station aayi thi… Mere khyal se sabhi dhaara ke liye ek hi type ke bail nahi hoti … case by case bail ka apeal different hoti hai… par yahan Maya ko kaun sa police station hai, kaun sa case lagi hai, kaun sa dhaara laga hoga, kis type ka bail lena hoga… sab kuch jankari hai… doosri baat… jis tarah se police officer shuruvat me style dikha raha tha uss se yeh lagta tha ki banda bahut strict hai… par Maya ke thappad khane ke baad bhi bande ne koi action nahi liya…. Apni corrupt hone ke iss sey jyada kya saboot hai….

      3. Pradeep im also saying same they will not inform about police station ..sometimes in serial you can’t expect logics..sometimes with out logic will happen.

  9. Ah finally,I loved today’s epi..Arjun proved that he isn’t a puppet and has a mind of his own.becoz when Saanjh tries to confront him he is always confused,but again he goes back to Maya with wierd explanations, come on even a 15 year old knows that Maya is doing it out of beyhadh love…I like Ayan and Saanjh brother, they are sensible than Arjun and Saanjh.. As usual Jennifer was gorgeous ..I feel she deserve some one else who is bold and mature other than Arjun , coz she herself is bold and beautiful..and if Arjun continue to act like a puppy then who’s gonna save her from Ashwin..

  10. Definitely Arjun is going to say yes to Maya, becoz Arjun wanted to give answer to Maya praposal and Maya was interrupting him becoz she knows that he is going to say yes to her. Becoz of saanjh so much over reaction actually helped Arjun to move more closer to Maya. Maya is so clever she never showed Arjun that she is jealous of saanjh and Arjun friendship and she is obsessed lover, but saanjh unnecessary showed so much of overconcern about Arjun. This definitely made Arjun to think that saanjh is wrong and Maya is right when actually its not. Now saanjh its enough of ir stupidity and stop making ur own insult everytime. If u want Arjun to understand ur feelings then tel Arjun that u love him instead of telling maya is behind him or else let Arjun decide what he wants in life and mind ur business????. I wish there should ne shocking twist in the serial , maya and saanjh fighting for Arjun without knowing his intentions and all of sudden Arjun says that he loves someone else and we can see third lady wil come in the picture??tab maya aur saanjh together wil sit on shanti spot??

  11. Btw as an actress saanjh is not skinny but she just look starved. please put on some weight…….plzzz

    1. Yes , she is super skinny , that they don’t know what to dress her on, and it’s hard for clothes to look good on her !

  12. I love the way loving of maya…

  13. Maya (Jennifer Winget) you are just simply the best.i love you and your acting, someone teach saanjh to act.

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