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Beyhadh 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun shows his presentation to Maya with her as model. Maya likes it. Arjun calls Saanjh and informs Maya liked his presentation. She surprisingly asks what…Arjun says she is talking to a big fashion photographer and asks her to get his dress for today’s event, the white shirt which she gifted last birthday. She asks him to leave it to her, she will select his dress.

Arjun and Maya walk towards parking lot. Maya says she needs to brief him about today’s event. He says he will meet her directly at the event. She takes his jeep keys and asks watchman to send it to Arjun’s house. Arjun says be careful with his dhanno/jeep.

Saanjh searches Arjun’s dress and excitedly tells Vandana that today is duffer’s most important event, all media’s

attention will be on him, he needs to look his best. Vandana suggests her to propose him, else she will lose him. Saanjh continues searching dress and see them all torn and old. She calculates money and thinks what to buy. Arjun calls her and asks how a nude photographer will look. She asks what. He asks her to bring clothes soon, else he will go nude to the event. Maya comes and says he should look his best in the event and gives her tuxedo. He picks phone and says he will take Saanjh’s opinion as has not worn such a costly dress in his life. She takes phone and says today no Saanjh and he should get habituated to luxuries now.

Saanjh remodels her father’s suit and tells him he is so hefty. He says he is from a healthy faamily. Suman jokes. He says all because of her. Saanjh asks if this suit will fit Arjun. HHe says, but she should nott forget her problem. She says she remembers.

Saanjh ges Arjun;s dress ready and calls him, but Maya took his phone away. Arjun comes wearing tuxedo. Maya smiles and says he looks perfect. He smiles. Maya asks assistant if press came. He says yes. She walks with Arjun. Saanjh brings dress, but guard stops her. Saaaanjh says this dress is for his friend, it is his event. Guard does not allow her even then. Arjun walks with Maya holding her hand. Saanjh calls him and is shocked seeing this. Maya’s assistant asks security guard to close the door. He does and asks Saanjh to ggo from here. Saanjh walks sadly reminiscing Arjun and Maya walking holding each other’s hands but reminisces Arjun telling today is biggest even of his life, thinks today is duffer’s first event and she will not miss it, she will enter inn at any cost. Arjun and Maya walk in front of media holding each other’s hands. Media click theirpics. Saanjh enters via window.

Maya addresses reporters and introduces Arjun as her company’s new photographer. She asks him to speak and murmurs in his ears that whole world is waiting him. Saanjh watches him via window hole. Arjun address media and unveils Maya’s picture as his life’s most beautiful pic. He praises Maya and repeats her words about obession for work. Saanjh starts crying hearing this. He then says he is here because of one person and that person is.. Saanjh stops. Security guard shouts what is she doing still here. Saanjh says one minute, Arjun is her best friend and he will take her name. Arjun says that person is Maya Mehrotra. Saanjh stands in a shock.

Precap: Saanjh over phone asks Arun to met her on terrace after his event. He says okay, but gets busy enjoying party with Maya. Saanjh waits for him and sleeps on terrace itself.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. 3veni

    for d first tym iam feeling bad for saanjh….bt even though i want arjun nd maya as pairr….nycc episodeee

    1. Hiii! I am new in this family. Can I also join you??
      Coming to episode, a good one. Felt happy for maya and sad for saanjh. Arjun shouldn’t do this with his bestie from nearly childhood. Arjun plz maintain a balance between both the ladies. Let’s see what happens next….

      1. 3veni

        yaa of course u can join us…dis serial is vryy intersting compared to others…happyy to see fans of beyhadh….

  2. Wowwwwwww what a lovely episode…I love it….jenny was soooooooo pretty???

  3. Devga

    Awesomeness …. loving seeing this smiling maya …. and junoon concept with the junoon itself as model … grt picks and presentation…. maya carries herself so perfectly…. loving Maya’s attitude…. on the whole loving ARYA PAIR .. …. THEY R LUKING PERFECT TOGETHR ….

    On the other hand …. arjun shld hv called saanjh aftr wearing the dress… as at tht time his phn was in his table … so is he mad to forget his bstie whom he asked for dress …. poor saanjh came thr but got insulted by guard …

  4. Cool …. But poor saanjh ,may she realise that she is nothing more than a friend to him .

  5. Are waah! Today, not only Maya, but even Arjun was on full mood to enjoy with Maya!
    Maya sure is clever, I see…
    But bichari Saanjh…perhaps, it’d be better for her to start finding another groom for herself kyonki this one has already been sold out!
    Honestly, both Maya and Arjun looked sizzling togehter today!
    And friends, this is just the begining…watch out for Maya Mehrotra’s obsessed side as she tries to defeat and overcome EVERYTHING that comes between her and Arjun!

  6. Wooooow epic episode…maya Arjun look perfect together. Maya watching this serial only for you❤️Guess I’ll end up falling in love ??

  7. Awesome episode really..jenny looks very pretty with cool smile..and sad for saanj…but what to do..Arjun thinks saanj is only his best friend…&I felt Arjun is enjoying luxary life with maya..y becoz he forgot saanj..i hope he will not hurt Maya like Ashwin after use like he forgot saanj..any way love you jenny ?

  8. Angelk1

    I knew this would happen. Arjun is starting to enjoy the life of being rich…being in Maya circle. Oon he will not have time for his friend or family and will focus on Maya, but he will soon regret it once everything becomes overwhelming.

    Arjun Maya is slowly having you in her grasp, leave her before you become her servant. And poor Saanj her love is truely. The purest. I felt so bad for her. Honestly Arjun could have took her name and also Maya’s name. Since both of them got him where he is now. Saanj encouragement and Maya acceptance both girls helped him out.

  9. Maya is best

  10. Shalini Senthil

    I love maya ..i love arya pair very much ..feeling bad for saanjh too …but maya arjun rocks

  11. NICE EPISODE so sad 4 saanjh propose him fast otherwise Maya will block all her way already she is making hurdles she will not allow anyone 2 enter arjuns life if it is his mother

  12. pretty princess

    Arjun and Maya both look cute together. But at the same time, I feel bad for saanjh, her emotions cannot be overseen. This drama really rocks as the are no antagonist, all the three are correct in their places. I love them all ( except Maya’s father).

  13. as far as I know this serial is not a typical love story,and jennifer’s charecter has grey shades to it in instead of a typical love story between maya and arjun,we should just enjoy jennifer’s awesome acting,even if her charecter has grey shades,because very few gets the opportunity to play such a stories keeps happening in every serial…it’s better if they show a different side of love,in this case which becomes obsession .

  14. Feeling pity for saanjh ?,she loved n trusted him since childhood ,and broke her trust ,,?

  15. Feeling pity for saanjh ?,she loved n trusted him since childhood ,and he broke her trust ,,? ..,love u saanjh ?

  16. I felt like Raju ban gaya gentleman story today. Arjun is not yet in love with maya and is already lost in world of luxuries so much that he forgot his bestie

  17. Mermaid

    feeling bad for ssanjh but arjun-ssanjh wiil be the final pair

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