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Beyhadh 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh slips trying to go out and Samay holds her. He comments and asks if she is going out. She reminisces Vandana’s words not to inform anyone and nervously says she is going to meet her friend and will see him later. He asks if he can come along. Prem says if he sticks to her like this, it will not be a relationship. Saanjh walks out nervously. Samay notices something is wrong.

Arjun with Maya reaches office and tells he forgot his mobile at home, he will go and bring it. She asks if he forgot or purposefully left it. He says he loves her, then why she doubts him. She sits back in car and says every betrayal starts from trust and he told he wants to be with her 24/7.

Saanjh reaches Maya’s house as courier boy. Vandana says she did not order anything. Saanjh reveals it is her.

Vandana happily tries to hug her. Saanjh asks her to control, else her bahu will notice them. Maya reaches apartment building and notices courier boy at her house. A man joins them. Arjun asks who is he. Maya says one who will help her. Saanjh asks Vandana to find proof soon before Maya reaches. Vandana says they will find evidence in CCTV footage of crime day and says let us go in. Maya gets into lift and connection fails. She then reaches home and stops Vandana and asks if courier boy had come. She nervously says yes. Maya says she has hired a technician to fix digital locks for both moms’ safety. Technician closes door and Saanjh is seen hiding behind door. Vandana gets tensed.

Maya comments and then says Vandana let us search who has come in or was called in. She searches all around. Vandana calls Saanjh, but stops seeing Maya. Maya searches in Jahnvi’s room and asks if someone comes here, she should press buzzer. Vandana walks towards Saanjh hiding behind plants. Arjun comes and asks something is running in her mind. Vandana says no. Arjun loudly says Maya that he checked house and no one is present. Maya agrees and leaves.

Vandana searches Saanjh again. Arjun asks if he called Saanjh. Vandana says she wants to meet Saanjh as Saanjh is her daughter. Arjun says he can understand, he will not tell Maya anything. Maya returns and asks what he will not tell. Vandana tells nervously that she and Jahnvi feel in jail locked in room. Maya says let it be, it is for their safety and tries to open digital lock. Arjun notices. Vandana calls Saanjh slowly. She feels hand on her shoulder and ges very tensed. She turns and relaxes seeing Saanjh. Saanjh says hello beautiful. Vandana scolds her.

Maya set lock pin and walks out saying nobody can enter without her permission. Saanjh tells Vandana that she has to do something to CCTV cameras to escape from her bahu. Maya siting in car watches Vandana’s movement on her mobile. Arjun stops her and says she fixed CCTV cameras for him, then why she is watching maa. Maya keeps her mobile. Vandana drops water on CCTV camera wires and demonstrates it to Saanjh. Maya romances Arjun in his cabin. Arjun says someone will watch it. Maya says let it be. Staff tells Arjun that everyone are waiting for him conference room.

Saanjh checks CCTV footage and says crime days’s footage is missing and Maya must have hid it somewhere. Maya sees CCTV cameras off and rushes towards home. Saanjh requests Jahnvi to let her find proof to prove Ayan innocent. Jahnvi presses buzzer. Saanjh understands her signal and opens her wheelchair arm and finds pen drive under it She smiles. Maya reaches apartment building.

Precap: Maya ties Vandana and Saanjh to a chair and says whoever tires to dig grave to Maya will die first. Saanjh should pray she should not meet her in next life.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Waste serial

  2. Anyone is observed?,Maya asked jhanvi to press buzzer if any one comes here..after jhanvi presses’ buzzer to see saanjh..why im saying this,i mean I thought jhanvi helped saanjh to find proof against maya,i got upset with jhanvi.but it’s not..jhanvi pressed buzzer as per Maya says?..i misunderstood jhanvi unnecessarly?..let’s see

  3. Episode was nice,ArYa scene superb?..waiting for next episode eagerly…love u Maya ❤

  4. I guess this was the last Arya scene for this season or probably for this serial ! I hope I m wrong…don’t know what’s gonna happen …don’t want Maya to kill them…pls cv’s show some positivity…let Arjun come and rescue them ! Does anybody know what’s gonna happen next ?

    1. Let’s wait 24 hours,its unpredictable to say what will happen next…my trust is my Maya will not kill any one except ashwin…and I too felt ArYa moment is last for a while..because Maya felt arjun cheated her with them,it’s my guess to see her angry in car while driving.let’s hope ? for best ?..let’s see

      1. i really wish u are right @ks

      2. Resonance1290

        The CVS lost all respect and trust the moment they decided despite making Ayan say such filthy words and manhandle maya that in fact maya planned it all and Ayan was completely innocent, that told me such people don’t deserve to be TV writers, showing such vulgarity and inconsistency with the entire story before is nothing short of ridiculous. Now if they show her killing and Arya ending I’m totally done, they created the most beautiful couple and showed so much romantic scenes and goodness of maya that made most fans fall for her and Arjun together. Showing this kind of rubbish will only destroy the serial and its followers, a very unfortunate thing as all of Jennifer’s hard work into this serial will be wasted by this complete destruction other character that she still has to play despite it receiving no more love and appreciation anywhere near before when the writers knew what maya was supposed to be, not a psychotic remorseless murderer but a frightened abused child craving love, that they showed so well in phase 1 and were consistent. But have all but scrapped that now as they didn’t know how to progress, its pathetic

        I’m not even watching tomorrow or for a while, this show isn’t worth it anymore despite having such a promising start and history before it, this current season is the biggest let-down, I’m just glad Jenny didn’t agree to a sequel, as even the original is failing so badly now

        The estranged hopes I and many others had of a abused ill person being shown in a better light and not perpetually dark to give the watchers a good feeling of such people was lovingly destroyed, I’ve seen on twitter by god the numbers of people hating the current track is incredible! CVS have nerves and resolves of steel to keep going with what they’re doing now despite the massive hate backlash compared to season 1. The actors I cannot blame they are just doing what the script says, but it would be nice if they didn’t LIE or MISLEAD people and giving them hope of Arya and maya but then showing the opposite, they should have realised the significance consequence of such a thing, so I can also say shame on them with a tinge of regret.

        Well-done beyhadh, you had the potential all the way up to early april to be the best and most revolutionary serial on TV, but thanks to the poorest most heartless and sick writing all the beauty of before has been severely disgraced by the CVS, they should be ashamed of how bad they’ve messed up their own writing smh, and how many fans they may have lost as a consequence, even TRPs and IMDB ratings are their lowest ever, whereas all through season 1 TRPS were moderate to high and beyhadh was almost equal to KRPKAB and sometimes surpassed on social media, its sad how CVS still ignore all this and are progressing with a story that’s destroying the show and their reputation.

        What can I expect from insensitive Indians who cannot distinguish between evil and mentally ill people, I should have seen it coming the stereotypical Indian mentality towards such people will not change for a long time I fear ? they had a chance to make it something beautiful, but alas greed overrides quality.

        I’m leaving this pathetic show or will only watch season 1 from now.
        @ks I’m glad you have some optimism and trust left for people who frankly don’t deserve it one bit, but I respect your love for maya. I too will always love maya, but I watched this show to see how they show a mentally ill person, and they surprised me for the better in season 1, but then the CVS showed their true colours in season 2, and I’m not staying and seeing such depravity a day longer I’m afraid. Keep the flame burning @ks for those who are left, the numbers will only decrease if Arya falls, and those who remain need a person to keep people watching, else this show will be scrapped, which I truthfully want to happen now, before they defile all the good work of their first season anymore with this rubbish

        Ok rant over, if I see you guys ever in the future, it will be in better times hopefully.
        Till then, love maya always and peace out ?

      3. @resonance1290.. I really appreciate ur comment … Uve put a much detailed msg to the CVS highlighting all the high and lows that we viewers have gone through since a few weeks… looks like the viewers emotions were being played around n hopes set high so that all end up watching episode after episode anticipating for a better Moro… If this were just a serial with a anti hero type protagonist we’d have digested this fact since day one n had no disappointments. But giving an emotional aspect and creating soft corners towrds this character is a grave mistake comitted that has back fired on the CVS. I also liked wat u said..majority viewers don’t understand the difference between being an evil person and being a mentally ill person.. they don understand that wat mental patients do is not under their control coz of the chemistry n biology of their brains that differss with the brain of a normal person . This CVs have conveniently made mayas character and mercilessly made her do all evil under the guise of mental illness.. and worst of all they are not even explaining the fact that these people are not normal.n need help, and how exactly they need to be dealt with in reality. Instead propagating such regressive attitude, hatred and prejudice towards them… I’m not a Maya lover as such but because I am an aunt to mentally ill child myself, it seriously puts me under the dilemma if I should view this serial neutrally or end up having some sympathy for maya .. so far I viewed it expecting the so called thrill n suspense that the writers claim .. but now I think the only suspense here is finding proofs against Maya… So I’m not a game for it anymore….

      4. If they prove ayaan innocent maa kasam.. it’s a shame to all the woman involved in the show… and even the woman who support him in this comment section. If a man forcefully ends up gate crashing into a couple’s house (not to forget Arjun’s has no issues with Maya that ayan should have more issues) on top of that man handling a woman touching her, using vulgar language that points towards s*xual intentions, tearing her clothes, pushing and trusting her around… Is exactly how saanjh described in the court.. rape to hua nahi phir case kyun…? It’s like justifying that only penetration is a sin but any other humiliation and molestation other than that is fine? Seriously a big shame…. I should’ve stopped watching the show that days itself when saanjh said that in court but I’m boycotting this show for utmost insensitive n blunders that CVS make one after an other. I’m not saying wat Maya did was good either… But all those woman who say ayan is innocent have shown where they stand in terms of self respect and modesty….


  6. Stop blaming writers for not writing what u want to c remember it’s a finite series the story is already written. It’s the concept that unravels remember the old episodes when Jhanvi kept telling Maya arjun ko sab sach Bata de and Maya saying nahin arjun pyaar nahin karega. Sach will cum out Maya is shown to be crooked to the core and a great actress remember how she got the judges sympathy and arjuns support in court. We still don’t know her history with Samay. True love saves people doesn’t destroy as Maya has done arjun is no longer a happy man.

  7. Maya should shoot all the characters and then should shoot herself too…. So i can move on from this whole mess

  8. blo*dy vamp maya!!!!

  9. just hoping that maya kills saanjh

  10. i have a feeling der will be a twist otherwise y reveal it all in the promo?

  11. Hate Maya Always

    Now Saanjh has proof against Maya. Hope she doesn’t lose it.
    Love Saanjh always???

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