Beyhadh 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya looking at Ashwin’s pic says she does not have to get afraid of him now and will not hear his footsetps hereon. She sees a shadow on frame glass and turns, but finds no one. Arjun enters and pampers Maya. He tells her that she can stay with aunty for some days. Vandana and Saanjh enter. Arjun says he was telling Maya to stay with aunty for some days. Jahnvi says she can stay alone and Maya’s bidayi will happen today. Saanjh asks Arjun to get Maya soon, she will go and make arrangements to greet her. She leaves with Vandana.

Arjun continues pampering Maya and says he will stay in this house as ghar jamai who wants to go to his boring flat, he likes sea facing pent house. Jahnvi smiles and sends them.

At Arjun’s house, Vandana fumes that Maya’s inauspiciousness

will harm her son. Saanjh tries to calm her down. Ayan asks Vadana to hurry up soon as uncle and aunt must be coming soon for bride and groom’s welcome. Vandana says she cannot greet Maya, she is very inauspicious and because her, her father died and Arjun was alleged of murder. Maya and Arjun enter and hear that. Maya runs from there.

Arjun confronts Vandana how can she think so wrong. Whatever good a person does, world will not forget his/her past. If wrong incidents happened in Maya’s life, what is her mistake. He made a mistake by misunderstanding his mother. Vandana says he has gone mad in Maya’s love, Ashwin died on marriage day and police arrest Arjun, Maya is Arjun’s badluck and she will not come this house. Arjun says she will come with respect and if she cannot come, he will also not stay in this house and walks out.

Arjun goes out and searches Maya. He picks mobile to call her and hears her weeping near temple. He says she became crying wife from monster boss. Maya says maa is right she is inauspicious for him. He gives his lengthy philosophy and says love can change anyone and his Maya will change everyone’s hatred into love. She asks what if she cannot. He says he is with her and if they cannot, they will fight. He hugs her and says let us go from this hatred world and build our small world. Maya says she wants to go to her house. He says what about maa. Maya says she wants to turn maa’s hatred into love and extend her family. He says she is talking like a serial heroine, let us make entry similarly. He lifts her an walks towards house. Inspector with constable watches them and asks constable about a film where son gets stuck between saas and bahu’s fight. Constable says beta. Inspector says there will be fire in jungle, let us see who will escape and who will die.

Precap: While stepping into Arjun’s house, Maya steps on thorn and slips in with her blood stained feet. Vandana comments house is stained with blood when bahu entered, she is inauspicious.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice episode,missing strong kadoos attitude Maya,she turns like typical bahu bearing saas hater,i think vandana intentionally placed glass piece in rice bowl ??? …my Maya got hurt ???…nice to see Arjun support ArYa??..&inspector looks like bad in first day..after two days he behaves like fun piece wit his dialogs different and nice.&ashwin shadow is following my Maya,one side ashwin soul and another side vandana will trouble her,my bechari maya..? waiting for next episode..

    1. NandhanaN

      I actually thinks it’s Ashwin .. not dead but faking his death ..

      If the glass piece was placed deliberately … it cant be Vandhana …if it’s her She should rem the old Maya ???

      1. Ya yesterday I had doubt ashwin is alive but after watching today episode I felt he really died.when Maya leaving her home while ashwin photo fallen one means his soul leaves her home went with Maya to Arjun home.i read upcoming source maya hunted by ashwin ghost .maybe cvs want to show thriller way wit ashwin ghost.

      2. If ashwin death is fake,why this inspector continuously following our truth is ashwin died.

    2. NandhanaN

      The inspector looks so crazy n creepy .. it doesn’t seem like he is investigating Ashwin’s case but like checking out Maya ..Look at his disgusting reactions …Cheeee.

      U have an awesome way of analysing ..reg dat Ashwin’s photo scene ..
      While I thought the photo frame fell apart from the garland indicating that Ashwin is not dead ..??? Crazy Mind I say

    3. NandhanaN

      If Beyhadh has all these ghost scenes on the way ..wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up with 0 TRP .. don’t v all watch the show for realistic approach … fed up with these bad omen,kundli , blaaah blaaah more ghost ???? Vandhana is a best fit for a vamp role

      1. Yes please dont make show superstitous, every episode they show some bad omen now especially photo fallling, lamp going off, too much, as a side plot it is ok, but dont include in main plot, expecting a real thriller, not horror show.

      2. NandhanaN…cvs showing bad signs routine in this serial..let’s see ashwin shadow is really ghost? or it’s Maya imagination? or someone is intentionally doing fear to Maya ?

  2. NandhanaN

    Worst MIL who taunts someone who is bleeding ..Vandhana can’t go this cheap ..Badmouthing , Eavesdropping,Hatred and self Centered ..What not ???? Maya can’t make relationships ??? The one who made Arjun to realise Vandhana’s affection, the one jumped off the bridge to save Jahnvi, the one who saved Arjun from a dangerous Island ..the one who is tolerating Vandhana’s nonsense ..The one who let of Arjun-Saanjh fship drama when she was left Alone on the Mandap ..
    Still the feels that she can’t make relationships …
    Rest in Hell Vandhana …

    glass peice. .was it placed deliberately or by accident ???

  3. shalini senthil

    Vandana is more danger then ashwin….I love arya pair..arjun is support my Maya very much I love the way he support Maya…

  4. Vandana not smart to oppose maya arjun union, people who did that are dead. Ok episode today. Are the superstitions we seen till now a plot device for future ? For maya seeing ghosts & audience left wondering its really a ghost or mental illness. Love the bg score.

  5. Missing monster Maya..purani maya wapas lao ye rone wali bahu nai chahiye want that cunning,strong,independent badass. Beyhadh will lose its TRPs because of Vandana. Also it’s probably been a week and not maya nor Arjun have mentioned anything about their office. Sure he’s the CEO and all but shouldn’t there be workload?? I liked their office romance it was cute. Now we have to bear the saas bahu show..Wikipedia says beyhadh is a “romantic thriller” after watching today’s episode I wonder where the thriller part has disappeared

  6. Missing monster Maya..don’t want this rone wali “I will win over my saas with my love” typical..I want that strong,independent,cunning badass..looks like Maya has lost her shades of grey sadly..because of Vandana beyhadh will lose lots of TRPs. Anyways it’s been a week or more and neither Maya nor Arjun has mentioned their office? Don’t they have jobs anymore? Sure he’s the CEO and all shouldn’t there be workload? I liked their office romance it was cute

  7. Today’s episode was likeable because of the cute and romantic ArYa scenes. They look so good together, cannot help mentioning this repeatedly. Vandana is the new villain now. I was just shouting at her and cursing her today. She looks so ugly. And the police inspector is the new peeping tom. ArYa get no privacy these days. Finally something tells me Ashwin is alive.

  8. Antara

    this vandana is so adamant she has 2 think twice before saying anything abt maya she is the one who solved the hatred b/w vandana & arjun becoz of maya’s advice arjun is with vandana now she is becoming real vamp i think this ashwin is alive is this vandana’s & ashwin’s plan 2 expose maya its just a guess how can vandana believe ashwin is a nice person if maya is bad ashwin is is devil wat abt that tortures he did 2 maya baby? can’t she maya’s pain? only arjun is with maya let them be happy now adays this vandana aunty is so irritating without any reason she accuses maya

  9. what if its ashwin and sanjh doing this now? hmm..torturing maya.
    maya got so weak lately..vandana needs to get a life already. her son married maya and she needs to get over it. always some saas issue

  10. This vandana is such a typical saas who wants to hurt maya but i think she doesn’t know what maya actually. Maya is being cool but vandana is instigating her to change into danger mode.

    Why all will believe these stupid superstitions which are not useful at all. I want arjun to give vandana a strong warning. I believe that vandana deliberately placed thorn to sent maya out. I hate her.

    Loved arya’s pair. Hope they should live happily. This vandana should get strong treatment from maya. She is saying that arjun is mad in love with maya but no dhe is mad in love with saanjh & wants to make her as bahu. God yar please help maya. MAYA WE WANT YOUR ATTITUDE BACK.

    1. Shalinisenthil

      Yes mounika ,we want Maya attitude back..I think infornt of arjun she is keeping silent ….and I thought she return home back to teach a lesson to the vandana let’s see what gonna happen next…

      1. Ya…but our Maya prayed in front lord Ganesh,i will start my new life with Arjun happily,i need only happy life,she said with god, now all will see new maya,im leaving that past Maya ashwin tortures here in her home for went Arjun home newly start life.but this vandana rude behave and ashwin soul vajase she will go back to past life,will effect on her mind.

  11. writers thinking that due to good trp let some make changes to beyhadh and they are making show flop now as making maya good character, vandana as so bad and narrow minded saas, making ashwin dead and Arjun now remained as a show piece in the show…

  12. Ashvin is not died and maya’s mother knows this.

  13. NandhanaN

    In the precap it was a glass piece and not thorn …. so it was deliberately placed

  14. VANDANA HAS BECUM FEMALE ASHWIN…WO maya baby ko maar ker torture kerta tha aur vandy baton se maar rahi hai maya ko….hating her to d core…Maya ws luking awesum nd luved der scenes tday….Maya ne kaha ke wo aisi maya banegi jo kisi ne kbhi nhi dekha per jenny humne tumhe hamesha waise hi dekha hai so nw nooooo moreee of dat typical bahu plzzzzzz….WE WANT OUR MONSTER MAYAAAA BACKKKKK…..VANDANA KI AKAL KO TIKHANE LAGADO PLZZZ MAYAAAAA BABBBYYYYYY

  15. I know prabath ashwin is not dead and janwi knows it and soon we can find janvi and ashwin romanceing as maya is not at home and they r all alone in the home

    1. Ya there is chances to happen this but ashwin died really Na, kushal also posted in his Instagram farewell pic with Rajesh kattar(ashwin).let’s see

  16. Roby wolverine

    Loved Maya completely… I don’t care if it’s super mind Maya or the innocent one or the intense lover Maya.. I love every version of her.. She’s complicated and have many personalities… Guys chill.. She’s now behaving like so submissive to Vandana because she’s vulnerable and insecure as this is a huge step in her life.. She will tolerate anything so that she don’t do anything that makes Arjun angry… She’s doing all this for Arjun since it’s her first relationship she ever formed other than her mother… Well I muted the T.V when vandana spoke.. Ugh… Her voice and thoughts are getting on my nerves… If vandana keeps going on like this well Maya will get her a one way ticket to hell.. Vandana is alienating herself from Arjun and some people thought Maya will separate him from his family.. Last but not least please i can’t tolerate the ghost superstitious drama nor i can watch the creepy police.. What evidence will he get seeing them romance.. Why..? Just why is always someone behind ArYa romance…

    1. Ya we love Maya always??…just now I came to know about jennifer interview ..jennifer said they will show three faces or three roop of maya,First we saw kadoos maya type….present maya typical bahu type…and 3rd is coming.let’s enjoy it to watch only our Maya ?

  17. Ayesha22

    vandhana the vamp.hate her.

  18. NandhanaN,hellsaanjh,prabath….you guys guess is correct ???…ashwin is alive…he came back…?jhanvi said via phone to Maya,ashwin is alive..but whose plan is this don’t know…watch this link..?

    1. NandhanaN

      Even the precap says so ..both of them cant hallucinate the same thing ..Scary

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