Beyhadh 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya suspends Arjun from intern job and walks out. Saanjh looks in a shock. Arjun fumes. He picks Maya’s veil, reminisces she wiping her hands with it and says he will wipe his nose with it. Saanjh taunts him about his high dreams and says he should not have lost this job. He sees model’s dresses being taken away and says he will do show his maaya/magic on maaya and asks Saanjh to help him.

Arjun is at home and Ayan nurses his injury and asks it is obious to get beaten up if he steals model’s dresses. He taunts that he loves Saanjh, so he fought with model for her. He throws things on Ayan. Mom comes and nurses Arjun’s wound.

At Saanjh’s house, Saachi’s family taunts her that Arjun loves her, so he protected her from model. Saanjh says she

is.. Brother says they are, Dad says best, mom says friends. Brother asks why did she mingle with model, to make Arjun jealous… Saanjh says no…Family taunts again she should express her feelings to Arjun. She says he has to understand many things before that. Arjun calls her and asks to come down soon with car keys. She rushes down. Arjun takes keys from Saanjh. Saanjh tries to sit next to him, but Ayan insists and sits. Saanjh asks Arjun what he will do now. He says show his maya/magic to Maya.

In the morning, Maya’s employee informs her that all model dresses are missing. Maya warns her to find them soon, else get out of her office. Arjun comes to office and forcefully sits on his desk. Peon tries to remove his nameplate, but he keeps it back. Maya sees his misbehavior and angrily walks towards him. She then sees news were common girls display clothes and reporter praises that Maya’s firm proved that one does not need supermodels to display their creations and good clothes can make any one and anywhere look beautiful. Everyone clap. Arjun tells clothes are in studio itself and he wanted to prove his worth. He wipes his hands from Maya’s veil and murmurs in her ears dog shakes tail and not otherwise. Maya reminisces her dialogues. Assistant gives Arjun’s termination letter. Maya takes it and asks employee who lost dresses to write her name.

Arjun thinks how can Maya suspend that girl and not him. He knocks Maya’s door and says actually his termination letter. She says she gave it to one who deserved it, there is a presentation in 30 minutes. He asks if he really got back job. She says he is not that stupid like he is displaying himself. He says he will accept job only if she takes back assistant and watchman. She says he can leave then. He says he is going, repeats.. She does not pay heed. He sits back and says they just did simple mistake. She says they were not layal to their job, watchman took bribe even after taking salary from her and showed his disloyalty, same with assistant, she does not want disloyal people. He says even he made a mistake. She says he made mistake and was not disloyal. He says they lost job because of him, so he will leave. She says fine he may leave. He walks out.

Arjun sees assistant and watchman and says he left job trying to defend them. They say they are actually happy leaving Maya’s job. Assistant says she is trying for a leave since 3 months for her marriage, but Maya did not give her a single day leave. Watchman says he took loan and could not quit, now his loan is also foreclosed. They both thank him and leave smiling. Arjun realizes his mistake that trying to save others, he lost his job.

Maya looks at presentation and then tells assistant to gather everyone within 10 min for presentation. She starts presentation. Arjun knocks door and asks if he can come in. Maya angrily looks at him.

Precap: Maya asks her mom not to be awake till late night, takes her dad’s photo under mom’s pillow and destroys it in a mixer. She then sees a CCTV footage in which Arjun, Ayan, and their friend partying in her cabin and fumes.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Awesome epi . Precap is interesting

  2. Devga

    Wonderful acting and wonderful way of show casing the trio character…. Grt going…. Wow enjoyed the mixer with oranges…. And jenny’s stare at it….

  3. no words 2 describe mayas acting SHE IS FANTASTIC GOOD GOING

  4. Aarya

    Couldn’t able to watch today’s epi…. Thanks MA for the update…??
    Precap superb
    ? but how they got into her cabin!!!

  5. mayas acting is just superb..

  6. Too good going on…. keep it up ..

  7. Shaza

    Jenni’s acting is so natural na ? …and precap seems interesting ? ?..waiting for the next ep
    ..god knows y maya is scared of her dad , waiting for the suspense to clear up..Jennifer is such a cute and bubbly , happy go lucky girl na ? ..I thought she would not be able to do/suit for this role , but she is so flexible,..

  8. wow….
    jenni is slayed a role as maya…..
    i like arjun character in tis serial….
    tis serial is going to be more nd more intersting…..
    impressive one B-)

  9. Latha

    Superb acting by Maya and precap interesting.

  10. Good show, not boring…

  11. RANdomfANCreationz

    Till now this show is going good
    And also getting interesting day by day
    They have quality actors here
    So definitely the show must be a good one
    Loved Maya’s acting the most ??
    That was funny when the guard and secretary were celebrating over getting fired ?
    And saanjh her family is too good love her character too even her boss also funny ? Luckiest character in this show ???
    She is such a sweet Friend to arjun
    But i don’t understand why does arjun kind of ignore of his mom

  12. Beyhad is doing beyhad gud job. Episodes r rocking. It is a Mixture of every flavour which should b exist for a gud entertainment. Gud going. Waiting for more exciting episodes further.

  13. Angelk1

    So maya will become an obsess girlfriend, thats a new twist. And a refreshing one. I want to see a psycho maya trying to get rid of anyone that gets close to arjun.



  15. the new promo of beyhadh is amazing . for those who have not seen see it here

    1. wow!!!!!!!!! awesome

  16. Just amazing. Saanjh ‘s family is so cute and supporting and that “best friends hain” dialogue ??
    Kushal is also good… the way he first sites thing to get job, then rejects it and then again want job back…rofl. maya is amazing. Though was a bit surprised seeing then celebrate their dismissal from job ??

  17. want saanjh and arjun together

    1. Dinithi anuththara

      I also want saanjh and arjun togethor….but it is not happening… i have stopped hoping for them…now i am shipping sanjh and aayan…they are so cute

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Me too i like saanjh-arjun pair more but maya-Arjun pair is not bad too, saanjh-ayaan also not bad. Now depends on the story will be most likely Maya-arjun but still u never know. This show have surprised us in various way even in 4 episodes.
      I never expected Maya will have irresponsible parents and will be scared of her dad or saanjh’s family to be Soo cute (i thought they will show only saanjh ?)

    3. Siddhi

      Love Jennifer Winget a lot. Her acting is naturalI like maya and arjun pair more

  18. Dinithi anuththara

    I love saanjh and aayan a lot……..i hope that they would be paired finally…and sumit bharadwaj liked 2 of my edits on instagram… him ( they were just posts …not edits)……….

  19. Mona146

    Sorry but I feel maya and arjun are good together. Aneri is not that rocking in saanjh character.

  20. Hlooo frnds…
    I am a big fan of jennifer. I was missing her after saraswatichandra. Her acting in both the serial are fab. Also kushal is back. All the talented actors of star plus are united so this serial is going to be a blast. And also this serial aired on my 20th birthday. So i am very happy that sony tv gave me such a beautiful gift. Thanx sony tv. N waiting for the upcoming tracks very eagerly..

  21. Jennifer winget totally kills whatever role she does. Just love Beyhadh.

  22. Siddhi

    Love Jennifer Winget a lot. Her acting is natural

  23. Beyhadh is superb show of Sony TV I love Maya I am huge fan of maya

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