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Saanjh confronts Arjun that Maya has sent all these gifts for him and he has started lying to her. He says he did not lie. She reminds him all the incidents. He says he lied as she does not want to hear truth. She says he did not say Maya no as he does not to get away with the luxuries she is throwing on him and trying to buy him. He says he is not salable and confronts her.

Jahnvi tells Maya that love is not salable and she cannot buy Arjun’s love. Maya says she can. Jahnvi tells that she is doing the same mistake she did long ago with Ashwin. Maya says she is not doing any mistake and knows what she is doing.

Arjun keeps all gifts in his jeep. Saanjh asks where is he going. He says to return gifts to Maya as he is not salable. She calls him duffer. He says only his

friends call him duffer and for her it is only Arjun and calls her Saanjh. He leaves. Vandana tells her son proved that he is not salable.

Arjun reaches Maya’s room and throws all gifts in her front of her and says he is not salable and he did a mistake trusting her, she gave him promotion and gifts to buy her. She says sh esent all these for the next shoot, he has to select some and return rest. He says he is not a fool, he had added all these items in an online website wishlist. She shows her phone and says even she has same choice and it is a coincidence. He has to return whatever he does not like and whatever he has used, she will deduct from his salary, if she can give incentives for good work, she can deduct for bad work. Arjun leaves.

Ayan scolds Saanjh that he did not see all the gifts and she forced Arjun to return gifts. Saanjh says it was her plan to make Arjun confront Maya and return all her gifts and prove he is not salabe, soon Arjun will reject Maya’s job. Vandana and Ayan praise her intelligence.

Maya asks Jahnvi to keep all gifts in her room as Arjun will be in her room soon. Jahnvi asks why did she lie to Arjun then. Maya says she was testing Arjun’s worth. He proved he is more worth than small gifts.

Arjun returns home and Saanjh asks if he returned gifts. He scolds Saanjh if he listens to her more, he will lose his job, Maya had sent all these gifts for a shooting. Saanjh asks whho sends gifts to employee’s house instead of big office. Arjun says photographer stays at home and not office. Saanjh leaves. After some time, Vandana opens door after hearing door bell and is shocked to see police. Inspector asks if Ayan Sharma stays here. She says yes. Arjun comes and says they are mistaken. Inspector says they are not and says Ayan sells drugs with drug mafia. Ayan says he does not. Inspector drags Ayan. Vandana panics. Arjun asks her to stay at home as he is with his brother. Saanjh in her room tells her brother that Arjun behaved foolishly. Arjun calls. Saanjh says he must have called to apologize. Arjun tells her that police took away Ayan in drug peddling case.

Maya wears Arjun’s worn clothes and smiles looking herself in mirror. She calls Arjun. Arjun says he is busy and Maya hears Arjun pleading inspector not to beat his brother. Arjun pleads inspector to free his brother. Inspector argues and asks to get bail for his brother. Arjun says without crime why he should bring bail.

Precap: Inspector slaps Arjun. Saanjh shouts in a worry.. Maya looks Arjun’s bleeding lip and warns inspector that he will pay for it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow what an acting jenny????
    She is born star… lovely performance…
    Saanjh is too annoying day by day… unnecessarily shouting… brainwashing arjun…
    I had a doubt saanjh having feeling for arjun means y she didn’t think abt his passion…he loves his job and she turns arjun against Maya and want Maya to throw him out of job… what’s this logic of love here????

    Disgusting saanjh?????

    1. Ya right maanu..actually I don’t want to talk about saanjh character..if she loves Arjun..she have to explain calmly or have to stay with patience..but she is shouting on Arjun every time..he is not kid..actually with this shout she tried to control Arjun like she makes Arjun throw gifts on maya bcoz of this arjun will leave’s her plan.actually instead of winning love she is trying to insult Arjun like u want luxuries’ that’s why you are going back Maya like a slave.don’t know when will it this saanjh Arjun shouting and patchup drama..boring to see.

      1. True very boring to see both together….and that vandana to irritating a lot nowadays…arjun is not her own y she forcing him to get married of her choice…she unnecessarily interfere an arjun’s life….and she is one who training saanjh to disturb arjun and Maya relationship it’s seems like b4 few episodes arjun said that “u separate me from my dad and now wit my brotherr u happy now”
        I think this is her routine to separate ppl ??????

      2. Don’t blame Vandana,,, she always thought abt Arjun and is yearning for his love,,,,still ,Arjun is an idiot,,,he can’t see her love,,,,she is the perfect step-mom one could ever get,,,,,Her concerns for Arjun are genuine,,,,u can’t say she is wrong…..

      3. Ya right maanu..?

      4. Lakhs…Arjun is not idiot…he knows her love on him..that’s why he is caring her(.if you saw yesterday episode)…he given promise to his own mother..he will not give his mother place to that’s why he is not talking with vandana..and what maanu said is correct vandana separate his dad from him,after Maya..for trying to get his love via saanjh.

      5. She got married to his dad after his mom’s death,,,,,Arjun can’t give her mom’s place,,,okey,,,,Who asked him to give her his mom’s place,,,,he is not at all talking to her well,,,,,If Arjun cares for her then she cares for him 1000 times more than that,,,,,You can’t say that she separated him from his dad,,,,They didn’t show anything lyk that,,,seeing her behaviour hw can u say that she did anything wrong,,,,,,She knows Arjun well ,she knows that he is lyk a kid and she wants someone in his lyf who will be able to manage him well,,,,as per her view,Saanjh is the one who managed him till now,,,,,also ,Maya behaved strange in the party and she was shocked that tym (that glass incident),,,,,,whatever she is doing,if Arjun’s real mom was there she will also do the same…..also u can’t say she is trying to separate Aarya when Arjun is not at all sure abt Maya,,,,,If Arjun takes a decision then that will be final and Vandana won’t be able to do anything,,,,,She’s a good character,,,,,In this serial,I love her the most,,,then 2nd Ayan,,,Vandana has a good heart

      6. *who asked him to give her mother’s place,,,,we talk to our neighbours better than this,,,,,,atleast he can consider her as his brthr’s mom and behave well,,,,,He don’t values her

      7. Oh laksh it’s serial..don’t compare with neighbours…ya they didn’t showed their past..but Arjun said this all..then there is no need show past..if you don’t will not change in serial.Arjun is right his way.

      8. Arjun believed so from childhood,,,coz he was a kid that tym and still nt able to accept,,,,that’s y he z talking lyk that,,,lyk Ashwin is saying from the begining that Maya ruined his/someone’s lyf and is dangerous (He was talking that to himself,,not to anyone else) and I knw u don’t beleive that,,,coz u love Maya,,,,,just bcoz she z suporting Saanjh,all Maya lovers are making her negative,,,for u ppl only Maya is right
        #neighbours—>I meant,we even talk better than this to our neighbours,,,Arjun is totally against her,,,,

      9. Again u mistaken laksh….cvs will show Ashwin past what he did bcoz it’s important about maya…not vandana past..b coz it’s not important..and maya lovers will not talk with out reason..i know u will not understand this..bcoz u liked vandana and saanjh character..

  2. Wow awesome episode ..maya rocked it??? ..superb interesting episode…precap is really awesome ?? ? ..eagerly waiting for next episode ?

  3. Why is this show still not number 1 in trp , what could be possible reason

    1. There are several other shows which have a massive fan-following, probably a LOT more than Beyhadh. I too follow KRPKAB and it is said to be having one of the largest fandom. Another reason, is that Beyhadh is a new show which has recently started and the viewers have mainly started watching it now, after hearing about positive responses regarding the starting. Soon, Beyhadh might be in the leading shows as well, if not no.1.

  4. Arjun’s character development is absurdly weak. He looks like a fool in every situation. Saanjh cuts a forlorn figure now and her character is taking a toll on me. I don’t what this fuss is all about where everyone is speculating about the pair to end the show. Guys it is most likely that there won’t be any pair and it won’t be arya for sure unless the makers succumb to the pressure of TRPs or seek for a cliched ending. There are still some mysteries left in the show as in the backstory of Jahnvi and Ashwin and something about Maya which is unknown. To say of Ayan, the poor thing is being framed by someone. I wish he comes out well. He is one of the cute and positive characters of the show.

  5. Shalini Senthil

    Nice episode waiting for tomorrow episode wanna see Maya’s reaction after seeing arjun bleeding

  6. Shalini Senthil

    Jenny is awesome the way she talk to arjun ..arjun came to shout at Maya but Maya shows her talented that part I like a most …arjun is like dummy piece in the show Maya and saanjh both r clever then him…but really don’t know what is in arjun that both wasting her time on arjun…

  7. Angelk1

    I wonder who framed him. I would say Maya to make a deal with Arjun, but now I doubt it. So who could have I’ll treatment towards ayan? But once again Maya has used manipulation to turn her stalking ways into something good.

    Both did for two different reason Lol. Arjun is really a duffer.

  8. I feel this show has started really well and was keeping us on the edge of the seat, however, day by day its getting exhausting, tiring and extremely slow. It looks like writers doesn’t know what to do with the characters.. Saanjh and ayans mom is extremely annoying. And why saanjh is shouting all the luks like Arun doesn’t have a mind of his own weird!!! Jennifer is just awesome superb…I think this serial should pick up it’s pace..initially it seemed like a different show..but again gradually it luks like yet another Hindi serial

    1. The show is awesome, if you have some problem kidnly go and watch pogo

      1. Yes thanks for the suggestion..I might do that soon

    2. Dear, I agree that Saanjh and Ayan’s Mom are really very irritating to all the viewers who support ArYa. But, for all those who consider Saanjh to be right and think of Arjun to really be a duffer by following his dreams, all of Saanjh’s yellings are pleasant (to them). Saanjh, as we all know, deeply loves Arjun. All she does is to prevent him from getting closer to Maya, that’s all. I too share deep hatred towards Saanjh. But from her point of view, all she does is just to earn her love.

      1. well that’s soo true,,,,,for all those who are supporting Saanjh,Maya and her doings are irritating and for those who are supporting Maya,Saanjh and her entire family is irritating,,,,,If Maya is right from her POV then Saanjh and her family are right from their POV,,,,,,

  9. Roby wolverine

    God…! Maya character is perfect.. Master mind, attitude, arrogance, fear, fashion, speaking, walking, laughing…. perfectly done… The perfect shade of grey.. i really got tired of goody goody heroines.. And i agree with you KS about saanjh character.. Hated her part.. can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode… loved the way Maya acted towards Arjun.. * squeal*

  10. maya is fast like cheetah & cunning like fox amazing performance by maya who framed this case? maya or someone slowly slowly arjun will like maya becoz she will help in rescuing ayan anyways waiting 4 nxt

  11. could anyone tell me plz on which epi Maya’s proposal was aired??

    1. on 6th December 1 hr special episode

      1. thanks a lot…it was a treat to watch that classy epi☺

  12. Show is getting boring day by day!! ! Unnecessary scene are too much…..:(

    1. I agree man…no good dialogues and its repetitive

  13. Maya, beauty with brain, she is so smart with lot of patience.
    Poor Arjun he don’t know how to judge a person he cant see love ❤ of Maya

  14. Angelk1

    Im sure maya planned this arrest to get in arjun good grace. I mean ayan has no enemy or anything so this has to be maya plan. Arjun will be in debt to her and will probably not listen to saanj anymore saying maya is a good person. Not knowing hos falling in her trap, this should be the step saanj should take an back away for a while so arjun can learn his lesson and grow up.

    The lip bleeding scene, i think maya didnt expect the inspecter to hit him and will probably punish him for it. But this scene will maybe get ayan to accept maya and arjun will too. And he will say yes to the proposal. Something like that may happen next eps just my theory.

    But i have to say maya is one step ahead of saanj, she needs to think rationally if shes gonna save arjun from maya.

    1. Oh angelk1… watch episode..or read clearly…when maya called to Arjun while Maya heard Arjun requesting police…she came to know about Arjun in police station via call.with out known don’t blame Maya Ney.for u only saanjh is good I know.but Maya also good heart person.

      1. Yes ks u r crct…don’t offend Maya for everything happens to arjun’s family…Maya also a nice person but have some prob within her bcoz of past…she only hurt herself many times for others mistakes too….maya not even think abt harming arjun …she loves him a lot…

      2. Angelk1

        Dont see maya character negative. I dont need to see it when her character was already born to be negative. I could be wrong about her not being the reason ayN is arrested, but that doesnt mean the rest of my theory is wrong.

        Also seeing only saanj good side, i havent seen anything bad to hate unlike some people who are on her case 24/ seven because shes close to arjun. Maya has her good moments that i like, but the way shes behaving i dont like.

        Saanj has a pass because shes known him for years. Shes like anjali from kuch kuch but more bubbly and less tomboish. Maanu I’m not offending maya when shes the one that wants to remove arjun from his own family. She said it herself.

        Anyway just like how you guys have your opinion on maya since the world in here revolve around her. I will continue to make my opinion and theory on maya obsession.

      3. Shalini Senthil

        I agree with u guys u guys are true ks,maanu and 3veni ..Maya never harm anyone without any reason she love arjun a lot and saanjh too so in jeoulously sometimes she say or do any thing against saanjh but same saanjh is doing as brainwashing arjun against maya…I don’t think that this policeman catches Aryan because of Maya …I think Maya will wait for to arjun say yes …but she never forcefully or harming anyone she make arjun to love her…just Maya making herself to comfortable with arjun so she is eating ice cream which she don’t like trying all the things which arjun likes…gift packs also she sended to arjun house to check arjun is prices able or not she is testing..because already she had greedy father like aswin who ruins her and her mother life.

      4. Angelk1…we know it’s ur opinion..but ur theory is wrong.maya will not take any one help to close with Arjun.she want true love..not by forcing love.that’s why she is waiting his answer not like saanjh to brain wash Arjun mind with her command with her shout with her rude behaviour.and who said Arjun is kid r immature it’s fun to see..he is not kid..he knows what he wants.if he didn’t understand saanjh love its not mean he is immature.he don’t want involve this love things..he concentrate only on his’s not wrong.

      5. Angelk1…what i said about Arjun is not for you it’s for other(who are mistaken Arjun Ney).

      6. Saanjh is trying to separate Maya and Arjun,the same way Maya is trying to separate Saanjh and Arjun,,,,Both are trying the same,,,but are using different methods,,,,but for u ppl sirf Maya sahi he,,,she is silently executing her plans and Saanjh is shouting n crying,,,,,,2 different methods,,,,

      7. Angelk1

        True love ks you weren’t watching the show as well. Especially the proposal scene. She practically forced her love on him. Turning the air balloon off when he was about to reject her. She was gonna die with him on that thing. If she wanted true love, she wouldn’t want to take him from his family like shes planning , buying his love and making excuses saying it’s work related. Changing her habit to fit his, it’s like the movie fan, but hers is a little different from the boy.anyway, If saanj forces her love then Maya will do ten times worse. thats why If Arjun was to reject her, I will say she will snap. And will Come for his family, that I’m sure off.

        I will wait when that happens, and then I will repeat the same thing I’ve been saying since the show started.

      8. Yes angelk1..yes air balloon she did it..but don’t forget she given time to Arjun.if someone changes habits for love there is no wrong.if you want to say negative about Maya that’s ur wish..but talk like reality in serial what happen..when it didn’t happen what u’s just time waste of think and comment with unnecessary comment.any way carry on

    2. 3veni

      i think u r perfectly wrong…she doesn’t know abt dis police case…iam sure abt d episode den it will be clear for u…nd i agree with KS…dnt imagine maya in dat negative way…she loves arjun..she doesn’t harm anyone for arjun

      1. Let we see today’s episode… If she will go directly to the police station without asking anyone about the location, it may be happen that She planned to get closer to Arjun by giving some painful moments to Arjun & his family. Till now, the wordings used by Maya’s Father seems that she can do anything for fulfilling her wishes.

      2. Pradeep obviously ur guess will turn wrong..maya will not give pain full moments to Arjun for winning love.

      3. 3veni

        soo pradeep u have watched todays’s episode…u came to knw dat maya is nt d one behind dis case ryttt….without knowing true dnt blame maya for everything it was ayan’s foolishness of trusting every girl nd dating her

      4. Angelk1

        See that’s the problem here, don’t see Maya in a negative way. Everything Maya does is suppose to be correct.. no. I can edmit that saanj needs to let Arjun make his own decision, and should have the courage to fight back, but that doesn’t mean some of Maya thinking is good. Also I already watch today eps and yes, Maya wasn’t behind it, but the rest I’m sticking to.

        She will end up hurting people Arjun care about. She hasn’t done it yet, that’s why your saying she wouldn’t harm anyone. But hold up…didn’t she just slap an inspector for Arjun. Don’t tell me because the inspector hit an innocent. Your defense was Maya wouldn’t hurt anyone for Arjun, but she did in today eps.

        And theirs more to come, soon. But I don’t hate the people who play them, Im a fan of Jennifer, but I just don’t like her Maya character, but she played it good: )

    3. Maya is not only a step ahead from Saanjh, but a hundered steps ahead. She uses her brain before every step taken, and then, as well all know, succeeds.
      After loving Arjun to the core, surely Maya will not be able to see Arjun hurt. Coming to Saanjh, she will not move back, even if it helps Arjun. She wants to be the hero in this case. She wants to stop Arjun from moving towards Maya and be the reason of it all, positively.

  15. I don’t think it’s maya who framed Ayan. She got to know about his arrest when Arjun called. I think it’s Ashwin who has framed Ayan he’s taking revenge on Arjun for interfering between him and maya

    1. Hmm,,,,,that’s a good guess

  16. I just want to kick saanjh and arjun’s mom.dono hi musibaton ki jarh hain.

  17. someone please kill saanjh and arjun’s mom.

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