Beyhadh 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya’s last rights start. Pandit keeps wooden logs on her body chanting mantras. Saanjh says let her do it, she is sure even Jahnvi wants her do it. She keeps logs on her and reminisces Maya’s warning not stay away from Arjun, else she will feel dire consequence. She leans on Maya and apologizes her repeatedly leaning on her body, and then says death is first sep in love, today someone got death and someone love, she will not spare Maya. She walks thinking Maya never loved Arjun as love builds someone’s life and not destroys it, Maya’s loves was madness and not love.

Saanjh goes to meet Arjun. Arjun asks if she found ring mark on Maya’s finger as Maya had mark and dead body did not have, so he is sure it is not Maya’s dead body. He reminisces acting as hugging Saanjh and informing

her about it. Saanjh reminisces checking ring finger and says she did not find any mark. Arjun laughs and says Maya fooled them easily, she found her duplicate and is sitting somewhere peacefully. Doctor, watchman, he friend, all saw what Maya wanted to show. Saanjh calls him duffer and Maya made him duffer. He reminisces Maya telling she will not leave him easily, shouts Maya will leave him only after he dies. He angrily shouts Mayaaaa….

Maya’s dead body is set on fire. All her beloved ones cry. Ayan at home cries looking at Arjun and his photo and reminisces Arjun’s love for him. Saanjh returns and asks him not to worry, they will free Arjun at any cost. Ayan cries that Arjun never used to accept defeat and reminisces childhood incident, says his brother lost this time. Saanjh says his brother is planning to win, her duffer is not a loser and will win. She says Maya’s story is not finished yet, it just an interval, Maya is sitting far and waiting for story to finish, but it will not.

A monk is seen running with water and giving it to senior monk. Monk drops water on a woman/Maya. Maya’s injured ring finger is seen and she hides it. Sanskrit shlokas are chanted in background… dosham dishkritam papam daurjanam..anartham….Maya’s head is tonsured and given milk and then water bath. Jahnvi is seen sitting near Maya’s ashes. Maya becomes monk and greets head monk by kneels down. Monk blesses her. Maya folds her hands and smiles. Tujhe pyar karte karte…music plays in the background next. Maya thinks her love and hatred is Arjun and when he tried to go away from her, she destroyed him. Arjun reminisces Maya telling love someone whom one can control, if not destroy them. He shouts Maya can fool death, but not Arjun. Tujhe pyar karte karte..

Precap: Maya reminisces telling unconscious Arjun that he did not value her when she was near him, now when she is going away from him, he will remember her whole life.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yet again Maya won by makin a mockery of court and low
    Even after killin so many people she is free

  2. tania-the fairy

    Now it will be fun to watch which hatred win.cant believe it was maya s duplicate, waiting for the next….

  3. Superb episode,The soul of Beyhadh my Maya is back ???.. Maya dialogue for Arjun:- Meri Shuruat bhi tum, mera ant bhi tum, mera pyar bhi tum, meri nafrat bhi tum, meri wafa bhi tum, mera daga bhi tum.
    &Arjun vs Maya..hate track and deadly plots phase 3 started.
    But Based on update Maya will save Arjun with jhanvi help.&don’t know when piyush will come back in beyhadh,his shooting scenes started in devanshi serial.maybe it will take time.
    Anyway waiting for next episode ?
    Love u Maya ? ❤

  4. It’s foolish the director just copied the story of a Bollywood movie I think it was pyar tune kya kiya and stupid ppl enjoying this bullshit

  5. Oho saanj really Maya didn’t love arjun.she s telling same dialogue from that day onwards when Maya said she loves arjun.pleas get a Life your own.always behind Arjun saying my duffer my friendship.bla bla bla I don’t know who is psyco Maya or saanj.yes.maya did lots of wrong things.i m not justifing her.but saanj is just irritating doing same role from the beginning.poor acting skill and poor all saanj lovers will start attacking me.

    1. Maanu13

      Neha u r right…how come a women go too low like saanjh… everytime she used to roam around a married man…even in the season 1 also she create prob in their married life… whenever I see her face I just want to break my TV…such a irritating character she is…
      Maya may be doing wrong things..but in starting she tries to reform her…that time saanjh is helping her bcoz she wants to roam around Maya’s husband…such a cheap girl…she is reason behind all the crimes of Maya…she must b hanged?????

      1. She must hanged who saanjh??????? wht a joke can u tell me why ??? Nd if u want to break ur tv go on break it ?? na maya dikhegi na saanjh aur na hi beyhadh ????

        Poor acting skills my foot!!! My dear she is more talented than kushal nd many other actors i love u sanjh… maya lovers r also obessed wid maya ?? Seriously guys u need to think about that

        She is the reason behind all crimes mann u r out of ur senses rethinkkk!!!! Maya maybe done some crimes wht do u mean by ‘maybe’ she has done unlimited crimes…at this point justifying maya is really useless

        Carry on hating saanjh nd loving ur so called maya baby ??

      2. @aashika.Haha haha ? you are thinking saanj s good actor.carry on with your thinking.and her role is irritating.say my foot for that or lots of irritating things of saanj.

      3. @aahika.i never laughed at aneri for her acting in Nisha aur uske cousins.she was a new comer at that time.but at least she should improve now.regarding Maya’s character all suspense came to end by reveling her past and killing to create more suspense day by day writer s killing someone.yes most of the people like Maya bcoz of Jennifer s acting,looks, dressing style.not bcoz of serial killing.

    2. Is not her fault to say that she love him from beginning and she do everything for him what is the point of doing and showing him love

  6. diehardbeyhadhfan

    Agree Maya was planning for her death drama since a long time. . But isn’t it height of coincidence that she found a similar looking girls body at the right time ? Who knows.. maybe Maya kept n eye on that dead girl since a long time even before she died… N killed her wen it was time for her to execute her plan… . Won’t be surprising from a compulsive killer like Maya…

  7. Hate maya but luv Jennifer

  8. Bella

    Mayas comback is so amazing…now arjun will take revenge…..

  9. OMG. murderer Maya got same look alike girl.
    Crazy director/script writer ? Bakwas script atleast good now arjun had wipe off the mask of Maya…
    I want him to free from bars, should take revenge on her. This time I want cv’s shd show true win.
    By seeing her evil deeds I started hating her smile. Evil smile. ?
    She killed so many after that also she is free. ?

  10. Whoever that girl is but the fact is Maya killed her or use her body still ppl justifying Maya ???

  11. yes maya has commited a lot of sins . she should be hanged and not arjun aur saanjh.and the people who hate sanjh aur tell that she has poor acting skills,dont see that she loves him and also consider him as her best friend. so she help him every time when he is in problem it is neither iirritating nor she cretes problems in their married life..

    1. Hi, i agree with your comment based on saanjh.. I too like saanjh.. I am new to this commentary box.. Sure saanjh ll take out arjun and they ll revenge maya..

  12. Indira chatterjee

    Such the lovely girls Piya and Dia both of yours comments absolutely right.Saanjh is like angel and Aneri is very talented. She spoil her life only for Arjun.
    This is call real love. In whole world Saanjh jaisi premika milna Muskil.

  13. If I were in place of Maya and my husband had such a chipku bestfriend; a girl and always roaming around him, even I’d get pissed. I love the character of Maya. I mean she does things on extreme level but some people need this except for killing people ofcourse. I can never fight and take a stand for myself but she can and she does screw people wow! I love her! I wish if I could be half of a strong girl she is! But then I would not dare to go on such an extreme level of course cze this is real and that is reel. So far, loving the show and of course Jenny.

  14. Iam new to this commentary box, i used to watch beyhadh daily.. I know hindi to write and read but understand only little bit.. Maya is good looking girl.. But in serial based sure saanjh ll take out arjun and they ll revenge maya.. After doing so many murder maya should be punished..

  15. Pratik Sharma is writer of Jaana Na dil se door and Beyhadh serials.saanjh and ravish one side lovers with name of friendship,in this serials pairs is Vitharv & ArYa.people likes to separate main leads,so stop fight enjoy serial,and give priority who loves each other,you don’t had right to destroy other life’s for your one side love or name of protect ur love when there is no danger from their partner or when mess created by people to separate ArYa.just difference in both serials main female lead is stop fight for pair or love.

  16. Mona146

    where is ayaan’s girlfriend? did she leave him after rape case?

  17. Maya’s entry is just rocking first time ever i was happy to see maya (ok not first time ?) she rocks love that song dosham drishkatam

    Now revenge track vl start go arjun go saanj go maya ???……..ks i dont think piyush is coming back on show becozhe is alreadt in a show hope he comes

    Fingers crossed

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