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Beyhadh 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh’s brother gets very emotional and asks Saanjh not to go abroad. She says she has to and tries to console him. He says they both can tackle Arjun together and curses Arjun. Saanjh stops him and emotionally hugs him. Prem comes and says he spoke to his friend and arranged her stay in his house, friend will help her there in settling down. Saanjh ugs him and reminds that when he took her to teach swimming for the first time, he told her that he can teach her swimming, but it is up to her will power how soon she will learn.

Maya wakes up in the morning and sees Arjun sleeping next to her on hospital bed. She touches him. In sleep, he says let me sleep Dusky. Maya gets jealous. Nurse comes and tells Maya, let him sleep Dusky. Arjun wakes up and asks when did he sleep here,

he was sleeping on couch. She says at night. Jahnvi comes and Arjun asks her to handle Maya till he returns and leaves.

Maya tells Jahnvi that Ashwin will never change and loves himself. The days she stood up, she brought Ashwin in front of her. Jahnvi apologizes and says she was thinking of herself much that she forgot about Maya. Maya asks to look into her eyes and asks if she will leave her for Ashwin. Jahnvi says she will never leave her and will leave Ashwin instead, says I promise. Maya wipes her tears. Arjun enters with doc. Doc asks Maya how is she feeling. Maya says better, but some wounds won’t heal easily, looking at Jahnvi. Doc says he is discharging her and she has to go home and rest. Maya says she wants to go and work and asks Arjun to call driver here itself, she will go to work directly. Arjun says if she did not here what doc says, she should rest fist.

Ashwin is busy enjoying TV and laughing. Jahnvi calls him and he asks how is Maya, he is worried about her and cannot even eat. Jahnvi says Maya did not approve of their relationship, so she will not eet him again, their togetherness is not in their fate. Ashwin thinks he writes his fate and nobody can change it, not even Maya.

Arjun dips biscuit in tea and tries to feed to Maya. Biscuit falls down. Arjun says even biscuit is not in Maya’s fate. Maya says she writes her fate and eats remaining biscuit. Arjun says his mom and dad can. She says Ashwin is not her father, her is a monster. He says monster saved her. She says she does not trust anyone except her. He asks not even him. She says no as he cannot even feed her a biscuit. He says if he had asked Dusky to jump from a building, she would have without a question, but Maya is not trusting him for just a biscuit. Maya fumes more in jealousy.

Saanjh packs her bags. Ayan asks why she is going. Saanjh says she will go there and will send them selfies and make them jealous. She asks to pick bags. Ayan picks and she says not this one, it has Arjun’s memories and she is running from here to get away from Arjun’s memories. Vandana asks her to not run away and inform truth to Arjun. She calls Arjun. Saanjh gives her promise and ask not to tell anything to Arjun. Arjun picks call and Vandana asks how is Maya. Arjun says she is fine and will be discharged by evening, he will call her back as he is filling discharge form. Saanjh asks Vandana not to tell anything to Arjun as he doe not want to snatch is love.

Arjun sees Maya trying to braid her hair unsucessfully and braids it saying he knows a bit. He then feeds her soup. She says he should be a nurse. He says then let us play doctor doctor, touches her forehead and says she has heart problem. Maya shoots a heavy dialogue. Arjun falls into her lap. She smiles.

Saanjh before getting into carr asks her family and Ayan, Vandana not to get sad, she is not going away from their heart. She asks Ayan not to fall into girl’s trap again. He says if he gets trapped, she should come and save her. He huts her and says he will miss her. She says whenever he misses her, he should go on terrace and should. He asks why. She says people will realize how mad he is. Everyone smile. Saanjh reminsices his meeting with Arjun on terrace and says Ayan she is going now, he should take care of everyone and even her duffer/Arjun. She gets into car. Her brother tells Ayan that because of his brother, Saanjh’s heart is broken and she is going far away. Ayan asks him to go and drop Saanjh to airport first. He with Suman gets into car and SMSes Arjun that because of him, Saanjh is going to Singapore.

Arjun is busy taking ccaree of Maya. Maya’s hospital gown thread loosens and Arjun ties it. Maya says thank you. Arjun gets Saanjh’s brother’s message that he hates him as Saanjh is going to Singapore because of him, he should never come in front of him, else he will break his head. Arjun says Dusky and runs.

Precap: Maya reads Arjun’s message. Arjun stops Saanjh’s car and asks why she is running away from him. She says I love you. Maya comes in her car and hearing this starts shedding tears.

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  1. Shalini Senthil

    I love today arya scence its so romantic ..the way arjun taking care of maya is really awesome…love maya arjun?????

  2. My god why this now.
    Why every time this dusky has to come in between Arya romance.
    Going singapore then also spoiling maya life.
    We can’t give garentee maya is going to destroy her. And what if ashwins also heres saanjh confessing love,then he will use her for seperating Arya. My god why the f**k she has to confess her love now.god beyhadh is becaming behad interesting this days

    Oooooooooo god may ashwin here this and he uses saanjh as a villian and finally she will became the real villian and i love saanjh playing a villian .

    1. Don’t use unparliamentary words and spitting venom against saanjh for arya is ridiculous. I like Maya’s character but so much hatred against saanjh sends me in a tizzy. It looks like people want the storyline to go at any extent for their sake. They’ll even wish for saanjh to get killed for that. Yes she confessed because it she wanted to take it off her mind. She knows that arjun won’t doubt himself even after that. She never wanted to confess it in the first place but saanjh’s brother vented out his frustration and forced her to give the reason of her sudden departure. I won’t give a silly liner like saanjh deserves arjun or saanjhrocks whatever but she deserves the importance a character like Maya carries. I’m sure if aneri had played Maya then the story would’ve been different. People would be inclined towards saanjh played by Jenny.

      1. Angelk1

        I agree an i think the press conference will be maya telling the public shes engage to arjun. I mean with what she saw she would want arjun to be only hers an people to know it too. So the promo i think maya tells about her engagement.

      2. Esther

        Agreed,,,,don’t know why so much hatred for Saanjh,,,,,{and even for Aneri whoz playing the role of Saanjh>>not abt ppl cmnting here but in twitter and other social medias<<}

    2. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      Before i reply to some weirdo … Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss finallllly Saanjh is going to confess her love to Arjun!! Im sooooooo happy idc if he rejects her now because he is definitely going to get affected by her words as he somewhere deep down inside loves Saanjh and soon will come out of Mayas trap. Wellllllllllllllllll TO ALL THOSE PPL WHO CALLED SAANJH A CRYBABY IM SOOO HAPPY TO SEE MAYA CRYING!! Seeee! You all said that saanjh is just a cry baby and all that when maya was trapping arjun but all saanjh had to say was 3 genuine words from her heart and it brought maya to tears… YESSSSS!! FINALLLLLLLLLY maya got the taste of how it feels. Cant waiiiiiiiiiittt for the next episode! Stefannn i hope you see this! and for your kind information “hell saanjh” you are very stupid because Maya is the evil one here not Saanjh! And saanjh did absolutely the right thing by proposing to Arjun and lets watch what happens to your maya baby!


      1. i dont think arjun will love saanjh even after this proposal.
        im not saying this as i like arya.
        i personally feel true friendship will not end up in love.But if arjun started to have feelings for saanjh then i dont think their so called friendship is TRUE.
        why cant a girl and guy be FRIENDS FOREVER

    3. Esther

      can’t say that Saanjh is the one who is spoling Maya’s life,,and this confession won’t create a big scene,,,,we all know Arjun, Maya will understand what Saanjh meant but not Arjun

    4. She is saanjh not ur maya who is toxic and recessive. If she has to interfere between Maya and Arjun she has long back told Arjun. It was good chance for her when Maya called saanjh for dinner, before maya proposed Arjun saanjh could have done this and if saanjh has proposed arjun before maya then I am not sure whether he could have accepted saanjh or not but he could hv never accepted Maya. So its goodwill of saanjh that maya is close to Arjun. Don’t blame any one for no reasons.

    5. that’s not fair. saanjh is such a sweet oldest and bestest friend of is really not fair k hum ArYa k union k liye saanjh ko villain bna den.haan pichle hafton me she behaved idioticly but that was justified as she was going through a roller coaster ride of emotions but now she is giving arjun and maya a break so she is going away from everyone to live alone.we ArYa fan’s should be thankful to her rather abusing her.really bad!

      1. Esther

        You are such a sweet person 😀 **applauds for ur cmnt**

    6. Me too,dear!
      What will happen now?

  3. That’s some drama. So apparently it’s saanjh’s brother who couldn’t wait till saanjh leaves to msg arjun. Maya gets jealous so easily. How frivolous a thing may be she overreacts and becomes somewhat possessive.

  4. ellasakshiraichandkhanna

    Can’t wait for next episode………

  5. Wow awesome today …..ArYa scenes simply superb?. ….??..waiting for next episode ?

  6. OMG finally saanjh confessed her feelings but at wrong time waiting 4 arjun’s reaction ? will maya harm saanjh ? why did saanjh confessed her feelings 2 get back duffer? or creating rift b/w them i think ashwin will provoke saanjh lets see wat happens

    1. Angelk1

      I dont think she wants to ruin the friendships. So she will say i love you an your my bestfriend. An arjun wont take it seriously an might say i love you too as friend’s. She might confess but arjun might think of it as a friend type of love.

      Second, saanj didnt want arjun to know she was leaving . she wanted arjun to live happily and i highly doubt she confess to ruin arya. She needs to release her emotion if shes gonna start fresh. So she might as well do it.

    2. no she just did it to lighten her heart.i know how it feels when u love someone but cannot confess it becomes damn difficult to be in peace even it is good she has just blurted out her feelings it will help her feel light and easy to live.

      1. Esther

        Sooo damn true……!

  7. Riddhima

    Trust is very important for a relationship …. Maya is not even trusting arjun … And why for simple thinks Maya is getting jealous … For this also everyone will blame saanjh ….

  8. Esther

    Arya scenes were cute and I don’t think that Arjun will take Saanjh’s confession seriously,,,maybe he will say I love you too as they are friends….but If Saanjh is leaving then what abt that spoiler which said that Ayan will start having feelings for Saanjh…
    I dnt think that she’ll leave

  9. Keerti

    Nice episode i appreciate arjun’s care for maya. So cute they are. Saanjh finally expressed her feelings. Its good. Finally arjun got chance to know her feelings & saanjh’s family will stop accusing maya. Waiting for arjun’s reaction towards saanjh.

  10. Angelk1

    Maya brother should have waited until she left. But i think saanj will correct herself an say she loves him as a friend. I mean she didbt want arjun to know she was leaving an mess up his life. So i think she will make it as a joke.

    I dont get why maya followed. She should have rested and now shes crying. She should trust arjun when he says he love her instead of getting jealous over saanj friendship with arjun.

  11. I think it good that sanj tell what she fill
    Now it became behad interesting

  12. Seems that next episodes r going to b very interesting……

  13. O my god this maya wat a dialogue I don’t trust anyone except her , then why the hell she wants arjun in her life when she can’t trust him but l like the reply from arjun for saanjh

  14. Waiting eagerly for next epi. Excellet saajh. Finally you confess tour love. Now maya will play dirty role. Without informing arjun announce their relationship in media. I hate maya. But nothing with jenny. Jenny and aneri both playing very good role. Keep it up. And still arjun dont know that he loves saanjh and maya is just attraction. He will feel soon. Saanjh deserves Arjun. ????

  15. Maya will always be jealous, because she’s psychotic, as for the people rooting for her, I really hope you get stuck with a psycho, it will make you want to kill yourself. Saanjh should just leave and let MaRjun implode. Arjun is a moron just go far away Saanjh and save yourself, don’t start feeling for his brother he seems like he is still a child he’s as retarded as his brother. As for Arjun he loves what Maya can give him rather than Maya, he’s a self preserving dickhead take away Maya’s fortune and watch him scramble away.

    1. C the serial makers wanna do something outta the ordinary, won’t it b like any other show out there (like saubhagyavathi bhava) if they let the psycho person continue to b a psycho till d end. I think they are trying to show that ppl like Maya are made that way thru a traumatic incident and even such ppl deserve happiness, and love has the power to change their extreme behaviors. As for ayan and Arjun, I agree! But When i think Arjun loves the Money factor in Maya, he is also genuinely concerned for her and that puts me in a spin! Y b stereotypes and ignore the emotionally abused part of our community? Evn if it’s just a drama show it just shows how we wud react to someone in actuality, no?

  16. Saanj deserve only arjun. Her love is from the bottom of her heart but Maya love is obsessive therefore she don’t trust arjun. All of you called saanj all the time crybaby but her cry was true love. When Maya heard the 3 magical word from saanj she cry. Because she know that saanj love is true ,she’s also afraid for that. Saanj deserve only arjun

  17. I searched for sony tv trps of serials..but all.d.serials trp was shown except dor beyhadh.y is dat???

  18. Well beyhadh is gettin’ interesting that’s for sure. Maya is in a self-preservation mode, she hasn’t had a single trustworthy person( her mom doesn’t count) in her life so far and to come outta that shell.. where you have always fought your own battles… is tough. I wouldn’t wish sanjh to join hands with Ashwin nor for her to just go away to Singapore, hopefully the directors will get a handsome hunk for sanjh too :P(hopefully!!!)
    . But given the history of Indian dramas, it’s for sure that sanjh will b used to drag the storyline a bit more in drastic terms, ultimately painting her as the villian.
    What they should do is, get Maya to be on good terms with sanjh and arjun’s mom to b less biased and scared (I donno y she is) of Maya. Mayb gradually they can cure Maya of her extreme behaviors thru arjun’s love.(this wud b a-mazing)
    Hope they don’t make Maya a psycho in the end or something.. that would b awful and break a lot of ArYa fans here! And I hope jahnvi grows a spine and sticks to her promises and finally I hope Ashwin rots in hell! Peace !

    1. It was good but the story is beyhaad so surely maya is the villian

  19. Love you Sanch you deserve your duffer me nafrat kartaho Maya she bohot selfish

  20. Arjun is definitely not gonna accept saanjh. He treats her as bestie. Saanjh is a nice gal but needs to handle things a little maturely rather than being emotional all the time. Coming to maya she is not a negative character. She is the lead. Beyhadh is the story about her obsession.

    1. Yes navi…Arjun just consoling as a best friend after saanjh proposed him..he likes her only as best friend..arjun will show only sympathy on saanjh for seeing her sad…&Arjun and Maya loves each other truly..when Maya is in serious condition,first time Arjun prayed god for Maya in hospital ,he cried save my maya take my life..ArYa? forever.

  21. it not d confession.a frnd can say i love u to other frnd.maya become cry baby seeing u saanj.she accept arjun love so maya’s obsession will start.

  22. I dont understand why maya is crying she already got arjun but still she isn’t sure about her love and saanjh you did a good job keep it up darling

    Beyhadh is beyhadh only because of maya
    Otherwise nobody would watch
    Love you maya

  24. Angelk1

    Saanj will not have feelings for ayan. She sees him as arjun little brother. Ayan might get feeling for saanj while shes gone. Maybe they will keep in touch an when she comes back arjun will start getting jealous of their closeness. But theirs no way in hell ayan an saanj will end up. So that ship sinked.

    Anyway, if the story didnt have a villian then its pointless. It wont go far. Maya is the villian, people cant accept it , its fine. But she will become a danger to arjun an saanj.

    1. Angelk1

      Also even if saanj was to get someone new. And be friends with arjun…maya will still have a problem with it. Maya is the problem. But of course people want saanj out the way so maya wont get angry . its like maya is a baby that needs to be satisfied so she won’t cause a tantrum.

      1. maybe that is wrong.
        and i think ashwin will be the real villain.
        he is a psyho.
        never seen a dad like him

  25. Good episode.Arjun Maya scenes Maya,waiting for next episode

  26. maya looks so cute when she cries.i love her no matter what.i don’t have anything against saanjh and today i noticed her skin was shining and she was looking beautiful maybe she recently had skin treatment.well whatever she is a true friend of arjun so she is going away from maya and arjun’s life and about maya to jb aapke paas khone k liye kuch na ho na to u behave just like her.just for once keep urself in maya’s shoes and then think from her perspective you surely will feel all her insecurities are justified and she is not jealous she is just insecure. jin situations se wo larhti rahi bachpan se har msla usne akele handle kiya hai uske paas sirf ek maa thi or ab ek arjun ka increment hua hai uske relationship deposits me to it is natural to feel insecure.please be mature and stop fighting and abusing characters ab isme unka kya qusur hai?writer ne ese hi likhe hain saanjh or maya k i will suggest u stop fighting and just enjoy the show support ur favs without speaking against the others.

  27. Very nice Arjun Maya cute romantic moments.i hope Arjun will share about saanjh proposal to Maya, if he hide’s Maya will turn possessive.maya suffered more because of her father(&he had two wives),she can’t trust anyone.

  28. Anybody ever seen GUPT MOVIE? kajol, bobby deol and manisha koirala…. I get a feeling that here kajols role is played by Jennifer winger … Saanjhs rope manisha koirala wherein she loves the hero but the hero loves Maya . So the track won’t change .. sanjh might learn to stay as a friend forever and it’s Maya Arjun together forever . .

  29. maya’s problem is just
    she does not want to lose her loved on at any cost,she had a traumatic childhood bcos of her psycho dad.
    maya feels insecure because of her unstable family.
    it is not maya’s fault that she is different from others.
    it is the situation that made her like that.

    on the other had saanj has love everywhere
    best mom,dad,brother,
    she has a great friend ,lovely aunt,good cousin.
    saanjh is too gud as she has only gud people aroud her and not like that psyho ashwin
    saanj’s world is full of love

  30. maya is so ugly n her acting is killing viewers with her nonsense.get rid of her

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