Beyhadh 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jahnvi shatters seeing Ashwin’s dead body. Maya consoles her. Vandana panics and tells Suman and Saanjh that she told this marriage is very inauspicious and will bring only bad. Suman consoles her and asks not to repeat it, else people will feel bad. Constable questions Arjun and asks where was he when murder happened. Arjun says in mantap Constable asks if anyone noticed him. Arjun says everyone present here. Constable continues his foolish questions. Arjun finally Ashwin came from outside and fell down in front of mantap. Constable asks if anyone noticed it. He says everyone present must have noticed it. Jahnvi continues panicking. Arjun asks servant to give her water.

Inspector enters. Arjun realizes he is the same one who slapped him and then Maya slapped inspector. Inspector

starts arguing and tells he came to arrest Arjun. Arjun asks what did he do. Vandana shouts that she warned Maya not cancel marriage, but did not listen to her. Maya pleads inspector not to take Arjun and asks Arjun to tell that Arjun did not to anything. Inspector says he is taking Arjun for investigation. Maya calls Saanjh for help. Saanjh says he cannot arrest Arjun without arrest warrant. He says he did not bring arrest warrant, he is taking Arjun for investigation and takes him to police station.

At police station, inspector misbehaves with Arjun. Arjun asks on what basis did he detained him. Inspector asks constable. Constable says he threatened Ashwin twice that he will kill him if he troubles Maya, once at Maya’s apartment building and once outside his building. Maya pleads him not to punish her for slapping him and spare Arjun. He says he can hear slap sound even now and will continue torrturing Arjun until he hears it.

Saanjh returns with post mortem report and says according to postmortem report, Ashwin died due to heart attack, so he cannot detain Arjun. Inspector checks reports and says he cannot detain Arjun for the time as this is initial report, he will wait for final report, orders constable to release Arjun. Saanjh tells Arjun let us go now. Maya reminisces pandit’s words that she will bring bad father to whoever she connects, runs out of police station. Arjun runs behind her and stops her.

Precap: Maya tells Arjun that Ashwin was right, even her shadow is a bad luck, she cannot continue their relationship. Arjun says fine..

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  1. Roby wolverine

    So disappointed… I thought the police character will be someone who is fair and fight for justice… I am so frustrated.. The police was downright creepy with Maya.. The way he spoke and some were double meaning.. Can’t she have a peaceful moment..? I can’t see her in pain.. I didn’t know vandana was a seer, i mean she was behaving as if she knew all along.. Instead of offering support to her new daughter in law she is behaving stupidly… Hated the whole saas drama… You could clearly see how much Maya loved him.. She loves him a lot in her own way.. I just sometimes feel irritated with Saanjh but i never hated her but this vandana damn… Beyond words.. Ugh.. See the look she gave Maya when she hugged Arjun first.. Oh God… Love you Maya.. A lot…. Don’t be sad…

  2. Ashwin died because of heart attack……..????
    Then y were Arjun, Maya and janhvi washing blood from their hands. What the 3had done.

    1. Angelk1

      I think its half true. One of them beat him so badly shocking his heart. Or they killed him. The heart attack thing is just his condition he had. It doesnt really proove much. Maybe the blood from maya is due to her cutting herself again or kill her father. The blood from arjun is probably due to him hitting a wall maybe.

      While the blood from jhanvi could be from her fight with ashwin. But how did she leave worh no scratch an how did ashwin body landed their. Maybe he followed jhanvi to hurt her, but someone else saw him an kill him. One of the three.

  3. Amazing episode,omg superb unexpected twist ,in before episode Maya slapped police(cvs changed before police man,now in his place Ajay arya) ,he came back to revenge on Maya with ashwin murder.&my Maya ??? want to go away from Arjun ????? for not give her bad luck to u Maya,.&nice to see Arjun jealous ? when inspector sees with bad eye on maya.waiting for next episode eagerly ?

  4. MA Ji..,why written update is filled with mistakes every time,write clearly with full scene lines…??

  5. Shalini Senthil

    Today i love maya very much…vandana is a danger saasu ma ….i love the way maya is supporting arjun so talented and so strong charactor is our maya but infront of policeman she beg for arjun… i seen maya’s new avataar…i love maya to see in sindoor and mangalsutra she looks so homely so cute in it …???

  6. Totally predictable and boring episode! Not expected from beyhadh to be predictable..I can’t believe I waited 3 days for such a disappointing episode..full of saas bahu melodrama I thought this serial will not be like those typical saas bahu serials but it’s going down that road unfortunately. As for Vandana I’m tired of hearing superstitions and her eyes popping out it’s irritating..I expected saanjh to be arrogant and mean not vandana as a mother shouldn’t she be more understanding?? What sense is this blaming Maya for Ashwin falling in the fire and dying? Last scene got me ?Maya baby you’re a strong brave girl please don’t believe all those idiot pandits and Vandana you’re perfect for Arjun! And Arjun won’t give up on you no matter what! You guys made 7 promises to each other please don’t forget them

    1. Agree with you….disappointment
      Nd moreover Maya was a strong character so she should have fought fr Arjun bt now what is it going on?all of sudden saanjh becomes mature and strong nd maya is shown like she has no power …
      Last time when police was saanjh was nt mature nd strong bt this time scene is reversed and that too all of sudden….
      I was this police track to end soon…

  7. What ? Maya is actually being nice ? She wants to go away from arjun ? Whaaaaaaaat, didnt she just go out of her way to have him, did her obsession just die after marriage & she is normal now ? No more cunning maya, but maya who pleads, cries & begs…. So dissapointed at this sudden change
    They introduced a villainous police man who makes maya look docile (same maya who slapped his brains out of him)
    Yeah ashwin dying of heart attack, no injuries on body. so the trio were washing blood off their hands where did that come from, It sure wasnt their own blood as they dont have any (visible) injury

    1. Roby wolverine

      Hey Ruth I don’t think it’s a sudden change in Maya.. Remember when jhanvi fainted due to sugar problem.. She lost all sense and cried like a baby in front of Vinayagar idol and begged to spare her mother.. She even said to take her life instead of her mother… I guess if something very serious happened to her loved ones like Jhanvi or Arjun she looses her cool and mind and become emotional.. Well it’s my view…

      1. You are right roby, she is emotional, for her mother & arjun, she always prays to god, but it is first i seen her plead to a person, & her trying to leave arjun i know it is temporary but shows very different side of her to me, then her obsessive pursuit for love. She actually seems to given up fighting to be with arjun, & she is trying to protect arjun from herself. (when arjun says buri saaya, she thinks of herself as one & panics.) i only hope it doesnt lose its theme of obsession so soon.

      2. Not only police,maya pleads saanjh too as a lawer to bring back Arjun from police station ,,this two scenes were Maya turns very weak for Arjun safe.

      3. Roby wolverine

        Ruth… Remember on that day she begged Arjun too…? She said she is so bad so god won’t listen to her but god will listen to him and breaks down… After that she behaves very harshly with Jhanvi for doing this to her.. I still think she’s a split personality.. Sometimes so innocent baby like and so vulnerable.. Sometimes she can do anything and everything.. On that day in police station it was Ayan so she was the usual so cool and calm with super mind.. But today it was Arjun i guess she panicked a lot.. Remember the panick attacks she has on lift and in darkness.? She’s a very complicated person to understand.. She’s neither good nor bad.. A very grey character.. I don’t think she’s giving up on Arjun.. She’s now panicking about what will happen to Arjun if she remains with him.. It shows her side of love… Her love is not alone a obsession but well mixed feelings of love, possessiveness and obsession..

    2. That makes sense, for her to have stronger emotions then others, which is why it always comes across as extreme, but then it doesnt sound like a psychopath anymore. Also the panditji sudden death and ashwins death has soemthing in common is it LOOKS like natural death not murder (which makes me think maya pulled off this stunt) . ,

  8. Let the world go to hell, but never ever try to make Saanjh a desperate lover. She is really a pure soul if she has no motive behind all that is happening to Maya. Don’t know but after doing a Phd on Gumrah, CID, Savdhan India, Emotional Atyachar, I have a strong vibe that Saanjh will do something to make Maya fall. But dear writers, one Saanjh still exists in all of us, love is sacrifice to Saanjh, its an achievement for Maya. And some are saying Saanjh as irritating, if this show was on Saanjh, I m sure people would follow Saanjh n Maya would become the villain. Since we know, Maya is the heroine, more preference to her!

  9. the actor who was slapped was elderly they have forgotten

    1. Yeah! That character should not have been brought back.

  10. Today’s episode was not much to my liking. Why did the makers have to bring back that policeman whom Maya slapped? It looked so clichéd. Didn’t they get better ideas? It should have been an entirely new character. Vandana as usual was so disgusting. She is now the real villain here. She needs to be taught a good lesson for all the wrong things she said to Maya. And Maya letting go of Arjun doesn’t make sense. Ashwin dying of a heart attack was also something strange. Today’s episode was a let down. I request the makers not to make this serial go the way of other serials. Let Beyhadh continue to be different. I want a happy life for Maya and her happiness is with Arjun. Please give some rocking ArYa moments like before. And Maya please remain the strong girl which you are.

  11. ArYa The Union Of Land,Water,Air,Fire :-

    •Air-Maya proposed to arjun in air balloon
    •Water -Arjun proposed to maya under water..
    •Land-Arjun proposed Maya for marriage.
    •Fire -ArYa? got married around fire.
    ? Awesome unique ArYa? pair..?

  12. Game planner is jhanvi

  13. the mystery remains who “killed” ashwin. and that was one super fast
    anyways im sure this inspector will be back saying the final report shows he was murdered..or maybe not.

    i feel bad for mayah..poor girl has no peace of mind or happiness in her life. this epi made her look weak today though. side note- kushal and her make a cute couple

    as for the lawyer part..arjun is entitled to his lawyer being present during questioning however the whole family was cant they make it look a bit more realistic?

    looking fwd to tomorrow. keep rocking jenny.

  14. I don’t knw why but I feel sanjh is the murderer n beyhadd is all about her obsession towards Arjun…
    May be this is the suprise that CVS want to give us…

    1. I also feel that …she is calm nd all….and moreover definitely maya isnt the murderer this is clear else she would have accepted the crime fr Arjun

  15. Vaishnavi Singh

    Aneri Vajani Slayed it.. nd the police officer is handsome eh.. 😀 😀 cool episode…

  16. Maya was looking cool with ms & sindoor .I like the inspector he was looking hot but no more than arjun .I like sanjh also and I like the convo between inspector and sanjh when he says miss wakil uff too much passion .I think sanjh should be pair with inspector they look nice togeda. WHAT U GUYS THINK ???

    1. Don’t know this inspector is bad,he sees every time my Maya to reminding slap wit bad eye.if cvs pair up with him saanjh half problem will solve for Maya ???

  17. AmCee

    I prefer the old Maya in trendy western attire , the Maya who is the business tycoon, the Maya who is strong headed, smart and no -nonsense with loads of attitude. I love independent women. So she can still be all these even after marriage. Like in the earlier case when Ayaan was arrested, being a wealthy and influential person, she took things under control. She called her lawyer who did the needful. This time also she could have done the same thing instead of pleading and begging to Saanjh and the policeman.

  18. AmCee

    Maya can balance both work and home like so many woman do. She can be a business tycoon and can still love Arjun and take care of him. I don’t want a saas bahu serial type heroine who thinks of herself as her husband’s daasi whose only job is to be a dutiful wife, daughter-in-law and mother. Why does she have to sacrifice her career? She is a self made woman who made Fashion & The City what it is today with her hard work and dedication. I really wish she does not leave all these just to be a housewife.

  19. Ayesha22

    one thing is confirmed the killer is someone unexpected,neither ArYa nor jhanvi. because maya and jhanvi could have killed ashwin long way back if they wanted to, they need not to wait till date for that and also arjun is not that big idiot to commit such a crime.the killer is someone else it will be a surprise.

  20. Getting boring 🙁

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