Beyhadh 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun messages Saanjh too meet her out for lunch. Saanjh happily packs her bag and tries to leave office when her boss stops her and asks if she is going to find her job. She says for lunch. Boss continues yelling at her. On the other side, Maya plans to hold Arjun. She arranges lunch for her staff and tells Arjun he should join his colleagues as Saanjh is his best friend and should understand his problem. Saanjh excitedly walks from her office thinking of having lunch with Arjun after a long time. Arjun calls her and she says she will be down soon. He says he is having important meeting at office, if they can have lunch later. Peon enters and loudly tells Arjun that he is lucky that Maya has arranged lunch party for him. Arjun shuts him and disconnects call. Saanjh feels shattered.


goes and sits for lunch with his colleagues. He jokes with them, likes colleagues’s new shoes and says he wants to be so rich that he wants to buy 50 shoes for each day and once shirt is worn, he does not want to wear it again. Maya watches him from a distance and goes back to her cabin. Arjun goes to her cabin and asks if she wants to have food alone. She says she cannot have outside food. He says her cook must be cooking tasty food and she does not want to miss it. Peon serves food. She asks him to join as it is his favorite chole bhature. He joins and asks what if her cook has mixed something in food. She stops him and tries food herself. He tries next and says food is very tasty, he wants to kiss her cook’s hand. She extends hand and says she cooked it, so he can kiss. He gets hesitant. She says she gave him time to accept her love, now he has to decide

Saanjh goes back to her desks and sadly works. Boss brings food and says anything cannot be done with empty stomach and says she is waiting here and someone is enjoy lunch with others, now a days kids are so stupid to fall in love. Saanjh sits sadly. Boss says he always advices youngsters not to fall in stupid love and says he gives her salary for working and not falling in love. He signals her to have food and leaves.

Arjun reminisces Maya proposing him and he telling her that he needs time to think. He tells Maya that he is full now and will go back. She asks what happened. He asks why did not she neat. She says her stomach is full looking at him. Arjun reminisces Saanjh’s words.. He silently leaves her cabin.

Vandana calls Saanjh and asks to come home immediately. Saanjh reaches home and is shocked to see gifts all around house. She asks what is all this. Vandana says she does not know. Saanjh opens gifts and realizes Maya has sent them for Arjun. Arjun reaches home and seeing his online shopping wishlist items asks Ayan if he peeped into his online account and brought all these. Ayan says he really does not know anything. Saanjh says someone who is so possessive about him sent these gifts. Arjun asks who. She says Maya. He realizes Saanjh’s warning repeatedly.

Precap: Arjun angrily returns gifts to Maya that she thought she can buy him with her precious gifts, she told she promoted him due to his talent, but he wrongly trusted her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow very interesting episode… Maya dialogs was awesome like every time…&i think Maya is testing to give gifts to Arjun?y b coz jhanvi asked to can’t buy with price..that time maya said I knew mum.any way waiting for next episode ?

  2. Angelk1

    The eps was OK, not the best

  3. 3veni

    noooooooooo…..saanjh is brainwashing arjun instead of xpressing her feelings…she is feeling jealous..i hate saanjh

    1. Yes dear

    2. Me too hate her..she is soooo annoying????
      If she love him she must confess her feelings…she didn’t do that and make him against Maya….that’s bcoz Maya confessed her feelings for arjun…she is too jealous and behave like an antagonist????

  4. AarthiNayanaSTL

    i just loved the precap….i think arjun is now understanding maya’s obsession…and what saanjh is trying to say….
    as the everyone accepted Rahul and anjalli of kuc kuch hota hai…i accept saanjh and arjun…everyone’s opinion is different i don’t know exactly why but i love arjun and saanjh over maya and arjun….

    1. Same here! Arjun is Maya’s Zid not love. She wants to possess him. I would prefer Arjun with Sanjh over Maya with Arjun

    2. Angelk1

      I agree… I compare their friendship too with the movie lol. But i also had supported the principle daughter cause both girls were good for him.

  5. Very nice episode? loves arya scenes…&…yes saanjh turns like obessive lover…&Maya given that gifts for photo shoot…not for value price love..Arjun will understand maya.he is going to accept Maya love in photo shoot trip mey.

  6. I hate duskkkkkyyyy in fact as an actress too she is so starved

    1. Shalini Senthil

      U right

  7. I’m also love sajun

  8. Sanjh donot need to sit in beyhadh

    1. Hmm,,,so, should she stand

  9. Roby wolverine

    Ugh… Saanjh character is so hypocritical.. haven’t we all at least one time postponed our outing with friends for some meeting or some other work..? haven’t we all thought of explaining it later to our friends or lied about it..? saanjh is making a big deal out of this.. she should just propose him at least.. she’s a coward and see life in black and white.. There’s in between a gray and different shades of grey.. this world is not filled by good and bad people alone. most of us have both sides.. And now she’s making a big deal of gifts too… if i have that much money i would to buy everything i can to make the one i love happy… it’s not about money nor about status.. it’s just overwhelming way of wanting your loved one happy no matter the price.. she can afford to buy so she has done it.. i don’t why Saanjh and everyone reacting badly.. Also I don’t know what more Maya has to do to express her love…

    1. Right roby wolverine ?

    2. //I don’t why Saanjh and everyone reacting badly// ,,,well,ppl gets jealous if the person they loves gets closer to someone else…u knw that Saanjh loves Arjun and their family wants them to be together,so it’s obvious why they are reacting badly,,,,Even Maya got jealous when she saw Arjun and Saanjh together….Maya can easily propose Arjun ,bt Saanjh can’t…..coz Arjun sees her as a frnd…..and he will be shocked/shattered knowing Saanjh’s truth,,,,,Saanjh knows that she is doing wrong by hiding the truth frm him,,,,,so when someone is wrong he/she will obvious hv sme fear in his/her mind…similarly Saanjh is afraid to open up everything to Arjun…If Maya sending soo many gifts to Arjun is a normal thing,then all these things (Saanjh/herFamily/Arjun’sFamily’s Behaviour) are also normal,,,,,nothing spl/weird in it

      1. Rightly said

    3. well…Maya can express her love for Arjun in her own way….there z no need for Arjun to get angry on Maya….He already knows that Maya loves him….Is he a kid that he didn’t understand Maya is doing all these bcoz of her love for him,,,,,He z acting as if just came to knw abt her feelings,,that’s Maya’s part
      Nw coming to Saanjh….Saanjh is also giving normal reactions,,,,Arjun did this to her before too…lyk promising smthng and not fulfilling that….bt Saanjh was never mad at him,,,,coz that tym Maya was not there in their lyf,,,,,now it’s all happening bcoz of Maya,,,,whose nt just a boss to Arjun….The same way Maya is jealous of Saa-jun, Saanjh is jealous of Ar-ya….
      today also,their lunch plan was cancelled due to Maya,,,it’s not lyk planning smthng with a frnd and cancelling it in the last minute,Saanjh is his best friend for Arjun(well,agree that she shud propose atleast b4 getting so much jealous,,,still yup,it’s tough for her )… but for Saanjh ,he is more than friend which he is not aware of,,,both the girls want Arjun and is jealous of each other,,,it’s just simple as that,,,,

      1. Angelk1

        I agree with this, both girls want arjun for themselves, but why is it saanj is the only one getting backbite by people. Maya get jealous when arjun with saanj an vis-versa, but saanj gets chewed on when she reacts.

        Maya is more manipulated when she wants to ruin saanj chance while saanj is more open about it.

  10. Nice episode guys…………!!!!! Really enjoyed this episode ………….. hopefully waiting for the next one…

  11. I hate Maya she is crazy . Her love isn’t real. You can’t buy happiness with is from the heart.i love saanj and arjun

    1. Ashinipatel3

      And love cannot be forced either. Even Saanjh’s love is more forced and have more jealousy.

    2. Hmmm,,,,,both of u are rite

  12. Absolutely ….. sanjh should b a frnd and Maya should b his wife

  13. Maya is nuts, and it isn’t due to whatever happened between her and her father either. She is psychotic which is something you won’t understand until she murders her own mom for Arjun’s sympathy…. you people have a distorted view of love…. no wonder India is backwards. Before the Saanjh bashing Maya fans open their stupid mouths, I don’t like Saanjh or Arjun either. Saanjh needs to grow up and Arjun is a selfish brat who needs to make peace with his mom. The only person with a level head is Saanjh’s mom.

    1. Agreed totally

    2. Maya will not kill her mother..i think you are not watching serial…when her mother falls in unconscious maya cried more..i know it’s ur point of view…but if maya that much bad she will forced to Arjun to accept her love..but she is not..she is waiting for Arjun answer.her doings not that much wrong.Maya will not take any one life except Ashwin.

  14. i just want to kill saanjh.maya ghalat hai or arjun+saanjh k gharwale theek hain.hai na??maya arjun ka pyar ni khareed rahi,she is just showing k wo uske liye kuch b kar skti hai and seriously i think saanjh ko choti choti baaton par rote hue families ko involve krna band kar dena chahiye.if she cant say her heart out she should just accept her defeat and stay as a friend of arjun.i just hate her acting and this character is useless totally.

  15. Mujhe yeh pata nahi chal raha ki sab log Sanjh ko galat kyun samaj rahi hai … particular at this moment…. Thik hai, Sanjh ne Friendship aur Love ke beech ke antar ko samaj nahi paayee… par mere khyal se woh galat nahi hai…. Apne Paka friend ko, jo ki abhi puri tarah se mature bhi nahi hai aur jiske liye career first priority hai, uss se apne dil ke baat kah nahi paayee par iske matlab yeh toh nahi ki apne dost ko khayee me girte hue dekhe toh sirf dekhte rahe…. Saanjh ne Maaya ka crazy roop dekhi hai aur being working in lawyer firm, ussey Maya ke baare me bahut kuch pata bhi hai…. Woh yeh jaanti bhi hai ki Maya kisi bhi hadh tak jaa sakti hai aur agar Maya Arjun ke life me aaye toh sirf Arjun hi nahi balki kaafi log effect ho sakte hai… Kuch dino se Maya ke Mom ko bhi iss baat ka darr hai jo uske chehre me dikhta hai.
    Basically, as a friend, Saanjh jo kar rahi hai woh galat nahi hai
    Rahi baat, Maya ka…. har Amir logon ko yeh lagta hai ki Paise se kuch bhi kar sakti hai…. Jab Arjun ne directly ussey “HAA” nahi kaha toh woh Arjun ke dreams ko pura karke ussey majboor karni chahti hai ki Maya ke bina woh life me kuch bhi nahi paa sakta…

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