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Beyhadh 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun goes for an interview. He introduces himself to receptionist and says he had an interview at 10 a.m. She says it is 10:10 a.m. now. He says if he can go. She says no, madam does not like late comers. He says sometimes one has to break rules and continues his gyaan. Boss calls and says she had one interview today. She says yes candidate is waiting since 45 minutes and she is sending in. Arjun gives her choc and flirts. Receptionist smiles and asks hm to go in soon as he is already 10 min late.

Saanjh reaches her office/lawyer office. Her boss shows her aarti thali. She prays that a lot of divorces should happen and they get a lot of cases. Boss scolds to pray by heart. She says she wanted to work for him, so he became lawyer. Boss continues scolding her and asks to

clean dust on files. Saanjh thinks because of Arjun she has to listen so much from her boss and if he does not get job, she will make him work here.

Arjun reaches boss’s cabin and is surprised to see Maya. Maya gets angry and says it is his interview. Arjun says unless she takes it. He imagines Maya who scolds him not to show attitude. Maya says he is late and she does not like late comers. He says even she came late and sits on chair. She says she did not ask him to sit. He says he knows she was about to ask. She checks his profile and says he does not have photography experience. He says even life does not have any experience, he wants to learn photography under her. She says if she wanted to teach, she would have opened a school, she needs a talent photographer, he may leave. He gets up, but imagines Saachi scolding him to sit. He sits back and says

At Maya’s office, Arjun shows gives his portfolio. Maya says she does not have work for extra oversmart people and he may leaves. He gets up but imagines Saanjh scolding him to sit down. He sits back and says photography is an experience of capturing moments and if she looks at his profile at this moment, she may like it. She checks his profile pics and finds her balcony pic. He says he clicked last night and this lady looks like a loner with sorrows around her life. She walks out, goes to receptionist and asks her to get Arjun’s appointment letter and her restrication letter as she did show her loyalty to her and made candidate wait for 45 min. She gets back to her cabin and gives intern appointment letter to Arjun and asks peon to show Arjun’s place. Arjun is given a desk which Maya can watch. Peon silently warns him to stick to his seat if he wants this job. Arjun sits on his seat and waves Maya.

After sometime, Arjun gets up. Peon warns him to sit back if he wants this job. Arjun says he needs to pee. Peon gives him bottle and asks to pee in it. He imagines Saanjh who scolds him to sit.

Saanjh mother comes to Arjun’s house with Arjun’s mother and brother. Their nok jhok starts. Saanjh comes and fumes that Arjun did not call her yet, she is worried if he got a job or not. Brother says she loves Arjun and is worried about him. Saanjh says she is Arjun’s best friend. Mom says she is with Arjun since childhood and people talk a lot about them, she wants them to marry. Brother continues joking. Arjun rushes in and runs to bathroom. They all discuss he must have not got a job. Arjun comes out of bathroom and says he got a job. Saanjh hugs and congratulates him happily. Arjun looks at his mom and says he will go and fix his tyre puncture. Saanjh hugs and congratualtes mom.

Saanjh then goes down with Arjun’s brother and asks Arjun if he really god job. Arjun says yes with 1 month probation. She says even she got 6 month probation. He then badmouths about Maya that his boss is very frightening and everyone are afraid of her, when her car passes, all cars stop like it is president’s car, says ganapati pendal girl is my boss. Saanjh says in short Arjun is afraid of his boss. Brother asks his boss is afraid of whom. Arjun says she is not afraid of even a devil.

Maya walks into her apartment building and is about to open her apartment door when she hears a man walking. Lights flicker. She gets afraid and drops mobile. She bends and picks mobile and gets more afraid seeing man’s face on her mobile glass. She afraidly rings bell and walks back. Man smirks and walks towards her. She panics in frear. Her mother rushes out and asks what is he doing, why is he frightening his daughter. Man asks if he cannot speak to his daughter and smirks at Maya, says Maya will you not say hell to her papa. Maya runs into her apartment.

Precap: Arjun fights with goons. Maya stops him and says when dog wants to become human, he is made family member. When human wants to become dog, he will be kicked out.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. In luv with this serial and also addicted to it
    Arya looks awesome
    And just wish that sanjh and arjun continue with their frndship rather than luv
    I think thats ashwin her dad

  2. Manya

    Jennifer’s acting was superbb especially when she was afraid??❤️
    I liked saanjh’s boss?
    Waiting to know the reason why is maya so afraid of her dad??
    Overall it was a nice epi??

  3. Devga

    Poor jenny’s fear…. So he is her father may b…. But jenny’s acting awesome…
    Infact trio are best at their own roles…

  4. AMAZING EPISODE & NATURAL ACTING BY MAYA There is some dark past in mayas life WHICH IS entirely different so much suspense i liked a lot

  5. Wow,,,waiting to knw why she z afraid of her fatherr!!!!!

  6. Shalini Senthil

    Very nice serial I love Jennifer so much she is perfectly suitable for this character…..

  7. Esme

    Well I hv decided I’ll only read beyhadd’s written updates n ll nt watch the show. No more serials…..KRPKAB is enough fr me.
    Story is good. I hv one question…bt first of all c these two situations.

    1. Hero is boss. Heroine is hero’s would be employee. Heroine doesn’t give that attitude type looks to her boss in their first meet.

    2. Heroine is boss. Hero is heroine’s would be employee. Here hero gives that attitude type looks..hrroic looks to his boss.

    Situation changes with gender. Isn’t it ?? But why ????????

    1. Devga

      Hey esme gud question…. Y always there is a differnce in attitude (2. Hero to boss attitude) wen the gender is changed…. I too hav this thought….

      1. Jiya_Ani

        I agree with the fact devgna…but You know the answer could be that these writers follow the fact of OPPOSITE ATTRACTS…what say…its true..opposite people go well in relationships…and I too follow the same…
        Well do you remember me??..

  8. Whos playing saanjh’s boss?

    Jennifer’s acting is too gud. Loved aneri as saanjh. Her love is pure. Wheres arjun will love maya for money and maya will love arjun but whenever she will feel tht arjun is of use and her love for him is controling her she will leave arjun. Im100% sure abt that.

  9. Maybe she was physically abused by hr father during childhood.. Which is even unknown by hr mother… Arya pair rocks.. Go on

  10. Dinithi anuththara

    Beyhadh is superb…i just love it so much…
    Started watching this bcs of aneri….
    But i love all the characters now….
    Saanjh is awesome…..aneri is doing a great job…
    It is evident that saangh loves arjun and arjun and maya will be the couple….and saanjh will left heart broken….
    I am so sorry for saanjh….
    But i hope arjun’s bhai will be paired with saanjh….
    I hope that creators will do that…

    Jennnifer’s attitude as maya was superb….i like that character…

    Kushal was awesome…i like his character too…

    And …most importantly………i began to have a crush on arjun’s bhai…omg…i love him…

    And saanjh and her family………omg…??????????????????????????
    I hope beyhadh becomes in top 5 in trp

  11. Ritvi

    Jennifer acting is amazing. ..saanjh is so cute. ..but y maya is afraid of her own dad. ..

  12. jennifer is too good in the role of maya . the way maya looks at arjun whenever he does something, makes me laugh so much . saanjh is very cute by nature . i am liking arjun’s character a lot . dunno why maya is afraid of her father ?

  13. Jennifer is doing mind blowing acting. Her character seems grey shade and mixture of many shades but then also she is appreciable and likable by audience. It seems Maya is hunted by circumstances, becoz of them she has become like this. Means she is not at fault but it is her tragical life who is responsible of her grey shade. Anyways whatever it is, but Jennifer is doing fabulous job as Maya. Although the story will b love triangle but it’s concept is different and fresh and it’s main character Maya is charm of the show. After a long time or I can say first time, i seeing a female lead in totally different role, which have lots of shades in her character. Best thing about Maya’s character is that even after portray her life in tragical way, she doesn’t seems poor or helpless girl by her attitude like other soap’s heroins. And this makes Maya’s character totally different and interesting. Story seems sensible and easily understanding and it is going on it’s right path too. Starting’s two episodes were gud. Waiting for more exciting episodes.

  14. omg…..
    i luv tis serial…
    the lead actors acting is awesome!!!!!!
    sony tv always shows the diffrent plot, story,drama unlike some other saas bahu drama…..
    we should appreciate their efforts!!!!!

  15. i loved sannjh’s character want saanjh and arjun to pair up at the end

  16. I think to watch this because it’s better than dev and sonakshi

  17. Jennifer’s acting is good, want to know the reason for why Maya is scared to face her father there may be some bitter truth…
    Loved to watch kushal, he just rocks..

  18. Good serial….go on….superb acting by jennifer….Saanjh ,arjun ,maya….all r too good…

  19. Hi frnds, I am Arya….can anyone tell me how to become a registered member…

    1. arya , go to the top of the page . u will find a menu called register . click that , u will get options like e mail , username etc etc . fill all that and then u will get a mail in which u should confirm becoming a registered member . thats all

      1. Thanks dear….?

  20. Amazing act. Jenny was superb.
    We can feel the fear through her eyes. Fantastic acting.

  21. yes Arya. I also was thinking to become a registered member.

  22. Stilldefinetly no any special feature to worth watching.
    Story is same as other serials(Love triangle). One side is attitude type n the
    other side is down to earth type.
    It will better if change the love attraction between main duo in a romantic way.
    Then users definitely stick with this.

  23. Still no any special feature to worth watching.
    Story is same as other serials(Love triangle). One side is attitude type n the
    other side is down to earth type.
    It will better if change the love attraction between main duo in a romantic way.
    Then users definitely stick with this.

  24. Hi frnds ….nyone here

  25. IT IS NICE

  26. Where is todays update ?

    1. Aarya

      Thank u varshini… I hav registered..

      1. wow , thats great di , many people find difficulties wid this registering , either wid the username or wid the mail . i am happy that u got registered

  27. Priyadarshini

    Hey Arya. Did you register??

    1. Yes dear i have tried …bt smthng went wrng…so i couldn’t?

    2. Aarya

      Yep dear finally registered…. Its me arya… my profile name is Aarya

  28. Loved maya’s acting….excited to see next episode

  29. May be Maya was physically abused by her father in childhood time. That’s way she was that much of fear and not giving shake hand to any one

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