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Beyhadh 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya happily dances around home reminiscing Arjun’s words that they both can pass through any problem, she just has to walk towards goodness. She walks into Jahnvi’s room dancing and singing and then picks Ashwin’s photo. She shows it to Jahnvi and says her that Arjun told her that he loves her a lot and can fight with any storm and she just has to walk towards goodness. She then cries if Arjun will know about her bad, he will stop loving her, his love is her right. She hugs Jahnvi tightly and says she will not let Arjun go away from her, this is only her and Jahnvi’s secret, she can do anything. She reveals that on marriage day, everything thought she killed Ashwin, but it is she who killed Ashwin.

Jahnvi goes into flashback where she point gun at Ashwin. Ashwin tricks her saying Maya…She

turns and he snatches gun from her and says he will call police and get her and Maya arrested. Jahnvi pleads not to call police. He asks her to transfer company’s shares in his name. He forces her to sign papers. Maya enters and comments why he is in a hurry. He says he destroyed her showing papers. She says she does not know what he can do. He reminds how he tortured her in childhood and picks gun. She kicks his leg and he falls on sofa. She inflicts syringe in his hand. He laughs it is empty. She says air can give life and also take life. He tries to pick gun again She breaks vase on his head and pokes syringe into his body repeatedly and tries to poke his heart. He resists, but she gets successful in poking needle repeatedly into his heart and he dies. He cries papa..what a waste of life. Out of flashback, Maya tells Jahnvi that she had to kill Ashwin to save Arjun. If Arjun will know her truth, he will leave her, so she will not let him know her truth. Vandana hears her conversation and drops vase in a shock. Maya notices her. Vandana runs. Maya picks knife and follows her telling she has to teach Vandana a lesson again.

Samay prepares cake and writes Maya’s name on it. Saanjh comes and hugs him from behind and converses. He silently keeps another cake on it. She says her name is in his heart. He says even he has a name. Prem comes with a book and says when they patch up, husband has to prepare food. Samay says he is perfect then. Prem says he is giving perfect daughter to him and if he troubles her. Samay says he knows he will break his bones. Prem says Saanjh is enough for that. Their conversation continues.

Maya follows Vandana to her room and frightens she does not learn a lesson always and has to be taught repeatedly. Vandana panics. Maya forcefully makes her sleep and asks to sleep like a good girl. She pokes knife next to her and says she was keep it under her pillow and asks to close her eyes. Vandana closes and waits till Maya leaves. She thinks how to find out what was the secret.

Next morning, Maya sees Jahnvi angry and says the more she scratches her wound, the more anger will come out, which anger she is trying to hide. Arjun comes and sees aloo paranthas with butter and asks if she will feed him dry toast showing these. She serves him aloo paranthas and feeds from her hand. She calls Vandana and goes in. Vandana comes out and shows her concern for Arjun. Arjun asks her not to worry, he will handle everything. Maya returns and asks what will he handle. Vandana says she was joking Arjun about his childhood incident. Maya asks what is it. She says once she was feeling drowsy, Arjun thought she has ghost in her and start dancing like African hoola lala leioo…she asks Arjun to demonstrate. Arjun dances like African. They both look at Maya. Maya laughs. Arjun then gets busy with Maya. Vandana fumes she wanted him to take Maya away, but he is romancing her.

Samay serves pancake breakfast to Saanjh’s family. Suman asks where is his famous cake. Saanjh gets cake from fridge and serves upper part to family. She say she will eat lower part. Samay stops her and lifts cake and says feeding cake is also part of love. He serves cake and eats Maya’s name written part and says it is yummy.

Arjun tells Maya that he feels to stay at home with her. Vandana says he cannot skip job. Arjun says leaving beautiful wife is also bad, he chants Maya whole day, if poojar/him cannot take mandir everyone, he can stay at mandir/Maya. Maya says he will go to office and she will accompany him, his love is her need, I love you. Arjun says I love you 3, 4, 5. Maya leaves holding Arjun’s hand. Arjun signals Vandana. Vandana smiles. Jahnvi noitces her face.

Samay plays cards with Suman and she wins Prem and Saanjh notice them and Saanjh says Suman and Samay look good more than her. Prem says only he can handle Suman. Phone rings. Maya picks call and gets ensed seeing Arjun’s name. Samay sees it and asks who is it. Maya says bank people. Vandana calls from Arjun’s number repeatedly. Saanjh says her client is calling and walks out. Vandana asks her to come here, she needs her help. Saanjh says Maya will get to know about it via CCTV footage. She says she does not know about it, she has to come right now. Saanjh thinks she can handle Maya.

Precap: Saanjh enters Maya’s house as courier boy and tells Vandana that they will have to find proof of Ayan’s innocence before Maya returns. Maya in her office holding gun says Saanjh came on her wish and will not go out easily.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Dumb saanjh and dumb vandana

  2. hate u maya…u r a witch

  3. I think this season will go in unveiling mayas misdeeds. Like the murderers she executed and the manipulations she did. I can even expect a glimpse of samayas past. Wonder wat season 3 will hold for us vieweres… mayabe mayas fall???

  4. My god samay lol!!?? Couldn’t control my laughter watching him eat the cake, he fantasized biting Maya’s back!! At least Maya’s crazy in Arjun’s love coz it’s two sided.. but this guy… Paagal hue jaaraha hain in one sided love.. Beyhadh is one complete package with thrill Romance n comedy (courtesy- samay).. even that scene where he goes bonkers with that disposed tissue of Maya!!!???

  5. I think Maya didnt kill Ashwin. She probably has some agenda behind this because Maya is right-handed and according to Sanjh killer was left-handed. It doesn’t make sense how CVs are making Maya the killer now… Everything isn’t what it seems. We should wait and keep loving Maya.

    Am not saying that if Maya committed the murder, it was a right thing to do. If she actually killed him, I don’t even think there’s a coming back for her because she didn’t even confess to the police during the enquiry… But lets just wait and watch for the story to unfold… Have patience, its a bad time and it will pass.

    Love Maya always ???

    1. Shrilatha

      Hey anaika if she killed ashwin my respect for her will increase more as ks said yesterday..he was neither good father nor bad…he was worst…father and daughter relationship is amazing…usually daughters love their father more than mother…he should protect her from every darkness…but ashwin kept on pushing her into more darkness…..I am not justifying her acts nor I am justifying a murder…I am saying this as a girl…even though she is evil. Deep inside she is women…who suffered so much….u remember the initial scene when ashing enters the office and Maya hides.. that was when I hated him a lot..Maya haters may say that I hate saanjh…I don’t hate saanjh I love Maya more that’s it…always love maya

  6. I still do not think Maya killed Ashwin. Call it a gut feeling. They might have shown us that she did it, CVS are not stupid enough to make her the killer. Maya being the killer won’t be shocking because everyone would expect it to be her. They won’t be that dumb. It is someone else. They just want us to think she did it. Secondly Vandana and Saanjh are so stupid I swear to God. How many times do they need their plan to be ruined? Their plans always always fail. They still think Maya is dumb.They underestimate her so much. How could they think they could get away with fooling Maya. Lol, it would have been worth it if they actually succeeded in finding some evidence. But nada. They get nothing and get into Mayas trouble for nothing.

    Maya was so cute at the beginning. I love this girl so much. I love her childish acts. She looked great too. Arya look awesome as always. I can’t get enough of their scenes together. Maya fans should chill and calm down, our baby did not kill Ashwin. It will be too easy. Maybe she wanted to kill him but didn’t succeed and someone finished it after she left.

    1. Resonance1290

      Im fearing that CVS are losing check on reality and consistency, that theyre taking two steps ahead without even taking one back. It makes no sense in so many ways that maya killed, especially as there is no CCTV of her but CCTV of jhanvi and arjun at ashwin’s house, plus the DNA of jhanvi and Arjun but not maya’s there despite her bleeding from cutting her hand and holding the syringe. Plus Arjun’s sherwani and Hair in Ashwin’s hand, how can they explain that? I feel they wont, that they’ll just make it easy on themselves and make maya responsible for everything to prevent too much work into explaining it, thus ruining indian Tv’s best lead and their own stupid weiting just for TRP’s and ease without caring about story or the outrage of fans who actually watch and remember the show’s intricacies!

      I can only hope im wrong, but they seem to be making her responsible for everything now purely for ease and completely wasting an opprotunity to make a great thriller through their laziness. I mean srsly what kind of murder mystery has the main suspect be the killer? Thats total BS and the only hope i have left for these stupid CVS to turn things around, make it like GUPT where the killer was one who till the end was perceived as innocent! This is no longer about maya’s redemption, this is aboutvthe CVS redemption in the eyes of the audience, they need to step up their game and bring the writers from season 1 back if they want any hope for a stable following, else all they will get is a big taste of FAILURE!

      Until further notice, this show is a big failure and let-down from expectations well justified by the first season but completely scrapped in Season 2, plus the Greyness of Maya’s character as promised and kept in season 1 is all but destroyed now Good job guys! Good job too jennifer youre acting is top class and unmatchable, its just the writers have made your character a pale imitation of the greatness and potential she was b4, only when i see such a return will i continue, else till further notice im out.

  7. diehardbeyhadhfan

    Maya babys mehendi wasnt dark enough coz arjun didnt love her enough.. that y this epic bride thought of making it darker with ashwins blood.. isiliye dulhan bani daayan.!!???

  8. Awesome episode?,superb fun.i love it ,all emotions mixed episode.?.enjoyed a lot..and my Maya lovers,let’s accept Maya killed ashwin to avoid our heart break in future.i don’t had trust on cvs,don’t know why actors and director told lies in their interviews.director said next week will reveal real culprit but they revealed this week.and im not sad about maya killed ashwin,she killed Ashwin for not bad reason as he try to ruin her life as well arjun.he deserved death based on his deeds..and im waiting for future story,want to see answers for my quetions..all know still what Maya said is unfinished as we see if she is only murder who left arjun DNA and his Sherwani cloth samples there and if Maya is murder why she pushes jhanavi, if she pushes jhanavi, why that truth is not yet revealed by jhanavi to arjun or vandana or to viewers.lets see..waiting for next episode,love u Maya ?

    1. Its not that Ks… I feel that killing someone is a drastic step and cannot be justified like Ayan’s case… She shouldn’t have MURDERED Ashwin even if he deserved something worse than death… I feel CHEATED by the actors because most of them hinted that Maya ain’t the killer and Jenny herself told that she would love to find someone like Maya (after the murder saga)

      CVs are losing the grey plot and turning it into black. I still feel, its half truth but it will definitely take time to seep inside my heart.

      No matter what, I always love Maya. Even during the conversation with Janvi, she looked so innocent and vulnerable. I want THAT Maya back. Not the cunning manipulative b*t*h who has crossed all her limits… But then the show is Beyhadh (Limitless)

      I am hanging on the show till the end because I love Jenny’s acting and I’m addicted to it now. But I’m preparing myself for Maya’s death because it seems inevitable if this track continues…

      1. First jhanvi went there,she wrote property on ashwin name for Maya well.. After maya went there,while talk he tried shoot maya but maya stabbed ashwin,It’s self protect..not a that much high crime for me in matter of ashwin it’s confirm Maya stabbed ashwin with syringe,& police said in CCTV footage jhanvi,Arjun went ashwin home,&still arjun flashback is left in ashwin home,im sure cvs will cheat us like Ayaan case to throw all on Maya.. i don’t have any trust on cvs.because Maya hurts her hand with knife but in ashwin&maya fight her hand looks perfect..i mean cvs showing is different,leaving matter is different on many loop holes is there ,i just hate this,,..anyway.. lets see,loves my Maya ?


        exactly…weve been badly cheated bybthe CVS. If they showed Maya having possessive “evil” behaviour immediately after marriage, we would start to believe this is what maya is. Instead they made her incredibly good and even showed her wanting to leave arjun. Why did they dare to show that if this is their plan? Didnt they know showing that will make people love maya more and want Arya together and happy, what was wrong with them? Worse, they painted a big picture around the murder case which left many evidences that maya is the murderer, but also that she isnt. It would be fine to know she is the murderer, had we NOT BEEN TOLD BY ACTORS AND THE DIRECTOR THAT IT IS A FOURTH PERSON/OUTSIDER! That betrayal is what hurts most alongside the complete 180 turn of maya’s character too hastily into such an evil role its beyond belief! im on social media now and im actively against this injustice, the favts you commented Ks are all teue and what they showed, how can they ignore all this? I mean do they think we are dumb watchers who just follow the show in a linear way? If they have no twist about this and this is the true reality of the murder case, then they are insulting two groups of people; them and their own writing which they dont cross-reference and look back on, and the audience who they may believe is stupid and will just accept it like that despite so many things they showed that say otherwise! Well let me tell you CVS before maya fans people also pay attention to the show and its contents! We wanted an abused child to get justice, and mental illness has been so badly insulted and disgraced its sickening that you are showing a criminal under the pretence of mental unwellness, but worst you show dialogues and moments in-between making people feel bad for her despite these terrible things youre mking her do, this is beyond unnacceptable!

    2. Smiling Lotus

      Wow…calm down MAAF its not all that bad just wait and watch. Maybe they have something different planned just keep tuned to the story. The commenter TDH from what ive seen in previous pages has more of a reason to be angry but she’s still ok about it, so calm down bro and just enjoy the stiry, im sure the CVS wont leave all stones unturned else it wouldnt be only you loads more people would be against this show and it would ruin them, and i think they know this so have patience.
      Im a maya lover too and its not fun seeing whats going on right now, this is the first time ive commented here in a long time too, but plz just have some faith in the writers man.

      Love maya always ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. By the way guys i wish to.comment.. wow wat a mind blowing thriller.. so much of suspense!! Never even in my wildest dreams i thought maya wouldv turn out to be the killer.. but wen they revealed it, the shock fell onto me like a ton if bricks!! They didnt even give us a slightest chance to suspect our maya baby!!???


      They did actually. So many times they openly said maya must be killer. Even inspector time and time again said only maya can do it

      1. I know I guess I didn’t get the sarcasm in my tone…??

      2. I mean to say.. guess u didn’t get the sarcasm in my tone…

  10. So Maya is revealed as the killer of Ashwin. But I feel there’s more to it. There is bound to be more twists and turns in this thriller. Maya being the killer will end all twists and speculations and since Beyhadh is a thriller it will continue to stun and surprise us till the end. 1. Maybe Ashwin is still alive and the policeman is in cahoots with him as he hates Maya for slapping him. 2. It was said that the killer injected the empty syringe with the left hand but Maya is shown to do so with her right hand. 3. Let Jhanvi cone our of her present state and become normal. 4. Jhanvi didn’t react when she saw Samay.

  11. sorry I can’t understand this storyy…who s that samay…what s d secret behind Maya and samay…is Maya loves samay…???then is arjun really loves Maya or not????…..confusing…pls anyone tell

  12. wow guys i m so happy dat maya fans r supporting in her bad times 1st of all guys i dont beleive dat maya killed ashwin n evn if she killed i m very happy as she fight against her fear n evn if she wont kill him so he wud have destroyed 3ppl life maya arjun n janvi so by killing 1person she safe 3life n v say naa bure log buri maut….n lastly guys hav u seen d full episode whr was janvi whn she was killing ashwin i think maya killed him n went but actually he was alive n janvi saw d real killer dat is why she called maya at gowdown to tell her dat she dint kill ashwin but dat killer kill her bcz maya dint push her datz for sure so cvs arent lying nor actor dey r just confusing ppl so take a chill pill maya is not a killer watevr she sd is true but she herself dont know she dint kill only janvi knows so hope janvi get wel soon luv u maya:*

  13. oh i forgot today episode was awesome as maya was so happy after so long n her dance was so sweet like her n whn she was talking to her mom did ul heard wat she said dat she want to do good frm now as arjun want n she dosent want her secret out bcz arjun vl live her so i think janvi should support her rather dn supporting sanj n vm n last maya said dat she is not bad but this vm dosent understand y she is behind me n always make thing bad for me as wel for her n evn in d room maya ask vm wat u want tell me if she wud realy luv her son she wud have said dat ayaan i think she wud hav help her as she want to b good but vm i dont know wat proof she want so know if maya harm vm so it wont b wrong according to me as they just cross all their limit jo thaal mein khao vahi mein ched karo no dobt y sanj is not a successful lawyer they cant win they shud admit it they r just wasting their time dey should utilise it by asking maya for help if dey really need ayan to b out n i just hate arjun today typical mama boy mom said so she tuk maya out as if he dosent trust her no dobt y maya do so much bad to safe her relatn bcz she knows arjun dosent trust her as v saw today dumb arjun whn he vl loose her n know d extent of maya love he will cry forsure i want maya to win n teach vm nic lesson

    1. Riya that was nice observation about our maya ?? ..and also Maya called vandana like “oh my Sherlock mother”??..why you are playing this hidden seek games with me,u will get hurt,again I will turn bad..,i love Maya every dailogue??..her innocent nature.i love it.after many days we got fun mixed flavour episode?.. love u maya always?..

      1. The Dark Hunter

        That is true 😀 in my blind anger towards the current story progression i forgot the thrill and fun of the episode. It had a bit of everything and was well rounded. Good episode overall, just a darker storyline

        I’ll have to hope for the best

        Love maya always ❤️❤️❤️??

  14. This is the first weekend episode thats got such less comments…. has the number of viewers reduced coz of the current plot???


      Probably. Plus maya lovers are on the warpath against the show and they were the majority of commentors and followers of the show.

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