Beyhadh 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Wardboys open Maya’s mortuary ice box and discuss poor woman could not be cremated till now. Another wardboy asks till when she will be in icebox. He says till her case is closed. One sees Maya’s eyes moving and says he saw eyes moving. Another one laughs. One says it looks like as if she will wake up and say hello I am Maya Arjun Sharma. They laugh and close ice box.

In court, Pooja continues alleging Arjun and says he acted on his friend, sorry keep Saanjh’s orders. Arjun angrily tries to slap her. Judge stops him. Pooja continues that this man is so cruel and is trying to hit a woman, imagine how he must have tortured Maya between 4 walls. Arjun reminisces Maya torturing herself. Arjun’s lawyer says he needs time to examine all the evidences. Pooja says there is nothing left

in this case now and she will call Maya herself as witness. Everyone discuss what rubbish is this. Pooja continues that she got a message from morgue that Maya’s body should be cremated within 2 days, so she wants judge to come with her to morgue and notice Maya’s plea.

Judge with others reaches morgue. Pooja shows Arjun’s finger prints on Maya’s neck and says imagine how this beast must have tortured her and she must have pleaded to kill him. Arjun reminisces venting his anger on Maya by holding her neck and saying death is not her punishment, he wants to give her more rigorous punishment. Pooja continues that she wanted judge to imagine the pain Maya went through and punish Arjun and Maya. Judge tells next argument will be in court.

Once back in court, Pooja continues that Arjun forced Maya to abort baby on Saanjh’s plan and when Maya wanted to get back her wealth, Saanjh forced him to kill Maya, so they both should be given rigorous punishment and made an example for others. Arjun says he killed Maya and not Saanjh. Saanjh asks not to take blame on him and be sensible Arjun continues that he killed Maya and only he should be punished. Judge pronounces it is proved that Arjun forced Maya to abort her baby and then killed her, so he should be hanged till death; Saanjh tried to evade evidence, so she should pay 2 lakhs fine or face 2 years imprisonment.

Arjun and Saanjh are taken hand cuffed out of court by police. Arjun reminisces Maya challenging that he is only hers and even death cannot separate them, etc. He laughs loudly. Saanjh asks what happened to hihm, if he has gone mad. Arjun hugs her and continues laughing. Inspectors even now their romance is continuing and drags them away. Pooja tells Jahnvi that she should be happy that her daughter’s murderers are punished. Jahnvi leaves on her walker looking angry. Pooja notices it.

Precap: Maya’s body is cremated. Maya is seen shaving her head with monks and smiling.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Y is Maya with monks

    1. To create new drama

  2. Antara


    1. Jahnavi will kill Maya. And rest will stay peacefully

  3. such a confusing serial?
    maya is scot free again and no one talkin abt vandanas death

  4. Boring episode,&lawyer pooja shown all injuries to judge,but why she didn’t point the head Injury?..Lawyer didn’t saw the wound on the head which was cause due falling on glass?, something is fishy, third person might be there in that night?, &arjun finds Maya is alive?, Maya intentionally left some hint to him,anyway Now Maya is back with a bang..superb suspense…eagerly waiting for next episode ?
    Love u Maya ❤?

    1. Maanu13

      Ya seems to be so confusing..but eagerly waiting for future episodes….Maya ll rock asusual❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Yes dear ?

  5. Is this necessary to send arjun to bars and she joining in mocks..
    I guess joining with mocks maya plan..
    I wish atleast now Saanjh should win. Stupid pooja wipe the dust on ur eyes and see the truth.. Jahnavi only knows the real truth.

  6. Haha Maya is not even sparing the monks…c’mon lady you will pay for deeds sooner or later!!! I don’t know on what basis Pooja can say Arjun killed the child…nonsense lady. Yeah and everyone forgot Vandana/Samay/Prem and are seeing only Mays’s death…super law and super police!!!!!

    1. Cheap system and useless law

  7. tania-the fairy

    Maya is doing all this with the help of someone.(maybe shruti).it cant be possible by acting death nd giving death evidence like post mortam report etc.something fishy….

  8. diehardbeyhadhfan

    Here we have some straight forward plagarism served on platter with Indian tadka. In gone girl the female lead went missing. But here we have our leading lady rising from the dead
    . After surviving intense freezing temperature in the ice drawer and after being reduced to ashes it would be interesting to find out how she made it to the monastery…… Hmm…

  9. Wow!!waiting for tomorrow,maya is alive.then,who’s here?I guess the woman who’s among the saints is not Maya.but don’t know.anything could happen in beyhadh.guys,have anyone noticed the lip movement of arjun?’…..mari nahi…zinda’.that is ‘woh mari nahi hai;woh zinda hai’?.how could he!!cvs are trying something new.nice job?.and also pooja had some tears in her eyes while arguing .she(only) was crying for maya?.excited to see maya’s new character

    1. cvs are mad nothing new only illogical and silly no police nothing b4 now suddenly brainless cvs

      1. @arj,it may be illogical(sometimes),but new hai.Indian serials always begin in a great way,but end up as normal saas bahu dramas.but here they’re still maintaining the thrill.

  10. Angelk1

    Samaya must have helped Maya with this plan. It must be a set up, an her coming back is just to finish the job. Also pooja is so pretty but how can she just accuse saanj of being the mastermind behind her accusation when saanj can’t even win a rape case or win against Maya.

    Arjun had every right to want to slap her just like how ayaan was angry with Maya.
    Poor saanj, and Arjuna. When they get out they will have to fight the worlds accusations.

    1. Arjun whispered something to Saanjh when he was being taken away. I think he realizes Maya is not dead. I also think he’ll plan to marry Saanjh before he’s hung so that’ll bring Maya out from her hiding.
      The b*t*h is so selfish. She really said if she couldn’t have Arjun, no one else will.
      Who else noticed how Jhanvi ignored the Lawyer? Even she had to wonder what kind of a mother would not be happy to see her daughter’s murderer sentenced to death? If only Jhanvi could talk.

  11. Could be Maya’s wax doll in the mortuary which Arjun noticed and whispered into Sanjh’s ears.

  12. Come on u all think at the first place when Arun married Maya she tried to be a good person she tried changing herself and if at that moment that dumb asses Satan saanjh and bandana would have accepted her then they all might be living in peace no but this dusky off saanjh only want to have Arun and keeps digging up Maya past

    1. hey kylie after marriage sannjh n ayan both supported maya please see the serial

      1. But vandana didn’t accept her so at that point she started to be the old Maya again

      2. yea u mentioned sannjh i told for that

  13. Arjun sharma….really he has taken lot of time to comeback on tv to do this stupid serial….such a wate role…i thought till now abhi the rock star is the wate role but he dominated him..

  14. didn’t watch beyhad from long time…..but this court session is like a joke….????????????????

    Makers r making fool the audience ya makers are fools……they showed us Maya’s mother ignored to lawyer….

    Sabse baad saboot to Maya khud chhod k gayi Hai….Uske crime ki Puri dairy Hai…..aur wo Hai Maya ki mother….usko kaise bhool Gaye…..agree she can’t speak…she can’t write..but jab bhi Maya Kuch galat karti thi Uske samne buzzer bajti thi…to court me q nahi bajaya….

    For eg..

    Maya ki mom ki gavahi….

    Que- Kya Maya ne ashwin ko maara Hai?
    Ans-buzzer bajati….

    Que-kya Arjun Maya ko pitata Tha?
    Ans-buzzer ko na bajana(q ki jawab na Hai na)…

    Aise to Sara Sach Bahar aa Jata…..

    Aur wo Maya ki neighbor……kya uske kabhi bhi Maya ko Arjun ko marte dekha Hai?

    Khamkha logon ka bp badha rahe ho….

  15. this serial is so stupid, the writers don’t have a script, they just creat plots to gain views, it didn’t show who killed pandit and the man who fought with Arjun at office, and plus, this Maya character is king in the city of blinds, how the hell Saanjh,Arjun, the officers, the court no one found out about Maya’s crimes , where is the officer who wanted to show that maya has killed Ashwin, there is enough proof to show maya’s crimes – the director and the writers are insane , stupid serial , it should end soon

  16. Actually writer ko script likhna nahi aata…air director ko direction dena nahi aata..aisa kisi b court mein nahi hota Bhai..majak rakha h..wrong msg de rahe ho society ko won v trp k liye…strong characters ko dumb dikha rahe ho…

  17. Beyaadh makes me hate Maya with a passion only because she gets away with EVERYTHING because she has money and she is 10 steps ahead of th game.
    I believe Sammy assisted her in this murder scheme as they never found his body.
    I also believe Maya’s own mother with kill her after revealing the truth about Maya. Remember Maya attempted to drown her own mother in the tub! Only a crazy, obsessed person would commit a sick act like that.
    Yes, Arjun whispered in Sanjh’s ear. I believe he whispered, “Maya is alive!” He noticed something about/on Maya’s dead body hence the mad man laugh at the ending of July 12 episode.
    I absolutely love this serial because the main actors can actually act and I love that writers keeps the audience on the edge of their seat in suspense. Props to Maya for a being a phenomenal actress! I love her acting so much it makes me hate her character ❤️ Go Maya!

  18. Superb episode yes arjun whispered something to saanjh dont know wht cud be it i think maya put a fake dead body in place of her just like in movie race where saif faked his dead

    That b*t*h pooja is so irritating means how can she easily say that arjun killed his own child nd that too widout showing proof everyone is so dumb to question that nd arjuns lawyer is dumbness ki dukaan nd pooja inviolved saanjh in maya murder case??? widout any proof wht the……….. i agree wid sheetal u said extremely rite LoL

  19. Forgot to write one thing……. waiting for todays episode maya is backkkkkkkk wid a biggg bangggg yippeeeee

  20. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome episode! I think one of the best thriller on Indian television. I love Maya because, it’s really difficult for any girl to accept Arjun and Sank relationship. Maya is really stupid because she marry Arjun after seeing wedding day drama between Arjun and Sanj . Anyways Behayad is really about Maya her passion, obsession, love, anger and hatred.

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