Beyhadh 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun tells Saachi that he will die if something happens to Maya. Saachi says god cannot handle a person like him, so he will not let anything happen to Maya. He cries. She hugs and consoles him. He takes her to temple and pleads god to save Maya and take her life.

Doctors operate Maya. Nurse sees she is collapsing and suddenly Maya goes pulseless. Saanjh continues praying god. Maya’s pulse revives. Nurse says she is breathing again. Doc says it is a miracle and completes surgery.

Arjun and whole family wait outside operation theater. Vandana consoles Arjun not to worry, Maya will be fine soon. Doc comes out and calls Arjun and says MAya is out of danger now and it is a miracle. He says has shifted Maya into ICU. Saanjh breaks down in happiness. Vandana hugs her

and vent out her emotions. Saanjh tells Arjun that she told him that god cannot handle him, so he sent back Maya. Arjun smiles.

Jahnvi greets Vandana and says she is Maya’s mom. Ahswin asks her to go and haves something. Jahnvi says she wants to be with Maya. Ashwin asks Arjun to convince her. Arjun asks her to have something as she is a diabetic and says everyone they will have something in canteen. They all walk towards canteen.

Ashwin enters ICU and murmurs Maya baby will be relieved now. He removes Maya’s oxygen mask and tries to strangulate her with pillow when Maya wakes up and shouts Arjun…..Everyone hears that and Arjun rushes to ICU. Ashwin drops pillow. Maya asks Arjun to send away this man/Ashwin from here. Arjun asks Ashwin to go from here. Maya asks everyone to go out and asks Arjun to stay. Arjun stays pampering her.

Saanjh returns home. Prem tells Suman he does not know what all Saanjh has to go through. Saanjh goes to room and then comes out for dinner and says Matar paneer is her favorite. She sits for dinner and breaks up. She tells Prem that she cannot handle all this. She brings her piggy bank and says he used to teach her to save for her favorite items, she was saving for her marriage lehanga, now she does not want to marry and wants to get away from here and Arjun. Arjun in hospital holds Maya’s hand and says he wil not go away from here. Prem tells Suman that Saanjh is right, he will send her to Singapore to his friend, Saanjh will start a new life there. Saanjh cries hugging him.

Precap: Arjun tells Maya that her papa. Maya says he is not her father, he is a monster. Arjun says he saved her. Maya says Ashwin loves only himself and she trusts only herself. Jahnvi over phone informs Ashwin that Maya will not accept him again. Ashwin thinks whole wealth is in Maya’s name, he will have to get her away.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Superb episode…. Saanjh you won my heart today

  2. Esther

    Everyone knows that Maya will not die,,,,still they showe that typical ‘patient going pulseless and someone else praying’ waala scene …….
    What’s wrong with this Jhanvi,,,,why can’t she see that man’s true face….N why Arjun said that Ashwin saved Maya,,,,He was doubting Ashwin
    yup,,,,it’s tough for Saanjh ,,,bt glad she tried,,,,,,,bravo girl
    >>update is short<<

  3. Riddhima

    Feeling bad for saanjh … Paavam …. Azhugatha … Don’t cry … Start a new life. … ☺☺☺

  4. Awesome episode….Arjun loves maya more ?..maya arjun bothe loving each other beyhadhly. ..ArYa?..waiting for next episode….

  5. Riddhima

    A father is a father … Anyone can hurt you cheat you but your dad will always be with you love you trust you will never hurt you … That’s why even after marriage girls love for their dad will never change. … Parent’s are first all others are next… Apply’s to mom too but mom’s are more attached to boy child than girl like vice versa girls are more attached to father …as a girls point of view I like to share this ….

    1. lekin maya ka baap baap kehlaane k layaq nahin.he was about to put the cushion on maya’s face and kill her when she opened her eyes and started shouting so the cushion fell from his hand as everyone rushed back listening to her maya said “mera baap baap nahin raakshas hai” and i agree with her.or usne khud kaha k wo maya ko apne or pese k darmeyaan nahin aane dega so it proves that he is not worthy of being called a dad.

      1. Riddhima

        I didn’t say about Maya’s father .. I am talking generally …

      2. Esther

        that’s true,,,,but Riddhima’s description suits Saanjh’s father,,,Ashwin don’t deserves to be called as a father…

    2. ok i misunderstood that u were talking about ashwin because seriously he can be called anything but a father.yeah saanjh is indeed very lucky to have soooo many people to love,pamper,support and take care of her.prem is a very nice and protective father who loves his daughter very much and can do anything to make her smile.

  6. NICE EPISODE THIS ashwin is behind maya’s property he want 2 destroy maya such a disgusting pAPA arjun will be maya’s biggest strength & support saanjh – move on really she going away from arjun saachi wat will happn now?

  7. Shalini Senthil

    Saanjha praying for maya ..maya wake up all this unwanted drama…love maya but they r showing maya as bad saanjh as very nice hate it….

    1. Shalini Senthil ..they did not showed maya like bad..actually At first saanjh prayed also didn’t worked. .but after when saanjh said my last happiness give maya life to god ..then it Maya recovered soon…i mean cvs showed it like in saanjh life its last happiness in her life.

  8. Poor saanjh I felt bad for her! But she’s trying to run away from her problems that doesn’t solve it..even if she does go away she’ll be more miserable..also I don’t think arjun will let her go..he needs both Maya and saanjh in his life..saanjh I know it must be difficult seeing Arjun with Maya but don’t leave just like that you’re his only friend aisa koi dost karta hai kya..more importantly you were first his friend then you fell in love itni achi dosti mat tod pyaar k liye..also in the new promo saanjh confesses her feelings like this is the worst timing ever!! The guy is freaking engaged and you decide now is the time to show your love

    1. Are you sure stefan

      1. Sure about what?

    2. Angelk1

      Stefan its good that she leaves. Because she needs to clear her mind. And i guess shes gonna confess because of that. Shes letting arjun go. Thats the final stage of acceptance. But i think arjun will see it as a friendship love an will not understand.

      1. Saanjh must go with a clear mind and should confess about her feelings. It’d good and it’s better she leaves because I think ayan-saanjh track would be a real disaster. Saanjh can come back because her character is equally important in the story. For now she needs a break. Writers should work on her storyline. I think Maya had a disastrous relationship before which ended badly. Those temple scenes were really bad and cliched. All saanjh needs is love and going by her physique,something to eat.

  9. Really Ashwin is very disgusting, Just for property he can kill jhanvi and Maya both. Love is blind just applies for jhanvi as she forgot all tortures of Maya by Ashwin whereas Maya is so cunning in love. Both mother and daughter can go beyond anythh for love . Only the difference is Jhanvi is getting fooled in love by Ashwin whereas Maya making Arjun fool in love. Ashwin is not hones in love with Jhanvi and his iwn daughter, whereas Maya is also not honest with Arjun. Yes her love is not fake like ashwin but she is so selfish that shejust wants Arjun not his friends, family, his wishes. So Ashwin is the worst father bit maya too could not ever be good wife or gud daughter in law or atleast gud frd to someone. Her instant karma everytime coming as her obstacle. whenever she is trying to harm someone with her intentions she is also getting trapped in same situation everytime. Lets see what happens next.

  10. AarthiNayanaSTL

    loved sanjh…the best girl…the best frnd…she didn’t let her emotions or her feeling comes between their(arjun ans sanjh) frnsdhip…she supported him even if it is difficult for her to handle herself..but still she was there for him she is the best gift that arjun got in his life…
    she is simply superb and best…brave girl…and it is gud she is going away..let her move on…

  11. really in every episode sanjh crying is very over acting n irritating..frdshp is beautiful relation betwn two people n always good frd must be happy on hs frd but ths grl cnt see arjun happines what a selfish grl..arjun life is nt a pet dog of saanjh.

    1. Angelk1

      Sameera you clearly havent been watching the eps. Saanj is heartbroken of course she will cry. It paibs her to see the man she love for years with someone else. She accepted her fate in the trip and congrats arjun. She counsel him and encourage him when maya in the hospital. She prayed for maya to come back to arjun even though shes hurting inside. Shes not selfish, imshe wouldnt have gone that far if she was .

      Shes becoming mature about her feelings. Thats why its good that she leaves arjun side for now. If anyone controlling arjun its maya with her manipulation. But you wouldnt know that.

    2. Esther

      It’s easy to say,,,,but it’s tought to move on and will take time

  12. Angelk1

    Honestly i think its a good idea saanj leaves to clear her mind. Her confessing is her final good bye. Arjun probably wont get it. I hope after she leaves time skip and arya are married, saanj an ayan becomes good friends. And then arjun starts seeing maya in a new light once saanj comes back.

    Anyway, inreally hope arjun dont try to stop her from leaving. That will be selfish of him. She needs time to think and she deserve it. But anyway, from the start they said sannj was a happy bubbly girl, and her heart was pure. while maya was this dark shaded character. So i dont understand why people are getting mad when saanj prayed for her to live for arjun sake.

    Lastly, people wanted saanj to leave, she’s leaving but some are saying shes being selfish an shouldnt leave his friendship. And she shouldnt confess, she has a mibd of her own. How else is she suppose to let arjun go. It will only pain her more, if she holds it in.

    Besides arjun isnt that smart when it comes to knowing people like him. So he probably wont get it, so arya fans dont get scared that arjun might start doubting his feelings yet. They have to get married first for that to happen.

    1. Honestly I don’t think Arjun will ever doubt his feelings for Maya..I know he fell in love quickly but it’s true love alright..the way he fights for Maya and constantly reassures her shows that he does really love her and it’s not an infatuation..he won’t doubt his feelings for Maya he’ll start getting suffocated once they’re married..we have only seen a glimpse of how controlling and possessive Maya can be

      1. Angelk1

        True love lol..ok if you say so.also arjun would fight for anyone he cares for thats just who he is. The compation he shows he does it for his family. So i dont see how thats any different.

        Arjun says his in love, ok. If its true love like u said we will see if they still stay together. After all true love conquers all, he wouldnt leave maya when she becomes to much to handle.

      2. Stefan…our ArYa love is true..they showed already in episode..after watched too some are will not accept it..why because they making their own future story every time with paragraphs..actually they are waiting to see their dream story to come true…we know our Maya had negative scenes.and also we know it’s Maya arjun love story.let’s leave them in their dream…let’s watch enjoy it

      3. Angelk1

        Ks you are a funny person.. Dreams huh, ..yeah I’m definitely waiting with pop corn infront of the tv, waiting for that moment. I guess If your dream can come true, why not mines..right :), i can see it all over the headlines and the disappointing faces. What a dream.

    2. I agree with you angelk , wen saanjh is leaving they want her to stay with arjun because of friendship and wen she was there with him they want her to die or move on.

      1. Angelk y is it dat u complain abt maya roind d clock..i mean i admit shez a grey charactr..but it is not exactly her fault.her childhood made her d way she is n she is not to blame.n wvn if she is grey does dat mean she doesnt deservw true love?evryone deseves their share of love..arjuns love for maya mayb true.n if it is dat makes me xtremely happy to c dat finally maya has gottwn someone to show her d ryt path

      2. I too think Saanjh need a time out from all the sadness and pain. She needs to clear her mind and think about others things like what she wants to do with her life.( I was at this situation once and I know it’s hard to let things go but it but everything eventually works out)
        I think Arjun has doubt on Aswin but he is not saying anything deliberately

      3. Angelk1

        Rithika If she wanted to she could have move on from that experience and grow from it. Yes it takes time, but she never confide in someone as she was growing up. Thats why her character is the way she is.

        Now arjun in her life this is the perfect time to tell him everything shes been hiding an confide in him, to move forward and hope for a better future. But she only told half the truth.

        Anyway, We all read this comment many times, shes the way she is because of her past. Tell me something i dont already know. Thats the only justification i read here to defend her behavior in the present and probably the future story to come.

      4. Angelk.Well v all knw dat maya has dese walls built around her to protect hrslf.shez alwys so guarded n its nots easy fr someone to let go of all of it and come clean.n mayb u ve heard it a hundred tyms but it is d truth dat her childhood trauma made her d way she is.n she has just started a reln wid will definitelu take tym for her to trust him enuf to say d full truth

  13. saanjh frndshif is pure.she should go away from arjun

  14. saanjh is the hero of this episode.really yaar u won my heart today.i wish u get all the happiness u deserve in the world.i am happy for ur decision of going away it will help you control your feelings all the best for all the happiness in the world.or ye arjun rote hue kitna bura lgta hai and maya as always u rocked baby. Jennifer your acting is improving everyday.u r THE BEST for me.

  15. Esther

    Arjun-Maya’s love is only in the first stage…Right now we can’t decide wheher it is true love or not,,,,,Time will decide that,,,,soon they will get to know each other deeply,,,,If they stays together even after knowing each other’s faults/secrets e.t.c then they are in true love….bt it will take time,,,,,it will take time for Saanjh to move on and Arya to fall in true love

    1. Angelk1

      Saaya i agree. It takes time to build a relationship an call it true love. But for now its just first stage. Cant wait for more to come.

  16. I laugh at you

    MaRjun marriage, Arjun misery, Saanjh’s re entry, Maya’s jealousy, Saanjh’s murder – Remember the priest said that Arjun will have wealth but will be alone. So he’ll have Maya’s wealth but be alone as Saanjh will be dead and Maya would have committed suicide out of guilt.

    1. its a horrible description that u give.

  17. Accha episode hai I luv u saanj I am d big fan of u,just u rock it

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