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Beyhadh 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh tells judge that Maya’s husband Arjun told that Maya is self-reliant and can handle any situation, then why didn’t she handle this one. Arjun shouts Dusky, he did not mean that. Saanjh requests judge to explain Arjun to behave. Judge warns Arjun. Saanjh says Maya has so much security around her, then how can Ayan enter her house and try to rape her, unless Maya wants to. Arjun shouts Dusky. Maya shouts Saanjh Mathur, she is a lawyer here and not a friend, wherever friendship ends, law starts. She says her questions finished.

Arjun returns to Maya and touches her hand. She pushes his hand and says his family thinks she is wrong, reminiscing earlier incidents. Arjun says she is not. Saanjh calls Ayan’s fiance Simran into witness box and asks if Ayan can rape. Simran says Ayan

is so well cultured that he does not touch his fiance without her permission, this is a false case. Saanjh questions Simran’s parents and even they say Ayan is a good boy and this case is false. Maya gives Ayan’s friends and relatives’ statements and says everyone believe Ayan is a good boy, he is a good fiance, good son, good friend, and looking at Arjun says good brother. She then calls Arjun into witness box again. Maya’s lawyer objects, but Maya says rich people get tired sitting in one place, so she wants Arjun to stand. Arjun comes into witness box. Saanjh says is it true he beats his wife. Maya fumes and shouts this is not true. Saanjh says she was crying just now and now reacting. Arjun signals her to be quiet. Saanjh just her house, even court has CCTV cameras and her moves are recorded. Maya’s lawyer requests her to sit and sits. Saanjh asks Arjun if he beats his wife. He says this is wrong and they proved it in press conference. Saanjh says they even announced Maya is pregnant, then what happened. She gives Maya’s pregnancy report and says it was false statement and Maya is not pregnant. Maya does what she likes. Maya sits fuming.

Saanjh continues and tells Arjun that means that press conference was wrong and pregnancy news was fake, Arjun lied. Maya stands and shouts enough now, Arjun did not lie. She predicted her pregnancy wrongly, child is not in her fate and says pregnancy kit showed false report and describes about earlier report where Saanjh pushes her and she loses her pregnancy. Saanjh asks her to sit now and tells Arjun that he hates his wife so much that he does not want to go to London for 3 days with her, he revealed Ayan that Maya spies on him 24 hours. Arjun reminisces incident. Saanjh asks to speak. Arjun says this is true, Maya’s eyes are on him in bathroom, bedroom, washroom, everywhere for security reasons as they are rich people and Maya is worried for him. Saanjh says so much that CCTV recording is not with police and any security agent, but with only Maya. That means, it is Maya’s obsession. Arjun asks why is she exposing what he told her. She asks to repeat loudly so that everyone can hear. Saanjh says Maya wants to control Arjun’s life and can go to any extent, even can prove rape on her. Arjun says Maya is not lying and any woman would not fake her rape, if her questions are finished can he go. She asks judge to tell Arjun that he cannot go until she permits and says what was he doing when rape was attempted. Arjun says he was sleeping. Saanjh says how can he sleep when his wife was being raped, asks judge to note down the point, says Arjun he gets very deep sleep. Arjun says he was drinking with Ayan. Saanjh says when he was asleep, then how does he know Ayan tried to rape Maya, it proves he is repeating what Maya told him. Ayan says he heard Ayan telling he will forget that Maya is his brother’s wife. Saanjh asks that means he heard everything and asks then why did not he come out, if his wife tied him to a bed.

Arjun reminisces being tied to bed, says he was not tied and was heavily inebriated. Saanjh asks to decide if he was inebriated, sound asleep, or heard everything. She tells truth is Arjun met his family after 3 years and when Maya came to know about it, she made drama and crash landed from flight. She describes whole incident in detail, how Maya reached Arjun’s house in ambulance, took him, gave hypnotic injection, took him home and tied him to bed. Ayan went to rescue Arjun, Maya hid room’s key in her blouse, Ayan tries to get it, etc.. in complete detail. Vandana and Suman widen their eyes in a shock.

Precap: Saanjh tells Maya that she is a low class woman and her truth is naked now. Maya says she will show naked truth and drops her clothes. Arjun shows Maya. Everyone present in court are shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Prads

    This serial is not the story of Arya at any more. It’s the story of an obsessed person named “Maya” & the people surrounding her. The story is narrating about Maya’s life, her thinking, her attitude, her obsession, her madness, her planning etc. An obsessed person will always wants to keep their own whatever they will think or required.

    We have witnessed too many phases of her life, how she is behaved with her mother when her mother is going against her wishes. Her mother itself is feared from Maya but could not leave her because being a mother it is her responsibility to always available with Maya.

    In one of the episode, Arjun also confessed with Maya that all the things are done by Maya by hurting herself so that other people should meant that Arjun is harrasing his wife brutaly and later on she will tell all the people that we are loving each other to get the sympathy from people. At that time, Maya was silent. We have also witnessed the one moment where Vandana was trying to not allow Maya can to enter her house but Maya willingly hurt her finger by pulling the door & Vandana was surprised to see that. Later on, everyone including Saanjh & Ayan thought that Vandana has hurt her finger.

    During these all periods, we only came to know about her past as the story was told my Maya itself. The story which she needs everyone to know but we all know that its incomplete story because her mother asked her whether she told the entire past or not & she admitted that she told only that part which everyone needs to know.
    “Maya” means “Illusion”. In this serial, whatever we are seeing is the illusion world of Maya & when the truth will come out the original version is seeing. For example, the gifts presented by Vandana & Ayyan when the first pregnancy news come out & they seen that their gifts were thrown out & Maya was whispering Arjun’s name. We also thought that it is Arjun who thrown out the gifts but actually, Arjun was not available at that time & Maya wants them to know that Arjun is very angry with them & do not want to make any relationship further.

    Similarly, this time also whatever Saanjh has narrated the story in the court would be the actual one. This can be explained as per the CCTV camera in Maya house but she never wants to present that one. However, this time Saanjh will not able to win this case as we can assume that Samay will enter & spoil the case. But, Saanjh will definitely found out the real story. As a lawyer, her questions & presentation are so perfect.

  2. I like saanjh and arjun good partners maya the dashing super deserve new life

  3. Resonance1290

    When I saw the shooting scene clip of today I immediately thought someone’s IMAGINATION.
    If maya was framing Ayan or actually genuine, she would be doing this case to remove Ayan from the equation and gain Arjun’s love/trust. How would shooting Saanjh help in any case? Yes she is angry and she’s held others at gunpoint before but I could never think they can make her this dumb to shoot somebody especially saanjh in a full courtroom, with even Arjun present?
    She will immediately be arrested and charged for murder, and she would lose Arjun forever as he would forever hate her, which makes no sense as she feels Arjun has started to support her and love her again, why would she do something that destroys her character completely, ruins her position and case/creates a new reason for punishment and most of all destroy any love Arjun has for her, which is the opposite of what she wants?!

    I feel she is getting so frustrated she envisions just doing that, but in reality she will be shaken back and does the clothes dropping etc. I mean the medical tests, Samay’s testament, CCTV and other evidences still haven’t been portrayed yet, so how can they show such a thing that maya shoots saanjh? It will ruin the fan base that are primarily maya lovers as well and I doubt they want to make such an event canon or her character irredeemable, that will destroy the show and they should know this, hopefully they are just playing with us by making a real looking dream sequence, I can only hope, as I love maya and can’t see such injustice being done to her character. She is grey, not black and they cannot remove all the goodness in her that will create no scope for the rest of the show, it has been a battle between maya(light) and ashwin(dark) within her, this will show her fall completely to darkness if its a real scene, and it will ruin the shows response as well to the main female lead, plus I don’t think saanjh can die anyway so there is no benefit of doing this, and she’s maya melhotra, she always finds a way to get her way, but that will benefit her, not completely destroy her.

    I can only hope for the best.

    Love maya ?

  4. You guys need to watch’ how to get away with murder’ . You have to look at Saanjh as Ayan’s lawyer,not as Saanjh. Also about the CCTV, Saanjh mentioned it, and asked why only Maya has access to it.

  5. I saw the new segment. I don’t think Maya would kill Saanjh if she knew it will land her in jail and lose Arjun forever. I think it’s Maya’s imagination but she wouldn’t be stupid enough to do it.

    I know I’ve said Arjun could be planning something big with saanjh to expose Maya for her wrong doings and it could be true. When Saanjh was saying “And a good brother” she looked at Arjun. What did that look meant? It could mean something. It could mean her and Arjun and in it to destroy Maya. I don’t want Arjun to turn against his wife for his stupid brother. I want him to stand beside her no matter what.


      Lets hope so
      I hope the CVs are not content butchering Maya’s character by turning her black just to prove she can go to any extent, she loves Arjun and this action would the express ticket to losing him, so they can’t make her that dumb, it better be an imaginative sequence.
      As for Arjun, I’m unsure but his individual monologues and his concern for her especially when she told him to go away and her terror at his touch tells me he may still feel for maya and is on her side ATM, I hope it doesn’t change but it is possible.

      The CVs better show this to be fake, maya is very clever and this is the. Stupidest thing one can do, especially as her aims are to bring Arjun closer to her but also punish someone for physical assault which is correct, but this action will render her guilty in both cases, lose her love Arjun forever and have her locked up for 20yrs plus, which sounds like a huge loophole in any plan, it better be her thoughts but that seeing Arjun she has a change of heart and becomes genuine, I hope Samay and the medical tests confirm his attack, as the scene we saw on Friday was so different from her narration, and Ayan has a history with girls and his attraction for maya the hotness Devi, so I can’t trust him to not do such a thing.

      I want maya to be spared enough to be redeemable, making this shooting real will destroy any chance of that and will definitely enrage most of the fan base as all maya fans want her to be this character, but also have good shades that we love her for, not a complete heartless person completely unrelatable from the scared child craving love that we fell in love with all those months back, Please CVs don’t do this its immoral and destructive to such a character and its representation, especially for the show’s future and its response/the message it sends to viewers.

      Love maya always ❤❤❤

      1. Yeah you are right… but as the script is already written and jenny herself said that they are not going to change the script and the show is BEYHADH…HAD SE JYADA KUCH BHI ACHHA NAHI HOTA PYAR BHI NAHI… There are much chances that they show our maya as the main villain… but still hope for the best??

  6. Pls post the updates properly. There are a lot of mistake

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