Beyhadh 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Arjun thinks Saanjh did wrong

Beyhadh 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya tells Arjun and Saanjh she will leave up to them what to do her, first option he can send her to jail, second option he can kill her, third option he can take her home and see their baby growing in front of them. She asks Saanjeshwari devi to choose option and says time is really unstable, and it is on her side now. Arjun says he will never take her home and succeed in her plan. Saanjh walks away crying and Arjun walks behind her. Maya says what an emotional husband.

Suman looks at baby’s photo and tells Jahnvi it is so cute like her, she will fix it in Saanjh and Arjun’s room. Door bell rings. Suman thinks Arjun and Saanjh have returned and goes to bring aarti. Jahnvi opens door and stands in a shock seeing Maya. Suman excitedly brings aarti thali and drops it seeing Maya. She wants Maya to stand right there, else she will hit her. She hits with vase, but Saanjh interferes and bears the blow. Maya asks Saanjh if she is hurt. Saanjh says that is okay. Suman asks Jahnvi to call police. Saanjh says no need for that. Maya says she is carrying Arjun and Saanjh’s baby. Saanjh tells them whole story and says Maya is indeed carrying her and Arjun’s baby.

Arjun while driving car angrily reminisces Maya giving him options. He then angrily says why Saanjh did this and reminisces Saanjh goes to new born baby room in hospital and gets emotional seeing babies crying. She tells Arjun it is her baby in Maya’s womb and once again he dragged Maya between them. He has to see baby grown and has to bring Maya home. Arjun asks if she has gone mad. Saanjh says she is a mother and can go to any extent for her baby. Arjun says he will finish Maya itself. Saanjh shouts he will not do anything.

Suman tells Saanjh that Arjun was wrong and she is wrong, she should not have brought Maya home, nobody will support her. Saanjh says a mother is always alone. Suman asks Maya why did she return in their lives. Maya says she needs to clear a score from someone. Arjun continues driving car and thinks Saanjh did wrong.

Precap: Maya says they both are incomplete without each other. Arjun warns if something happens to his family, he will not spare her. She says first clear her debt.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. sick sick sick…..earlier i used to wait for this is serial but now its becoming weird and unrealistic……how can a criminal roam so freely stupid writer…

  2. As if she will give the child to Sanjh .When does this serial end .

  3. This is the most absurd serial and story writing I have ever seen.The contract is not copied by Arjun. Now we have phones that has camera which can take the picture of the contract.The writers are thinking that the viewers are fools.This is uttermost illogical story I have seen.People should stop watching.

  4. The Indian police force and justice department should sue the CVs and the production house for the most absurd representation of Indian justice. Maya is a wanted convict and now she just walks around without a care bribing police officers , killing jailers, attempting to kill little girls and unborn children…. This show makes the Indian judiciary looks like a joke

    1. And also the doctors should sue them too.

  5. Honest Opinion

    Why can’t they send maya to jail? She can just give birth in jail & then she has to give the baby to Saanjh & Arjun.. bc legally it’s theirs? This is STUPID.

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