Beyhadh 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samay agrees that he loves Maya and asks Maya to tell it is true. Maya says it is true. Vandana comes pulling Jahnvi’s wheelchair. Maya continues that it is true Samay showed her what love is and showed the power of love. Saanjh asks how can she betray Arjun. Arjun also comes. Maya changes her words and says Samay showed how to love Arjun truly. Samay also changes words and says Maya was helping him propose Saanjh. He says he truly loves Saanjh and Maya was just helping her get closer to Saanjh.

Maya continues her drama and says Arjun is her life and whenever Arjun gets into trouble, he runs to Saanjh and she does not like it. She threatens Saanjh to get out of Arjun’s life, when god tried to come between them, she threw god’s idol out. If Saanjh comes between her and Arjun, she will

face dire consequences. She then sees Arjun standing behind, runs and hugs him and cries shouting enough Saanjh, stop doubting her, she loves only Arjun, stop trying to separate her and Arjun. She cries that Samay loves Saanjh so much, but she is doubting him. Saanjh tries to speak to Arjun. Arjun says Maya loves only him and will not betray all, she should stop all her baseless allegations and walks with Maya. Saanjh as usual believes Maya and puppet dog Samay and asks Samay if it is true. Samay says truth can be understood and does not need explanation, she has made an image of truth herself and will not listen to him. He walks away. Saanjh feels guilty.

Maya continues her emotional drama in front of Arjun and cries why people force her to look bad, she loves only him, but people want to separate them. He says nobody can separate them and only if he does wrong, he will go away from her.

Samay returns to Saanjh’s house. Suman asks where did he and Saanjh go sending them out for ice cream. Saanjh also returns and walks in. She hugs Arjun and says Arjun is his first love and a life book which she already read, Samay is a life book which she wants to read and if he will give her a chance. She asks not to take Maya’s help. Samay says whoever helps, he will benefit. He hugs her and reminisces Maya’s words that love is sacrifice, etc. He says he realized love’s truth and nobody can separate him from his love, asks her to promise even if god comes and tells her, she will not doubt him. She promises. Maya smirks hugging Arjun.

Precap: Maya confesses in front of Jahnvi that she can do anything and killed Ashwin as he wanted to kill Arjun. Vandana hears her standing near door.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hate today’s episode………. Drama inside drama…………

  2. The Dark Hunter

    Yep that’s it, I should have left BEYHADH LONG AGO.
    What the actual F***! Where is the suspense or thrill in naming maya the killer?!?!
    Plus, why did so many sources say even on-set IVs that it will be an outsider or a fourth person, how the f*** can they make it maya after satin all this?
    The CVS are brain dead for a long time I know but this was the epitome of stupidity!
    I can’t believe jennifer even in an IV said she wanted to be like maya and she is NOT BAD, I mean she killed someone and framed her husband for F*** Sake, she even pushed Jhanvi out of a window!
    This is completely unforgivable and absolute bulls*** I’m leaving this show and my hopes of a mentally ill persona at least being given a chance to show she’s grey and redeemable, but of course sick writers prove us all wrong time and time again,goes to show who the true idiots are, it’s us for having such hope.
    Will always love maya, but I’m stopping beyhadh now, every episode before is the only episodes I will watch I’m done with this rubbish!

    What were these spoilers about samay too? And even the words of Sikander Singh? He said the killer will be revealed next week and they’re showing it to be maya now?!?! What rubbish Sikander I’ll never speak about this with you again enjoy the show guys IM OUT!

    Maya ??????????

  3. This episode has confused me.
    I want to hate Maya for always conspiring and doubting and for hurting people without any regret and for killing someone.
    But today her precap dialogue in which she says that she knows ki kisi ko marna galat hota hai for the first time I saw an innocent kid in her.
    I have not suddenly started loving Maya or even supporting her but it is very clear that she needs medical help and that she is not a sadist.
    But then I remember the scene in which she is hurting Vandana and smiling. And today again when she threatened Sanjh I felt maybe its genuine but the smirk at the end just ruined it.
    Do not know who the real Maya is the innocent kid who could never grow up or a munipulating cunning woman obssessed with her husband.
    The recent episodes have shown that she usually pretends to cry making it even more difficult to support her.
    And Sanjh, please please dont end up with Arjun. There is a thing called dignity I hope she doesnt lose hers.
    Rather disappointed to see that she was more angry that Maya was involved rather than on the fact that her would be husband could be possible cheating on her.
    Hope she gets her happy ending.

  4. mayas reveal of being the killer looks too sudden

  5. Well I hope this is it, the typical Indian serial where a villain has to be a villain, and I am still waiting for more desi twists and turns where ashwin may come back or his soul to seek revenge from his maya baby.

  6. RA just relax even saanjh called him that in the previous episode. So don’t get angry dear

  7. i want to kill the CV’s. when maya character is grey, i like her a lot. Now they have turned her into really psychopath, i hate her. She expects arjun to say truth on her face when she herself can’t do the same, she can be touched and bit by other man but arjun can’t even talk with other women (not talking about saanjh, she is different story).

    The maya i know from season 1 is manipulative, independent, scared,kickass and knows to give a chance to arjun but now all she is just control freak doesn’t even know how to love. She thinks her mother n husband are her stuffed toys; she plays with their feelings and uses them according to the situation to get high reputation in outside world.

    love jennifer, pls step a side from this project. They have ruined it beyond fixing point, u deserve better. sorry, i tired so hard for you jenny but not anymore.

    Arjun: your character is dummer than most of leads in indian serial; your acting sucks dude, any actor from the show is better than you.

    saanjh: worst lawyer character everrrrrr………….. aneri u too deserve better girl, i like you a lot from nisha aur uske cousins.

  8. Oh what a episode,i hope precap is misleading us,if Maya kills ashwin,he deserved death,but .my Maya lovers don’t judge fast,samay is there from starting.don’t be judged by what you see in beyhadh just wait and see ok.Who put Arjuna sherwani piece of cloth there and who left Arjuna blood samples there at Ashwin body and who called police immdieately after murder and who had given all clues saying Arjun is culprit,so many unlocks is have patience…

    1. hmmm.. maybe samay tried to frame arjun so that his path is cleared, n he could woo maya back into his life without any obstacles. But judging by the precap, maya indeed is the one who stabs the syringe into ashwin not samay. Anyway i dont have any more hopes so its good bye time from my side…..Will miss u guys both saanjh n maya lovers , we had some great time on this forum though.!!! No offence to anyone i hope. C ya!!

      1. Don’t worry yaar,if Maya killed ashwin,there is no wrong,he tried to kill arjun and jhanvi and he deserves a maya lover im happy if she killed like ashwin person.and also piyush told in his interview samay real character will start in season 3.kavitha ghai(jhanvi) told killer is not from her family,Jennifer said Maya is not killer her role is also sad to see maya bad deeds,jhanvi comes to know about killer she called Maya,if its maya why she risked her life asked Maya to come office godown like dangerous many unlocks is there,let’s story unfold it.have patience.after ur wish,
        i love my Maya ?


      I’m worried though. They’ll probably confirm maya killed, but samay planted evidence without her knowledge to protect her from police and move their gaze away from her but also getting Arjun caught in crossfire.
      I’m hating the CVS for doing this, they made maya so unlike anything she was shown phase 1 I hate to think every good deed of here was a manipulation or an illusion. I can only now hope that ashwin wasn’t a good father that maya herself turned him bad that will be the height of stupidity. My respect for Indian writers is already completely gone showing a woman abused and suffering is only able to hurt others, even when showing 30 episodes plus of her being a good person and changing herself, which a psychopathic killer Is unable to do, their inconsistency is so poor I have no words.

      Lets hope you are correct, Sikander said he would reveal the true killer next week and they’re showing it already? Either he is an amazing liar or this is faux, else I am already against this rubbish too.

      I bet @Anaika, @ayesha, @kelly, @priya @tania and others will also be expressing their disgust at this garbage twist, especially as they had clearly said the killer would be a fourth person many times, plus naming someone a main suspect then making the killer is completely illogical and destroys the thrill and point of waiting this long for such a news, rubbish!

      Maya always I’m afraid, I can’t stop loving her and wishing for her peace and happiness in the end.

      Maya ❤❤❤❤

  9. For the first time i wanna salute Arjun. He was amazingly supportive and the way he advised about how to choose good over bad maya was simply mind blowing . But if he’d have probably spoken like this earlier maybe maya wouldve not done such evil things afterall. Anyway coming to the current track, yes things have gone out of hand… maya killed ashwin, ok.. she did it to save arjun, she couldve informed the cops and prevented the crime. but since shes mentally unstable person maybe she did it without control over herself… Now wat? End of the “thriller”? we can only expect maya going to asylum now… wat else is there now? so is behad team packing up? Curtains down?

    1. The Dark Hunter

      This is total rubbish @sagni, they took this long to make the primary suspect the killer?! What happened to the fourth person they kept talking of on-set? What happened to Jennifer’s interview where she said maya is NOT bad and she would love to have maya in her life, did she know the script that maya murdered and pushed Jhanvi out of a window? If so how could she say such things????
      Arjun finally showed his love to the fullest, and maybe this would’ve been Maya’s start to the light, but now they’re showing her to be black and evil and it pains my heart the way they’ve destroyed a character who was so much more and better in phase 1 and had such promise, whereas now its only 1-path. Death or asylum, which is pathetic.

      @Ks, what happened to that article you convincingly quoted, what happened to all this talk by Sikander that the killer will be revealed next week not NOW! Does he lie through his teeth so well??

      If tomorrow proves true then I’m leaving this show and all expectations I had. It goes to show what happens when you have hope from people to have a good mentality towards such people especially how they showed maya post-marriage, but of course we can only be fooled and hurt by such sick minds.

      I’m done guys sorry


      1. U know wats the thing that hurts me about this show the most… its the fact that the way theyve handled the subject of mental ilness with so much insensitivity..
        first off all they not defined her mental illness properly theyve showed her to be like obsessive yet they fill traits like murderous vile having no remorse violent etc. They should have just stuck to one trait, say obsessiveness n maybe controlling, but not made it totally evil.. wat will a layman think? he’ll think every mental person is totally evil n does every evil deed possible on this earth.
        Secondly including the prejudice against such people calling them paagal evil and associating superstition is really dumb.
        thirdly where is positivity shown even from the positive characters? they couldve done so much to promote for a cause like…mental patients can get better with treatment and support…
        seriously disgraceful script. If theydve have retained mayas character grey.. we could’ve actually got to see such a dignified ground breaking story line for the first time on indian telly… condisering that this story is not even a so called thriller (they way this cvs is dying so hard to make it that way), it couldve atleast been a road to redemption sort of track with a happy ending.
        so it’s a good bye from my side.

  10. Now i understand the title beyhadh…. n thats for arjuns love… he stood by her through thick n thin .. he had his bad times n he was at the end of his tether.. yet he sailed through all of it…. Arjun, i understand ur love for maya.. u did ur best as a husband .. but u deserve to be happy now… I dont think maya is redeemable now, a ward has been already booked in the asylum by the CVS. Its time for u to understand this n move on with saanjh. dont worry about maya, she has her buddy samay to give her company…..

    1. Chalo guys.. I just told u the conclusion of the story!! Khatam kahani.. So let’s wind up n leave now. THE END.

      1. ??????????

      2. Yuppp
        not worth watching it any more.

  11. What is wrong with this show and cv’s. They are going to loose all the viewers now. Done with this show. Can’t see Maya becoming a murderer. Now she will murder Vandana and everyone also !

  12. Shikha Mishra

    Waoh !! Murder , fake r*pe charges, injuring people and her own self.. maya’s character got destroyed.. that strong women of 1st phase of beyhad has been shown as a mad person committing crimes at each step.. an amazing character like maya has been destroyed. Now alas she is a villain ☹️?

  13. Seriously KS, her written update is like one big comment. I think she should give a straight forward update exactly what is shown and not give her personal.point of views. Anyway now these written updates are more like a reference page for us to comment rather.

  14. I’m so done with this show! No more beyhandh! I think Jennifer should quit this show! It ruining her image

  15. Saanjh as usual believes maya and puppet dog Samay ??????
    Keep updating this way MA
    its really fun to read the update.
    I really enjoy reading views of author in between.

  16. Finish the drama boring ?

  17. Angelk1

    Well I’m not surprise Maya killed ashwin. It was about time they reveal that peice, buy I hope they showed how she did it. Please director how long will you keep making this so call human being win. Hurry up and bring justice already.

    Arjun is a fool and Maya Is passed the saving point. She went to far with her actions and she doesn’t care. Her love for Arjun is not true love. Anyway, I just want to know the past history of samaya because Maya winning is just getting boring.

    1. Exactly
      Same here

  18. TDH dear..have patience watch episodes…our Maya is not fool to reveal…

    Listen carefully….
    the game over no not yet, Maya always had doubt on jhanavi being side with vandana and against her so this whole trap is like one shot all clean bowled so how let’s see
    If Maya confessed her murder to jhanavi who was already seen murder then guys why don’t she said to arjun these many years who was desperate to leave Maya for sukoon noting was done like that, even when vandana entered why she don’t confess Maya is murder as it will give vandana a great relive if it confessed by jhanavi only
    So it’s clear Maya plan to confess her murder motto, which had hidden agenda to be executed by jhanavi
    Now we will give u some points on Ashwin murder which our great intellectuals in this group quoting Maya as murder has to answer these
    1) police was very desperate at that time to prove Maya as murder and he don’t leave any tiny chances to deadlock Maya so first remember this in mind who want to answer all these questions
    2) how could a bride with heavy jewellery can escape from her room as it is apartment and there is no exit unless u go from main door, how come she escaped from all and went to Ashwin home and killed him and how she returned to her room without anyone notice in marriage sight, it’s my first sure shot question to all intellectuals
    2) police said that jhanavi and arjun were found in CCTV footage who went to Ashwin home to give dhamiki, but they don’t found Maya CCTV, common how can it happen, police were keen to put Maya corner but they don’t found Maya and CCTV has no cuttings and loops so how come it happen can any one please explain me
    3) so Maya had sever hand cut, then how come when she stabbed with syringe, can it happen her DNA may be left at on Ashwin chest or body or syringe but police who were keen to corner Maya did not found Maya samples where Maya DNA was recovered from police gun when she pushed police gun when pointed towards her, and they said they found arjun DNA on that syringe samples, how come it happen dude
    4) OK all say Maya is murder, so if Maya is murder, jhanavi said to spoiler news that murder is third person outside relations, so is it fun sake revelation and it had some logic, now coming to bungalow jumping scene she said that the killer had masculine so it’s clear murder is not female but male, then why did not jhanavi react when she saw saamay
    5) we know jhanavi know complete Maya past that is saamay too but why didn’t she react on seeing saamay is it a threat to her or is there any motto for not reacting seeing saamay by jhanavi
    6) Maya doesn’t want arjun to involve in Ashwin case so how can if she is murder can spare her honeymoon and rest issues making arjun as murder can she spare seeing all this not yet all she will volunteer surrender herself to save arjun but that don’t happen
    7) now on whole plot saamay had some connections with all these is jahnavi and Maya are under saamay trap now why Maya confessed this to jhanavi
    Let me say some thing Maya has one plan to get rid all she was not mad to confess murder to jhanavi as she knows she will surely help vandana on this and can corner her as she still loves Ashwin so it’s Maya plan to confess her murder and it has some hidden motive just wait and see

    1. Only saying the truth

      agree with u @ks , I too have my doubts abt Maya being the murderer …. I think CVs r misleading us maybe it’s her way of scaring VM the way she looks … lyk she knws VM’s there n she’s saying all that so she can hear her. Precaps r always misleading so let’s wait for 2days episode n c what’s the truth .fingers crossed I hope it’s not our Maya baby .

      1. Yes dear let’s see ????

  19. Arjun said wit May, if you are with good side,im always with you,if you are with bad side,you will lose me forever..Arjun loves Maya more.May also will do anything for Arjun,Arjun lines will impact on Maya more..after this Maya will always good side I hope..?..let’s see

    1. Arjun said wit Maya, if you are with good side,im always with you,if you are with bad side,you will lose me forever..Arjun loves Maya more.Maya also will do anything for Arjun,this time Arjun lines will impact on Maya more..after this Maya will always good side I hope….let’s see

  20. well said @ks i think d same i think after listening to arjun confession of love dat dialogue if u vl do bad so i vl go far from u so for dat sake maya must have did it so vm listen to it so maya herself can help in ayan rescue as maya realis dat she had done wrong but she cant accept so indirectly trying to help vm so dat arjun dosent go far from her as far i think is know maya is trying to correct evrything n getting her grey shades back as v seen didnt ul guys saw her reaction whn arjun confesses dat innocent face vch talk alot dat she realis her mistak n whn he said i vl go far from u so she said no i thing know she is getting back to grey n cvs r just to confuse ppl nothing more i trust in maya character so i m stuck till know dat she cant b wrong n kill any1 whr r maya fans who turned up against her so soon have faith know d game is begin dont leave maya she vl always b grey but she hav long way to go bcz know samay vl do evil things to turn her in black but she vl fight against him to safe her family but wont turn black n last thanks arjun watevr u did today u wud have done it long befor so all this wont b happen anyways arjun just support her like this she is d best dats all i can say n guys plz maya lovers have faith in maya dont forget wat arjun said whr v stop she start so its like this only know d game is begin so support her she will win against all evil forsure luv u maya always

    1. very happy to see your trust on Maya ..if Maya want to surrender Indirectly it’s good for redemption.maybe that’s why she confessed for intentionly to hear vandana too.there is chances like I think after arjun talk maya will think to leave Ayaan& accept her crime’s…this will happen,either maya stabbed ashwin,after maya left still ashwin is alive maybe,after someone completed this work and leaves arjun things to trap him.lets see,what we saw is not true in this serial,what cvs want to leave on us is true.??? like illogical.?

      1. The Dark Hunter

        Lets hope everything is still an illusion

  21. Bogus bogus bogus!!

    This is the worst serial I have seen ever.. Maya is always seen winning here, there is no god, no truth.. the old Ekta Kapoor Serials were much much better than this as there it was always shown that some time truth wins, god wins here every body is a puppet specially Arjun who already knows how dangerous Maya is and still always believes in here Nautanki and never believed his family.

    This show can’t be continued like this showing maya and here lies winning everytime.
    first we expected at Ashwin murder case that Maya will be exposed but it didn’t happen
    Then again we expected maya’s lie will be exposed when she trapped Ayan.
    and now at the time of Samay as well, Maya is only winning.

    This series proves that there is no God, no savior for Arjun, vandana, Ayan and Saanjh.
    they are always trapped, hurt, controlled by mentally retired Maya.

    No worth watching this serial any more. other shows are much better that at least sometimes shows truth winning.

  22. Does this mean Maya has killed pandit and that office guy also ? Even if she has killed Ashwin it’s fine… as she can say that what she did was a defense attack. But killing others are not justifiable! Pls cv don’t make Maya as a murderer. Bring her back and reveal everything soon…or else this serial will go down the drains and also the effort which Jennifer put to make Maya ! Pls show something meaningful

  23. I’m very upset with TDH,MAF,sajni, Maya lovers and angry too…i know murder is not small’s bad.but just i wana say one thing ,ASHWIN is Maya Father but when he behaved like good father?when he did good thing like a father,?atleast as a husband what he did?at least as human what he did? For property he tried to kill arjun,its not new thing,even he tried to kill jhanvi,Maya..even out side also he tried to manhandled on Maya but Arjun saved her on time.still you guys feeling sad for Ashwin murder by Maya(still not confirmed),..k carry on,.stop loving Maya too.bye bye

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Im sorry Ks i am just angry they are making maya do every worst sin possible in the name of mental illness and love, which in turn severely disgraces both terms both in the serial and in real societal eyes. She is so against what she was shown phase 1 most guys here cant recognise the character they fell in love with. We could have even accoeted maya being murderer, if not for two big things. One that the one who murdered ashwin also pushed jhanvi and made this whole drama almost ending in jail for Arjun, so if maya did all that there is no spot for any redemptive times. Two, maya already has shown bad with the fake rape, how much further do they wantbto degrade her, especially as they showed her selfless side post-marriage which many of us loved but now has been turned toxic due to the realisation maya had killed ashwin and created all the problems in the first place.

      Third actually, Sikander Singh, Jennifer and Kavita all gave hints and assurances like you mentioned among others that maya is NOT killer, but then they show her being the killer? We just feel humiliated and CHEATED by these lies, providing there is any scope for it being misleading.

      I have not stopped loving maya nor i ever will, and i hope other maya lovers feel the same, we just wanted maya healed and happy in the end after all they showed her to be phase1, and this was the one chance to keep her somewhat grey and redeemable, but this i fear may be the start of her biggest downfall and Arya’s separation/bad ending, which i and others cannot bear to see?

      I support you Ks and your words are keeping me watching as of now, but if they choose that maya is definitely the killer i cant see her fall any further, so i will bid adieu to the show, but i will never lose my love for maya.

      Maya ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Im sorry ks im not a maya lover i will only support wats right. But u havent understood my point. Im only blaming o the CVS for the way theyve stoopified a mental patients character. its not like a mental.patient goes to the extent of murdering somebody. maya is a fictional character so its not like ill support her so personally. but i definitely have a grudge on the cvs.. they have given wrong msg to the audience… anyway coming to the story, if maya has mudered ashwin its not like ill hate her coz i know she has mental illness and the circumstance… im sure we can expect she being punished and i know court itself would not give her an intense punishment for it then id want maya to undergo all that coz nothing is bigger than the law…..coming to a personal level my only concern now is that theres nothing that can to this serial coz i had expected it to end on a.positive note….

      2. TDH dear,they told in interview,so I shared here,is they had habitat to say lies in interview about story.?i don’t know about this lies or true with out seen or till unfold story.

      3. No ones feeling sad for ashwins death im sure.. he deserved death coz he tried to kill arjun. But only wish maya hadnt taken his dirty blood on her hands that too on her wedding day. Like sajni said she couldve informed the cops n prevented the crime. But than her mental state is such that she gets too impulsive wen it comes to arjun. So cant blame her totally considering the fact that she has a mental illness-socipath.

    2. I dont understand y should a commentor here only fall into two categories like maya lover n saanj lover.. y cant commentor just express his views only based on the story on a day to day basis…. if i find saanj doing somethin bad id comment on that n so will i wen it comes to maya… and more over maya n saanjh are fictional characters my comments are actually directed towards cvs if i feel they are doing injustice to rhe script….hope ive not offended anyone…

      1. No Sajni dear,i mentioned ur name after I mentioned Maya can read my comment.i didn’t called you Maya lover.i just want to say ashwin is not a good person.then why you guys feeling sad for ashwin death by Maya..i thought u r leaving for this,so I mentioned ur name.any way ur wish.for me also it’s fiction and entertainment.k.enjoy it ?

  24. I’m not getting the track. Pls help me wid some of my doubts guys. Pls
    It’s not the first time they are sketching Maya as a murderer. If you guys remember, pundit was killed at Mauritius and they haven’t still revealed who the hell was behind it. And yeah that office guy too. I’m not getting any of this s***. I wasn’t watching the show since a month but read the updates and I think it is the greatest mistake I did

  25. @ ks i m wid u as u beleive in maya same here 1st of all i dont think maya killed ashwin n evn if maya kill ashwin so i m proud dat she faced n fight n killed her fear i.e ashwin as of know d show is just misleading viewers dat maya is killer i think maya had a great impact of arjun talk n she is trying to settle down all her bad deeds so guys just dont fight n beleive in maya all maya fan v trusted her so much dat she cant b black so have faith as jennifer said she wud luv maya in her life in one of her interwiew so y she vl get killer maya in her life so simple she is grey n she vl b grey have faith n love maya maya foerever❤

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