Beyhadh 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashwin takes Jahnvi to a bridge and ties Jahnvi and himself. Jahnvi says if they cannot live together, they can die together. Ashwin masks Jahnvi pushes her into water and himself falls on bridge and laughs that Jahnvi is dead now. Maya reaches in her car and is shocked to see Jahnvi jumping in. She jumps into water. Ashwinn laughs that he told Maya to learn swimming, but she did not and will drown now. Maya removes Jahnvi’s rope and frees her, hits her head to stone in a process and falls unconscious. Arjun reaches in his jeep. Ashwin sees him coming and jumps into water. He pulls up Jahnvi and leaves Maya there itself. Arjjun helps him get Jahnvi to shore. Ashwin acts. Arjun asks where is Maya. Jahnvi wakes up and Arjun asks where is Maya, she jumped behind her. Ashwin

gets into water and brings Maya out. They try to wake up Maya and Ashwin scolds Jahnvi that because of her Maya jumped into water.

Arjun finds blood from Maya’s head and rushes him to hospital. Doc checks her and says Maa got severe head injury and he cannot say anything before surgery and takes Maya to operation theater. Nurse asks Jahnvi to sign consent form. Jahnvi cries and Ashwin acts as consoling her. Arjun signs consent form and requests doc to savie his life Maya. Jahnvi says Maya needs her and she will not leave her. Ahswin asks her to relax. Jahnv continues it is her mistake. Arjun consoles her and says Maya needs her support. Ashwin says nothing will happen to Maya. Arjun asks why did she go on bridge. Ashwin says they wanted to suicide and after Jahnvi jumped in, he was about to jump when Maya jumped in first. Arjun watches Ashwin carefully and realizes something is wrong. Vandana calls Arjun and Arjun tells her that Maya is in hospital. Vandana asks him not to worry, she is coming soon.

Saanjh prepares snacks for Ayan and her family. Ayan asks her to bring pakoras soon. Saanjh brings pakoras and asks how much he will eat. He says he likes burping. Vandana enters and tells Ayan that Maya is in hospital and they need to go. Saanjh tells she will come on her scootie behind them. Prem tells Saanjh she will not go anywhere. Saanjh says Arjun needs her. Prem says Arjun did not call her and has many other people to console him. Saanjh says Arjun does not love him, but considers as best friend and needs her. Suman asks her to go, her friend needs her.

Doc continues Maya’s surgery. Arjun waits outside weeping. Saanjh reaches and he hugs her tightly and says see what happened to Maya, if he had reached on time, Maya would have been safe. Saanjh also hugs him emotionally and says nothing will happen his Maya. Arjun says if something happens to Maya, he will die.

Precap: Ashwin enters Maya’s room and tries to strangulate her with a pillow. Arjun enters and Ashwin throws pillow down.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Will Maya wake up?Or will Arjun start understanding how much sanjh cares for him and start to like her when Maya is in coma?Or will Maya wake up to act like she’s forgiven ashwin and take revenge silently staying together? Or will Maya forget Arjun in this process of head getting hit in the stone? Oh my god!!!! SO MANY POSSIBILITIES … INTERESTING

  2. Those tears of Arjun claiming her as his Maya ? was like a child crying ????
    After this episode ,however evil Maya is , it’s ok to accept her. How else can she react having the worst father trying to kill his wife n daughter

  3. Ohhh whats this going on….is this ashwin is a father or a devil….no father can do all thiscwith his own daughter….this jhanvi is a dumb and stupid women….worst parents award goes to ashwin and jhanvi…
    Sanjh is really lucky….her parents cares for her and loves so much…
    Hope maya will be safe…. Sanjh is good she understood that her friend needs her so she goes to arjun…i told it before to sanjh will be heart brokened but she will understood by time….plsss arjun kill that ashwin

    1. Esther

      Ashwin tried to kill her and Maya many times,still Jhanvi is acting dumb,,,now what will be her reaction,If she z gonna believe him again then she should be considered as the dumbest person in the world…how selfish she is that she thought only about herself when she knows that Maya can’t live without her
      N yea,,,,Maya got the worse parents whereas Saanjh got the best,,,she is really lucky that her parents are always with her,,,,she acted mature today…bashers were always after her for NO REASON

  4. Today I like sanjh very much…..

  5. Emotional episode…i know ashwin will act like good man in front of Arjun to save them…&it’s big shout to tell Maya risked her life to save her mother from evil ashwin….and wow Arjun loves my Maya more…ArYa??……and in precap stupid ashwin again trying to harm maya..Arjun will protect Maya from evil ashwin….waiting for next episode….

    1. And finally saanjh understands maya..she said to prem like Maya didn’t snatched her love…and she accepted it’s not Arjun wrong for not loving her back…it’s my fault…and. After she said to Arjun,nothing will happen to ur maya….i like today saanjh…? she turns mature&strong.nice all behaved maturely except jhanvi..still she is blind in ashwin trap.

      1. Esther

        yup,,,,,,all except Jhanvi was normal….she is the dumbest character in the show

  6. Wow today episode
    Last single word enough for beyhaad love
    Arjun will die for Maya
    Wow today arjun reaction was speech less
    But that devil ashwin always create a problem in Maya life

  7. Shalini Senthil

    Y this ashwin wanna kill her own daugther because of property…today i like saanjh role as a best frd the way she supported arjun forget her own pain….waiting for next episode

    1. You know shalini senthil…jhanvi left Maya for her love ashwin,jhanvi thought Maya found her love Arjun, so maya don’t needs her mom..but our Maya did not left her mom&did not thought like jhanvi..maya cares her mom safe &wants her mom love too with Arjun love,..our maya protecting jhanvi like her child from evil u Maya…??

  8. Angelk1

    Today wasnt exciting. But at least saanj character is taking a big character change. Wonder what will happen next.

  9. ashwin is really crazy.

  10. Gud one…

  11. Is Aswin ke samne toh devil ko bhi sharm aajaye. I hope, soon Maya will wake up soon and take her revenge from Ashwin

  12. i think arjun already knows and suspects ashwin story is phony. the mystery now remains what will maya’s reaction be when she wakes up from surgery.

    i also feel sanjh and arjun’s brother will end up together..

  13. I think maya is the legal heir for the grand father s property.. that’s y the killing may be…

  14. Today’s episode was good actually. l liked Arjun’s words. He was using “meri Maya” most of the time which was amazing. I liked saanjh’s saying also. But that devil Ashwin! oh god!! he is such a devil!!

  15. I’m here to laugh at all the people who said Saanjh hit Maya in the head which was why she was in the hospital when the sequence was initially shown.
    Saanjh is not a murderer or a potential one like Maya. Do not project Maya’s tendencies on her. And she was the superstar of today’s episode. You go girl.

  16. Lol ? saanjh? Super star 😀

      1. Ha ha hahaha ?

  17. Who covers their face when their committing suicide?? How dumb is jhanvi..she’s blindly believing Ashwin..when Arjun said Meri Maya❤
    Ok seriously ashwin’s character is too evil it’s literally disgusting now! Killing both your wife and daughter..yuck he doesn’t even deserve to live..I hope they remove ashwin..Ayan is definitely falling for saanjh or he already has but just hasn’t realised it. Ayan and saanjh look cute together hope they work! I’m all for ayandeservessaanjh

  18. Ha ha people saying finally saanjh understood maya, saanjh seems matured etc but what about maya. Have she ever understand saanjh. saanjh came to hospital to support maya and arjun but when maya will wake up will she even give value to saanjh for this, never. So guys see the reality. When saanjh came to Mauritius she shocked to see Arjun n Maya together in love but she never revealed to them infact she hugged Maya. When all are returning from mauritius saanjh was sitting in economy class Arjun as a best friend cane and sit beside him, if Maya really understands their friendship she should have given some space for them, but she came saying whereever Arjun is, she will be there. If really then she should have given arjun n saanjh to have gud time with each other but no she wantedly started showing him pics and involved him in office work, she didn’t let him to even speak with saanjh. So stop saying saanjh was always behind arjun n maya even maya is just same, if ashwin would have killed pandit then maya would have shocked to listen about pandit news but infact she was so calm so for sure she has done something wrong. Its really funny that how most of people keep on just supporting maya , if she has evil or devil also no worries for them, just wanted to say if in real life they meet with a life partner like maya would they say the same..

    1. Hahaha shivani….what u write its exactly correct.. But what to do dr most of the members if this oagecwint agree with us….but im happy bcz sanjh gave them good answer in todays episode….andu wont behave like those maya blind lovers…we will wait and watch that what maya will do next……dnt know what will happen next

    2. Ha ha shavani.. u guys still fun kid talk…carry on…where ur saanjh mature went before..when her brother said i wil not leav arjun for breaking ur heart…to hear this she cried like cry baby…omg at least she opened her mouth yesterday& accepted her fault..otherwise her family still blames Arjun &im not intrested to explain Mauritius episode again went to back..if u like watch it before episodes…we love Maya always..maya lovers not blind like you guys……carry on…??

      1. ks..maya lovers not blind joke of the day and by the way are you just spending whole time in writing and replying to each and everyone comments then definitely ur not blind??but still getting the doubt are you student, professional or house wife r u girl or boy. We are writing one or two comments often but gud how u manage whole day on jusy telly updates only , a great maya lover???…

      2. Ha ha shavani..mirchi lagi mirchi lagi jorse lagi jorse lagi….u diverted topic..are you fear to see my comments…and don’t you have any work to read my every comment daily silently.&’s non of ur business..joke of the day on this entertainment page to see ur unmature comment..ha ha lol..??

      3. ks ur comments are indeed irritating u love maya, u starve for , u die for maya its none of our business but dont just keep on blaming saanjh for everytime if u cant justify even a serial ur dumb blind and more of all just a stupid person…

      4. Ohhhh reallyyy u where not supporting maya blindly….oh this is not joke of the day but joke of the year….i think u should check all ur prevois comments ks…..where u always supoorts maya blindly….k anywwys its ur wish to support her….its non of my buesiness….but i think how maturely u are accepting chatecter maya….u should accept charecter sanjh too….whats wrong if sanjh cries….is she doesnt had anyfeeling or is she is heartless….sanjh also had a heart so thats why when she gets hurt she cries….i dntknow why many peaple from this page hates sanjh….common guyz not maya or sanjh are villians in this show….both are different personalities with different kind of charecter….its not bad if u love maya….but what is the need to give always negetive comments about sanjh….k anyways grow up guyz….think matutely no one is wrong in all three leads….im liking bcz they where not the type of devi charecters….but they are normal peaples

      5. Shahabana….you typed very long paragraph…i didn’t read keep with you…lol..

    3. Angelk1

      Shivani I agree. Even I was rolling my eyes when they said saanj hits Maya in the head. But I heard arjun is gonna get jealous of ayan an saanj closeness. Also I heard arjun is gonna ask saanj for help when Maya decides to commute suicide if he leave her. I don’t know if it’s accurate, but we will see.

      Anyway, saanj matured a lot. If you watch the eps til now, you can see. Yes she’s still heart broken, but she realize as long as arjun is happy then she will be too. She’s letting him go for now. And it’s this maturity that will make arjun come to her. Hopefully they leave her change.

      I agree that Maya wants arjun all to herself, and that arjun can’t even hang with saanj without Maya around. Its obvious she doesnt want to be friends with saanj, even if saanj makes the effort. But we will see what happens next. Laslty, I still say arjun isn’t in love with Maya. He thinks he is, because he was influence by the idea.

      If someone confess an tells you, I love you over an over, but you don’t feel the same. But when he get stranded with that person. And your the only two, something happen, an you start seeing that person in a new light and you kiss. It just means it happen in that moment. Because of that you start saying you like that person.

      Arjun is in a phase, right now. It will be interesting to see how he gets out this mess.

      1. Oh shalini..actually same to you dumb…lol..

    4. Shivani I totally agree with u..I am observing comments since many days. All are pointing at saanjh.. Bt saanjh is the really mature person.. Her love is true.. I too love Jennifer a lot. I started dis shoe only becoz of Jenni but I totally support saanjh character rather Dan Maya

    5. Maya is like dat becoz of her father.. It is not Maya or sanjh fault.. They are two different characters..let us enjoy the show. Better than judging

      1. Angelk1

        I said this many times. Just because one life is great an the other is not. That shouldnt matter. Whats matter is who will make him happy an love him unconditionally. Also just because maya has a terrible past doesnt mean arjun deserve her.

        Both girls are total opposite, who ever arjun choses . we should all be happy. I am at the moment because he says his in love. I’m happy for saanj maturity. All good things will happen to good people , it just takes time.

  19. This is some kind of father.

  20. Keerti

    Wow maya today u are the star of serial. Who will say that she is a psycho. She is such a great lover. The one whom she loves are really lucky because for them she even will sacrifice her life. When her jumped in water she doesn’t even think she doesn’t know swimming & also jumps in water just to save her mom. So great. Because of this stupid jhanvi & blo*dy evil ashwin maya is in this stage. I hope maya will be fine soon. And arjun how sweet & he is in deep love of maya that even he thinks to die for her.

    Lastly saanjh & her family. This blo*dy prem how he can say that maya snatched saanjh’s love. Did he lost sense of thinking or what? Saanjh is right today. I liked her answer that arjun is best friend of her & it is her own imagination reason for her heart breakdown. Keep it up saanjh.

    1. Angelk1

      I agree, but if she can go to that extent for a love one. She can kill or harm for that same reason. But we will see when time cones

    2. Esther

      Prem is a sensible person,,,,he said Maya snatched Saanjh’s love means- Arjun -is Saanjh’s love,,,,he is hurt seeing his daughter’s state,,,,typical father’s love/….

  21. I agree with you shivani , yesterday’s episode saanjh was good why coz she is supportin maya if she not then she is immature, bad etc etc . Thanks a lot they didnt scold prem coz he opposed her to not meet arjun .

    1. Hahaha u are right pari….they where not scolded prem…they bashes sanjh for everything….im glad that writers give justies to the charecter sanjh yesterday….u know what i never expected sanjh and arjun as pair….i knew that its about mayas beyhadh love….but i never hated sanjh beacause she is not wrong….but what to tell this maya lovers wont understood all this….

  22. Saanjh lovers please let arjun marry maya , she is best for him ,coz I can’t read that bad words for saanjh.
    Immature cry baby really if maya cries it’s her strength if saanjh cries it’s immature , cry baby , they just want arjun and maya pair that’s it they don’t care about story .

    1. Esther

      yup…U r rite…..I actly didn’t lyk Aneri in the begining …I started watching this for Jenni and Kushal and hated Saanjh’s character….but seeing all those comments against Saanjh (that too without any reason) I started feeling pity for her and started liking her character and now I love both Maya and Saanjh,,,

  23. Ks u and i and supporters of maya love u gyes. U gyes really understand behad .

    And supporters of saanjh yjs . Do hell with ur saanjh
    Immature crying baby

    1. Shalini Senthil

      Hellsaanjh and ks im also maya supporter i love maya very much …whatever this story take turn or twist …if writers make maya murderer or physco who cares will always support maya forever….love maya

      1. Angelk1

        Thats the spirit shalin even if Maya don’t end up with arjun, don’t quit because of shipping. Watch it till the very end. And give support to the writers for making us love these characters.

      2. Guys did you see new promo…pagal saanjh confessed her love to Arjun so early ha ha lol….maya saw this Arjun saanjh hugged each other ..

      3. Hellsaanjh & shalini Senthil..thank you…love u too guys..after new promo I just hate saanjh..saanjh kabab mey haddi between ArYa?

      4. Shalini and angelk you both are right. Even I like Maya’s character and the story but that doesn’t mean I’ll blindly blame saanjh for everything. She is going through a mature change lately and to like a character is good but to get obsessed about it and justify it by writing bad remarks about others is callow and childish. However the show may turn I’ll watch it till the end. The aww fans will leave it midway if the arya pair doesn’t work out and Maya’s negative side takes over. I’d personally disappointed if the writers have to change the storyline for trps.

  24. hahaha

  25. someone please kill this ashwin so that maya can live in peace.koi iski supari dedo kisi bhai ko.

  26. O god the name hellsaanjh really is this the way to give respect to the actress thanks a lot your a fan maya not not saanjh . I was just guessing if you were a fan of saanjh then your name will be hell maya rite , give respect to actress .

  27. Arjun deserves saanjh!!!

    First u learn to properly write in english , ur telling us immature comments and what about u , its her opinion she wrote and in my opinion ur one of the person just making non sense comments….

    1. To whom your telling this arjun deserves saanjh

    2. Oh Arjun deserves saanjh…don’t you know how to read English comments…shivani used my comment words in her comment…you guys making nonsense to follow Maya fans comments..if you want talk about episode then comment here, not about Maya’s proved who are immature with out read fully.

  28. lol shivani ??great comments about Ks infact he has great love for maya..I can smell apsycho can only love psycho so u woyld be a perfect fan for maya…Abe mirchi shivani ne tujhe lagaya hai..none of your businesx lol???commenting on telly updates , this is a fan page bro not their work place for everyone to mind their own business???

    1. Oh raj mirchi lage tum ko…ha ha ..oh check your comment again what u ..

  29. love saanjh.she deserv arjun

  30. Before labling Maya as a psycho, can we do a life comparasion
    Saanjh- Have a loving family, always surrounded by her friends, coddled by her family and have a perfect life

    Maya- had tough childhood, tortured by her own father, who hates her and want to kill her, after Ashwin abandoned Maya and Jahnavi she was forced to handle the business and look after her alcoholic mother.

    1. yes priya I totally agree Maya has a bad past , maya has no one apart her mom and Arjun but if she is honest she will win her love or else she will loose both . If she lost Arjun becoz of her doings then end of the day would we blame Ashwin for this or herself. Arjun has always loved Maya as maya only not becoz of her past. So for maya there is no need to avoid saanjh with Arjun. Arjun loves Maya but it doesnt mean he left saanjh friendship infact he cannot leave saanjh alone forever in life , he is always best friend and would be forever. When Maya will realize it would be too late for here, Arjun would have already gone from her hands.

      If saanjh has good and loving family its not saanjh fault infact she had given her friendship hand to Maya if Maya doesn’t like saanjh its ok its her wish but she is no one to insult saanjh everytime.

  31. Esther

    Some people were posting long comments against Saanjh/Aneri continously with/without any reason,,,sad that the actress got so many hate messages because of her character**immature people**,,,but the true show lovers among them appreciated the step taken by her today,,,that’s what we call maturity,,,,,,,Saanjh is trying to move on,,,good luck Saanjh

  32. Esther

    Ashwin is the worst father and the worst husband one could ever get….Jhanvi is such a loving wife but she fellin love with the wrong person and her love is ruining her and Maya

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