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Beyhadh 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya panics and tries to stab Ashwin and asks him to kill if he wants to, she cannot handle daily drama. Jahnvi interferes. Ashwin pleads that he has changed and wants her forgiveness. Jahnvi says Ashwin has changed and Shipra kicked him out. She reminisces Shipra throwing him out and he pleading to return Maya’s bangles. Shipra kicks him and warns to get out. Out of flashback, Jahnvi says Ahswin loves her a lot and got Maya’s childhood bangles from Shipra, so she should forgive him. Maya looks at bangle and throws it on Ashwin and says chameleon can change color but not its nature, he knows to just betray. Jahnvi says Ashwin has really changed and even she will realize it soon, till then she will wait. She tells Ashwin let us go from here, wherever he is not respected, even

she will not stay there. Maya asks what… Jahnvi says she has re-accepted Ashwin and where ever Ashwin cannot stay, even she cannot stay. She says Maya got her love, now she will go with her love. Maya holds her legs and pleads not to leave her alone. Jahnvi says she is going away for sometime until she accepts Ashwin and asks Arjun to take care of Maya. Maya pleads not to go and then gets hyper, her behavior changes, and she drags Jahnvi and throws her into her room and locks door from outside. She then pushes Ashwin out and says Arjun that Ashwin just wanted to use them.

Vandana consoles Saanjh and tries to leave. Prem says Vandana if she is worried about Saanjh’s happiness, she should break all the relationships with her.

Arjun consoles Maya and pampers her. Maya says she needs to talk to mom for sometime, if he is here, she cannot explain mom properly. He asks if she is sure. She says yes. He says he will wait for her call, kisses her forehead and leaves. Maya walks nervously. Arjun reaches home and asks if she is fine. She says yes. He says I love you. She says I love you too. He says he will call her back and disconnects call. He rings home bell. Vandana opens door and walks back in. Arjun thinks he came from international flight, but maa got jet lag and went to sleep so early.

Saanjh thinks of calling Arjun. Ayan and Saanjh’s brother enter and try to cheer her up. Saanjh scolds them. Ayan says whoever will love her will be very lucky, bhai lost his chaance and it is his mistake.. Even he is her friend. She hugs him. Prem and Suman enter. Saanjh says she is their daughter and not that weak, asks Suman to prepare something for her. They both hug her followed by brother. Ayan asks if he is also included in family hug. Saanjh asks to join over. They all hug each other.

Arjun calls back Maya and cheers up with his jokes. She laughs. Jahnvi in her room picks her medicines. She calls Ashwin and informs that Maya has not accepted her love, so she wants to elope with him. Ashwin agrees and calls her out. He takes her on bridge and calls Maya on landline. He says Maya cannot take too much stress and is going towards bridge. Maya says maa is at home, checks Jahnvi’s room and finds it empty. She re-picks phone. Ashwin says Jahnvi has gone towards bridge and wants to kill herself.

Precap: Ashwin ties his legs and Janvi’s legs to jump into water and covers Jahnvi’s face with mask. Jahnvi says if they cannot live together, they can die together. Ashwin pushes her into water and himself falls on bridge. Maya comes running and jumps into water to save Jahnvi. Ashwin laughs that Maya baby does not know to swim, how will she save herself and Jahnvi.

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  1. Its actually Jahnvi and Saanjh who are abnormal and Ashwin is a sadist .Maya is so normal and if she was a psycho she should have stabbed him .She was totally under control .All she wanted was someone to stand beside her and now she has got Arjun ,she is perfectly over her trauma . This episode just proved What ever it may be Arjun would stay with Maya and even if they part it’s gonna Maya In his heart forever

    1. Then why did Maya kill that pandit

  2. Wow amazing episode..beautiful ArYa Scenes ??…and I know how blind jhanvi omg how she is trusting that stupid ashwin..meri maya know about him..ashwin will never change his behaviour,he throws jhanvi from bridge to kill her..and that’s why I love much she loves her mom jhanvi..with out think she jumps in water to save her mother..even she don’t know how to swim..?? love u Maya…now after ashwin saw Arjun he acted like to save both in tomorrow episode..he tried to good in front of Arjun to spoil Maya life again..any way waiting for next episode eagerly ?…

  3. Vaishnavi Singh

    Interesting episode

  4. 3veni

    i think kushal’s acting sucks….sometimes i feel his voice is sooo boringg…

    anyy wayss episode is awesoome wid maya scenes….nd jenny is awesomeee….

    who will save maya now??ofcourse her hero arjun willsave herr…

    1. But I didn’t felt bored…to change maya sad mood…he sings a Lori for maya? …”soja meri maya…soja meri maya…” cute ..his vajase meri maya smiling more…? ArYa?..?

  5. i know this is papa’s plan 2 expose maya she knows how 2 maintain situations i also think she has personality disorder itna changes unbelievable precap is so scary waiting 4 2mmorrow

  6. Shalini Senthil

    Poor maya her only support is arjun only her mum also not understand maya …ashwin is evil… Saanjh is feeling she lost arjun his love…but she is luckiest person ayan ,vanadana ,her mum dad bro all support her …but for maya nobody here to support in happiness or in sadness only maya hope and life is arjun only …arjun love and support help maya to fight for all problems and give her happiness…maya is a one who deserve arjun ..and arjun is a one who is a medicine for maya wounds…saanjh has really good parents and friends and support for vanadan but one side very alone maya …from childhood maya never gets her parents love ashwin is not a good father ,mother is also love give more importances to stupid ashwin then maya…maya only loving her mother blindly but jhanvi also bring troubles into maya life by ashwin …if maya feels jeoulous or people say her love is obession whatever but a person who never get love in his whole life suddenly if he get love sure they will be like that there love became behyaadh for that person same as maya’s love…love arya pair???

    1. Exactly Maya is not jealous she is just insecure and afraid to lose her loved ones that’s it.

  7. Angelk1

    When arjun is near maya gets confidence, but when he’s not maya becomes scared of her father. Thats how it usually is with pysco but we will see what happens next. Once this family drama moves on the story will progress with saanj, arjun an maya.

    Saanj probably wont hung up on her feelings like the past season, but that doesnt mean she wont be heart broken seeing the two. Arjun an maya will continue to be lovey dovey until the change happens. Of course ashwin will be around.

    I think in tomorrow eps either arjun will save maya or she will learn to swim. I hope if he does save maya they dont do the whole i can feel your in danger tradition lol. Hey maybe ashwin might call arjun himself we never know.

  8. Mounika

    Awesome episode. This jhanvi always believe that idiot psycho ashwin. How can she be so blind in his love? And maya today again u have proved that u are an independent self controlled woman. Feeling so proud of you. Arjun u are so sweet u understood her very well & supported her. Prem is right saanjh will be happy if she maintain distance with arjun & his family. Because whenever she sees maya & arjun together she break into tears again. I got angry on jhanvi because of that who had tortured maya & her a lot she is ready to leave her daughter who loved her to the core. Disgusting.

    I loved maya’s dress. Beautiful blue & white combination. Waiting for today’s episode. Its scary. Hope maya to be fine.

  9. Guys it’s upcoming story… maya Arjun marriage will happen successfully… marriage after maya transferred her power of total property to Arjun and one day she leave the house with out inform to jhanvi and Arjun…further Arjun case filed regarding missing his wife maya..

    1. ye to gone girl ki story hai, ks

      1. No it’s different story…in that. Movie heroine Amy character and my maya character is different..Amy is not business women..and she don’t had horrible past like maya.

      2. I hope the CVs are not moking the plotblike gone girl. That one was a twisted and scary story

    2. Amy was a clever plotter. What if Maya’s untold truth is nothing but a scary person who uses people. It may be possible that she had a relationship before arjun which ended in disaster and ashwin knows about it. But that doesn’t change the fact that jahnvi is stupid and gets manipulated easily.

  10. I think it is all meant that true frnds cant be in relationship… as it happened with Saanjh

  11. i think ayaan will fall in love with saanjh …they actually complement each other and look cute together.i would love to see more of ayaan and saanjh scenes now

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