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Beyhadh 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vandana cries worried for Arjun and Suman consoles her. Vandana hopes Arjun would have married Saanjh. Saanjh comes and hears her words. Vandana asks where is Arjun. Saanjh says in a room. Arjun is seen washing his blood stained hands. Vandana also washes her blood stained hands and even Maya washes her blood stained hands smirking. Saanjh knocks Arjun’s door and asks to open it. He says he does not want to talk to her, she should go. She says she will not go and if he locks himself in a room, truth will not fade. Arjun opens door and asks what truth, what mom told. Saanjh says till today, she was gather’s broken heart, today she will unite hearts, he will do whatever she says him. She holds his hand and takes him to the mantap. She then asks panditji to recite mantras, today Arjun will

marry. Arjun says Maya…Saanjh shouts Maya, Maya, Maya….not today, today he will speak and Maya has to listen. He promised mom and fought with family, but Maya did not give him anything and cannot fight with her fears for him. Jahnvi knocks door and pleads Maya to come out. Saanjh asks panditji again to start mantras, let us see if Maya will marry Arjun or let her marry. Today, she feels she will get back her love and is about to hold Arjun’s hand when Maya gets out of room and stops her. She comes down. Saanjh says this path has to be traveled together and smilingly extends her hand. Maya says she is not afraid of anything now. Saanjh then holds even Arjun;s hand and tries to reunite them. Maya says she needs one more promise from Arjun. Arjun asks if she needs his life. He says yes. Vandana stands more worried. Maya asks him to promise that they will live and die together and will not stay away from each other even for a second. Arjun promises. Maya looks at Saanjh’s fce. Saanjh looks sad, but smiles and says love means not dying together, but to live together, smile for one’s love. Love is not that dies together, it is immortal even after that. She says Arjun that Maya asked him 7 promises, he should ask one promise from her, her love forever. Arjun says he will sak 7th promise, Maya will love him forever. Maya asks if he can handle for his life. He nods yes. Maya says her love cuff will be in his neck whole life and if he goes away it will be hanging noose for him, and if he is near, it will be a garland for him. Arjun smiles. Vandana and her team silently watch the whole incident.

Maya asks Arjun if he will not involve her friend in their promise. Arjun holds even Saanjh’s hand. Saanjh starts singing Acha chalta hoon duwaon ke yaad…and ties Arjun’s turban and then does his aarti. She then distributes flowers to everyone. Vadnana and Suman get emotional and she wipes their tears. She then keeps Arjun and Maya’s hands together. She says she will leave now as she cannot see him marrying someone else, she is not that good that she will see her love marrying someone. She tries to leave, but Arjun holds her hand.

Saanjh starts singing Channa Mereya Mereya…song….and walks aside. Panditji calls for gath bandhan. Vandana comes forward. Saanjh asks if she can do this ritual. Vandana agrees. Saanjh Arjun and Maya’s gath bandhan aand unknowingly does even her gath bandan with them. She walks and realizes her dupatta is also tied, smiles and removes her dupatta and leaves.. Arjun stops her, leaves Maya’s hand, and walks towards Saanjh leaving gath bandhan. He holds Saanjh and says what is his mistake if she loves him, why is she punishing him, she should not go. Saanjh says she is not that courageous to bear all this, she does not want to cry when he is happy. Arjun says this marriage is nothing inn front of her, she cannot leave him, he loves her, what will duffer do without dusky, if he fights with Maya, where will he go. She says that is why she is going. He tightly hugs her. Channa the background. Saanjh reminisces his happier time with Arjun.

Maya angrily twists garland. Lamp falls on carpet and whole mantap starts burning. Saanjh shouts Maya. All guests start running. Arjun runs into mantap and asks Maya to come out, they cannot marry here. Maya holds his hand and says they will marry right now and picks garland. They exchange garlands. Maya smirks at Vandana and team and starts pheras. Mangalam bhawagan Vishnu….plays in the background… Vandana stands helpless. Maya then picks mangalsutra plate. Arjun dorns mangalsutra on her neck and applies sindhoor on her forehead. Panditji says this marriage is complete. Vandana shouts at Maya to come down. Arjun asks Maya if they can go down now. Injured Ashwin comes and shouts stop…points at Jahnvi standing behind Maya and then Maya, collapses, and dies. Vandana shouts in fear. Jahnvi cries loudly…Maya stands shocked.

Precap: Inspector says Arjun is suspected in Ashwin’s murder case and arrests him. Vadana says this marriage has death shadow on it and they will not be happy.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Gyes i got a spolers maya is real villian saanjh will prove tgat in court and maya in mental asylam instead of jail but she escapes from asylam and thus new story begins of arjun searching maya like mad go to insta u will find this spolers

    1. Roby wolverine

      I’ve read somewhere that Ayan and saanjh married after ArYa post leap… That was totally unbelievable..

    2. Then good luck to saanjh for proving maya murderer. If saanjh becomes a great lawyer suddenly i wont be very convinced, she has always been shown to be dimmer then maya. But isnt there also a new police man in the show ?
      Also i guess mayas truth that ashwin died with is maya probably murdered someone previously in a fit of rage & it was covered up by her jhanvi. Because ashwin said it would get a heavy sentence in jail, So the truth cant just be a 9 year old stabbing leg in self defence. And maybe ashwin was hiding the murder, to blackmail for money.
      Just speculating though, hope they tie up every lose end as the show goes on

  2. nIKKI k - South Africa

    I love this serial and where it is going. Quite frankly Maya is deeply disturbed and obsessed with Arjun, it is not true love and she heeds help. how can someone get married with a burning mandap. I feel Arjun, once he finds Maya’s love strangling, will turn to his best friend Saanjh, Saanjh of course being the nice person will not be able to tell her friend to “take a hike”. However I don’t think I want Arjun and Saanjh together. I would rather she end up with someone else e.g this new policeman. Arjun made his bed and he needs to lie on it. Whatever happens I really enjoy this serial. it is completely different from the others and continues to thrill and keep viewers on the edge of their seat. Thanks Producers for a great serial.

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