Beyhadh 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya continues crying and yells that Arjun wanted same and it happened. Arjun asks what happened. Maya says Ayan spoilt her and it happened because of his lenience. Arjun says his brother is not like that. She continues lying and brainwashing him again. He reminisces Ayan telling he will not spare Maya and make sure she does not show her face again and believes Maya’s drama. He angrily walks from there while Maya continues her drama.

Ayan in police station behind bars continues to tell that he did not do anything. Maya’s puppet/ex-boyfrend Samay enters and says he knows what Ayan did and says lies that Ayan tried to rape Maya under inebriation and did not even remember what he did. Ayan says Samay is lying. Inspector enters and yells to stop his drama and asks everyone to get out. Samay

warns to behave with Saanjh as she is a lawyer. Inspector continues yelling.

Arjun enters and tries to hit Ayan and yells how dare he is to misbehave with his bhabhi. Ayan says he did not do anything. Arjun continues yelling and says he did it as he is step brother and not his blood. Vandana warns him to stay away from Ayan, he will be step brother and she will be step mother until he is with Maya and curses him that he will be alone in life until he is with Maya. She got a bit of happiness in life again, but Aryan continues yelling and warns he will see how Ayan will be released.

Saanjh warns Arjun to mind his tongue and says he still did not understand Maya’s plan to keep him away from his family, if he cannot see her lies. Arjun yells no woman will fake her rape. Argument continues. She says he is Maya’s dog and cannot understand anything. He tries to hit her. She warns him to back off, she tolerated his slap once and will not again. He says he will make sure Ayan does not come out in life. Saanjh says she will make sure Ayan is proved innocent. Arjun says he will see how she will and walks out.

Arjun reaches home and sees Maya tied to bed and trying to freeing herself. He frees her and says he tied her for her safety. Saanjh asks Ayan to tell what happened. He says he told repeatedly that he did not do anything. She says he has to tell 5000 times, each move. He starts describing and Maya’s puppet listens carefully. Maya continues her drama and tries to suicide again. Arjun stops her and she says not to touch her, she is dirty. He says Ayan is dirty, not her. If she loves him, he should not try to harm herself. She says after all this.

Precap: Arjun over phone tells his lawyer that Ayan should not out of jail in life. Saanjh says Ayan she will win the case and he has to do as she says.
She tells her plan to Samay and he listens carefully.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bull shit saanjh& saanjh fans brain less mad people go to hell

    1. The Dark Hunter

      People only superficially see maya and hate her for it.
      Jennifer herself said maya has so many layers and so many would have difficulty understanding her and what she is meant to be, a character with darkness from a unimaginable past and how it influences her actions and destroys hers and others’ dreams.
      However, the truth of this pained soul is overlooked through such things, and I can understand why people hate her, though I disprove.
      Maya has immense goodness in her, and through genuine mutual love that goodness was flourishing, yet now when given hatred and loneliness once again her love will turn painful to her and others, its her insecurity and fear of loss protecting and safeguarding the few things she can love or have in her life, but at the cost of their own freedom which is understandable, but trust would be built if only they had loved her and stuck by their promises, not violate them or backstabbing her that would only be detrimental to them both.

      Saanjh lovers/maya haters are free to hate maya so much, but I do believe if they understood maya like we do they may have a change of heart. Jennifer was worried in taking the role as she didn’t know if the character would be understood, and yet she was delighted that people more than understanding maya actually began to love maya, this proves my point. Maya isn’t bad, once the goodness and truth of her is revealed she can be loved and respected, its just based on your depth of perception and understanding of her character that determines your outlook.

      I feel in this case especially maya is innocent, but her past misdeeds and actual wrongs will be weighted against her truthfulness here and so she will lose a genuine case and that will strike a blow for both her and Arya. I feel her losing is the turning point, or better yet she wins but retracts it in order to begin getting acceptance by his family and Arjun again. If Arjun shows her genuine love, I bet she would start to change again. Whenever Arjun tried to leave her or did things to leave her/hate her, she became more possessive and more desperate. If Arjun gives that love, her craziness might start disappearing and she might start getting better, which I much rather would hope.
      Besides future tracks as written of Maya running after VM and begging for forgiveness and acceptance again, how can she do that if she loses the case? VM will see her as the person who framed her son and so wouldn’t even look at her again, so some future tracks are either spliced out or don’t correlate with current proceedings.

      Either way maya better get justice for all her wrongs but also all her rights, and this rape track looks and hopefully is genuine in her case, it better not be all a plan else it will make her character black, not grey which will defy all the work CVs have out into her to make her the best of the bad/the worst of the good, not a villain.

      Anyways love maya always and hope for her betterment In the end

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