Bewajah (title changed) (old tittle: dard e dil ki sifarish) (episode 19)

Hello guys… Dont kill me.. Its my old problem to change tittle… What to do m what na hee hee hee… Sorry sorry… N thanks for the coments.. Now i wont give whatever u all want…
Swara was walking here n there in jungle…
“oh god m already tensed some one is irratating me from by… God i blurt my frustation to him… But which kind of behavior Sanska is giving… Not angry nor normal… Ughh this idot” swara bit her nails
“peep peep peep”
her cell again peeps
swara becomes scare n picked the call
prsn:oh ogd night baby
swara:y r u irratating me…plz who r u damn what have i done to u..
Prsn:u’ll no soon now go to sleep or else your romeo will come n…
swara:hello hello..

Swara: who is this… Y he is doing this..
She lost her balance due to mudy
she close her with fear…
But feels two arms on her warist
she slowly open her eyes…
“Sanskarrr” Swara almost shout
Sanskar immedaitly put his hand ob her mouth
“shh dont shout at mid night”Sanskar
sanskar:what r u doing in this dark jungle at mid night
“umm hmm uhmm” Swara stries to talk
swara points towrd his hand
sanskar realize n moves his hand
sanskar:now tell
swara:same goes to u what r u doing here
sanskar:dont shot my question back to me..
Swara:sanskar y r u behaving like jerk
This hurts Sanskar more
he bang his fist on tree… His hand starts to u bleed
“Sanskar” swara touch his hand
he stare her blankly
sanskar:who was that on call
swara:wo wo who
sanskar pins her to tree
sanskar:that caller who is calling u from morning
“i dont know” swara turns her face
“dont lie” he tightly held her arms
“ahh sanskar its paining”swara tries to hide her tears
“answar me” he roar
“thats my life y will i tell u.. Who r u” swara some how shout hidding her tears
that was enough for Sanskar… He leaves her with a jerk
“m no one to u” Sanskar laughs
“No no one” Swara gives him last glare n leaves from there…
Sanskar sit there with thud…
Not able to think anything.. Staring only the moon..
Then he feels a hand on his shoulder
he turns n hug the prsn
“U know na Manik y m doing this m scared that if karan no no” Sanskar behaves like a kid
“Sanskar first we should go to tent” Manik
sanskar:hmm u r right
they leaves from there…
Some one comes out from bushes
“lets see romeo how long u will save ur juliet” he smirks…
Manik gives Sanskar water
sanskar trows the glass on floor
manik:clam down bro
sanskar:how i mean how Karan comes to know Swara is in this clg only??
Manik:that means some one used to keep eye on us..
Sanskar turns..
“n i know who is that” Sanskar
manik:acha we all know that swara was ur friend in school but this book mad is swara that u even dont thinked before
sanskar:exsactly..some keep eye on eyes.. N m not wrong kavita is always behind me from my school…n she used to hate swara..
Manik:wait will u clearly tell kavita … Karan whats all this..
Sanskar looks at him
sanskar pov
i was a nerd on my school life..i get admitted on xyz school on 10th
There i meet her Swara.. She was kind of stylish girl with lots of ego.. When ever we meet she used to insult me..
First day at my new school
m shy type … I was hell nervous..
When i enter… Every one was staring me… This made me more nervous..
“hey look guys a nerd…ha ha ha”
i heard a girl’s sound … I turned n find a girl laughing on me… I become ullu after seeing her..who forgots to breath..
She comes infront of me n waved her hand
i gave a idoitic smile
“bhai” i heared my sister voice
“nandu” i become suprise
“dont be suprise its my school u always forrget this but can remmember that big big books” nandini shout
that girl starts to laugh
i becomes ullu again… I know she is laughing at me but then too… He he he
they both give hifi
“meet my friend Swara” nandini
aww swara what a cute name.. Aww
swara shakes her hand infront of me again
“where r u lost again” Swara
“library in library” i said n ran ran to library..
“kamal hai he have come first time here n instead of watching school he is going to library aww”
i heared her gigle from back n i smailed..
I went to library n starts to read that book…
After some time the bail rings..
Aaa this book is awsome… I made a library card n took the book with me…
When i was coming out i dashed with some was a boy
“sorry” me
“its ok…aa new here” he
“ya” i said
“so friends” he asked
i noded
“Arjun, Arjun mehra” he foward his hand
“Sanskar Maheshwari” i shaked hand with him
“oww Maheshwari that u r from maheshwari family ur fathers company is 1 no company in India na..” arjun
i noded proudly
“u know there is a girl at clg Swara his fathers company is in 2 position she is ego ka mara u r just like me no ego..”arjun said with proud
i laughed
“let me introdue u with my friends” he draged me to stair
arre how will i say him m getting late duh..he keeps pulling me…
To be continued…….

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